Ikrs: The Coincidence love *Two shots by Maha* Pt-2a

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Let’s begin!
In evening, dhani after having a tiring day enters the home with an excitement and strange happiness which is easily visible in her eyes..
Dhani: (while entering the hall shouts) mom! Where are u ? Come here fast, please!!
Dulari: (shouts from the kitchen) dhani, what on earth has happened ? Why are u shouting ?
Dhani: (while keeping her things on sofa) mom, u won’t believe what I’ve got today.. jaldi ao naa maa please! (giving stress on please)
Dulari: (sighs) coming baba (while coming inside the hall) this girl bhe naa.. (she goes to dhani who was impatiently waiting for her mom) tell me, what happened ?
Dhani: (runs to her and hugs her tightly) mom, u won’t believe it! Ok I won’t tell u like this.. let’s guess first
Dulari: (looks at her surprisingly and frees herself from her grip) dhani, I’m very bad in guessing.. tell me fast else I’m going
Dhani: (pinches her cheeks) oh my cute mom! I’ve got pass of my rockstar’s concert (jumps in excitement) I’m too happy! I don’t know how I’ll control myself tomorrow in front of him..
Dulari: (gets happy seeing her daughter) really! That’s a big news.. finally ur wish is fulfilled..
Dhani: (hugs her again) yes mom! I’m the most happiest person right now..
Dulari: (caresses her hair) may u always be happy, now go and change ur clothes, I’m sending u food..
Dhani nods kisses on her cheeks and leaves to her room while humming..
It was night, dhani was standing in front of her wardrobe and was continuously staring her dresses as she was confused which one to select..
Dhani: (picked one dress, looked at it from top to bottom then hanged it back) no yaar! This one isn’t good, I want to look beautiful though my face can’t be seen but least I can try! (becomes silent for awhile then pats on her head) how can I talk like this, I don’t believe in these stupid things, dhani don’t let urself down (holds one dress) yeah! I’ll wear this one, done..
She happily hanged it and went to washroom..

On the other hand viplav was watching television with least interest, after sometime when he got nothing to watch, he turned it off and picked up the mobile with a mischievous smile..
Viplav: whole day passed away neither she messaged nor I, so should I.. bara maza ata hai yaar, it feels good and fresh while talking with her. She won’t message me that’s why I’ve to start (took a deep breath and typed, “hey! Miss. Arrogant are u free ?” and tapped on ‘sent’)
Here dhani was coming out of washroom and was going straight to the bed but listening the beeping sound she moved to table and picked up the mobile..
Dhani: (seeing the number she frowned) oh God! I just forgot about him, seriously he is really a fuzool banda, who has no work to do (she opened the text with curiosity and after reading Miss. Arrogant, her jaws dropped down) he referred me by this name, huhh! He is forcing me to reply.. he himself is crazy, fuzool and what not! (She messaged him, “hey! How dare u to call me that, and if I’m Miss. Arrogant then u are Mr. Cheapest who has no work to do, in fact no! u have work, the work of disturbing me”)
Message moved to viplav who was lying on bed with closed eyes but listening the sound, he immediately gets up and checked his mobile
Viplav: (eyes got wider after reading Mr. Cheapest but with a nick of second he burst into laughter.. he messaged, “Gosh! U become angry even on small things.. well sorry and about me, I didn’t mind with that new name plus I usually get bore on this time so from now onwards talking with u is the only way to get rid of this boring time”)
Dhani: (was laying on the bed and was lost in her dreamland but listening the notification sound, she came back to the world and opened the text and after reading it she typed “so if u are getting bore then talk with ur friends why are u chewing my brain like chewing gum” and touched on ‘sent’ option)
Viplav: (who was already holding his cellphone read her message and smiled naughtily) seriously am I chewing her brain (laughs aloud and messaged, “yaar my all friends are busy and I don’t like chewing gum moreover we have also become friends naa in this way we both can talk and I know u are also getting bore”)
Dhani: (become little surprised after reading ‘friend’ and read whole conversation again) I didn’t mention anything about friendship and all, Mr. Overload khush fehmi is assuming himself (she messaged, “excuse me! When we become friends, apne paas sey kuch bhe”)
Viplav: (smiles after reading her message and typed, “Arey don’t u remember yesterday we talked with each other so nicely and if u want me to ask that “Will u be my best friend ?” Then I’m ready to ask” once after typing he sent it to her with a broad smile)
Dhani: (reads his text and a smile appeared on her face) kia banda hai yaar yeh.. Ok so basically I also want to be his friend but I don’t know anything about him.. (becomes silent and thinks for awhile) yaar what goes in friendship, time pass hojai ga as we both get bore at this time, hmm! But I can’t accept his friendship so easily (She messaged, “I haven’t talked with u nicely, Mr. Overconfident, and u should ask me that question then only I’ll think”)

