Ikrs: The Coincidence love *Two shots by Maha* (Last part 2b)

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Let’s begin!
Viplav: (was thinking to dial her number but stopped himself) huh! Feeling really very scared, don’t know how will she react, but till when I can hide my identity.. (he was biting his nails in tension) viplav think positive! (saying so he took a deep breath and called her, though bell was going but no one received it, he tried twice but gets no response so he kept the phone back on table) I wonder where is this madam! Hopefully she will call me back (he jumped on his couch and sits down crossing his legs) please God give me some power to tell her the truth and please don’t let dhani to break this friendship..
Scene shifts to dhani!
Here she was watching the tv with full volume and because of that she didn’t able to listen the caller tune.. after awhile when she got free from tv, stands up and walked towards the table where her mobile was placed! She pats her head seeing his missed calls and called him while sitting on the couch!
Viplav, who was impatiently waiting for her call, gets up to take his phone, seeing her name, he picked it up in one go!
Dhani: Hello! Mr. Sunny! Is everything ok ? Why were u calling me ?
Viplav: (while sitting back on couch) because..
Dhani: (cuts him in mid) because u can’t sleep without talking with me, right ? Huh! Sometimes I feel so lucky
Viplav: (mockingly) yeah right! Miss. I-know-everything..
Dhani: (laughs at her new name) nice try Sunny! I’m impressed..
Viplav: no thanks! Well where were u ?
Dhani: I was listening the songs yaar so didn’t noticed the sound..
Viplav: yeah that’s because u must be listening it with full volume..
Dhani: absolutely correct!
Viplav: God! U are incredibly unique
Dhani: yes that’s what I’m.. by the way why were u calling me! I mean is there something special u want to talk about.. (no response from the other side, she sees the phone which was still connected so she again placed it on her ear) hello! Are u there ?
Viplav: yeah I’m here, actually was thinking something!
Dhani: (rolled her eyes in disbelief) ajeeb ho yaar tum, if u want to think or want to talk with me!
Viplav: I was thinking something important..
Dhani: acha! So tell me what were u thinking I should also know being ur friend..
Viplav: actually I was..
Dhani: (cuts him in mid) don’t tell me, u were thinking about ur girlfriend.. right!
Viplav: (gives an impossible look) absolutely (listening absolutely, she lifts her brows proudly) wrong! (but after listening wrong, she stretches her hair) I’ve no girlfriend and I’ve already told u before so what’s the reason behind these stupid questions ?
Dhani: no woh actually I thought.. khair chorro! Come to the point
Viplav: arey I was thinking one month has been passed..
Dhani: (cuts him in mid) u were thinking this, Mr, month aty jaty rehty hain what’s so special in it ? impossible, that’s what I can say! (Sighs)
Viplav: uff! First let me complete my sentence, apna shuru kar deti ho..
Dhani: ok, carry on!
Viplav: thanks! I was saying that time flies so fast, it has been one month of our friendship!
Dhani: ok so that’s something special and seriously it’s a good experience to be ur friend..

Viplav: (smiles broadly) thank u! But I should be given an award..
Dhani: (in a questioning voice) award ?
Viplav: yeah award for tolerating u! (laughs aloud)
Dhani: excuse me! Don’t be so over.. and if that’s the case then I should be given first as I’m tolerating a mad guy..
Viplav: hello Miss. Dhani I’m a normal person, it’s u who keep eating my brain with fuzool gossips..
Dhani: what are u trying to say, I’m abnormal and I should consult a psychiatrist
Viplav: lo! I haven’t said this, it’s ur own opinion! And if u are thinking so then I don’t have any issue, just go for it!
Dhani: (greeting his teeth) what did u say! I swear I would have punched u straight on ur nose if u might be sitting in front of me!
Viplav: (pressing his lips to control his laugh) dhani relax yaar, I don’t want to spoil my charming face so calm down!
