Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:2)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Episode: 2
At Ayodha Nivas:
Viplav moved towards the main gate and stood on the doorpost, he was searching everyone in the hall while standing at his place
Viplav: is anybody at home or all are sleeping after getting tired of doing all these arrangements?
Listening his voice all rushed at the gate and got happy after seeing the boy who was having a bright smile and sparkling eyes
Kanak: Arey beta we all were waiting for you
Viplav was about to enter inside but shushma jee stopped him
Sushma: ruko beta (walking towards him with an Aarti plate) first let me do Aarti
Viplav: Arey princess I can wait my whole life for you
Shushma: chal badmash kaheen ka
Everyone smiled while shushma jee did his Aarti lovingly, once after completing it viplav walked inside and hugged her tightly
Viplav: princess I missed you so much, and now that I’m back, I’ll spent my more than half time with you
Shushma: (smiles while caressing his back) we too missed you a lot
Dahshrath: beta if you didn’t miss your dada jee?
Viplav: (frees his dadi from his grip) dada jee aisa ho sakta hai (walks towards him and takes him in his embrace) how can a grandson forget his dada ?
Dahshrath: this house was empty without you but today it has got it’s charm back
Viplav: yeh tou hai, I’m actually (breaks the hug) the charm of this house
Then he moved towards Kanak and Shambu to greet him and took their blessings
Viplav: maah you look same as before, I mean beautiful, slim and smart
Kanak smiled after listening the compliment from his son while fixing her hairs
Shalini: it seems like (making a cute angry face) someone has forgotten me
Viplav: hayee my cute motu behna, (takes out two chocolates from his pocket) who can forget you (forwarding those chocolates to her) but it seems like someone don’t want this
Shalini: (cheerfully takes them and while hugging him) thanks bhaiya, I know you won’t forget my gift
Viplav: absolutely correct as if I would’ve forgotten it then you won’t let me live in peace, won’t you?
She playfully hit his chest while everyone laughed on their silly bond.

At the Quarter:
Dhaani was having a simple breakfast with her maayi, when she remembered the morning incident
Dhaani: maayi woh today I met Maha Pandit jee at Ghat
Dulaari: Acha, if he was saying anything to you
Dhaani: nahe maayi, woh actually I touched his shawl mistakenly
Dulaari: (gets shock) dhaani are you mad? How can you touch Maha Pandit’s accessories being a widow?
Dhaani: maayi woh I just touched it to give it to him
Dulaari: did he say something to you?
Dhaani: no he didn’t say anything, instead he blessed me. He is a very nice person maayi, today I have seen his generosity with my eyes
Dulaari: I know buchiya but you should be careful. Maha Pandit jee is indeed a very nice and noble person but if someone else might be in his place he would’ve created a scene as all aren’t same
Dhaani: you’re right maayi, everyone may not be same as today if I had met a human in form of God than on the other hand I had met that drunkard boy too who has no values
Dulaari: buchiya this world is filled with these kind of people but we’ve no place in this world as we’re inauspicious for this society so from now onwards be careful
Dhaani: (nods in yes) I’ll maayi, don’t worry
Dulaari: Acha, I’m going now bachwa jee might have reached and must be asking about me then I’ve to do lots of work too
Dhaani: maayi araam sey chali jana, first complete your breakfast
Dulaari: no dhaani, I’ve done
Saying so she stood up to leave.

