Ikrs: The Coincidence love *Two shots by Maha* Part-1

Hey lovely fellows!!
So back with a new thing but as usual feeling little bit scared, I don’t know if u will like this one or not may be it will be a worst one or may be a best one, well I should start now as jaisa bhe hai share tou karna hai aur ap ko parhna hai. Lol!!

Let’s begin!
A girl is shown sitting on a couch whose face is covered with scarf, actually she always hides her face with scarf, only her eyes can be seen, they were so beautiful and attractive which was showing her innocence and purity she was watching her favorite singer VIPLAV TRIPATHI’S performance.. it’s a recorded one and she has already watched it various times but then also she was watching it with the same spirit or interest..
He comes on stage with guitar, a bright smile was on his face seeing the crowd which was hooting and jumping in excitement and want to see a glimpse of him, he closes his eyes and starts singing

“Apne karam ke kar adaain kar le idhar bhe tu nigahein
Sun raha hai na tu ro raha hun mai”
She was too engrossed in it but suddenly light goes off!
Dhani: (yeah that girl is dhani, she was hell shocked and so aggressively stamps her foot on floor) what the hell is this! (takes a deep breath and shouts from her room) mom, what happened to this light ? I was watching my favorite show.. (in a crying tone) why all this always happens with me (she lays down on couch and was waiting for her mom’s reply but her mom didn’t show up neither gave any response so she shouts again) mom, where are u ?

Finally her mom, dulari came inside the room with an annoyed face, seeing her mood dhani gets up and pretend like she didn’t say anything
Dulari: (lifting her brows) now why are u silent ?
Dhani: (takes a gulp and politely) mom why this light has gone ? I was watching (became silent on her mom’s gesture)
Dulari: (picks up the wrapper from floor and sighs) dhani, u have grown up but don’t know when u will get rid of these bad habits.. (dhani chuckles and signs her to let it be while her strict mom shows her eyes which was revealing her angriness) and how would I know may be there is a power cut, see outside its raining heavily! now tv isn’t available so go and sleep..
Dhani: (widens her eyes) mom who sleeps at this time, seriously this rain is too much!
Dulari: (looks at her) Ok then do whatever u want but don’t call me as I’m going to sleep
Dhani: (in a sad voice) yeah Ok mom!
Dulari: (was about to leave but then turns to her) and don’t forget to apply ointment on ur face as u will not uncover ur face in front of us!
Dhani: don’t worry I’ll, but it won’t work I’m telling u before
Dulari: (goes to her keeps hand on her shoulder) dhani are u still..
Dhani: (interrupts her and smiles) no mom, now I don’t care.. I’m very happy and have realized that beautiful face doesn’t matter, what exactly matters is a beautiful soul and heart
Dulari: (smiles wiping her tears) we are proud of u! (dhani smiles back) acha don’t be awake for long..
Dhani nods like a obedient child seeing this dulari smiles and leaves from there, dhani stands up from couch, once she leaves holding her mobile phone and stands before window
Dhani: (ties her hair then forwards her hand outside) because of this rain I couldn’t watch his full performance but koi nahe I’ll watch it tomorrow (sighs and sits on a chair folding her legs) now this is called a boring night even boring is a small word and most irritating thing is that I’m an owl, who can’t sleep on time (switches on her mobile and lovingly stares it’s wallpaper or viplav’s picture which has currently become her wallpaper) hayee kitna dashing banda hai (smiles caressing her picture then opened what’s app and was scrolling the screen from up to down) huh! Even what’s app can’t help in getting rid of this stupid loneliness (finally she closed that app and opened the musical library, she played a song but with a nick of second, she turned it off) wohi songs, not in a mood to listen! (she was about to keep her mobile on table but then thinks for awhile and smiles naughtily) why not try something new! (chuckles) What an idea dhani.. (she then starts dialing a number or invalid number then finally she types a message “hey! I love you” after writing this she grinningly glanced at it) shall I send it, no what’s the use of sending wese bhe this number is invalid, it’s my imaginary number (just then light came, she jumps in excitement and by mistake her thumb touched “sent” she looks at it and was stunned because that message was actually sent) Oh God! What have I done, how can this number be valid it was.. (pats on her forehead) dhani ke bachi what was the need of all this, why this stupid idea came in my mind.. God please jo hoa so hoa but I pray that number might be of a girl instead of a boy.. (joins her hand) please listen to my prayers! (she goes to bed and sits on it with a worried face)