Viplav: (a new message notified him, he reads it and chuckles) think ? (lifts his brows) She is too akroo! (Then he messaged, “u are master in giving names, it seems like u have dictionary of names! I’m impressed.. And about that question so okay I’m ready to ask, WILL YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND ? now I’m waiting for answer”
Dhani: (who was impatiently waiting for his reply gets happy after reading his text) waah! Dhani u are really master in giving names.. (looks straight) he is a nice banda, I should accept his offer (she messaged, “well thanks for the compliment and I’ve thought a lot about ur question and I came to this conclusion that Okay I’m ready to become ur friend.. but don’t forget ur limits while talking with me plus I don’t make friends so easily, u should be thankful to God that I become ur friend”)
Viplav: (read her message and jumped in excitement) yaay! Finally I made her my friend.. hayee I haven’t done this much hard work even in my singing, (sighs) but seriously she is such a dramybaz, dimagh tou cloud nine par hai mohtarma ka! Like seriously she asked me to be in my limits.. (smiles giving an impossible look and messaged, “thanks for being my friend and I’m indeed lucky to have u my friend madam, moreover I’ll never forget my limits your highness.. aur kuch ?”)
Dhani: (laughs after reading his message and typed, “Good and for now it’s enough plus if I’m master in giving names then u are master in buttering” she tapped on ‘sent’)
Viplav: (reads her message and stretches his hair) I’m master in buttering, no way! She is thinking wrong.. (he pressed his lips and messaged, “I don’t do buttering Miss. Anyways are u married ?”)
Dhani: (opened his message and starts laughing seeing his question) jo bhe ho, boys are boys! Huhh!! (She messaged, “why are u asking Mr. Something is running in ur mind, right ? Khair, no I am not married! But then also there is no chance for u”)
Viplav: (laughs mischievously after reading her text) no chance for me! (Pats on his head) now what she must be thinking about me, pagal! (He messaged, “no actually I was just kidding.. sorry if u felt bad”)

