Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:12)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Viplav keeping his cellphone in front pocket stands beside dhaani who was busy in feeling the rain droplets on her palm, he stared her with a wide smile
“Tu hi ye mujh ko bata de, chahun main ya naa,
Apne tu dil ka pata de, chahun main ya naa
Itna bata doon tujh ko, chaahat pe apni mujh ko yun tou nahi ikhtiyaar
Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne, ab jo laga hoon milne poochun tujhe ek baar plays”

Viplav too starches his arms for enjoying the rain drops same as dhaani was doing
“Tu hi ye mujh ko bata de, chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de, chahun main ya naa plays”

Dhaani looks at viplav confusedly as he was just starring her while feeling the drops, she irritatingly throws some drops on his face giving a sign of “what”, viplav embarrassingly looked down saying “nothing”. Just then the lightning flashed on the sky due to which dhaani held viplav’s shoulder tightly out of the scare
“Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein, kisi se bhi milne ki naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljha de chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de chaahun main ya naa plays”

Dhaani frees viplav from her grip as soon as she realized her position while he was just giving a mischievous smile
Dhaani: woh I’m sorry actually I’m​ scared of…
Viplav: it’s ok, no need of clarifications
Dhaani: (sighs) have you informed maayi that we’re stuck in rain
Viplav: woh dhaani I tried but due to network issue we can’t contact them
Dhaani: (tensely) now what we’ll do? Maayi must be taking tension, humen nahe pata hum ja rahe hain
Viplav: dhaani what’s wrong with you? This rain isn’t going to stop so easily and it’s impossible to go in this weather that’s why we’ve to wait as we don’t have any other choice
Dhaani: but maayi…

Viplav: Arey baarish wahan bhe ho rahe hoge naa and she would’ve realized by now that we’re stuck due to storm so please stop taking and giving tension
Dhaani: (looking at clouds) when this rain will stop and when we’ll go
Viplav: (in a calming tone) don’t worry dhaani, kaaki knows you’re with me so she won’t take tension (raising his brows with a grin) because she trusts me a lot now come on let’s go inside
Dhaani looks at viplav cluelessly

Dhaani: I’ll not go inside with you
Viplav: (in a questioning voice) so if you’re going to stay here the whole night?
Dhaani: whole night?
Viplav: yeah you know this rain isn’t in a mood to stop so easily so we’ve to stay here
Dhaani: impossible, I’m going from here kese bhe jai but I’m not staying here with you
As she was about to move from her place viplav grabbed her wrist to stop her
Viplav: dhaani I can’t let you go alone as you’re my responsibility for now

Dhaani: (trying to free her wrist from his grip) and who gave you this responsibility?
Viplav: (angrily) I’m not bound to answer you and now I don’t want any argument on this (freeing her wrist) if you want to stay outside then (shrugging his shoulders) fine I don’t have any issue with that but you can’t go from here without​ me (smiles widely) I’m feeling quite cold here so.. I’m going inside
Saying so he moved inside leaving dhaani outside who stamped her foot on floor angrily
Dhaani’s POV: kia samjhta hai pata nahe khud ko, (doing his mimicry) you’re my responsibility (rolling his eyes) pata nahe kahan phans gae hain hum and dhaani why you became silent in front of him, (patting her head) bolte he band hogae tumhare tou (sighs) iss k sath akele poore raat nahe I’ve to do something
She looks on determinedly

At Ayodha Nivas,
In dada jee’s room:
Kanak came inside calling dada jee in quite an angry tone
Dada jee: bahu jee (standing from his chair) what happened? Why are you shouting?
Kanak: babu jee don’t you know viplav has gone with that vidvah and they aren’t back till now uper sey yeh baarish aur woh log akele naa jaane woh churail humare bache par kia jaadu kar dey
Dada jee: humen sab kuch pata hai bahu jee as viplav has informed me before leaving
Kanak: (surprisingly) and you haven’t stopped him, kia hogaya hai babu jee ap ko. Ap ke akal…
She became silent as soon as she realized what she was about to speak

Dada jee: bahu jee if you’ve gone mad how could I stop him, we can’t create distances between them so easily. Humen soch samajh kar kaam karna hoga, tripurari is keeping an eye on them kuch ghalat nahe hoga now can you please go and bring me a cup of tea
Kanak nodded unwillingly while dada jee gets busy in singing “tore bin laage naa mora jiya”