Scene shifts to some other room but not an ordinary one, it was too well decorated, a boy was sitting on his bed with a tired face, he was busy in rehearsal while his mobile beeps, he with less interest picked it up and opened that text message which was “Hey! I love you”. Yes he is Viplav, Viplav Tripathi, a famous singer or a handsome rockstar and that imaginary number was of him may be it’s a coincidence or destiny but the person on whom she was mad has her mobile number now, he was stunned after reading it
Viplav: (striking his hair) yeah everyone loves me, that is common but how do he or may be she got my number.. strange! (makes a thinking expression) Should I reply him or her! Yeah I should know who has my number.. (takes a deep breath and types “Who’s there” then tapped on ‘sent’) huh! Sent.

Dhani’s mobile beeps, she was sitting and was lost in her thoughts but listening the noise, she gets vibrated in fear..

Dhani: (her heart beats was increasing) it must be his or may be her message, dhani be strong and check it (takes a deep breath and picks up the mobile, she widens her eyes to see the same number, she opened up the message and read it) I’ll not reveal my identity haan I should tell that it’s all my mistake and should finish this matter (she types “woh actually I was dialing an awai number, u can say it was my imaginary number then I typed up that stupid text and accidentally it is send to u.. I’m sorry I don’t know how that invalid number turn out to be ur number” she then looks straight) yeah that’s it now everything will be sort out! (stares at the text and read it again then touched the ‘sent’ option) huh! Feeling light, I hope now he or she will understand everything..
Here viplav was impatiently waiting for reply..

Viplav: what a lazy fellow, who takes this much time in answering (just then his mobile gives response) looks like she or may be he has answered (he immediately read that message and a smile appeared on his face) wow! What a coincidence that person by mistake dialed my number.. cool! I think I should ask his or her name.. yeah! (he typed “what’s ur name” but then erased it) no, that’s not a good idea.. I can’t ask name directly (then he typed “apologies accepted, now u don’t have to be guilty”) hmm! That’s appropriate for now..
Scene shifts to dhani who comes out of washroom and was ready to sleep but her mobile beeps, she makes an irritating face and goes to pick it up from table, she became restless seeing the same number so quickly opened and read that text! After reading it she takes a sigh of relief..

Dhani: thank God! But who was feeling guilty anyways now all is well! Nothing to worry about. (smiles, keeps the mobile back on table and goes to bed, she turned off the light and uncovers her face but due to darkness her face can’t be seen)
Here viplav was waiting for reply holding his cellphone in hand
Viplav: why she or may be he doesn’t reply till now (he sees the clock) it’s late viplav, everyone is not like u.. he or she must have slept! May be tomorrow I’ll get reply!
Saying so he keeps his mobile beside him and lays on bed, he was thinking about that message with a smile and slowly he drown into deep sleep!
Later it’s morning, sun was shinning! All were busy in their works and so as dhani who had done her breakfast and was covering her face with scarf which again hid her face, only her beautiful eyes can be seen, she gets ready then goes outside where her mom and dad were sitting and having breakfast!

Dhani: (hugs her dad from behind) good morning baba! (her dad wishes her back then she looks at her mother) mom I’ve done breakfast!
Dulari: and where are the empty plates ?
Dhani: (bites her tongue) oh I forgot to bring! I’ll bring them now..
She was about to leave but dulari stops her in mid
Dulari: leave it, I’ll bring them myself.

Dhani: (smiles, goes to her mom and hugs her) thanks mom, u are the best.. now I’m leaving it’s getting late (while going, she shouts) dad u will come today or not ?
Rohit: (her dad) I’ll try to come in evening..
Dhani: ok! (And she leaves from there)
Dulari: huh! Don’t know when she will accompany us in breakfast once again, she is totally changed now..
Rohit: (while reading newspaper) dulari don’t u remember how she became normal again, now at least she has moved on! So we should be thankful to God and let her do whatever she loves to do, I only want to see her happy!
Dulari: (smiles wiping her tears) u are saying correct jee!