Dhani: (reads his text and messaged, “oh nothing like that, wesey I think u too are not married. Right ?”)
Viplav: (smiles broadly and messaged, “u are absolutely correct!”)
Dhani: (messaged him, “yeah I am always correct, no offense.. khair now tell me ur name I’m tired of giving u different names”)
Viplav: (reads her text and gets into thinking) she is asking my name, I can’t tell my real name as I want a friend not a fan, which name to select then.. Salman, Shahrukh, Amir! No yaar, koi aur.. kuch aur! (He was lost in his thoughts by then a new message notified him, which was “who takes this much time in telling name, it seems like u are thinking some new name” he reads it and gets surprised) she is too intelligent, man! It seems like she caught me.. Huhh! (Suddenly a name popped up in his mind) Sun.. Sunny! Yeah this is fine (He messaged, “My name is sunny, what’s ur name ?”) Phew! That was close..
Dhani: I think he has slept (just then she heard beeping) finally! (opened the text and read it) should I tell him my real name ? Hmm! Yeah, kuch nahe hota but before that pass some comment on Sunny (she laughs aloud and messaged, “sunny leonie or sunny deol, Lol! Khair my name is dhani”)
Viplav: (reads it and laughs) Yikes! U found this name for urself, viplav.. hadd hai! (He messaged, “nice name and so as ur sense of humor”)
Dhani: (reads his text and typed, “thanks a lot” but stops herself from sending) should I share that news, yes I should because mom always says that happiness gets double after sharing good news but dhani mom aur bhe bohat kuch kehti hai woh bhe ma’an liya karo (pats her head) kia tum bhe yaar, arguing with urself.. haadd hai! So I’m telling him.. (sighs and continues the typing, “acha now that we have become friends so I want to share a happiest news with u”) yeah that’s appropriate for now (she reads that text again and tapped on ‘sent’ option)
Viplav: (reads it with a bright smile and messaged, “happiest news ? U made me curious, yeah I would be pleased to know.. go on!”)
Dhani: (after reading his text.. she messaged, “sunny, u know I’m going to famous and my favorite singer VIPLAV TRIPATHI’S concert, tomorrow is his special performance, u can’t even think how much I’m happy and excited”)
Viplav: (reads it surprisingly and his face got bright) Okay! She is my fan and she is coming tomorrow.. I’m even more excited than her to meet this amazing personality but how will I recognize her, I can’t even ask her that how does she looks like as it’s not right, she will take me wrong.. huhh!! I can just hope to meet her tomorrow.. (he messaged, “amazing it seems like u are his die hard fan, cool! Acha stand at front so that ur rockstar can see u easily, free ke advice hai rukh lo”)
Dhani: (chuckles after reading the message and typed, “oh Mr. Attitude, thanks for the advice, I’ll surely stand at front.. don’t worry! Now I’m going to sleep will catch up soon” then touched on ‘sent'”)

Viplav: (he reads her text and keeps the mobile beside him) I didn’t find a girl this much interesting in fact, I didn’t even talk with any girl like this before, she is very different, straight forward and clear cut (stands up from the couch) I feel so light and fresh after chatting with this carefree girl! (jumped on his bed and laid down) but did I do right by hiding my true identity I hope that I ain’t betraying her with this lie (closes his eyes tightly and keeps his hand on heart) huh!! This heart is master in increasing guilts (opens his eyes) I’ll tell her soon that the person to whom she is talking is her favorite singer! (Saying so he smiles)
Both were laying on the bed in their respective rooms and were drenched in thoughts as dhani was excited to see her rockstar live and viplav was curious to see that unique girl!
Finally moon disappeared and sun raised with it’s full brightness.. dhani after finishing her half work while keeping her half work on pending leaves to concert with happiness and joy! After awhile she reached her destination, her heart beats were increasing with each step, she was taking to go inside! Once after entering she was amazed to see the set up and decorations, people were gradually taking their place, she too quickly runs ahead to grab her first place and because of her speed she gets successful in taking so..
“Just few more minutes and u can see Viplav’s performance”, a man holding a mike comes on stage to do that announcement while crowd after listening this jumped in happiness! Whole carnival was filled with number of people and there was not even a single place to move.. At last! Waiting hours get over. A boy with a broad smile and in a certain style came on the stage as usually mike was in his left hand, people present there were drooling over this handsome hunk and why not after all he was the most handsome munda, his eyes, smile, voice, style, attitude in short everything was killing! Dhani was freezed after seeing him.. her eyes were not getting off from him whereas the audience was hooting and jumping!
Viplav: (stands in the middle of the stage and shouts) hello everyone! Excited for today’s performance.. (people gathered there shouts “yes! We are”) but this time something is special.. curious to know, ok! Ok I’ll not increase ur curiosity and will tell u easily.. (he jumps down from the stage now people can see him in front of them, and a little distance was between viplav and dhani!) Today Tina didn’t come due to some problem that’s why I’ll select a girl from here and she will get a chance to sing with me.. so who wants this chance! (Girls from audience starts to raise their hands while jumping whereas viplav was smiling throughout seeing their love for him while dhani was in silent mode) calm down fellows! Let me select.. (he walked to his left side and after having a complete look he moved to his right side where our heroine was standing, he was passing from that way just then his eyes fall on a girl, who was dressed up in casual t-shirt and jeans, a scarf was hiding her face but eyes were enough to attract someone thus those beautiful and attractive eyes grabbed his attention.. he stopped in front of her “Ankhon mai teri ajab se ajab se adaain hai plays” she was surprised to see him this much close and so as viplav who was stunned on his weird feeling, maybe a new coincidence was taking place in their lives their heart beats were gradually increasing.. viplav changed his glance and looks some other side in embarrassment then composes himself) umm! Will u sing with me ? (Smiles but this time he wasn’t looking at her eyes maybe because he thought her beautiful eyes are hypnotizing him)
Dhani: (looks her left and right but when she realized that he is asking her, he gets little nervous but takes a deep breath and asked in nervousness without revealing it to him as she was a confident girl) jee, mai ?
Viplav: yes u! Are u ready ? (Smiles but this time he was looking in her eyes)
Dhani: no..
Viplav: (interrupts her) don’t u want to ?
Dhani: no I mean yes..
Viplav: then come on fast, we have to start
Dhani: (wasn’t believing on her ears so she asked him again) I’ll sing with u ?
Viplav: (was turning to go but then stopped himself) yes u girl.. come on (giving stress on ‘come on’)
People standing beside her instead of getting jealous were asking her to go, dhani gulps in nervousness and follows viplav.. both comes on stage while she was continuously staring him..
Viplav: which song is on top of the list nowadays (strong sounds with echo came back which was “the breakup song”) yeah but u guys will start.. ready 1,2,3 go!
“Angrezi chirya ke khaatir desi dil mera tor diya mai na chorr diya, ussey chorr diya
Us ke kaali kartootun ne us ka bhaanda phor diya mai na chorr diya, ussey chorr diya.. (all boys and girls as well sang together with full volume while viplav laughs and signs dhani to start with an assuring smile)
Dhani: (closes her eyes and remembers her dream to meet viplav, a smile appears on her face, opens her eyes and start) dil pey pathar rakh k mun par makeup kar liya, mere saiyaan jee se aj mai ne break up kar liya, subha savere uth k mai ne yeh sab kar liya.. (she looks at viplav, lifting her brows)
Viplav: (smiles and gave an impressive look then joins his partner) hum ko bin btai tum ne yeh kab kar liya, tere saiyaan jee se kaahy tu ne break up kar liya.. (he sings with full energy and cute expressions)