Dhani: u are a serious case! Arghh! I will award u for best pakao person.. that’s sounds great.. haiiinaa, sunny bunny.. (she said so at once)
Viplav: ok, if it makes u happy then I’m fine with it..
Dhani: Aww! Darr gae kia.. don’t be so filmy.
Viplav: ajeeb larki ho yaar tum, if I’m agreeing with u then insult if I’m disagreeing with u then also insult..
Dhani: acha Ok! Don’t cry.. by the way u started first!
Viplav: haan tou maaf kar do (in a little higher tone)
Dhani: Ahh! Don’t shout yaar.. fine maaf kiya, now something left or all is done ?
Viplav: (remembers the reason behind calling her and pats his head) Arey dhani actually I want to tell something important about me
Dhani: yeah tell, I’m listening
Viplav: at least show some interest then only I’ll tell u
Dhani: (raised her brows and frowned) what interest ? Should I start dancing to reveal my so-called interest
Viplav: no thanks, I’m not interested in watching ur horrible dance!
Dhani: (mockingly) look who’s saying! It seems like I’m dying to show u..
Viplav: see again u are starting
Dhani: I haven’t, it’s u..
Viplav: (interrupts her and in pleading voice) shall we come on topic ?
Dhani: yeah go on!
Viplav: (gulps in nervousness) actually dhani, I’m not what I’m exactly.. I’m someone else.. I was hiding that thing but now I want to tell u that I’m not one to whom u are talking it’s..
Dhani: (interrupts her and irritatingly) just cut it off! U have confused me, seriously it’s so complicated or should I say u are making it harder to understand! Tell me clearly..
Viplav: (tensely) yeah dhani, let me tell clearly (sighs) so I was saying that actually I’m..
Dhani: (interrupts him) oh God! Don’t tell me, u are a CBI officer or maybe don or…
Viplav: (irritatingly) shutup dhani! U are impossible.. I’m neither a CBI officer nor something else, now zip up ur mouth and listen me carefully..
Dhani: (gets little sad) why u are shouting at me ?
Viplav: (biting his tongue) I’m not shouting, I’m telling u.. acha sorry!
Dhani: hmm apologies accepted now go on!
Viplav: (takes a deep breath) dhani actually I’m not sunny, I lied u that day.. inshort I hid my true identity from u
Dhani: (gulps in fear) ok so now my heart beats are increasing, tell me who u are ?
Viplav: (closes his eyes tightly) dhani the person with whom u are talking is Viplav Tripathi, the famous singer or ur favourite singer, I hide it from u because I wanted u to be my friend and now please don’t break this friendship as
I’m apologizing for my lies! (He was expecting some strong insult from her but was surprised to get opposite reaction, the girl was laughing like madly, he wasn’t believing on his ears.. he slowly opens his eyes) dhani! I know it’s a very big shock for u but please try to be normal! Control urself..
Dhani: (while laughing) sunny u are so funny yaar! Nice joke..
Viplav: (irritatingly) dhani, first of all stop calling me this sunny.. Gosh! U know how difficult it was to bear this name.. call me viplav! And secondly I’m not joking.. it’s serious so stop laughing..
Dhani: (tears were falling her eyes due to unstoppable laughter but then she tried to control her laugh) I know it must be ur dream to be Viplav, the great singer! But u have to face reality so please.. in fact if u would have told me that u are his servant then also I won’t believe u, like seriously it’s so hard to believe!
Viplav: Miss. Dhani, viplav isn’t a prince of somewhere that I’ll be his servant (looks on in disbelief) I’m underestimating myself.. God! This is wired anyways u aren’t believing me naa then we will meet tomorrow yeah that’s final.. come to XYZ place, fine ?
Dhani: (in teasing tone) oh so that’s the matter, u want to meet me, right!
Viplav: yeah I wanted to but now I want to prove myself true
Dhani: u would have asked me directly what’s the need of all this drama, (takes a pause) wait a second! U are asking me for a date indirectly..
