Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode:11)

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Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-
Both (ViDha) came outside the quarter, viplav was walking ahead while dhaani was behind him. Viplav once reaching near car turned his head towards her
Viplav: raj kumari jee can you please increase some speed, only if you don’t mind
Dhaani: kia matlab? Should I start running? I can’t walk faster than this
Viplav: (frowning his brows) haan tou theek hai you’ll be responsible if we get late
Dhaani: deykho I’m more worried than you for ashram so please don’t tell me what should I do
Viplav: how many times (rolling his eyes) will you repeat this thing?
Dhaani: (angrily) till when you’ll stop behaving like our well-wisher
Viplav: see I’m not your​ well-wisher, I’m your lawyer and you should respect me for that else…
Dhaani: else you’ll leave our case, pata tha humen you’re​ just acting…
Viplav: (in loud voice) else I’ll go without you stop assuming things by yourself yaar
Dhaani: haan tou even I don’t want to come with you, I can’t even stay with you for a second
Viplav: like I want to spend my life with you, humen bhe koi shoq nahe hai tumhen ley kar ghoomne ka jab deykho bak bak karte rehte ho
Dhaani: (widening her eyes) bak bak aur hum? (in an angry tone) it’s better to sit inside rather than arguing with you because tumhen tou kuch samajh ata nahe hai
Saying so she sat inside the vehicle making viplav frown a little.

At Ayodha Nivas:
In Dada jee’s room:
Kanak was pacing from left to right in anger while dada jee was resting on rocking chair with closed eyes
Kanak: babu jee how can you stay silent when​ your grandson is with that churail, iss din k liye hum na ussey wakeel banaya tha k he’ll fight for those poor and needy people
Dada jee remained silent and didn’t react on what she was saying which irritated her more
Kanak: babu jee I’m talking with you kuch tou bolen
Dada jee opened up his eyes and looks at kanak making her tensed
Dada jee: (in a stern voice) stop shouting bahu jee and let me think, humen bhe acha nahe lag raha apne bache ko us vidvah k sath dekh kar but I’m helpless because I can’t say anything openly aur ap sey tou kuch hoga nahe that’s why you should go from here
Kanak angrily moved outside while dada jee looks on.

At utility office:
Viplav and dhaani walked inside and got little surprise to see long queue in front of the counter, he shifted his gaze towards dhaani with a grin
Viplav: aur karo late, I’ve already told you to be fast but no humare kyun suno ge hum tou rakshas hain naa
Dhaani: (avoiding eye contact) acha bus you don’t have to worry about that because I’ll stand in that queue and you may sit here, theek hai naa ab?
Viplav: nahe theek nahe hai, you’ll sit at this bench like a good girl and I’ll stand there
Dhaani: deykho you’re​ wasting our time because I won’t sit here, tumhare pehle he bohat ehsan hain aur nahe karo
Viplav: (astonishingly) so by standing there you’re repaying my favors
Dhaani: haan that’s because I know…
Before she could complete an old lady interrupted their arguments
Old lady: beta stop fighting and join that line
Dhaani looks at viplav and walked off mumbling “he only know how to waste time abhi tak humara kaam ho bhe chuka hota” while viplav stares her in disbelief. As there was quite a number of members in that queue so dhaani has to wait for her turn but after sometime finally it was her turn
Dhaani: (tensely) bhaiya jee woh I need electricity and sui gas bills of previous four months
Man: (looking at her) deykhe madam we’re not sitting idle here​, we’ve lots of other work too aise kese bills den dey saare
Dhaani: bhaiya jee it’s very important please baat samjheye
Man: please madam move on as there are many other people behind you
…: Arey bhaiya how can you say next without solving her problem
Dhaani looks towards that voice and sighs seeing viplav
Man: deykhye don’t waste our time aik baar bol diya we can’t give all bills altogether then why are you creating a fuss?
Dhaani: (in requesting tone) but bhaiya jee why are you not understanding? Bohat zaroori hai…
Man: (in a little loud voice) if you’re going or not?
Viplav: (angrily) lower your voice Mr, you’re​ sitting here to solve our problems, iss cheez k paisay milte hain naa tumhen then how can you talk in this tone that too with a girl
Man: oh tou now you’ll teach us what to do and how to talk? Ek vidvah ke bari fikar ho rahe hai ap ko
Viplav: haan hai fikar. If you’ve any issue with it, by the way I’m not teaching you anything it’s just I want to inform you that I’m Viplav Tripathi (raising his brows) grandson of Dahshrath Tripathi so now don’t force me to remind you that you are public’s servant and do what she’s saying
Man: (standing from his chair tensely) oh Mr. Tripathi ap.. why you didn’t tell me before? Please ap beith jaye
Viplav: leave all this hospitality and kaam par aye
Man: jee bus abhi hojai ga ap ka kaam
He was about to turn but viplav stops him
Viplav: and please improve your services for those too who don’t belong to a rich family
Man nodded understandably and leaves in order to bring the required papers. Viplav, then looked dhaani who was already staring her
Dhaani: what was the need of boosting your power? I was talking naa
Viplav: (sighs) deykh liya hum na, you were saying and he was listening, right? wesey afsos ke baat hai instead of thanking me you’re​ as usually doing bak bak
Dhaani: (angrily) bak bak? Theek hai bhaar mai jao now I’ll not say anything
Saying so she walked off and sits on a bench while viplav smiled widely and waited for that employee to come back, after awhile ViDha moved outside as soon as they get those papers.