In hall:
Dulaari maayi tensely came inside and walked towards daadi who was standing in front of idol
Dulaari: bari malkin if you know where is bachwa jee subha sey gae hoe hain aur abhi tak nahe ai
Daadi: Arey just look at the weather, baarish itne teiz hai maybe they’ve stopped somewhere
Dulaari: but buchiya is with him, ap phone lagaye unhen
Daadi: dulaari I’ve tried but there’s some network problem due to rain
Dulaari: ab hum kia karen, I shouldn’t have sent her
Daadi: don’t worry dulaari, they’ll be back once rain will stop. Tum jao araam karo, dhaani is safe I’m giving you guarantee​
Dulaari maayi giving a week smile moved towards her place.

In hut:
Dhaani came inside hiding something behind herself, viplav who was trying to contact his daadi looks at her giving questioning expressions
Viplav: someone was saying that she’ll not stay with me instead she’ll stay outside then how her decision is changed?
Dhaani: (in a serious tone) it was quite cold outside that’s why I thought to come here
Viplav: (smiles) finally akal agae, good
Dhaani giving a frown sits down while keeping the stick beside her which she was hiding before some seconds
Viplav: yeh kia hai?

Dhaani: yeh danda hai and this’ll protect me
Viplav: (surprisingly) don’t tell me do you think me as… deykho it was fine as far as you thought me rakshas but how can you think like this
Dhaani: acha bus nautanki nahe karo ab
Viplav making sad face like kid sits down while dhaani was lightly shivering due to the cold atmosphere, he noticed her state and once standing up silently brings some woods in middle which were kept at a corner
Dhaani: yeh kia kar rahe ho?
Viplav: nothing woh I’m feeling quite cold so setting fire on woods
Dhaani stared him with a soft smile
“Dil ki maange thodi thi kam

Har duaa bhi thodi maddham
Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaaya jab
Jaise dargah pe baandhe dhaage tab, Bina maange hi mil gaya hai sab
Meherbaan hua hua, Meherbaan hua hua, Meherbaan hua, Meherbaan hua rab plays”

Viplav stands up as soon as he put those woods​ on fire and walked towards her while putting off his jacket
Viplav: (handing over his jacket) yeh lo, wear it else you’ll become ill
Dhaani: (hesitantly) no thank you, I’m fine
Viplav: ley lo else kaaki will say k hum na un ke buchiya ka khayaal nahe rakha aur phir hum un k liye bhe rakshas hojai gy
Dhaani remained silent while viplav softly paced his jacket on her shoulders, due to which she suddenly looks at him speechlessly, both shared a cute eye lock
“Duaa rang rangiya yun malang laal laal rang
Rooh ki patang baandhi tere sang
Tab hi toh laga
Meherban hua Rab
O din ye sehre sa saja
Meherbaan huaa Rab plays”

Viplav then composes himself and sits beside her giving some space
Viplav: I’m sorry
Dhaani: for what?
Viplav: woh that time I behaved with you so harshly
Dhaani: (in a soft voice) koi baat nahe

Viplav smiles looking at her
Viplav: bhook tou nahe lage naa because I’ve nothing to eat
Dhaani: nahe hum theek hain
Viplav: Arey haan you’re​ habitual of being hungry, hum bhool gae thy
Dhaani: (sighs) you never miss any chance to taunt me, right? Acha khaasa hum tum sey araam sey baat kar rahe hai but you’ll never change, masla kia hai tumhare sath
As she was busy in blabbering he stares her with a broad smile as before she haven’t spoke non-stop like this with full energy
“Haathon ko tere apne, haathon mein le leti hoon
Ke taqdeerein apni saari padh loon
Aankhon mein tere chhupte
Armaan main dhoondhta hoon
Bas tu soche, aur poore main kar doon plays”
Screen freezes!

Precap: viplav calls dhaani shikayti puriya as she loves to do complaints later she was sleeping while viplav was looking at her with a loving smile.