Viplav: (smiles with an impossible expression) u are just crazy! Think whatever u like just be there tomorrow, I bet it will be a big surprise for u..
Dhani: let’s see! Mr. Sunny!

Saying so they disconnected the call and laid down.. dhani was smiling throughout reminiscing whole conversation while viplav was feeling impatient to meet her tomorrow.. Whole night passed away but he didn’t sleep well due to his excitement filled with fear whereas our heroine slept peacefully because nothing was important for her than herself.. she didn’t like to take tensions and all, she wasn’t like that before but an accident made her like that so now she was a care-free-girl who just want to live her life according to her own will! At evening dhani was standing at the place told by viplav as it was a holiday so she didn’t find difficulty to come.. After awhile a person called her name out, she casually turned back and was stunned to see the person, her eyes weren’t blinking.. she was freezed, world has been muted for her, she wasn’t in the state of thinking.. yes that person is Viplav, who had recognized her state and now was controlling his laugh!
Viplav: (snapped at her) hello! Miss. Dhani, now u have believed me or still u need some proof ?
Dhani: (comes to her senses) no u are not him, u have done something with ur face.. right ? (moves little nearer and pinches her cheeks)
Viplav: (was trying to get her hands off from him) Ouch! Dhani its hurting.. what are u doing ?
Dhani: (in a serious tone) keep quiet, let me check! I know this is a mask or maybe u have done some plastic surgery!
Viplav: (irritatingly) dhani this is me, don’t act like fools! U were talking with me only so stop being insane
Dhani: (gets little backwards) really! That means I was talking with u, all that insult and fight..
Viplav: (interrupts her) yeah that was me!
Dhani: but why u didn’t tell me before ?
Viplav: because I wanted a friend instead of a fan, and I was sure u wouldn’t be this much casual with me if I would have told u before.. (she was looking at him speechlessly) Emm! Dhani before we talk further I’ve a request..
Dhani: (lifting her brows) what request ?
Viplav: please don’t change urself.. I mean behave normally be frank in short be the way u are!
Dhani: ok I’ll try to in fact I also want me to behave normally
Viplav: that’s great! Consider me as a normal person not a singer but call me viplav only as sunny is quite ajeeb!
Dhani: fine but before that let me speak some words
Viplav: yeah sure! Carry on..
Dhani: viplav I’m ur biggest fan.. I love ur songs, style and everything, wesey tou I always thought to tell u many things but now I’m not finding words.. (comes little closer while he moves back, she holds his hand and pinches it)
Viplav: Ahh! Dhani yeh kia tha..
Dhani: ok so this is not a dream, actually I was checking that if I’m dreaming..
Viplav: (cuts her in mid) so u should have pinched urself why u are testing me ?
Dhani: simple hai yaar that’s because I don’t want to give pain to myself!
Viplav: (smiles at her antics) u are really different!
Dhani: viplav u know, I’m shivering right now! One minute (closes her eyes and takes a deep breath while he was looking at her surprisingly then she opens her eyes and smiles) feeling somewhat better! Huh!! Now I’m normal and will behave like normal, u must be thinking that what happened to me all of a sudden, ok I’ll tell u actually I was thinking that u are also a human being like us, I’m ur fan but that doesn’t mean u will always be pampered, aik dafa bol diya tareef kar de.. kafi hai! And then we were chatting with each other as friends so why to affect that relation (pats his back) let’s be the way we were! Kia khayal hai ?
Viplav: (looks at her lovingly) correct! That’s why I chose u for being my friend
Dhani: oh hello! I chose u..
Viplav: (rolling her eyes) whatever! Now come on
They were about to walk but just then some girls surrounded him and was drooling over him, they asked him for a selfiee and were pouring their hearts out, viplav wanted to spend time with dhani but these fans were also important so after half an hour he gets himself free from them and walked towards a chair where dhani was sitting
Dhani: hogaya ? Or someone is left ?
Viplav: (smirks) jealous ?