Both finished the song with passion and dedication, vidha as well as audience enjoyed that melodious time. Once after finishing viplav gets surrounded by his bodyguards and before she could say anything he vanished from her sight, though she was sad as chance of chatting with him has missed but remembering the past few minutes she jumped in happiness! Carnival was becoming empty with the passage of time and so she too proceed to home.. later she entered the hall and was about to shout but her maai keeps hand on her mouth
Dulari: dhani don’t shout as I know u performed with him.. (removes hand and smiles)
Dhani: maa ap bhe naa.. u know how much I’m happy even happy is a small word to express my feelings, my state
Dulari: (pats on her head) I know even I was happy to see u in television that too with ur favourite singer!
Dhani: (hugs her mom) maa I’m on cloud nine right now.. I want to dance, I want to fly.. he talked with me and asked me to sing with him.. (gets her mom off from her grip while dulari was looking at her speechlessly) oh God! Don’t stop me today, let me be in hangover (she was revolving around with excitement just then she saw her father who was looking at her in shocking way, dhani bites her tongue seeing him and looks down in embarrassment) woh dad mai woh (looks at her mother) maa I’m going to change.
Saying so she leaves from there while her parents laughs on her silly daughter!
Again moon showed up with shinning stars, majority were sleeping peacefully after having a tiring day but dhani was not among them, she was watching her performance with viplav in full concentration, she was too engrossed in it that she doesn’t even hear her cellphone which had beeped twice! After some seconds her mobile rings, she unwillingly paused the video and with less interest picked it but seeing “Crazy boy” she frowned!
Viplav: hey dhani! I was messaging u but I think u are busy.
Dhani: (sighs) if u knew it already then why did u call me ?
Viplav: how rude yaar! I was getting bore that’s why..
Dhani: yeah yeah Ok but today I was doing some important work..
Viplav: really ? Which work ? (She was about to speak but he cuts her in mid) khair chorro tell me haven’t u gone to his concert ?
Dhani: Arey don’t u know I’ve performed with him..
Viplav: (gets surprised after listening it) what ? I mean u were that scarf girl ?
Dhani: yeah but how do u know ?
Viplav: (closes his eyes regretting on sudden question) nahe woh actually I’ve watched it on television that’s why!
Dhani: Oh! But seriously I’m too happy..
Viplav: I’m more happy as finally I saw u.. on television, I mean
Dhani: acha tell me why ur voice is somewhat matching with viplav’s voice..
Viplav: (gets freeze on her question) kia ? (Laughs) nice joke actually all used to say this..
Dhani: strange but it resembles a lot!
Viplav: (takes a sigh of relief) hmm!
Dhani: one more thing..
Viplav: (interrupts her and with crying face) now what left.. why are u stopping my breath!
Dhani: (laughs) what ? Stop being dramatic! Tell me why u didn’t ask me till now about my scarf, I mean why I do wear it.. that’s the first question of everybody
Viplav: because this question didn’t come in my mind and u were looking pretty in it so.. wesey bhe it’s ur wish but haan ur eyes are very beautiful!
Dhani: (gets little impressed) thanks (smiles) but what do u do ? I mean job or something ?
Viplav: I (thinks for awhile) I’m a businessman.. And what about u ?
Dhani: I’m a music teacher..
Viplav: really.. superb! That’s why u sang perfectly
Dhani: yeah maybe!
Viplav: by the way ur rockstar is quite akroo (pressing lips to control his laugh)
Dhani: (gets furious) what ? He is not akroo, he is reserved kind of person that’s it.. avai kuch mat bolo
Viplav: ok! Bari search kar rakhe hai..
Dhani: yeah obviously! Don’t u like him ?
Viplav: (feels happy inside) like ? I love him, girl! I’m also his fan..
Dhani: (gets happy after listening it) really ? Then we will become best friends forever!
Viplav: (giggles) acha..
They have a light chit chat, then they goes to bed.. one month has been passed they know everything about each other, they can’t even sleep without talking, both has started trusting each other blindly! So now viplav wants to disclose his true identity.. he dialed her number!
Screen freezes on his face!