Then she gets busy in work while rohit leaves for work..
Whole day was too busy for vidha, as dhani was busy in her work whereas viplav was busy in his concert, both totally forgot about each other! Finally moon appeared with shinning stars..
Viplav was as usually busy in rehearsal and was quite tired from both mentally and physically! He was not in a mood to practice so he jumps on bed and picked up the mobile, suddenly he remembers that message, again a bright smile came on his face
Viplav: (opened that text and read it again) what a person yaar, but why she didn’t message till now, no reply from her side.. strange! she must have forgot wese she can be he too, uff! so many questions are there, let’s get answers! (He smiles broadly and thinks for awhile then finally typed “hey! I thought to message u, actually I was getting bore.. I hope u won’t take it wrong!” after typing he makes a tensed face) Should I send it ? Maybe she won’t reply as for her I’m a wrong number! But what goes in messaging and then I’m curious to know that if she is he ? (pats on his head) it’s too confusing, never mind I’m sending it (he takes a deep breath and touched sent option) here it goes and now fingers crossed..
Scene shifts to dhani, who was scrolling her mobile’s screen from up to down, just then she got a message.. she reads it in disbelief and gave a weird look!
Dhani: (looks straight) I’m sure he is a boy, no girl would message someone like this.. idiot! He is getting free with me I should stop him (she types “see Mr. Who ever u are, I’ve told u that it was a mistake than why did u message me, if u are getting bore than watch tv or something I’m not an entertainer who will entertain u” she then looks up and sighs then tapped on ‘sent’) fool, now he will not think of replying me..
Here viplav was impatiently waiting for answer, his mobile beeps and he read her text, automatically a smile appeared on his face!

Viplav: (laughs sarcastically) what a girl yaar, now I’m sure she is a girl, (addressing himself) but viplav she had insulted u then why are u thinking to answer (looks straight) koi nahe yaar, I’m enjoying a lot! I also have right to enjoy.. (he types, “yesterday u were getting bore so u did message today same situation is happening with me” and he sent it)
There dhani was pacing in the room holding her cellphone

Dhani: why I’m getting worried yaar, (keeps hand on her heart) all is well dhani, (saying so she was about to sit on couch but stopped listening beeping sound) oh God! Peeche he par gaya hai, (she reads his text with a suspicious expression) how does he know, is he keeping an eye on me, (pats on her head) duffer dhani, he doesn’t even know me.. kuch bhe mat socho! I should ask him, yeah that’s the best idea (she types, “how do u know that I was getting bore, do u know me ? Are u keeping an eye on me, if so then stop staring me otherwise u would face my danger avatar!) Hmm! Ajeeb larka hai (she touched on ‘sent’ option and sits down)
Scene shifts to viplav who was again reading whole conversation and was smiling throughout.
Viplav: (a new message notified him, he read it and burst into laugh) seriously, if she is thinking.. Oh God! A famous singer is keeping an eye on a girl! Kia larki hai yaar! She is too funny, man! (he types, “madam I’m not keeping eye on u, it’s just, no one dials an imaginary number when he is busy so u must be idle that’s why did this marvellous job” and once after typing he sent it)
Message moved to her, she opened it immediately and read it
Dhani: oh so that’s the point! But I won’t message him more, karne do ussey.. he will stop himself.
Viplav waited for her reply and when he gets no response then he thought to message her again..

Viplav: (he types “so now u are getting reserved, yeah u should be.. but first tell me if u are a girl or boy”) viplav tum kuch ziada free nahe hi rahe, (shook his head in no) no I’m not yaar bara maza araha hai!
Here dhani was going to washroom, but stopped listening beeping sound
Dhani: (frowns and picks it up then reads the message) kia banda hai yaar yeh, how to get rid of him now.. (she types “why are u asking this and why should I tell u” and sends it)
Viplav: (reads the text with a naughty smile and replies, “because I want to say I love you too” laughs aloud) now I’m sure she will faint after reading it, viplav get ready for spicy insult (and he sends it)
Here dhani got that message and after reading it her eyes got wider and her jaws dropped down

