Ikrs: Confession (ViDha One shot by Maha)

One shot:

Dhaani POV :-
I’m sitting in a park infront of beautiful pond, sweet fragrance of flowers and grass are giving pleasure to me. I’m sitting on my favorite bench where I used to sit after school timings. Time flies so fast, school, college then university sab khatam now I’m an independent girl. The owner of “kalma Industries”. Finally I fulfilled my dada’s dream by running our family business. Everything is perfect and on its right place but because of my aunt my parents wants me to get married to a successful business man. Ok I understand, even I also wish to but I don’t want any one in my life except VIPLAV TRIPATHI. Sorry I forgot to mention about viplav, we’re cousins, and are very close to each other. We used to hangout with each other, spent time with each other, our relatives were jealous of our bond because no one can understand our relation. I remember on the last day of our university, I was in my class talking with my friends when viplav texted me to come in canteen. I excused my friends and went to him, he was sitting on a bench, his expressions were telling me clearly that how much happy he was. I asked him about his sudden call, he just smiled brightly and told me that he is in love neither I was happy nor sad as I was beyond sad. I was broken in thousands of pieces, I was numb because I loved him, yes I loved him, after 20 I realized that my feelings for him isn’t ordinary it’s love, PURE LOVE but I choose to be quiet as it was not appropriate time but after that day I really regret on my decision. I smiled infront of him after listening his confession NAAAH! It was not a genuine smile it was a painful smile. I asked him the name of that lucky girl but he refused to tell me, I feel devastated because he never hide things from me. I thought I lost my place from his life. Once reaching home I directly went in my room for crying. I cried and cried on my fate my eyes were burning but I didn’t pay any heed and cried more. “To see your love going far from you is really painful”. This line was revolving in my mind which hurt me more. My mother came to call me for dinner, she knocked at the door but I didn’t say anything. She thought I’m sleeping so she went. Whole night passed don’t know when I slept. Next day I composed myself like everything is normal and nothing happened. I never asked about that girl from him because if he wants then he’ll tell me by himself and in this way 6 years of my life passed. Today in morning viplav called me and asked me to come at this place. But see as always he only called me and himself got late.
Her POV ends.

She plucked a rose flower and start plucking it’s petal one by one.

Dhaani’s POV:
He loves me, he loves me not, he love me, he loves me not. Strong wind took away broken petals. Only last petal was left, I was about to pluck it off when I felt a strong gaze on me. Once turning back, I felt embarrassed. What if he got to know about this, I immediately threw that petal.
Her POV ends.

Dhaani: (smiles) viplav come on sit
He smiled seeing her smile and sits beside her
Dhaani: why you called me here?
Viplav: actually today I’m going to propose her (taking a deep breath) I mean my lady love
She again felt strong pain in her heart

Dhaani POV :-
Again he came to break me in numerous pieces and again I gave him my dead smile while asking him to continue. Viplav took out a ring box from his front pocket and a diamond ring appeared as soon as he opened up the box.
Her POV ends.

Dhaani: it’s really beautiful
Viplav: thanks, actually I want to practise before proposing her that’s why…
He stopped as he was confused whereas dhaani was gulping her tears.
Dhaani: what do you meant to say?
Viplav: I will practice with you is it ok?
She closes her eyes tightly and takes a deep breath.
Dhaani: haan viplav you can
Viplav: (with a curve on his lips) dhaani I love you, I don’t know any cheesy line but all I know is that I want to get older with you, I want your hand in my hand, I want the authority to hug you, to love you
Will you give me this pleasure?
Dhaani: (smiles weakly) perfect proposal viplav, that girl is really lucky

Dhaani POV:
“That girl is really very lucky”. These words automatically came out from my mouth. His eyes were proving that his each word is true as those sparkling eyes were also speaking those same lines. I smiled at him and asked him to go and say this to your love. But his sudden reply almost shocked me.
Her POV ends.