Thanks for reading!
Ok I know it has been quite long, really sorry for delay.. I want to apologize for extending it but seriously I can’t able wrap it so cursing the moment when I typed Two shots! But there are many things left *mysteries and much more* so don’t forget to read last part Huhh! Hopefully u all enjoyed it excited to read ur comments now.. don’t forget to drop ur opinions before leaving this page and a request to all authors to please post their stories soon!
Love u all <3
Take care!

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  1. Mariyam123

    Maha di it was amazing, superb, cute, and what to say…I m speechless! I m not having words to express how the episode was! U know it felt very short for me today.. I know it was very long but reading reading I didn’t even come to know that the episode ended.. I was like, “Why so early yaar? He was about to tell his real identity!” Khair ab patience toh rakhna hi padega na.. But I m really really so so so excited, more than Dhaani to read the next part! When Dhaani was giving Viplav names I was like about to laugh out loud but couldn’t, as my family members were just in front of me… I really controlled myself and said to myself, “Control Mariyam, control” and really it was very difficult to control my emotions! Well, to tell the truth I did not know the song which ViDha sang but really it was amazing to read that they sang together! But there are so many mysteries to be revealed, Why dhaani wears burqa, what will happen when Dhaani comes to know about Viplav, how will they meet and the most important question, How will their love story start? All these questions are running in my mind and I m completely losing my patience yaar!! When will the day come when I will be reading the next part! Oh God!! I m really not able to control myself!! When I saw the episode I immediately clicked on it and started reading and I was so engrossed in reading that I forgot all about my studies.. Ur writing sent me to a world where there is only our ViDha! I think I have already said a lot! Well sorry if u got bored reading my stupid, boring comment! Well I would only say that plz plz post the next part soon!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Mariyam and if I ain’t wrong than u are Louella.. Right ? Well good to have u back, feeling very happy and missing ur updates a lot girl, please come back soon??
      Thank u so much for ur superb comment?? feeling very happy after knowing that u read my story and was excited for it, don’t worry will post it by the end of this week inshaAllah!! Not burqa exactly it’s just a simple scarf which hide her face and about their love story well it has started from our Viplav’s site as he is attracted towards her that’s why wanted to talk with her and wanted to see her and most importantly that’s why he was feeling something different for however can’t say anything about dhani as she just consider him as friend only but soon she will realize her love for him..
      Oh I’m happy that I took u the place where only viDha exist and do listen that song, it’s a fab one plus *nashe se charh gae* my God both are too good..
      Thanks again hopefully will see ur comment on next post!!