Dhani: hoo! Urgh! How dare he, enough is enough (she types with shaking hands “what nonsense, how dare u ? See sudhar jao else..” and she tapped ‘sent’)
Viplav: (reads her message and starts laughing madly) tobba, she is making me crazy! (he while laughing types “madam it’s nothing like that I was just kidding even I can’t say these words to anyone so easily and I asked because only a girl can do this kind of stupid or u can say insane things that’s why I’m sure that I’m talking to a girl right now!”) Pagal larki (saying so he sent that text to her)
Dhani: (reads it and chuckles) what the hell, he is saying me insane.. answer tou banta hai (she messaged “excuse me! U are wrong girls are not insane it was my mistake and I’m admitting it so stop bringing all girls in it”)

Viplav: (reads her text and smiles) yeah I knew it, waah viplav u are great! Ur guess was correct (he messaged “so finally u revealed that u are a girl, good to know that”)
Dhani: (reads his message and surprisingly looks straight) how clever he is, he was confirmed that I’ll not tell him so easily that’s why he asked me indirectly, impossible creature! (She types, “u clever! Yeah I’m a girl moreover I know u are a boy as only boys can keep messaging in spite of being insulted, now please stop messaging me as I’m going to bed and I don’t want any disturbance” she sent it to him)
Viplav: (reads it and this time his eyes was widened) yeah that’s true I’m insulted by someone first time and I didn’t feel bad, I’m laughing madly, a boy like me who always used to be reserved is talking to a totally unknown girl right now.. oh God! A handsome rockstar is talking to a strange girl and seriously I’m loving it, feeling so light and fresh.. but now it’s enough bohat nahe tou thore respect tou rakho (chuckles and saves her number as “mad girl”) pagal larki! (Stretches his hair)
Scene shifts to dhani who was reading all messages again with a cute smile though her smile can’t be seen due to that scarf but her eyes was showing it

Dhani: (pats her head) what happened to me, I was talking to a complete stranger right now woh bhe with this smile.. Gosh this man is crazy (she laughs and saves his number as “crazy boy”) pagal larka!

Screen freezes!

Thanks for reading!
Ok so how was that, I know it was totally insane.. pagla gae hun mai, please bear it and don’t start throwing tomatoes or sandals on me as I’m not in a mood of making tomato curry and I don’t need a matching sandal with my clothes.. Lol! But seriously I know this is completely ajeeb, actually I’ve completed it two days ago but posting it today due to fear! Please ziada besti mat karna because I’m only used to get love.. Hopefully u will love it and will share ur opinions plus this will be two shots only I’ll try my best to not to extend it.
Keep smiling!
Love you all!

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  1. Maha… you are doing great girl…it a nice story…I really enjoyed reading it :)<3 <3

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot Amisha!! Keep reading dear?

  2. Aiswarya

    Diiiiii it’s superb ??? I will keep this above all your stories. It’s fantastic. Di u are something great really so fastly U are getting new new ideas and that too marvellous ones . I was literally smiling like an idiot throughout ??.enjoyed each and every scene .I think I got your story but I will not tell u my guesses as it may change into blunders ?
    Di don’t dare to say such things ok .
    First of all all the tomatoes, sandals ,rotton eggs will first come to me before U. It will get finished also after throwing on me so don’t take tension otherwise u will get white hairs as louella says
    Me too was so scared before posting my character sketch as it is the first story but u are more experienced na then why are u getting scared? ?we are not demons who will try u make u our dinner ?
    Di please post the next shot soon I’m not pressuring u I know it will take long time to write but I’m saying this because of my excitement

    Love u too ??
    Take care

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww Aish u are always there to boost me? Acha Chalo good hai, I’m happy that it’s on top? Han idk how these ideas are coming in my mind? that’s great, actually I was thinking to give a happy story now so I’m somewhat successful in it! No, no u can guess freely.. I’ll be happy to read ur views? Arey stop saying urself like that else I’ll be angry now because u are a superb writer girl?? haan but now my fear has faded by reading comments? yes yes will post the next one soon?
      Thanks again princess?

      1. Aiswarya

        Di sometimes you will kill me after reading my guess . While reading I was thinking that something like acid falled on her face ?? I thought these were the reason behind her to cover her face ??

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      U might be correct yaar? let’s see!!