At Ayodha Nivas:
Whole Tripathi family was sitting in the hall and were having a light chit chat.
Shalini: bhaiya now that you’ve come so why not we think about a grand party
Viplav: actually shalu, tonight me, Pankaj and Raj are having a full night party but we can have a grand celebration tomorrow
Dahshrath: no tomorrow will be a Pooja in the happiness of viplav’s arrival after that you can have your party or anything
Viplav: OK as you say dada jee but tonight I’ll be busy (takes a pause) by the way where is (looking here and there with astonishment) kaaki?
…: (in a cheerful voice) Bachwa jee, here I’m
He after listening the voice ran towards the woman and hugged her tightly
Viplav: kaaki, you know I missed you the most, your scoldings, your strictness and most importantly (freeing her from his grip) your yummy parathas
Dulaari: (smiles broadly) Acha, I thought you’ve forgotten me
Viplav: (widens his eyes) Arey kaaki aisa ho sakta hai, I can never forget you though I didn’t talk with you during that period but always asked about you from daadi and you know my heart has a very special place for you (looking at daadi lovingly) and daadi
Dulaari: I know bari maalkin always use to tell everything about you
Viplav: deykha (showing a fake sad face) then also you’re saying this
Dulaari: (smiles looking his expressions) woh tou I was just joking
Viplav: (laughs) waah kaaki you’ve also started to joke
Everyone smiled listening their conversation except dada jee and Kanak who were getting jealous and were fuming in anger
Shalini: kaaki now that bhaiya has come, you’ll forget me and will make those delicious parathas only for bhaiya
Viplav: Haan tou, you’ve already become motu after eating them alone
Shalini: haww (walks towards them) see kaaki, what he’s saying
Dulaari: bachwa jee, don’t say like this to your sister, I’ll make them for both of you. Theek hai naa
Both nodded in yes with a cute and innocent smile
Kanak: Acha Viplav now enough of your gossips, go and freshen up quickly then I’ll send you food, which I’ll especially cook for you
Viplav: nahe maa, today I’ll eat parathas that must be made by kaaki
Kanak: but beta..
Viplav: maa please, tomorrow I’ll eat the food which will be made by you
Dahshrath: bahu jee, let viplav eat what he wants to after all he has come back after a very long time
Kanak nodded with a smile while trying to control her anger. All went to their respective rooms once after viplav left but kanak didn’t move from her place and was staring dulaari who was about to go in kitchen but was stopped by her choti malkin
Kanak: though my son loves you a lot but that doesn’t mean you’ll rule on this house, don’t ever forget your real place
Dulaari: choti malkin you’re misunderstanding..
Kanak: I’ve said what I want to and haan I don’t want your inauspicious daughter to roam around my son if I ever found her with viplav than consequences will be worst
Dulaari shook her head in affirmation with teary eyes

At the quarter:
Dhaani was sitting on floor and was beautifully ascending the flowers in a thread which was converting into a garland
“Jeevan ka rang safed hai baba, Jeevan ka rang safed plays”
Then she stood up and gathered all dirty clothes together and went inside washing area.

At Ayodha Nivas:
In Viplav’s room:
Viplav after freshening up came out of the washroom and combed his hair while thinking: ajeeb larki thi yaar, she became angry so fast (in a loud voice) bohat emotional thi
Dulaari: (while entering inside the room) who was emotional bachwa jee
Viplav: no, nothing (takes the plate from her) come (making her sit on the bed) we both will eat together
Dulaari: nahe you may eat, I’ve lots of work
Viplav: kaaki no arguments, you’ll accompany me else (thinks for a second) I won’t eat this
Dulaari: Arey, (smiles) Acha baba. Alright
He smiled and both took a bite, viplav while eating looks at her surprisingly
Viplav: kaaki why are you silent as before you used to talk a lot about your buchiya, her likes, dislikes, buchiya aise hai waise hai but today nothing about her, daadi told me that she is married now, is everything OK?
Dulaari: (trying to avoid the eye-contact) haan woh she (looking at the plate) Arey yeh kia these parathas has become so cold, come on (stands up from the bed) finish them fast
Viplav: OK but where’re you going?
Dulaari: I’ve lots of work so I’ll be back once after completing them, theek hai
Viplav nodded understandably like an obedient child, she smilingly left the room and went straight to the kitchen while letting some tears out remincing dhaani in white sari.