Dhani: pagal ho ? I’m asking because I’m tired of waiting for u from half an hour!
Viplav: woh sorry, they were important too! Now come let’s go for a walk
Dhani: no I’m ok here as u will again get surrounded by some other (viplav smiles at her) by the way where are ur bodyguards that day they were with u..
Viplav: I don’t like to be guarded, at concerts it’s essential but I don’t take them with me casually..
Dhani: hmm! Good, how u felt that day after all performing with me is something different!
Viplav: it was great! Wesey it should be my question.. right!
Dhani: (looks at her and winks) it was pleasure performing with u!
Viplav: (with little proud) thank u!
Dhani: acha ab don’t get flatter, tell me is there something something between u and tanya ?
Viplav: (widens his eyes) me and tanya ? No way! We are friends, u must have heard wrong.. I’m not in relation with anyone however I’m in relation with u (dhani stares him shockingly) as friends yaar!
Dhani: ok now I’ve to go!
Viplav: how mean yaar, at least u can offer me to come
Dhani: haan! Chalo let’s come at my home, I’ll give a surprise to my mom and in this way I’ll get a free ride! (winks at her while viplav shook his head with smile)
After awhile both reached at the destination, viplav was about to get down but dhani stops him
Dhani: (takes out a scarf from her bag and while handing over to him) take this and cover ur face!
Viplav: (looks at her annoyingly) why ?
Dhani: arey I don’t want to enter home after half an hour and it’s an apartment where many of ur fans must be living that means there is no chance of entering home easily! So cover ur face, got that ?
Viplav: (takes it from her and hesitantly covers his face) how am I looking ? Must be looking ur sister!
Dhani: HAHA! Chalo ab..
They gets down and walks towards their flat, after some minutes both were standing in front of gate, she rings the door bell and her mom opened the gate, she too gets stunned while viplav was smiling like a child..
Dhani: (looks at dulari) surprise mom! He is viplav (looking at viplav) viplav he is mom..
Dulari: u..
Dhani: mom let me come inside then will tell u everything!
All went inside, dhani after drinking water told her mom and dad everything about her and viplav, after listening the whole story they looked at viplav impossibly, who was drinking juice with little hesitation!
Dulari: what a coincidence! (He smiles broadly looking at dhani) u know she is ur crazy fan!
Dhani: mom I’ve told him already..
Viplav: but aunty ur daughter has made me her fan by her antics, uniqueness and childishness!
Dhani smiles proudly, they have a light chit chat then viplav stands up to take a leave though her parents insist to stay more but he resist so they agreed, he was about to leave but dhani stops him again!
Dhani: (while forwarding her hand) give me my scarf back
Viplav: but how will I go, I mean they will not leave me easily as u said!
Dhani: so what ? It’s ur issue..
Viplav: haww! Aunty ur daughter is too rude and selfish
Dulari: dhani let it be, if it will help him then let him use it!
Dhani: but maa..
Dulari: dhani..
Dhani: ok fine, keep it with u now consider it as ur gift from my side.
Viplav: (smiles mischievously) thank u!
They all bid bye to each other as it was quite late therefore dhani moves straight to her room and falls on her bed and with a nick of second she drowned into deep sleep without changing anything! There viplav reached his home and entered inside his room, he was smiling throughout like a mad guy, all her dialogues and childishness was revolving around his mind! He stretches his hair remembering the way she reacted after seeing him, he then noticed that scarf which he was holding, he lovingly caresses it and keeps it in his shelf.. though he doesn’t know about his feelings but then also he was enjoying in his dreamland.. Next day dhani as usual leaves for the work, she was teaching the music to girls, but those girls weren’t ordinary their faces were damaged, they might be having some marks.. dhani was teaching them with full loyalty and dedication!
A girl stands up and asked her to sing the song which she use to sing at leisure hours first dhani denied but later she had to accept their request as they were special to her!