  3. AanyaSingh

    OMG!! Sweetie, Dearie, if insanity makes u write things of this kind, then i wud say that wenevr u sit to write smthng, let Insanity surround u for a WHILE so that we keep getting such FANTABULOUS shots from U(no offences please). And no tomatoes & sandals but full-sized GARLANDS of SWEET SMELLING FLOWERS for U. Aur taareef karne k liye to words thode pad rehe hain, beizzati kahan se karen bhai.?????.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hahaha Lol! For now I’m laughing reading ur comment like seriously is it so much good? arey I’ll be glad to receive garland from u? tareef tou itne bohat bhae?

      1. AanyaSingh

        Oh Yes, yes,yes, it IS actually very very very good. It might not appear to u but all ur readers will always b there to tell u?. As far as garlands r concerned, i’ve already offered them to u wen i was writing this, now it is up to u whether U see urself or imagine urself wearing them or not??????.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yes yes I’ve imagined myself in garlands? don’t worry and I was looking too beautiful in it? Lol!

      1. AanyaSingh


  4. AanyaSingh

    Oops, sorry, sorry, sorry, that ‘post’ button mistakenly got tapped again. So continuing the previous one.

    Ok jokes apart, now coming to the shot. Talking abt it from the beginning. First of all the Title, a very interesting one??. Then Viplav shown as a Singer, a rockstar & Dhaani his biggest fan, a very different and a coooooooool concept. Loved it. Infact she can b termed as ‘craziest fan’ also( having seen his video so many times &seeing it again with the same fervor & shouting &stamping her foot wen it suddenly gets switched off due to the power cut & also thinking at the same time to see it again the nxt day, signs of a crazy fan only?. The small tit-bit btwn mother & daughter was sweet. Then dhaani getting bored & trying to pass her time shows the reality what we people also do wen we get bored, thinking what to do or fidgeting with our mobiles opening one app or the other trying to pass the time smhow. But then Dhaani suddenly getting mischievous was so cute and in this mischief starts the actual story of COINCIDENCE. And the way u’ve described the story from the moment dhaani accidently presses the ” sent” button of the msg to the imaginary number she dialled, it is FANTASTIC,SIMPLY SUPERB???????. And my God, the messaging scenes & the conversation btwn the two, a real ENTERTAINER they were✌✌????. The naughty expressions on Viplav’s face, his bursting into laughter on dhanni’ s reply &dhaani also replying back in full form(danger avtaar & all that???), i swear yaar, now i seriously don’t have words to praise U. Amazingly & Perfectly described??????Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed reading that, infact i too was laughing at this cute, sweet nok-jhok type convo btwn the two “now” strangers but going to b “lovers”. And then coincidently the labels they both give to each other at the end of the scene????. GREAT FIRST SHOT????????. And yeah nobody of us wud mind if the shots r increased????????. And last but not the least was very very very happy wen i saw this by U. It was pretty sooner than the last one & i wish that it keeps on getting sooner & sooner & sooner???. U r really an AMAZING writer??✌✌. And see i told u na that everyone gets better & better with every new writing of theirs, so here u r as an example??. Thank u for accepting my request. Wish to see ALL the WRITERS of our family at GREATEST HEIGHTS. GOD BLESS ALL OF U. Love to U ?????? and all Others too.???????.Keep Rocking like this & much more.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s Ok, don’t worry about that even dhani tapped that sent button mistakenly? so I can understand?
      Glad to know that u loved it, actually many things are left.. the mystery behind that scarf hope u remember, that’s the main thing? Yeah ur comments are so encouraging that I can tell u.. they are like summary of my episode, don’t ever stop commenting as I have fallen in love with them?? Thanks tou itna bolna nahe hai so I will say *keep supporting and reading* better ?
      Love u so much?

      1. AanyaSingh

        Oh yeah, i wish i also smday tap such button by mistake & actually get to meet the real Vips Tripathi, haha,it must b sounding LOLs, ???no, well it ‘s just going to remain my wish only as nothing of that sort is going to happen.