Thank you for reading!
Hey everyone! I’m here sharing my piece of work after a long time and I’m sorry for that actually I’m stuck in studies that’s why hopefully this episode was an enjoyable one though I can’t make it romantic but tried to make it some sweet, sorry if it’s not up to the mark. Don’t forget to share your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Renimarenju

    Haaye…mahaa….the vidha moments were a visual treat for me only….U brought a smile on my face…u know how ,much i waited for this yaar and finally bheege baarish to darshan di…..Kyaa batwun, it was some thing really sweet and cute , the way dhaani refused 2 go inside , the way she picked the wooden sticks and the way viplav placed jacket on her….Awwww…how cute was that…..I am loving this episode a lot because i find all those before my eyes….The way u writes is really wonderful yaar…And i definitely enjoyed it a lot…..And this was romantic also….as when vidha comes before our eyes then how can i say that it is not romantic….I enjoyed this a lot and thanks for fullfiling my wish 2 see the precap which u wrote in last episode……And today also precap is so lovely and i am waiting for that…..love u dear….

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear for these appreciative words ?? I’m happy that you liked those scenes and found them sweet! Keep the support coming ❤❤
      Lots of love ?

  2. Fabulous episode mahaa…
    what a caring yaar viplav…when he was saying u r my responsibility….what a dialog..what a dialog….
    wow how understanding and peaceful daadi is…haha this rain will come in that time only when they r single that too no vehicle they had…in many serials like this only happened…
    I liked full episode heartfully mahaa ..
    come soon…
    byee dear…
    keep smiling…and keep writing…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Lalitha! Your comment means a lot dear? HAHA- well that rainy part is somewhat adopted from serials (Indian serials- more specifically) but glad you liked it. Keep reading dear
      Lots of love ❤

  3. Sujie

    Mahaa…. mei aagayi…
    could not stop myself from commenting….
    Glad that you came with the episode…..
    Hayeeee re meri jaan….kya bolu mein…. loved it …..loved it…. its like….AWWWWWWDORABLE….
    Paani wala romance I would say…cute short paani wala romance…. loved it….
    Ab you have mentioned hut toh you can imagine where I reached reading this…bolo bolo…..
    Dhaani… bichari came with stick to protect herself…chalta phirta pehredaari hai saathmein…woh bhi itna handsome…. hayeeeeeeeee…..
    loved the scene to the core meri jaan…..
    no mood to say anything about balloon maharaj and dancing eyebrows…okay…
    and kinda love this MEHERBAAN for sure… one of the songs that I can listen sometimes….
    thank you for the lovely episode dear… aur haan…. DHAANI VIPLAV EK DUSRE KI RESPONSIBILITY HAI YAAR… AND IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY KI NOK JHOK KO APNE TALENT SE YOU HAVE TO CONVERT TO LOVE…. DEEP WALA LOVE… lagi raho…koi jaldi nahi… bas want them to imagine together in every thick and thin…. love you for this dear… keep going…. you rock…aur haan…. i will be back soon with my episode… but will not delay to comment her… bear with me dear… LOVE YOU TONS…..
    and haan… check out this link….
    sad background music from BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAIN… series I adored few years back at a point…hope you will like that too….
    love you…..mwaaaaaaaah mwaaaaaaaaaaah

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Tum na tou ana he tha ?? ViDha sey dur reh sakte hain bhala hum??
      Thank you so much dear for loving it that a lot though I was feeling like this isn’t​ good but after reading views I’m somewhat satisfied. HAHA pani wala romance is a nice name?
      Haan that hut which is the symbol of ViDha’s romance where laal ishq played hayee?? wesey tou aik woh hut bhe hai where ViDha spent a night due to uncertain circumstances after leap that episode was also amazing ❤❤
      Arey bade acche lagte hain, it’s title song tou uffh tha thanks dear for sharing the link ?? by the way I’ve watched it’s some episodes too tum na deykha hai?
      And yes I’m watching kis desh hai mera dil, an old serial of harshad Chopra my first ever crush❤❤ tumhen kesa lagta hai?
      Lastly how’s exams preparation going?
      Lots of love ❤❤❤