At Ayodha Nivas,
In hall:
Dada jee was sitting on the sofa as if he was waiting for someone when tripurari came inside and seeing him dada jee stands up
Dada jee: where have you been tripurari? I was waiting since long
Tripurari: woh guru dev I had to take Amma to temple that’s why got late
Dada jee: tripurari my work should be more important than your other priorities
Tripurari: (bowing his head) jee guru dev
Dada jee: khair I’ve called you for some special work actually nowadays the interaction between viplav and that vidvah is increasing, tum pata lagao yeh log kahan kahan jaate hain and make all efforts to create distance between them, baat samajh ai tripurari
Tripurari: guru dev don’t worry, l’ll not let that widow roam around baba
Dahshrath nodded in relief and walked inside while tripurari smirks
Tripurari’s POV: Arey guru dev I’ll make all efforts to reduce distance between them because this will hurt you and your pain will make me happy
He looked on with an evil smile.

At Main Road:
Viplav stopped his car in front of stationary shop while dhaani looks at him with surprise
Dhaani: why we’ve come here?
Viplav: to make a copy of all documents for safe side as we can’t afford to miss them
Dhaani: acha you may go, hum yaheen hain
Viplav: why? You don’t like to take favors, saare kaam tou khud karte ho then why not this one?
Dhaani: because I don’t know anything about this aur tum har baat par larte kyun ho hum sey?
Viplav: hum larte hain?
Dhaani: tou you only started​ this, I was talking normally
Viplav making faces came out from the vehicle and goes inside the shop while dhaani waited for him, meanwhile a kid was standing on the road unaware of the truck which was coming from the opposite side, she gets shocked seeing it so quickly ran towards him once getting down and successfully brings him aside.
Dhaani: (while panting) where is your maayi, baapu?
Kid without saying anything points his finger towards a lady who was busy in buying some items, dhaani while holding his hand takes him to her, once reaching there she ask him if she’s her maayi and in reply he cutely nodded
Dhaani: if this is your child?
She asked this to grab her attention, the lady looks at her and gives irritating expression
Lady: yes! (taking his hand off from her) what he’s​ doing with you?
Dhaani: woh he was standing there (pointing towards road) you should be careful
Lady: (surprisingly) how did he reach there? Zaroor you might’ve​ taken him there because just now he was standing with me
Dhaani: yeh ap kia keh rahe hain, I saved him from the truck. Why I’ll take him there?
Lady: for grabbing​ everyone’s attention, that’s the favorite job of the widows like you. Apne wah wah karwana chahte ho naa
Dhaani wasn’t having any energy to reply instead she was weeping. As that woman was shouting like a maniac so a crowd gathered there to watch the act, viplav too came out from the shop and gets astonished to find car empty then his eyes fall on that crowd and without wasting a minute he ran towards it. He gets hurt to see dhaani crying and asked her the matter
Lady: arey what she’ll tell you? This widow took my child at the road and now advising me that I should be careful as she saved him from a truck
Dhaani: (in the verge of crying) I’m saying truth, why I would lie?
Viplav: aik minute dhaani, why are you crying? You haven’t done any mistake in fact you should be proud of yourself that you saved a child today then why you’re letting her words affect you? (looking at the woman) apne bacho ka khud khayal tou rakh nahe sakte and gets angry when someone show them mirror
Lady: (angrily) what are you trying to say? I can take care of my child
Dhaani: please wakeel babu rehne do tum
Viplav: nahe dhaani ruko (shifting his gaze to that woman) maan liya dhaani has taken your child there but then also you’re responsible and careless how can you not see your child going with someone (in an agressive voice) arey you should thank her as because of her your child is save else he would’ve…
Dhaani held his hand trying to stop him from completing his sentence, viplav stared her and while sighing again looked at woman
Lady: why are you taking a widow’s side that a lot? Ek tou she’s spreading inauspiciousness by roaming here and there then…