        Ok, coming to the mystery of the scarf yes. I was to talk abt that also but i was so engrossed in FINDING words for U that i myself didn’t come to know wen it got left out completely. As u said, dhaani’s covered face is actually the main part of the story & i guess will play a major role in this Coincidental Love. And the way it has been described like the story begins with her shown with a covered face, it being told that she keeps it covered all the time, Dulaari asking her to apply ointment on her face, dhaani’s statement that what really matters is beautiful heart& soul & not a beautiful face, the readers getting to know that she doesn’t remove her scarf even in front of her parents, dhaani’s dad saying to dulaari that “doesn’t she remember how dhaani got normal again”,all this indicates that smthng drastic happened in the past which either scarred her face too much or perhaps made it not worth looking at so much so that she had to keep it covered with a scarf all the time& only removed it at the time of sleeping. Well all these r my guesses only. What actually happened & what part this will play in the love story will get to know in the nxt part only. Ohh,enuf of my bak bak again, no. Don’t u get tired of reading it yaar??. I don’t know what happens to me, i always get so long. Thanks for bearing me so patiently??. I will ALWAYS b there for U & all others also & i will always keep reading every bit written by U????.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Miracles happen, hope for the best!!
      I’ll do this after finishing my studies may be in this way I’ll get my hero? Well jokes apart? mai waqai mazak kar rahe hun, I haven’t decided all this?
      Hahahaha? it’s ok! Yeah it’s a main plot?
      No, no these points were missing in ur comment so u covered them here, I’m actually happy to read it? don’t call them bak bak and all because for me these are the lovely opinions or views, just like I can’t say anything to my writing same goes with u.. it’s strictly prohibited?
      And all things will reveal in the next part.. That’s so sweet of u❤❤

  5. Sujie

    If you are insane….and being insane brings out such a good story from you ….too why not be insane forever…..??? Kaisa laga idea???? Arrey…..aisa koi karta hai Kya???? You made me your fan cooler AC …everything????
    You compliment me for my story….. But madam…… What about you???? You are giving us beautiful shots back to back……
    ??????? seriously..hats off to you…… for your talent…..Talking about episode…… A wide smile on my face was there….. Mano Ki woh smile chipka Hua tha????
    Go girl…… Love you a lot????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hahahaa Lol! Idea tou zabardast hai but my fellows will get irritate of my insanity?
      OMG! Chalo now no need to buy AC and all as my work is done wese bhe its too hot here *no, no just kidding don’t mind haan*
      See I’m a good writer I’ve admitted but not more than u as u made me ur fan when I read “vidhani’s love” that was lush? and after that u brought other beautiful stories so u can’t argue in this, no offense u are superb?..
      But thanks for the throughout support.. chalo that’s cool as muskarana achi baat hai, it’s good for health?
      Love u 2 3 4 and so on?

  6. Areeb

    Mahi Vey..
    Tere dilan diyan galaan..
    Mainu lukh lukh dain hawavan.. ? ( Change your name to Mahi from Maha, for this comment only. ? )
    Well ye apkay liye tha Maha. ( Song of My Rockstar! ❤ ) Because like Dhaani me too loves a ROCKSTAR! ❤
    I felt like jumping in Khushi when I read Dhaani is used to watch his Rockstar’s videos repeatedly. . That’s WHAT I DO TOO!!!! ????? Love watching him singing, speaking, smiling, grooving, playing instruments and like freaking everything!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Khair, let’s just put my strarstruck at side.
    Coming to the story, again you hit the nail on the head yaar! Seriously, means you are actually giving us way too differing stories each time! ?
    Dhaani’s face story is just making me curious enuf to ignore Viplav. ( first time, EVER! ? )
    But But But.. This texting session was Ohff! Likr really, kon karta hai ye random number type kar k us pe text karna! ? That was funny though! ? And after that the series of their messages to Pagal Larka & Pagal Larki respectively. ? But the most hilarious part was when Viplav caught himself stuck in he & she. ? His curiosity to know is She is he. ?? Very well written Maha!!! ??
    Overall enjoyed it thoroughly! ?
    Itni be-izaatti kafi hai? ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Areeb! Yeah I know u are the fan of Atif Aslam.. hmm! He is a fab singer, I love his songs a lot and about his looks well I’m not that much fan of his so will stop right here? why don’t u try it once, I mean dial a number, may be in this way u will get ur rockstar though he is married now but at least u can have the chance to meet?
      I do all this while watching anything related to Mishal, like interviews or any episode and used to notice all his moves, smiles his talking style in short his everything so yeah I took this scene from my life actually?? I’ll try this, maybe I get chance to meet Mishal and then he isn’t married till now? *chuckling* mazak kar rahe hun, he must have a girlfriend no chance for me? bus iss sey pehle mai aur kuch bol dun I should come back on the basic track that is *Thank u*?
      So thanks a lot? dhani karte hai aise kaam.. Is it a different story ? Yikes seriously? Yaay! I succeeded in giving some funny scenes? haan all boys are same be it singer or class fellows??
      Oh yes that scarf mystery is the main thing, u will get to know everything soon, hopefully?
      Thanks.. Lol! I thought all this was my tareef but this is be-izzati? then what will be tareef❤❤

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        One more thing I want to ask, if that story is on the top till now or ur views are changed ?