      1. Sujie

        Mahaaaaa…. love you rey…waise hut aur ViDha…. that have pyaara sa connection and we adore it for sure…..
        haa…hum toh ViDha ke bina nahi reh sakte naa….
        post leap hut scene…with Sab tera….is also one of the fav one…… because usmein Mishal hai na……..hayeeeeeeee……
        haan…..I used to follow it for certain time..and I kinda adored that serial…. RAM KAPOOR AND SAKSHI TANWAR were fabulous as RAM PRIYA… woh kya hai…serial dekhu naa dekhu… I love title songs from some of them…..
        areey… dp dekhke pata chalgaya prem and heer… I find Harshad cute yaar… I was 5th or 6th grade jab ye serial aaya tha… Waise I don’t wanna be spoiler spot but… dekho aacha hai….serial…. and Prem and Heer’s daughter Chahat…she is such a cutie pie…watch it…aur batana kaisa hai… i used to watch it sometimes………
        accha chalo…title songs ki baat aayi hai…toh let me tell about some of them……..
        Kitni mohabat hai….
        saiyaan naino ki bhaasa….
        woh miley the…kavyaanjali……
        yeh dil hai….punarvivah…
        jiya re….dahleez
        ek duje ke vaaste…..edkv
        ye hai mohabatein… song only okay…. dil kahi rukta nahi…..and aasuon ka rishta
        bade acche lagte hai….sad one and the title song…
        tere liye…. anurag and taani wala..
        Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…… pura ka pura soundtrack..even the little music pieces….
        mahabharat and siya ke ram…..
        ek tha raja ek thi raani….sawariya….
        manmarziyan…. kkhwaishon pe likhe….
        I think there are lot more…soch ke bataungi…. I guess you have heard most of them…
        and yes………………. THE MOST FAVOURITE ONE OF ISHQ KA RANG SAFED….. Trust me…. all these songs I have mentioned are amazing….But loving IKRS ke songs feels amazing yaar…..aur not to forget LOVE STORY…. ka pura soundtrack……
        hope you will like all of them…fursat se check karna okay…..
        Haan…preparation is going on…. but kinda tired…toh aah gayi….
        lots of love to you too meri jaan……
        take care…..

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan yaar that sab tera scene uffh Mishal was looking breathtaking ?? Haan naa I too was quite bache when kis desh mai hai mera dil on aired and my mom didn’t allow me to watch serials at that time but phir nhe chup chup k dekh leti thi ??
      No, no you’re not being spoiler as I know the story already, there is a separation after their marriage due to misunderstanding like ikrs tou kaafi pata hai mujhe ?
      And about title songs first of all my surprise is somewhat khatam because I was going to use Tere liye of anurag and taani in next episode but koi nahe I’ll still use as I really love it, yeh drama bhe mai na thora bohat dekha hoa hai chup chup k I just loved it *zindagi loota Kar bhe jo zindagi mile har khushi loota kar jo ek khushi mile woh maang lun tere liye, Tere liye* hayee❤❤ and above all I love Harshad as I told he’s my first ever crush tab jab I didn’t know the meaning of crush Allah he’s really a hero❤❤ pata nahe ab koi serial kyun nahe kar raha, naa koi acha hero hai aj kal kise serial Mai, naa he pair aur naa he story! That’s why I thought to watch kdmhmd.
      Apart from them I’ve listened yeh hain muhabbatein, edkv, etretr that’s it aur nahe sunne.
      But I tou love Tere liye and ikrs title song most also kdmhmd is nice?
      Acha I also wanted​ to apologise you for not replying you on DM actually time nahe mil raha sahi wala.
      And parhai k sath visiting here is not bad so keep going dear??
      Love you so much ?

      1. Sujie

        HEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…… hayeeeeeeeeee…. those were the days 6:00 ya mostly 6:30 ka intezaar rehta to get a glimpse of Mishal… chalo ab kya kare…hope he comes soon….
        accha…glad that you liked them….kdmhmd…waise toh I used to watch it having lunch after coming back from school..sometimes…
        surprise khatam kaha hua dear… you can still use it on ViDhaani taaki we get a chance to enjoy imagining them in a new song…. chalo will read it after you post it and tell what I think….
        kaafi accha hai…yeh bhi…
        IKRS ki toh baat…laajawab….bemisal hai…haina??
        why yaar… no need to apologize…. comment toh kiya tum ne….toh kya hogaya deri hogayi toh… 🙂 chill maaro yaaar…..
        love you too meri jaan 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Didi… Maha didi… Aap mahan ho!!? As usual great epi… Kuch hi din pehele I was thinking ? y u haven’t postd any epi!! And nxt day it was here… Was struck with some functions.. That y no cmnts till the date!!
    Epi enjoying tha…. Fr me that romance khafi tha?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh my God! Thank you so much for your lovely words dear?? aur mai Maha hun Mahaan nahe ??
      Yeah actually I was stuck in studies that’s why got late. It’s ok dear and functions matlab wedding functions?
      Thank you dear ?

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