  2. Sujie

    Main Teri hai re Jabra…ho Rey jabra fan hogayi………?????????????
    This was superb……. Actually sorry for not being available for sooooo long…. But I am back…..so I will also post my story….and yes it was killing me from inside not seeing any story posted since soooo long……
    Keep rocking yarr….. Though I found imagining Viplav as Sunny funny……but koi Baat nahi…… vidhaani ke liye anything…….keep going dear….love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank God finally u came back? actually I have messaged u for asking u however don’t think that I messaged u for commenting on my post because that day I haven’t even posted it?? please gayab mat hoa karo already many are missing, at least some of us can make this page alive!!
      Now coming to ur tareef which is in unique style *SRK STYLE?* Thanks a lot! Well I too find it funny that’s why used it, demand thi naa? but koi it’s the matter of sometime only.. itna tou chalta hai!
      About ur stories yes post them soon and we want both stories together as compensation for being soooo late *but for formality I’m saying to take ur time dehaan mat dena iss par??*
      Keep reading and please keep in touch❤

      1. Sujie

        I know dear…..
        I am trying hard to do that….actually I am soooo busy with my family and my own studies…..the reason is my sister is home during festivals after 12 long years….yun yoh woh har 1 2 saal mein milne aati hai…but this time it was special because she would be celebrating festive moments with us…. Dashain as we call in Nepal…in India its called by many names lkke Dusshera Navaratri etc etc….you can search about Nepali dashain in Net….and after dashain we have tihar….deepawali …diwali ..it is generaly called…and yes….we would be celebrating tihar together after many years…..
        And another thing is that … i was busy with my scholarship exam…and guess what…. I succeeded in grabbing the scholarship…..
        And will try to post the episodes soon……
        Khafa mat hona….. Mein aaoongi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 And I desperately want to commemt in every fanfictions I managed to read in ikrs but could not comment…since i last commented….. 🙂

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh so that’s the reason! It’s Ok dear, enjoy ur time with ur loved ones❤ don’t worry! And congratulations!! Now we want treat in face of stories however I’ll wait patiently?? Actually many members are missing so I thought that u too are joining them? but now my queries are answered?? have fun?

      1. Sujie

        ❤️U dear …….
        I know many are missing…..
        Our forum is not as active as before….and it’s our duty to make it active forever…..?????
        I know I have been absent for soo long…..

  3. Angel20

    Omg!! it was so awesome, fabulous, spectacular! from where do you get such beautiful ideas yaar? I am really so happy reading this! Wow they have finally become friends, best friends and hopefully lovers in the last part. But seriously I loved every bit of it! Everything was presented so beautifully! What to say yaar! Speechless… It was really amazing. I ma dying to read the next part! Really yaar.. dont make us wait for so long.. i dont want punishment again. Already had one 😉 and now I want treat from my appi.. so please please dont be rude by not posting it soon.. I want you to post it tomorrow itself.. please… :’)
    Love you <3

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      *Blushing hardly* U just touched my heart❤ Thanks a lot!! But it’s not that much unique and ideas are always welcome in my mind? yeah they have become friends forever and soon their Love story will start, don’t worry!! Yaar can’t post it soon as u know my studies then my nazuk tabiyat? but will post it in this week hopefully.. naraz mat hona and about me I never get rude as this word is not mentioned in my dictionary??
      Take care!