At Ayodha Nivas’s Terrace:
Viplav was standing there with daadi leaning his lower part on the half wall and was having a cute conversation
Viplav: daadi please I don’t want to marry, I can’t think about it at least before some years
Daadi: why? If there is any girl who will say yes after some years?
Viplav: daadi kia ap bhe. It’s nothing like that, actually I think God hasn’t made a match for me or maybe I didn’t met her till now
Daadi: (patting his shoulder lovingly) why are you talking like this, God has made each person’s match, there must be someone for you too and deykhna one day you’ll fill that someone’s hairline with sindoor
Viplav: (smiles broadly) daadi first I want to feel love for that someone than only I’ll select her because I’ll decide by myself that when, where and with whom I’ll marry
At the side of lawn, dhaani is shown hanging the wet clothes on rope.
“Humming of ishq ka rang safed plays”
Viplav while turning his body in front and shifted his glance from daadi to the area where dhaani was standing and was about to look at her but again turned towards his daadi
Viplav: daadi do you know what happened to kaaki? She is not like before, she has become too silent now. Is everything OK?
Daadi: if you asked her the reason behind her silence?
Viplav: yes but she didn’t answer instead she changed the topic. I feel like she’s hiding something from us, daadi maybe dhaani is not happy or (shrugging his shoulders) I don’t know
Daadi: viplav beta she..
As she was telling him about dhaani but a voice interrupted her in between, both turned their heads to that voice
…: Arey viplav beta, you’re still here
Viplav: (confusedly) maah, if I’ve to go somewhere
Kanak: deykho zara, you yourself told us about full night celebration, see it’s already evening, when you’ll get ready and when you’ll go.
Viplav: (biting his tongue) I just forgot, (looking at daadi) I’ve to go now, will catch you guys later (kissing his daadi’s forehead) and daadi we’ll continue the discussion right from here.
Daadi nodded with smile, once he left kanak looked at her mother-in-law with a serious face
Kanak: maah jee don’t ever talk with him about that widow. I don’t want to listen her name from him, hope you’ll understand
Saying so she too walked off leaving daadi behind who was standing there hopelessly.

In night,
At Ghat:
Viplav with his friends, Raj and Pankaj were hanging out in open and were sitting near the bonfire
Pankaj: guru enjoyed a lot at club, right
Raj: and the best thing was that girl, hayee my eyes weren’t getting off from her
Viplav: (makes a weird face) Acha (while taking a peg) I haven’t noticed her
Pankaj: haan that’s because you must be busy in noticing some other girl
Both raj and pankaj laughed while doing a hi-fi
Viplav: chal bey! There isn’t any girl in this whole planet who had attracted Viplav Tripathi till now
Raj: guru ap ke jai ho, no one is as unique as you are
Pankaj stood up from his place and spots a girl on Ganga river who was busy in praying
Pankaj: Arey come here, see she is the same girl who had created a drama in morning
Listening him, viplav and raj too stands up while looking each other in confusion
Raj: (standing beside Pankaj) Arey haan yaar, she’s the same girl. Wesey we’ve to admit she’s very beautiful, kyun viplav?
Viplav who was busy in his cellphone looked at the girl, and admired her smilingly
“Jeevan ka rang safed hai baba, jeevan ka rang safed plays”
Raj: (notices viplav’s smile and while snapping him out) ab she’s not very much beautiful that your eyes aren’t getting off from her
Viplav: chup kar (slightly hits him) I was just thinking that she’s quite simple, isn’t she?
Pankaj: Arey tou guru she’s a widow that’s why she’s like that
Viplav: (laughs) how do you? Did she come to inform you?
Raj: yeh deykho zara, Benares’s raja has forgotten many things, he doesn’t know that widows can only wear plain white color and this is the identification of them
Viplav: I literally don’t know all these things but one thing I can say with surety that she’s not a widow, Arey look at her age she doesn’t even seem to be married. Apny paas sey kuch bhe
Raj: ok then go and ask from her and the one who may win will get 15,000. Manzoor hai?
Viplav: (in a questioning voice) 15,000 Arey I’m ready to bet for 50,000
Pankaj: but how you’ll ask her?
Viplav: we met her today because of that accident and I talked to her because of Prasad so now also I’ll talk with her because of Prasad (giving stress on “Prasad”)
Raj: Arey but how?
Viplav: just wait and watch!
Saying so he walked inside the temple and after awhile came out with a Taali which was having Prasad
“Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”
Dhaani was about to move from her place but was freezed to see the same morning boy, or for her he was the same drunkard boy
Viplav: hi (smiles broadly) woh actually I want to apologize from you (while handing over the Prasad) here take it, because of me your Prasad had fallen so I want to repent for my mistake
Dhaani: (nervously) no need of it
Viplav: Arey nahe take it, I’m giving you with full loyalty
Dhaani: (while keeping her finger on the nose trying to block the alcohol’s smell) you should have some shame,
Viplav: (confusedly) shame but why ?
Dhaani: just look at yourself, standing on this sacred river, holding the Taali in this drunken state
Viplav: what’s your problem yaar? (takes a deep breath to control his anger) fine if you don’t want to take it then it’s ok but at least tell me why you always wear white color if white is your favorite color?
Dhaani gets shocked on his question and without answering she moved from her place but again stopped because of viplav who blocked her way by standing in front of her
Viplav: Arey say something, lecture tou bohat deti ho now answer my question too
Dhaani looked at him with anger but stayed silent
Viplav: hello (waving his hand) angry young lady, I’m asking you, please answer me actually it’s the matter of our bet, so please tell me the reason behind wearing this white color as you can’t be a widow at this age, right?
Dhaani: (with teary eyes) you’ve no importance of other’s feelings naa, saram naam ke koi cheez nahe hai naa ap mai?
Viplav: what? I’m just asking a question why this sharam is coming between it, sharam nahe ati Prasad dete waqt, sharam nahe ati sawaal poochte waqt. What’s your issue. If I’m not saying anything that doesn’t mean you’ll show me your attitude
Dhaani stared him for awhile than walked off without speaking a single word, viplav tried to stop her by saying “Arey suno, wait” but all it was useless to stop her
Raj and Pankaj joined him and both exchanged surprising expression after looking him in anger
Raj: what happened ? If she said something again
Viplav: who is she? What does she think of herself? First she refused to take Prasad then didn’t answer me? How can she say no to viplav tripathi
Pankaj: leave it naa viplav, come on let’s go
Viplav: (with a serious face) I’m going home yaar, this girl has ruined my mood. Will see you tomorrow
Raj: Arey but..
Before he could complete he he left from there.

