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Hello all. I m here to write an analysis on ikrs ffs. You all know that nowadays there r many ffs in ikrs. All r just fabulous writers. They write so good that u may think u have come to a new world where there is only vidhaani. Here r some names of the writers of ikrs ffs-

Special best friend by Swetha. It’s a superb ff which will definitely remind u your college days. It is about vidhaani in college. U will just love it.

Viplav poor Dhaani rich love story by Goldie- This is also another superb ff which is again on widow remarriage. You will get a bunch of vidhaani nhok-jhoks here. The writer is now not well. Get well soon Goldie…

This is love by Sujie- This was an amazing ff. It was about how vidhaani meet and on first sight they fall in love. But there’s a big twist here. Dhaani goes in coma for 2 years. But then because of our hero’s love she comes back again. This was a superb ff but ended just a few days ago. Must read!

Sanam re by Lakshmi- This ff also ended a week ago but it was again an amazing ff. It was how Viplav and Dhaani r marrying each other but do not know because of their nick names. Do read….

Love is everywhere by Lakshmi- This is a new ff. I only know that Viplav doesn’t believe in love but Dhaani believes. Let’s see how they fall in love…..

Talking Mirror: Destroyer of all by Avijit- This is a must read ff which was supported by many fans. Unfortunately it ended. It was a horror story plus a love story.

He is impossible by Maria- This is also an amazing ff which started from hate but ended with love. A must read ff but it ended a month ago.

It was not my fault by Maria- Its a new ff with a mystery. Superb story. Viplav and Dhaani r husband wife but something has happened which separated them. To know what happened u have to read it!!!

Unusual Attraction by Mahira- Again a beautiful ff. It’s about how vidhaani become good friends to lovers. A must read ff.

Melodies of love by Mahira- I have just read the intro. Its a new ff. Must read if u want to know the plot.

My girl is a liar by Kavya- Its just amazing. For me the best ff in ikrs. It ended a long time ago but I still love it. Dhaani always tell lies. She has told a lot of lies. She had cancer but she hid it from Viplav and her father. Then…… To know u have to read it. Amazing ff…..

An imaginary love story by Shruthy- Its a new ff but superb. It starts from the track when Viplav misunderstands Dhaani and then she gets pregnant. If u r just fed up of the track in ikrs just read this. U will forget the current track of ikrs..

Itni is baat by Fatarajo- It was a three shot ff but just awesome. Just read and u will love it.

You r my KI and I m your KA by Louella- It ended just few weeks ago but awesome one. It was how Viplav and Dhaani were childhood friends but then Viplav went America. After 16 years they met again and then they got married. Do read…..

Journey of love by Louella- This one is also a good one. It will remind u your school days. It’s a new ff but is a true laughter dose.

Revenge or love by Louella- Its a superb story. A revenge love story. Viplav and Dhaani want to take revenge from each other for some serious reasons. Again must read……

Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani by Louella- Its a new ff. In this ff Dhaani has a very bitter past but has never revealed to anyone. But Viplav is determined to know the past. Let’s see if he gets successful or not. Must read…..

Bhootiyaan haveli by Siddhi- It’s a very new ff. Again a horror love story. It’s published today only. Just read it……

True friendship love and trust by Maha- A new ff but must read! It’s about how Viplav and Dhaani become good friends. Then I don’t know. U have to read to know further.

I have forgotten some ffs names as there r many. So sorry if I have not mentioned. Plz try to read all these ffs and also comment. The writers need your comments and also your support. Also I request silent readers to comment there. Now enough of your silence. So plz comment. And also comment down in the comment box. Plz tell how u liked this analysis. Also guess who I am? Let’s see who guesses me right and also the first….

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  1. Wow I loved the analysis and I think you are Arshi di.. Is it? Tell me fast, eager to know!! 😉

    1. Well maria i wanted to write an analysis…thinking from a looong time but did not get time to complete it fully..so not me..

  2. Louella?

  3. thank u for giving my ff a recognition again … very good analysis …are you Louella ? .. I am bad at guessing … 😛 .. The Talking Mirror: destroyer of all .. 🙂

  4. Wonderful analysis.. I think u are Louella, varsha or arshdeep three names are enough? and I love all ffs all are awesome writers.. and please tell ur name soon I am eager to know that?

  5. Wow this was so sweet of you for doing this kind of fan fiction analysis. And thank you for having analysed mine, glad you read it <3

  6. Great analysis n serms louella

  7. Common ya who is this????

  8. Arshdeep ho.
    and great analysis?

    1 request aap savi writers se
    aajkal ff bahoot hai, agr galti se ya aalsi hokar 1 epi/full ff read krna xut jaye to page ko bar bar next karna padega if possible every episode me previous episode k link rakhdenge to hum readers ko thoda bahoot easy hoga like Mahira did in her ff .

    1. Na na main nhi hu??

    2. Agree give the links please

  9. This is sooooooo good…. 🙂 Thanks
    Bad at guessing…..but is this Louella or Arshu???

  10. my previous comment which I post at 10:19am still stuck??

  11. wow moderators u r doing greatttttttt job??

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments. Yes I m Louella. Latha guessed me first so she is the winner. All clap for her……

  13. Well done louella

  14. Hey louella sorry I m late as usual but awesome ff analysis happy that IKRS also have a ff analysis now 🙂 an haha thanks for mentioning my three shots 😛

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