Viplav: vidvah, vidvah, vidvah.. what is your problem? If she’s not a human like you, let’s imagine if tomorrow you…
Lady: enough! Don’t dare say anything about me
Viplav: people like you need physicatris (in a soft voice) chalo dhaani
Saying so he dashed off inside car while dhaani too sits inside, he looks at her while driving, who was silently weeping
Viplav: I didn’t expect this from you dhaani, hum sey tou bohat larte ho, kuch sun’na pasand nahe karte hum sey then how did you listen all that stuff from her, why didn’t you say anything to her? You’ve disappointed me today
Dhaani: (wiping her tears) I’m use to of all this, you shouldn’t worry about all that
Viplav: (smiles mirthless) use to? Then why are you crying?
Dhaani: please don’t ask me questions and I’ve told you many times to not to behave like my well wisher, koi zaroorat nahe humare liye larne ke
Viplav: (slapping the steering in anger) just stop it dhaani, I can’t stay quiet when someone accuse you for nothing
Dhaani looks at him speechlessly while viplav looks on
Viplav: woh because you’re my friend and then my kaaki’s daughter
Dhaani stared him confusedly, she didn’t know how to react, if she should trust his goodness or should doubt. She was lost in all this when tyre got burst because of that car stopped with a jerk
Dhaani: (looking at viplav tensely) what happened?
Viplav: maybe tyre has punctured, let me check
He gets out and stamped his foot on road with frustration as soon as he saw puncture tyre
Viplav: damn it! (looking at her) I don’t think we’ll get a mechanic here
Dhaani: then what should we do? It’s quite late maayi must be waiting for us
Before viplav could reply, rain started heavily. Both looks at each other and mumbles simultaneously “bus esi ke kami thi”. His eyes then fall on a small hut and signed dhaani to move there, she hesitantly walked towards it. Once reaching there they stood below a shelter which was attached with that hut
Dhaani: I don’t think we should stay here, agar koi agaya tou
Viplav: we don’t have any other choice dhaani. Baarish bohat teiz ho rahe hai and we can’t find any​ mechanic now
Dhaani: (shockingly) lekin maayi? she must be waiting for me, un ko kon btai ga
Viplav: don’t worry dhaani, I’ll inform daadi so she’ll tell her
Dhaani nodded understandably while viplav was about to call when his eyes fall on her, who was feeling the rain drops on her palm by straightening her arms, a broad smile appeared on his lips seeing her like this.
“Koi lamha lamha shareek tha mere jaagte hoe rang mai,
Aise dard na yun kiya mujhe be-zubaan k mai reh saka naa tarang mai plays”
He embarrassingly shifted his gaze at his cellphone as soon as she looks at him giving confused expressions
“Yeh khalish rahe, yeh kasak rahe k saza rahe, kahi un kahi plays”
Screen freezes!

Precap: ViDha spends a night at hut as they didn’t find any mechanic to fix their car later at morning phool chand along with some banarasians accused dhaani for spending a night with a guy when viplav supports her.

Thank you for reading!
Hello everyone! How’re you all? Sorry for late update actually I’m bit trap in my studies then I was watching an old serial in free time so didn’t get time to write hopefully you all didn’t forget my story. Do share your opinions about the episode before leaving the page.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. woooww its too fabilous episode…mahaa…
    when viplav supporting dhani…and scolding that devil lady….i thought this is called love…
    i am wondering..that what i think about tripurari???he is villain only but trying to get vidha closer…its too funny when dasarath is a villian of our vidha while tripurari is the villian for dasarath…
    precap is also nice…
    keep smiling…and keep writing…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Lalitha for commenting ?? yeah that’s called love which is hidden right now?? ab I’ll not let him realize so easily naa??
      Tripurari is against ViDha as well as Dahshrath, I haven’t revealed his whole plan but he’s quite an innocent bacha at least for me because whatever he may do, his plan always makes ViDha closer ??
      Thank you dear ❤❤
      Lots of love ?