At the Quarter:
Dhaani ran inside her home and once locking the gate, she breaks into tears
“Koi naa deykhe mere ansoo chup chup k mai roou plays”
A flashback is shown:
“Dhaani was sitting on floor in blue sari when one lady held her hand and breaks her bangles, then an old lady threw a white sari towards her asking her to wear it quickly”
Flashback ends.
Dhaani cried while remembering all this
“Jeevan sey hai har rang rootha, Jeevan sey hai har rang rootha
Phir mai kese bolun plays”
Someone knocked at the gate, she composed herself after hearing it and stood up wiping her tears, she went towards the washbasin and splashes water on her face once after freshening herself she opened up the gate and found dulaari there
Dulaari: where were you dhaani, I was knocking since long
Dhaani: woh maayi I was in washroom
Her maayi went inside leaving dhaani on the gate, she was closing the gate when viplav came there but before he could see her she completely shut the door
“Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed
Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”
As viplav was going inside, a white sari which was hanging on the rope, blew from there due to heavy wind and falls on viplav’s face
“Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed
Ishq ishq rang rang, ishq ka rang safed plays”
Viplav slowly touches it with his hands and looked on
“Ishq ka rang safed hai yaara, ishq ka rang safed plays”
Screen freezes!

Precap: A fully wet Viplav while handing over a plate of gulaal asked a kid to throw it on dhaani, the kid agreed when viplav bribed him for chocolate.

Thanks for reading!
Hey lovely fellows. How are you all and how is the episode? Hope you all enjoyed, I know it’s a bit long than the previous one so I’m sorry. One more sorry for getting late but seriously I’m so busy with my studies but still taking out time to write and read all your stories. I’ll be pleased if all will comment as we all are occupied with some or the other work but then also taking out time for writing and all we need is your support which cheer us up. Will catch you up at comment section so don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling.
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    Dashrath Tripathi….a dual faced monster…
    Sushma Tripathi…. lovely Daadi here also her feelings are suppressed….
    Kanak Tripathi..can imagine Kajal Nishad’s face…. those dancing eyebrows of Kanak Tripathi….jab bhi she thinks evil….
    Hamara Viplav….undoubtedly Mishal ka chehra samne aata hai….u know na??? \
    bhole baaba….love you….kitne innocent ho???
    Dhaani…. lovely…..
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        and yes…. I was watching IKRS yesterday… that episode where Viplav climbs the wall of ashram to send the goons out of ashram and let the ladies come in…and when Viplav Dhaani snatch bag…and the bangles in the bag fell… Viplav sits down to pick those seeing Dhaani picking it… and that music and the way Viplav looks at Dhaani…do check it dear… had no idea…this music piece was being missed by me… but luckily I watched it….. check it dear…..
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      Apart from it I’ve downloaded mannny episodes and still downloading some, every time I open YouTube to watch something else but ended up in ikrs, my entertaining home, that Ashram wale episode, dress wale episode, sarla kaaki wale, raja wale, pot making, rain wale, starting episodes of ViDha nok jhoks even I love those tripurari and dhaani’s marriage wala track that fight filled with unknown love had its own charm.