      2. Areeb

        Tum ney tou apna essay likhna shoro kar fiya Mishal pe. ?
        HAHA. Dun’worry! ? I’m not gonna give you any chance to flatter yourself. ? I’m will always do tho Be-izaatti. ? No Tareef, At All! *She gets a coughs while laughing evilly*
        Ahan! *Put on the cool shades* Good question. ? That previous story is still topping the chart, Allhumdulillah! ? But let’s be clear, the ranking might shuffle with this story’s next part, you never know! ?
        Theek hai na? ?
        Concluding on, Ahem.

      3. Areeb

        And I’m back again to tell what I forgot. ?
        Kay. HAHA. You are telling me to dial a random number! ? Merey cell phone pe kabhi koe unwanted – uninvited number ata hai to me thori si pagal si ho jati hun. Bus thori si. I just do no know, feel like throwing my phone to the wall. ? ?
        But when I read in your story I seriously laughed with the thing that she send a text to N unknown number. ??
        Han Atif is married MashaAllah! ❤❤❤ Blessed with a cute chota Atif- Abdul Aahad! ❤❤❤
        Nahi bhae, I’m just a fangirl. ? I just admire him, love his everything, that’s it. ? Actually, ya. I have seen many fans especially girls.. If they are admiring some celebrity they just try assuming like him as their better-half and something. Like seriously! Pagal hi hoti hein aisi larkiyaan. ?
        I just love ’em as a fangirl. Just. ❤ Plus I don’t think if I will be able to retain my consciousness if I got a chance to stand in front of him – The thought only gives me shivers & chills.
        Aww. Really? ? HAHA. I would say ‘ do not try this stunt at home ‘ . ?
        Acha. Dun’no why, but I feel he is not dating someone. Maybe seeing someone like good friend only. My gut feeling says he is not having a girlfriend. ?

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Hmm! U know a die hard fan of Mishal so can’t control my emotions?? chalo I will try to be happy in getting ur be-izzati then? ap ke be-izzati bhe sar ankhon par?? now u don’t get flatter?? Yeah I knew it, actually its just a casual story so 2nd position it Ok! *Better ?* Oye hoye madam now I’m excited and little bit nervous like I myself don’t know how will be the next one? u know for me the most hardest job is to start a story? but will try to meet ur expectations *ap ke umeedon par khari utrun aur ap ka dil jeet lun* Lol! *Don’t get flatter? yoo!*
      Same happens with me, my heart beats got raised after seeing an unknown number messaging me or calling me so I just immediately block that person to get rid of tensions?
      No, no I can’t throw my beloved phone, it’s my everything *duniya main mai pyaar apne family k baad apne laptop PC aur phone sey karte hun?* so can’t even think to hurt it?
      Acha I didn’t know that, thanks for increasing my knowledge? but I’m not among them.. I don’t want to marry Mishal, I’m fine being his die hard fan?? yes yes same here.. hi-fi!!
      Even I would prefer the same pata chala kis ko number pohanch gaya..
      Can’t say anything? after listening his interview to Raj my opinions are changed and my gut feeling says that he is dating someone ab he also has to marry someday.. Chalo kafi hai itne tension tou ussey yaah us k parents ko nahe hoge shadi ke kitne mujhe hai?
      Last but not least keep doing be-izzati❤❤

      Concluding on, Ahem?

      1. Areeb

        I’m sure you’ll blown our minds with next part! Chill. ?
        HAHA. Aap kyn conclusion dy rahin hein, ye to mera kaam hai. Don’t bother pliss. ?