Dhaani: very good viplav go and tell this to your lady love
Viplav: I’ve done it already

Viplav’s POV:
I reached late because of stupid traffic, cursing it was the only way to take out my frustration. I entered inside the park and stood behind her. I guess she was playing some game as I heard, he loves me, he loves me not from her but when she shifts her gaze at me she was embarrassed. I sat beside her and gradually confesses my feelings to her in a very unique way. She was gulping her tears, her pinkish nose was indicating that she will cry at any moment, she was shocked, numb and freezed at my sudden confession.
His POV ends.

Dhaani after registering his words and once realizing what he said started to beat him. She was crying badly viplav kneeled down holding her hand and placed that ring in her finger. He then softly hugged her
Viplav: now stop this rona dhona and chalo our parents are waiting for us
Dhaani stared him confusedly, he realized and smiles
Viplav: (lifting his brows) don’t you want to marry me?
Dhaani: (in a little loud tone) viplav if your parents are at my house?
Viplav: yes sweetheart they finalizing our marriage date
Saying this he began to run because dhaani was chasing him in whole park to take revenge of the pain she went through. She also wanted to know lots of answers like why he hide his feelings? Why he acted casually infront of her and much more however she knew already that viplav will answer himself. Both were very happy in fact happy is a tiny word to express their condition as they got their love. Dhaani’s words were indeed true “she is very lucky girl”. Indeed dhaani is lucky and in this way an Unique confession​ changed her life.
-Happy Beginning-

Thank you for reading!
Hey everyone! How’re you and how’s this unique confession? This is not my story actually it’s written by my sister and I really liked it so after doing some amendments here I’m sharing this amazing story with you all. Do share your opinions before leaving this page and yes those comments will be for my sister.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. As u said its really amazing story mahaa..
    And now i got to know not only u but ur sister also a writer???Amazingg…
    And i really want to know why viplav didnt tell his feelings these many years..i know its not necessary but i am very curious about it…
    take care…
    keep writing…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Lalitha for such lovely words ?? and viplav didn’t tell her about his feelings because he first​ wants them to complete their studies and he also wanted to create suspense ?. Thanks again for reading dear❤

  2. Sujie

    Sweetest confession in the whole wide world….
    Batane ki jaroorat nahi…that I was blushing when Viplav said… I have already said it…..
    Reading the short stories of facebook… and seeing that story being pictured on ViDhaani…. Hayee….. CONFESSIONS….. and I am like …mera bhi Viplav aayega… confess karke leke jaayega… thank you for the story meri jaan… thanks to your sister too…. 🙂
    love you for this…sacchi….khaali bolne ke liye nahi bolrahi… you do deserve this love…. you and your writing awesome….. keep going dear…. the pic of above the title is awesome…. 31st December wala ….ViDhaani’s first date 🙂 🙂
    and your dp….too is awesome…. Kudos to you 🙂 love you

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Sujie?? I know you were? hayee meta bhe kuch aisa he haal hai you know what except Viplav I didn’t find a true lover in the whole industry ?? and this is the reason I’m here aur pata hai now I’m not bother of comments any more because I’m just writing for my ViDha❤❤❤ Thanks a lot dear for loving this shot as well as the picture.
      Lots of love ??

      1. Sujie

        Sahi baat…. Me too… Nowadays… i post stories being bindass…comments toh kam hai but I guess others might come and read someday….
        Viplav ki toh baat hi alag hai…. he is the hero who has compelled me to feel the love…. Viplav is the king of romance….and ultimately the credit goes to MISHAL… my hero …hai na….
        thank you for the lovely story dear…keep rocking 🙂

  3. Shanitics

    Ths was d bst confessn evr didi.. Do u knw I was like.. Dholi utara ab.. Thr was 100 waltt smile ? on my face.. The fact I love Vidhaani is the reason behind ths smile ?…

    This serial is really different to me because ths serial gav a scnd family.. It is true to say that.. Aftr becmng a part of ikrs family.. I prayd the serial to nd soon.. Soo nxt chats and cmnts can b postd??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot dear for commenting and seriously yaar this serial will remain close to my heart always ❤❤

  4. Shanitics

    Cnvy to ur siso that the stry was gorgeous and a HAI.. From me.. Al d way frm shahid kapoor ki behen?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah I’ll my dear?? shahid kapoor me BEHEN??

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