      Acha I want to tell you something do listen a song which I’m sharing,

      Its not actually in Kishore and Asha’s voice, it’s a remake of this song. Maybe you have already listened if no then do listen, I’m giving you the link so that you may not find difficuly to search yaah phr laziness naa tumhen engulf kar key? Bohaaaaat pyara song hai yaar pyaar hogaya hai mujhe tou every time I put on hand-free to listen it, now I’m waiting for ViDha love track in my fiction as I’m dieing to use it on them, you may also use it IF only you want. Sun k btana kea hai. Ok!
      Till then c yaa?

      1. Sujie

        Maha….. arrey yarr…… Viplav aur Dhaani ko dekhna ho to paflana bhi manjur….. I too have downloaded many episodes… aur youtube mai tob daily ka routine hai…dekhne kuch jaati hoon…but i end up in watching IKRS….haha.. . mann ko bhagaya Viplav Dhaani ka pyaar…..
        every scene you mentioned….hayee…..
        dil mein basa hua hai…..
        Okay….now a funny bit…. you remember that episode where Viplav puts salty water in Raaja’s feet and Raja wriths in pain….Viplav thinks something else but his face expression is something else….Mishal nailed it yarr …… awesome….tabhi toh we are proud Mishalians…..
        listened the song….. The guy s
        ang pretty well and the girl too.. My mom also the original version and Dad too…..
        arrey…you fought with your bhai….hayee….bhai bhi kitna cute hai…. court wale episode dekhna hai use….. loved it….
        There are many such episodes yarr….
        abhi toh hum bas Eisha jab tak
        Dhaani thi uske baaremein baat karrrahe the…. ab baari Mishal Sanjeeda ki jodiki….. yaad hai Mishal’s awesome performance as Viplav jab Viplav Dhaani 5 saal bad aaye aamne saamne. Vidga Rakchas uncle part….woh ladoo wala…. and then those cute imagination of Viplav till he hd not met Dhaani…. par Dhaani ne bichareka dil tod diya….
        yaad hai woh rain scene….Vidha chocolate drneke baremein kehti hai….Mishal ke wet hair striked little bit up….hayee….death hogayi ji meri…
        jal kukdi wala scene yaad hai….
        then that cottage mein Viplav Dhaani goons se chupte huye….the sab tera track…
        Mishal’s awesome emotionally dominating episode…Dhaaniko goli lagjati hai…. hayee…..jab bhi i watch that episode I cry along with Viplav…
        And that episodes since Dadi bua told everything to Viplav..and planing began….
        Atharva Vidha… cute kids they were….
        you know that episode….Kanak confesses her evil deeds and Viplav says WAKIL HONEKE NAATE LOGONKO UNKO GUNAH KE HISAB SE SAJA DILWATE HAI HUM…PAR AAPNE JO GUNAH KIYA HAI..USKI SAJAA TOH HAME HI BHUKATNA HAI….kasam se I cried…and Daadi gives Dhaani’s lettet to him…. i swear whenever I watch it i cry….
        and the THAPPAD from diffetent angles to Kaamini and strangulating her…. hayee MIshal really dominated…. Yaad hai…somewhat similar bit was there in JO BHEJI THI DUA…if you remember.
        and the ending…. ashram wala…. superb yarr…. those were the days…
        I wish Mishal comes back soon….
        jo bhi opposite lead ho…dekhna toh Mishal ko hi hai aankhe phadke …
        bas woh aajaye ab… haina…take care Maha….
        love you 🙂 🙂