      1. Angel20

        Haha?? I love your dictionary??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks, u can also have it by Maha’s collection?? Anyways I’ve commented on ur posts but didn’t get reply.. is everything alright ? However that’s totally ur own wish but what to do with my nature? actually was curious to know?

      1. Angel20

        Yeah actually I’m on ziarat or you can say pilgrimage so not getting time. But have you commented i don’t remember I’ll check. I’m sorry??

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Acha that means u are on off?? but ziarat in India or u are out of town ? I’ve commented? it’s ok!! Hota hai?

      1. Angel20

        Yes I’m on off??
        Yes ziarat in India!

  4. AanyaSingh

    O my Dearie, this was another FANTABULOUS one & FULL-ON ENTERTAINMENT too??????. What a shot??. And who sees the length yaar. It is so Gripping, once u start, u just can’t leave it without finishing it & wen i reached the end, it was like, Ohhhhh! it ended?,there shud have been some more. Such is the grip of the story☺☺. Ok, speaking smthng abt the shot, starting from the first scene wen dhaani comes home so excited &happy & shares it with Dulaari who also gets happy knowing abt it & wen dhaani says ” i’m the happiest person right now ” & then dulaari says ” may u always b happy”, this shows how happy Parents r to see their children’s happiness & how they always wish for, pray for & bless them to be HAPPY. Then wen Dhaani is standing in front of her wardrobe choosing but gets confused as to what to wear, picks up a dress & hangs it on again &says ” i want to look beautiful, though my face can’t b seen but at least i can try”, the first part of this sentence shows the natural desire of every girl to look good & beautiful wenever she is going smwhere or meeting smbdy or smtimes just like that also. The remaining part “though my face….” & the liitle silence after that reveals the resurfacing of the hidden pain ( though for a few seconds only) of perhaps what had happened with her due to which she doesn’t uncover her face & that “natural desire” makes her say that at least she cud try.(This is what i felt reading the line). But then her coming out of it so quickly shows her to b strong also(her patting her head & saying dhaani don’t let urself down). BEAUTIFULLY described????. And then with the scene shifting to Vips starts the full-on entertainment ???. The nok- jhok convo btwn the two was too good yaar????? and it has made us familiar with another trait of urs or can say ur writing skill — a great sense of humour??. And dhaani giving names to Vips???. Seeing Vips’ msg what she said??, unknowingly calling her fav rockstar ” a fuzool banda who has no work to do”?????,great one?????. Then in answer to his “miss Arrogant”, she replies calling him “Mr. Cheapest”, seeing which Vips burst into laughter and Me too?????. Then he chewing her brain like a chewing gum, Mr. Overload khush fehmi, Mr. Overconfident, really a dictionary of names she is??????. The part where she says that she also wants to b friends but decides to throw a little attitude also(that she is a girl doesn’t mean she will become friends so easily) & then after saying yes to Vips asking her Rockstar again to b in his limits?????, i must say thoroughly an enjoyable read?????. Then after becoming friends again unknowingly she shares her happiness with her favourite Rockstar, Vips also coming to know that she is his fan also & he gets excited & eager to meet her, in the concert also how they meet each other, dhaani not aware that she is with the same person she befriended the night before & also that he is her Rockstar & Vips unaware that the girl whom he is asking to sing along with him is the same he became friends with & whom he so eagerly wanted to meet(though afterwards wen he talks to dhaani, he comes to know abt it), all these COINCIDENCES have been so wonderfully described ???????that u just don’t want it to come to an end. Superb ???. And dhaani is a music teacher, what a PERFECT match with Vips??. So the two have become quite bonded & Vips wants to tell his truth now, ooooooooooooh,it’s going to get more exciting now. Well, as usual, will b waiting eagerly for the nxt????. Amazing job & i know it will keep getting not better but best & bestest??????????. I said above speaking smthng abt the shot, but i think this smthng has become too much thing, so i shud better stop. Give rest to u also???. Love to u????.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot my dear? Happy to read ur comment and double happy to know that u loved it that much?? yeah something has happened to her face that’s why those words unknowingly stroked in her mind in spite of being so strong, well I can tell this only for now as for knowing more, u have to wait li’l more? don’t know how those comedy scenes come in mind.. u won’t believe but once after typing when I read seriously I’m like- what! Is this really written by me??
      One more thing I’m literally surprised after reading ur views as there is not a single scene, I repeat not a single word u have missed.. MashaAllah ur memory is too good?? not only in this every time u just make me speechless!! Hats off to u? about me, my memory is too bad because I usually think about dialogues and all at night while lying on bed but once I woke up, my mind become blank it seems like I haven’t thought anything so again I’ve to think everything again.. MashaAllah! May God safe u from evil eyes??
      Keep surprising me by ur marvellous comments and keep supporting♥♥
      Love u loads❤