Dhani: u guys never listen to me, (she closes her eyes and sings)
“Hal chal hoe zara shor hoa, dil chor hoa teri or hua.. aise chaly jab hawa ishq hoa he hoa”

She was about to sing further by then viplav entered who was listening her with much love and joined her,
“Hal chal hoe zara shor hoa, dil chor hoa teri or hua, aise chaly jab hawa ishq hoa he hoa”

Dhani was looking at him lovingly while he winks at her, she then realizes and composes herself
Dhani: (stands up from the chair) what are u doing here ?
Viplav: woh actually u weren’t at home so aunty told me about here by the way u know, I forgot to put on that scarf and because of that it took me an hour to come here.. huh!
Dhani: (looks at the girls who were staring viplav surprisingly) go to ur next class
Viplav: (too looks at them and was quite speechless after seeing them, he smiles at them) hi! Hope u all are doing well
Girls nods with a cute yet precious smile! A girl from them asked him for a selfiee and he without thinking agreed.. then after having some talk, they all leave.. Viplav and dhani too comes out from there!
Viplav: so this is ur trust ?
Dhani: yeah it’s mine and my dad’s hard work!
Viplav: (looks at her) it must be hard to run..
Dhani: (interrupts him and smiles) it wasn’t hard but beautiful journey..
Viplav: (looks at her lovingly) so how did u open this, I mean..
Dhani: my dad had some property and after selling it we bought this house which later turn into a trust!
Viplav: cool! But dhani what happened to those girls ? How does that happen ?
Dhani: (smiles mirthless) viplav every girl has her own story, it’s too difficult to tell! U know they were so disappointed from their lives at first but with the passage of time me and some more teachers helped them to come out of that delimma! And now they are in front of u, living their life with self respect, confidence and pride.. it was my dream which comes true because of my mom and dad!
Both sits down on the bench, while viplav was getting more and more impressed with her!
Viplav: so that’s why u hide ur face because u don’t want them to see ur face..
Dhani: (looks down) yeah maybe! Khair leave all this, actually a question was running in my mind from many days.. will u answer me ?
Viplav: yeah I’ll but it shouldn’t be a silly one!
Dhani: yeah ok! So tell me why u didn’t marry till now ?
Viplav: I was expecting something like this from u, yaar I didn’t marry because of my mom and dad, due to their separation.. u must have known it already that my parents no longer live together and it’s correct, my mom and dad get married to their loved ones after separation, even I contact with them rarely and that’s the reason behind that boring time! Huh! Thus I didn’t believe in marriage and all but now after meeting a person, my views are changed.. I love someone deeply don’t know how but I do..
Dhani: who is that person ?
Viplav: I’ll tell u when the right time will come! Khair tell me about u, why u didn’t get urself marry ?
Dhani: because I will not marry anyone, ever in my life..
Viplav: (gets little shocked after listening her answer) why ?
Dhani: not now, I’ll tell u some other day, but one thing is clear that love can be happen after seeing looks and beauty if a girl doesn’t have it then I don’t think she will be loved by some guy..
Viplav: no dhani u are wrong, love can happen just-like-that! It’s an unknown feeling which can be arise for anyone, and the thing which u are talking about is not love, it’s attraction.. u will soon realize it as I have seen that feeling in ur eyes!
Dhani: in my eyes ? Impossible!
Viplav: I didn’t think that u are someone who doesn’t believe in love!
Dhani: I believed it once but not now, and u are wrong as no guy didn’t say I love u to these girls..
Viplav: (looks at her with teary eyes) I don’t know dhani about others but my love isn’t like that..
Dhani: (smiles) hope so! Now I have to go, will u drop me..
Viplav nods later he dropped her at home, she asked her to come inside but he denied as his friends were waiting for him at home.. she smiles and bids him bye!
Scene shifts to viplav, who was sitting with his friends.. they were asking him to tell his feelings to her but he was refusing in the fear of loosing her
Raj: viplav yaar maan jaa, tell her as it’s high time till when u can hide..