  7. Shruthy

    Hey girl!
    First of all, THANK YOU MAHA! I really didn’t expect you to come back THIS FAST with a MASHALLAH WONDERFUL SHOTS STORY *literally cries in joy* I awanted to read it yesterday onwards and comment but well, at 1.30am my eyes were literally dead. So I fell asleep…
    And then woke up to read it fully and mashallah, you MADE MY DAY!!! <3 I was outstunned. I could imagine them so well in this different avatar and they are superb, perfect.
    The girl mad at a rockstar and unconsciously dials his own numner and texts him.
    Like it's destiny that made her dial his number, woh bhi bina pata ke. Hopeflly everything goes well.
    That scarf thing is indeed a mystery. It hides a past moment of Dhaani's life and I am way excited to know about it. Like what happened to her and all… May be you will reveal in the next shot but then I am thinking how you can manage to cover it all in an only shot.
    Honestly, I wont mind if you extend. I will be very happy as long as I read something of you. :p
    Ab don't take too much time to post the next one. I will be waiting. <3

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey shru!! Kesi ho??
      No thanks yaar, even I’m amazed on myself.. each time I think to stop writing and a new idea popped up in my mind? koi nahe, u read it that’s the best part precisely I don’t force anyone to read my materials? *effect of association*??
      Thank you so much!! Hmmm thought to do something different or wanted to give a totally insane story?? oh yes yes u can call it destiny and I’ll call it quite predictive?
      Yeah it’s the main mystery? it will reveal in next part!! Even I was thinking the same, how will I wrap everything, actually I’m too confused person? when I sat down to write I thought to complete it in one single episode but then it gets extend and now even two shots are becoming less dekho kia hota hai ab *fingers crossed*
      Yaar but I would mind like seriously I can never stand on my decision but this time I’ll and will try my best to complete it in two episodes itself?
      Ok madam will try to post it next month *chuckling* no no, just kidding will post it next week inshaAllah.. aur koi huqum ?
      Thanks again for supporting throughout❤

  8. Angel20

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    Love you❤
    Take care?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks a lot Maria!! Haye haye ur words touched me❤ I knew it that u will read it for sure, don’t worry about the comment, u read it that’s enough for me as I know u are busy with ur studies..
      No, I meant that this chapter was completed before two days of posting but the second one is not even started yet because of my laziness? I’ll post it soon, just more patience my dear? and now I’m better, thanks for ur concern❤
      I have read it and dropped my comment too, thanks for informing me, agar tum na btao tw mare episodes miss hojai because I’m not the visitor of that page!!
      Now eagerly waiting for ISP, post it soon please?
      Love you❤❤

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Sorry ILP*!!

      2. Angel20

        I’m glad that you liked my comment☺ actually I was busy with Muharram? I used to go to mosque every night? oh so only this one was completed?? I’m really pagal! Don’t be lazy yaar?? I can understand that you are not a visitor of that page and thanks for commenting? I’ll reply there later! About ilp I have submitted it some time before, will be posted soon by tu☺☺
        And kya tumne mujhe paraya kar diya ye bolkar thanks for your concern! ?? choti behen ko kya apni badi behen ki chinta karne ka bhi koi hak nahi hai kya??
        But still again I’ll say take care! Glad that you are feeling better!
        Love you too❤

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh acha!! Wohoo!! Excited for that, hopefully they will post it by night :p Hayee mare pyari choti se behen, wapis karo mera thanks 😛 Lol!! My dramybaz sisi, sorry!! Ummmaaah <3
      Love u loads :-*

      1. Angel20

        ?? chalo sorry accepted??

  9. Meghs

    Hey maha welcome back ? i always enjoyed ur stry new ideas unique one will rocking always… acha insane ho isliye aisa lika tho insane hi raha karo?? humme roz aisa kuch naya strt mile..

    Wow maha .. mein bolu tho bolu kya after this wonderful epi…

    Ur stry gives always social msg tooo…. in this stry it is love don’t need beauty face it only need beauty heart??

    Go on girl.. ur just awesome

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank u so much for commenting Megha!! I know u are two busy but then also took out time, seriously I’m very happy?? hehehe Lol? insane he raha karun, Chalo I’ll try? kuch naa kaho? itna kafi hai❤ yeah that’s the moral actually, intelligent haan?
      Thank you so much!!
      Love u and keep supporting❤❤

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