Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:13)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Episode: 13
Viplav and dhaani were sitting beside the woods which were on fire, both were silent for awhile when dhaani asked something
Dhaani: wakeel babu if you’ve tried to contact again?
Viplav: (giving a surprising look) what have you said?
Dhaani: (in a confused voice) if you’ve called your daadi again
Viplav: no, before that
Dhaani: kia pagla gae ho?
Viplav: dhaani you’ve called me with some wierd name, repeat it again
Dhaani: Emm! Wa.. wakeel babu
Viplav: yeah, this name.. by the way what’s this wakeel babu? My name is viplav, very easy to pronounce so please call me by this name
Dhaani: hum tumhara (widening her eyes) naam kaahe len gy? I’ll call you wakeel babu or chotte sahab, now choice is yours
Viplav looks at her in disbelief while dhaani waited for his reply
Viplav: yaar kia hai bhae? (taking a pause with a deep breath) fine.. you can call me wakeel babu because I can’t tolerate this chote sahab and all aur phir we’re friends and friends k yeh sab naam nahe hote
Dhaani: acha tou wakeel babu phone laga?
Viplav: I was trying but same network issue is occurring
Dhaani: (tensely) maayi tou bohat pareshan hoge, pata nahe kuch khaya bhe hoga k nahe
Viplav: dhaani don’t worry she would be fine and then I’m keep trying hopefully we’ll contact them
Dhaani: (sighs) pata nahe baarish kab ruke ge (in a sad voice) I shouldn’t have come with you, yeh sab tumhare wajah sey hoa hai
Viplav: (in surprising expression) what have I done? Ajeeb ho yaar jab kuch nahe mila tou hum pey charh gae
Dhaani: haan tou you shouldn’t have taken me with you
Viplav: Arey tou kia humen pata tha k car will puncture and then this rain will start
Dhaani: (in a sad voice) humen nahe pata, humen maayi k paas jaana hai
Viplav: (in a frustrating tone) chup bilkol! Maayi k paas jaana hai, maayi k paas jaana hai arey should I bring a helicopter for you, tumhare sath hum bhe tou phanse hoe hain naa, you’ve eaten my brain damn it. Humare baare mai bhe socho thora
“Ek ajnabi sa ehsaas dil ko sataye
Shayad yehi tou pyaar hai plays”

Dhaani looks at viplav after listening “humare baare mai bhe socho thora”
“Betabiyon mein dharkan meri chain paye
Shayad yehi tou pyaar hai plays”

Viplav: I mean (while stammering) you should think about me in the way.. like Emm!
Dhaani: (softly) I can understand, sorry
Viplav: (taking a deep breath) I’m sorry too, kuch ziada he bol diya naa
Dhaani: nahe you’re right, what’s your fault in all this
Viplav: (smiles) thank God, samajh agae baat.
Dhaani too lightly smiled
Viplav: wesey dhaani (standing on his feets) a question was running in my mind so should I ask or not?
Dhaani: poocho
Viplav: why you didn’t (stands before window) tell kaaki that I’m the one who troubled you, why you hid it from her?
Dhaani: (sighs) because she trusts you a lot and I don’t want to break that trust that’s why I thought to hide it from her
Viplav: (in an embarrassing tone) I’m really sorry for all that I’ve done, knowingly or unknowingly I’ve hurt you a lot, maaf kar do us k liye
Dhaani: maafi (smiles mirthless) is a very small word for what you did but still I’ll try to forget everything
Viplav: I know it’s very hard to forgive someone who has hurt you a lot but dhaani jab hum mazak kar rahe hote hain naa that time we don’t realize that our simple joke can become the source of pain for others iss baat ka ehsas humen tab hota hai jab we hurt someone who’s really close to our heart and same happened with me
“Kuch bhi kaha na, kuch bhi suna naa
Phir bhi bechain dil hai humara
Behke kadam hai
Mushkil main hum hain plays”

He then shifted his gaze towards​ dhaani who has drown into sleep, he walked towards her and bents on his knees
“Dekho, sambhle bhala kaise yaara
Chahe bina bhi nazdeek hum chale aaye
Shayad yahi toh pyaar hai plays”

He forwarded his hand to gently lock her fluttering hair behind ears with a loving smile when he back off, once standing on his feets, he walked towards his place and sits at a corner
Viplav’s POV: this is wrong, this feeling is wrong. I can’t think like this. Kyun yeh dil humare kaboo mai nahe, (keeping his back on the bushes) sambhal jaa viplav before it gets too late
As he was thinking all this, his eyes fall on dhaani who was slowly opening her eyes due to the drops which were falling on her from roof
Viplav: tum yahan ajao
Dhaani: nahe, I’m fine. Tum so jao
Viplav: Arey how can I sleep? Agar hum so gae (smiles) tou who’ll guard this place
Dhaani: tou you’re guarding this place?
Viplav nodded with a grin
Dhaani: tou yeh lo (handing him sticks) maybe they’ll help you
Both looks at each other and laughed, as she was laughing viplav eyed her while dhaani composes herself
Viplav: chalo utho come here and sleep
Dhaani: but…
Viplav: yaar please no arguments
Dhaani unwillingly nodded and exchanged her place with viplav. Once settling down, she stares viplav who was sitting below the leakage
“Nazrein bichaa den
Pehre laga den
Dil Pe
Par dil kisi ki naa maane plays”