      1. AanyaSingh

        Thank u for blessing me once again but in actual i’m also very forgetful☺. And abt urself u say that ur mind seems to b blank wen u wake up, what i feel is that u might feel blankness but what happens is that all that u think at night gets stored in ur sub-conscious mind & then wen u sit down to write, all of it comes out wth a Bang in the form of these Wonderful Shots?????(like u just said that wen u read the comedy scenes u urself get surprised that they have been written by U). So this is what actually happens. So abt ur memory, don’t take any worries, it is there all the time to give us these Mind blowing ffs from U????? & i heartily pray that all future ffs also from U keep giving us the best of U??????. May God always shower His Special Blessings on ALL the Wonderful Writers of our family.????????. Love to ALL of U????????.??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh God!! Sometimes I think that all these tareefs are for me?? please itne mat kiya karen I seriously start feeling embarrase? but yes maybe u are correct and thanks for ur blessings.. May God bless u too as u are too sweet plus cute?

  5. AanyaSingh

    OMG! This has really become too much, don’t know what will happen in the nxt one. God save U??????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah but I seriously loved it.. dil rakhny k liye nahe, I’m really saying it by heart❤ Now excited to read ur comment on next post?? dil khol k bolne ka, no worries.. I’ve read ur comment twice so ur mehnat wasool??

      1. AanyaSingh

        Chalo ab to official permission bhi mil gyi hai dil khol k bolne ki??????? Mehnat wasooli karaane ka thank you???. Padne waale baaki yeh soch rhe honge k abhi kasar reh gyi hai dil kholne ki???????????

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      HAHAHA! U just killed me?? koi kuch nahe bole ga just go on with the same spirit?

  6. Areeb

    Or Bhae? Saab khairr? ?
    Late ho gae na kafi?? ? Chalo khair hoti hai. ? Wese I had read this update the posted day itself. But couldn’t come up to comment about it, well sorry.
    This part was good and special too! ? Was way like my situation at that moment! ? That day I was too busy with my Rock star stuff! ❤ Was just viewing the recently realised music video and was drooling over his concert updates ( pictures & videos ) ?? Was in that zone when you posted this so it was like triple delight for me. ? About the shot, it was beautiful yaar! Like seriously, the connect part was BEST! ❤ And I could imagine improvising more n more in that concert part! ? And you really made her meet his star! ? Wah wah! ?? Next, the conversation again, but this time, the phone call! ? And she find it similar! ? Pehchana nahi bus. ? Khair, Viplav’s point of view on covered face was impressive! ? He is going to reveal his identity! OMG! He should wear some helmet sort of thing! ?
    Or ab kub post karogi next part? ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Mai tou theek hun, ap sunae??
      Lamba gayab hogae, or I should say *bohat deir kar de meharban aty aty?*
      Koi nahe, hota hai.. no worries about comment just keep visiting this page.. that’s enough for me?
      Thank u so much? Really which album, no idea about that? Chalo that means I’ve written this part nicely, it’s something which we can relate to our lives?? Happy to know that u loved it❤ Yeah he is going to and that’s the main part?
      Well I haven’t start writing yet but will start tonight itself?

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