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Same here, I’m also ready to become pagal only and only for ViDha, you know I’ve even decided that I’ll make my future husband to watch this beautiful serial and will ask him to be like Viplav or to learn something from him *chuckles* now don’t call me besharam as it’s my thought!
      Mere bhe yaar, I can even give exam of ikrs like when this scene came? Which color viplav was wearing in that scene? What he told her in XYZ scene? And we all will score brilliantly!
      Haan I do remember that scene, he was looking on confusedly but was determined inside, his facial expressions are just amazing in every scene that’s why he’s phenomenal!
      Oh that means you’ve listened it already, cool! Haan he loves to watch that scene and you know he loves Mishal a lot, sometimes I get confuse k if I love him more or if he loves him more, he wants to dressed up like him, jeans trouser shirt T shirt, everything he buy after asking me that- yeh Mishal pehanta hai and sometimes I give wierd kind of expression like mujhe kia pata mai us k sath thori naa rehte hun *sighs*
      Haan that episode, seriously he was crying withoit glycerin, sanjeeda herself told in an interview. The scene where he tried to pull dhaani by holding her hand but couldn’t get successful, hayee and in background ishq ka rang safed.
      Vidha Viplav bond was outstanding yaar, RAKCHAS uncle, ufffhhh! The scene where he asked about her age, then that laddoo wala scene, that toffee wala scene and he ate it in rain, those wet hairs and the way he pushed them back. Oye hoyeeee! Bus kar do yaar.
      Haan jal kukdi wala scene in which she called him characterless, Allah my heart pained that time aur pata hai one of the episode of Ashram that Tulsi wala track it was her first episode actually, viplav asked dulaari k hum naashta tou ap me buchiya k haathon sey he Len gy qk us ka dimagh iss waqt itna garam hai k naashta aur bhe garam aur kurkura hojai ga. Remember that episode?
      That cottage wala scene, when he held her in his arms then the way he saved her from getting burn, trying to extinguish fire with his hand then kept her head in his lap trying to save her from water droplets, next day the way he fought with them my God I’ve watched that scene repeatedly that day.
      Haan that last episodes were tadka, when he said to kamini in style “just give me one last chance” Allah! Then that letter scene literally it brought tears.
      Yeah I do remember, I was excited to read that scene in your fiction. Kamini getting a slap from viplav and same happened in serial dilli tamana poore hogae!
      And then the last episode, beautiful and amazing brought tears of happiness. Viplav’s dialogue “Viplav Dhaani bache and more bache” and in background ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed increased it’s charm!
      Haan yaar waiting waiting and waiting only for him absolutely correct opposite Mai koi bhe ho chale Gaye because he can make an amazing chemistry with any one chahye tou bus Mishal! Ussey bolo naa woh ajai.
      Thanks for reminding me all those precious moments.
      Take care
      Lots of love<3

  10. AanyaSingh

    Thodi si jaan rehne do bhaai Mishal ko wapas dekhne k liye?, aise hi likhte rhe to humein upar pahunchte der
    nhi lagegi??. This was another mind-blowing one????. Aise lagta hai saara Ikrs dobara se dekhne rhe hain, the Sweet bond of Vips & Daadi, the all time sadiyal Kanak & DT, the masti btwn Vips & his friends & the added Lovely bond of Kaaki&Bachwa jee & above all Vidhaani, everything’s just Wonderfully written????. U r simply AMAZING???. Keep it going?????. Waiting for the nxt though update at ur convenience as ur studies r equally imp. Love to u???.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Allah don’t say like this Di, uper jai ap k dushman.
      Well thank you so much for your sweet words. Keep supporting and yeah do read soulmates and don’t forget to comment.

  11. Meghs

    Hey maha. It was really brought tears on my eyes. Those memories I recollect the realikrs. This ff has touch of it it is really very well thought ❤

    I understand ur position. I too have busy shedules but I now managing time for me too. I hope u get time n post ur wrk. We will wait for this awesome ff?

    Happy Republic day for all Indians.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Megha! I’m happy that you smelled the essence of ikrs through this fiction.
      Take care and keep reading!

  12. EishaP

    Yai Raaten yai mausam nadi ka kinara yai chanchal hava nice song d……every episodes of IKRS like a treat for us …every moment was special and sweet

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Eisha! Yes yaar that song is so mesmerising. Absolutely correct all episodes are just epic, love them a loooot yaar.
      Aur haan do read soulmates yaar, though it’s not mine but it’s just amazing so I’ll suggest you to read.
      Take care!

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