  2. Sujie

    Hayeee…dayya…kitna jhagadhte Jain bhai dono….. ?????????
    Finally you came yaar ????
    You know Naa….Dhaani kisika ehsaan nahi leti??aur Dekho ismein bhi ladai hogayi ??????
    Par accha hai …jhagada karnese pyaar badhta hai…hai na Mahaa meri jaan ???
    No need to say ke I was blushing in the nokjhok part as well ???????????????????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
    That aurat….. She cannot take care of her kid and ulta Dhaaniko sunarahi hai…..jaa ke kaan ke niche…. Bajaana chahiyetha….Dhaaniko…USs devil ke…..
    Aur haan… You made me remember that scene darling….??? jab Dhaaniko viplav motivate Karta hai…. Aur Kehta hai…..humse ladne ke liye toh humesha tayaar rehti ho….us FOOLCHAND Ko jawab muh Pe nahi maarsakti??? Hayee Hayee…. I miss it yaar ?????????????
    Keep it going dear….and haan….remembering DHEERE DHEERE SE INSTRUMENTAL….. 10-11 September wala episode…..????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
    Keep going dear….lots of love ????????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      HAHA- haan literally they fight a lot but iss jhagre k peeche pyar hai naa??
      Yes finally I came, you know I wasn’t having idea how to start, what to write because of quite a long gap and then a serial was revolving around my mind but still wrote somewhat aur ViDha par likhne k liye itna sochna nahe parta, once you sat back to write something will come across your mind ?? theek kaha naa mai na??
      I know you were because you’re master in blushing ?? haaiinaa?
      Haan bajana tou chahye tha but what to do our dhaani is very bhole humare tarah nahe hai naa but viplav hai naa though he can’t do that bajana but still his words are enough ??
      Arey haan I was thinking to add some scene like this let’s see kia hota hai? hayee those Episodes I really miss them ❤❤ thank you dear for such love ??
      Loads of love ???

      1. Sujie

        woh toh hai….
        ye bhi baat sahi hai…. Viplav aur Dhaani ke upar scenes…jyaada sochne nahi padhte…once you sit back to start writing…scenes apne aap dimaag mein ghus jaate hain…and the only thing that keeps us engrossed at the time of writing is the whole ViDhaani scenes from parts of IKRS…. toh episode ban jaat hai…sahi baat….
        aur haan…kaan ke niche…bajega ekdin… With Viplav’s heavy dialogues……hayee …mera Viplav…..ooops sorry…Dhaani ka Viplav…mera toh Mishal hai na….. 😀 😀 😀 *insane me*
        you said right yaar…thodi thodi master hoon…blush karne mein…and all thanks to Mishal urfff Viplav…..
        loads of love to you too jaan…
        keep rocking like this….
        aur haan…check out this link okay…tune of KRPKAB

        was searching since long….milgaya ….milgaya
        hope you will like it too….

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh this song kuch rang pyaar k aise bhe haayeee! Loved it yaar?? that instrumental tune was also calming ?
      Acha you may check this out: https://youtu.be/-CJG_pxj3PA
      Phir btana kea laga?

      1. Sujie

        suna maine…. it is nice yaar….abhi I have to listen to it for more time because its lyrics …..those words are amazing 🙂

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan it’s one of my favorite with one of my favorite actor ?? wesey there are many more ost.. I’ll keep sharing with you don’t worry ??

  3. Wow… Maha didi.. As usual trndng and awesome one.. The bst thng I lvd was Viplav standing fr Dhaani ?
    Vidha scenes were as usual gng gud?
    Keep writing!!
    Love ❤ u

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear! Glad you liked it. Keep reading ?

  4. Renimarenju

    Awesome episode…mahaa….each bit was so beautiful yaar and u are re-creating viplav as hero which is bringing that ikrs initial episodes feel ……This was one of the best episode written by u and i loved it to the core…..Vidha scenes were well written and i specially loved viplav’s concern towards dhaani and the way he supported her and standing with her when the whole world is accusing her for her fate…..Viplav raise his voice @ the right time and i simply loved when he asked dhaani why u are not saying any thing 2 that lady , u can fight with me, but u can’t say any thing 2 those people who blames u without any reason…..that part was the most wonderful one in the whole episode……Viplav shows his concern but also from heart he wants 2 see dhaani as an independent girl also and that actually makes a man as hero and u really made viplav as hero here…….which is great 2 read…..And u have did complete justice 2 the pair….I loved the way u portrayed their pretty cute arguments also which made me 2 smile also…Thanks for that….And last part….haaaye….i was expecting some romantic cherishing moments……as last episode ur precap was like that only…..That bgm was too gud…..And u ended the episode in dream…only….Haaye….not fair……but i will be xpecting that scene on upcoming episode…….as i can’t miss it…..Bye…love u dear

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Reni for your lovely words ? I’m so happy after reading your view.
      And about romantic scenes well I can’t show them at this stage because they’re​ just friends right now woh bhe dhaani abhi nahe maante so… But don’t worry I’ve noted down your suggestion and will include it in the upcoming track.
      Thanks again dear?

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