She then stands again and places the jacket on him in order to protect him from drops, viplav opened up his eyes as soon as he realized something on himself
“Kaaton pey chal ke
Sholon mein jalke
Mil ke rahen ge deewane plays”

Dhaani: now I’m not feeling cold (pointing towards bonfire) due to fire so you may keep this
Saying so she gets back to her place while viplav was looking at her. He, then closed his eyes slowly when dhaani stared him
“Chahat ki lau tou aandhi mein bhi jhilmilaye
Shayad yahi tou pyaar hai
Ek ajnabi sa ehsaas dil ko sataye
Shayad yahi tou pyaar hai”

Both while secretly looking at each other drown into deep sleep.

In morning:
Sun rays fall on dhaani’s face which wakes her up, she then looked outside through window and gets shocked
Dhaani: (tensely) waa.. wakeel babu
But when she gets no response, she went towards him and called out his name, viplav slowly opened his eyes giving questioning expressions
Dhaani: wakeel babu woh bahir.. woh
Viplav gets up seeing her tensed face
Viplav: what happened dhaani? Itne pareshan kyun ho?
Dhaani: wakeel babu there’s​ a crowd outside, bohat gusse mai lag rahe hain sab. Ab kia karen?
Viplav: haan tou iss mai pareshani ke kia baat hai? We haven’t done anything wrong
Dhaani: you’re not understanding, a widow has spent a night here. This is not a small thing, humen bohat dar lag raha hai
Viplav: (in a slow tone) but how do they get to know about our whereabouts (sighs) don’t worry let me check
He walked towards the window and peeped outside then signed her to come. She stands before him frighteningly. He holds her hand while signing her to relax through eyes.
Screen freezes!

Precap: viplav supports dhaani in front of everyone while someone from the crowd threw a stone on dhaani when viplav comes between both shared a painful eye lock.

Thank you for reading!
Hey lovely people. How’re you all and how’s the episode? Hopefully it was a good one. That song which I’ve used might’ve reminded you all some scenes of prem and heer if you’ve watched the serial. Anyways don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Now… you are making me nostalgic along with the tadka you have kept in this episode…
    ViDhaani in a hut…that silent unintentional romance…and those eyelocks…kya bolu yaar…. you keep me hooked to your story…arrey… Wakeel Baabu and Shikayati pudia rock…..
    hayeeeee…. imagine karke mein blush kar rahi hoon… that bonfire thingy… ViDhaani around that…. aur haan…not to forget Shayad yahi toh pyaar hai…. good choice meri jaan….love you
    … aur haan…Viplav ne sahi bola…that angry mob and their silly anger…jab ViDhaani ne galti ki hi nahi…toh kahe ka darna…. and precap…stone pelting in your andaaz… remembering that intense background music yaar… keep rocking dear….
    love you tons…..
    mwaaaaaaaaaah mwaaaaaaaaah mwaaaaaah mwaaaaaaaaaaah ….lots of kisses and imaginary hugs to you 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear for your lovely words ?? glad you liked the scenes which weren’t planned at all woh tou bus I just sat down to write and something like this came out. Thanks again dear for boosting me❤
      Lots of love ??
      And yes kal sey Ramzan start naa tou I’m very excited ?

  2. woow i am surprised mahaa…ki dhaani ne viplav se itni aram se bath karna mujhe bahut acha laga hai…
    And episode was superbb…..
    wow what a lovely night un dhononki..i mean special night because they started their friendship from this night only..hey na…
    Dhaani ka innocence and caring nature…i really love it especially when she is caring viplav….
    plz come soon mahaa i am very excited for precap…
    keep smiling dear..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan bus maan gae dhaani because larai kafi hogae thi so thought to bring some sweetness? thanks dear, your words mean a lot to me??
      I’ll try to come soon but as Ramzan is starting so it would be difficult to post so soon but still I’ll try ❤
      Lots of love ??

  3. EishaP

    Sorry d I’m late here actually I was busy in exam and now I’m at training camp so not able to comment
    Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry ????

    Abhitak to padha nahi hai but I know your superb writer so this episode is going superb right

    Missing all IKRS family members a lot specially maha d , sujji d , shanitics , Louella a lot ???

    Missing Mishal also?

    Lots of love and thousands of hugs for lovely peoples

    Take care guys

    1. Hy… Eisha di… Keisi hai.. I too missd you. . . Yaar.. Happy that u r back… And to knw u mssd me too… Hw r u and kya kar rahi hai ab!!… Training camp??? Happy that u stll remember me?

  4. InshaAllah… Episode acha tha… Was funny to read.. Ab shuld I brng helicopter? As usual u rckd… Was busy wth school schedule and also wth the xams and assignmnts… Srry fr late readng and cmntng didi?
    Keep rockng…

    Sad to read that a prson in d crwd thrwn a stne on Dhaani.. Actually I feel Viplav hav to throw the stne back fr his backward thnkng…

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