Viplav: but she doesn’t believe in love though I’ve seen a strong feeling for me in her eyes but how to make her realize..
Pankaj: u can make her realize once after telling ur feelings!
Raj: viplav, didn’t u ask her about scarf that..
Viplav: (interrupts him) nahe yaar, I love her the way she is.. I don’t have any issue with her scarf, I love her soul not beauty..
Pankaj: (comes to him and keeps his hand in his shoulder) don’t worry bro, maybe something drastic happened with her in past, try to make her believe in love..
Viplav: (smiles broadly) I’ll, (looks straight) she will soon believe in love..
Pankaj: now order something bhae I’m starving
They all laughs and spend sometime in doing masti and fun.. Days and nights were passing, viplav and dhani were coming close to each other day by day, dhani loves to spend time with him but wasn’t accepting it, he also knew about her feelings which was clearly visible in her eyes! Fortunately one day, viplav decides to tell her about his love as he doesn’t want to hide it more.. they were walking in garden, chatting, laughing and smiling.. viplav was adoring her!
“Khamoshiyan gungune lagi tanhayian muskurane lagi, dil ka yeh karwaan yun he tha rawaan dawaan, manzil naa humsafar lekin mai meharban, teri woh ek nazar kar gae asar, duniya sawar jaane lagi plays”

He was lost in her, dhani noticed him and slightly pats his back, he realizes his condition and smiles widely!
Viplav: ur smile is so beautiful always keep smiling! (looking deep in her eyes)
Dhani: thanks but how do u know about my smile, u haven’t seen me
Viplav: ur eyes are enough, they are like mirror of ur heart.. one can easily recognize ur feelings through eyes! (dhani shyly looks down while viplav stares her lovingly) waah! Dhani, u too shies, strange! (giving an impressive look)
Dhani: shutup!
Viplav: by the way, I didn’t tell u before but ur voice is so mesmerizing!
Dhani: is everything ok! Aj bary meharban ho rahy ho (laughs aloud)
Viplav: no I wanted to tell u before but always forgot to do so..
Dhani: (chuckles) thank u so much!
Viplav: ab dhani, yesterday I told u that I’ll tell u something important today..
Dhani: (pats her forehead) oh yes! I forgot to ask.. tell me, I was so curious to know
Viplav: dhani, I don’t how to tell u..
Dhani: (tensely) what happened ? Is everything ok ?
Viplav: yeah dhani, stop giving tensed expressions I’m getting confuse even more..
Dhani: Lo! Ab what can I do if my eyes reflect everything.. (smiles mischievously lifting her brows)
Viplav: (smiles broadly) so can I ?
Dhani: yeah sure!

Viplav: (takes a deep breath) dhani its about my feelings, actually don’t take me wrong.. (closes his eyes and in one go) I love u dhani! (she gets stunned after listening those words from him) I love the way u look at me, ur eyes, ur smile everything is precious for me.. I love ur sweet talking, ur antics, ur sense of humour.. I don’t know why u put on this scarf but I don’t have any issue with it as I love the way u are and not from today, my feelings arise when u massaged me first time than gradually our conversation was attracting more and more towards u then that performance, my heart skipped a bit that day.. I wanted to confess before but didn’t have courage to do so, I’ll not going to force u however I know u love me because I’ve seen it in ur eyes!
Dhani: (who was breathing heavily) viplav, I have heard something wrong.. I guess!
Viplav: u have heard correct!
Dhani: (her voice chocked) I think I should leave!
She was about to turn but viplav holds his wrist
Viplav: dhani till when u can hide ur feelings or can run away, u have to admit that u love me.. I don’t know what has happened in ur past but u have to come out of it
Dhani: (who was trying to speak but her throat was becoming heavy due to tears which she was trying hard to hide, she gulped) viplav I love u as u are my favorite singer but nothing more is there..
Viplav: (interrupts her) lie! U are lying.. I’m 100℅ sure, dhani why u are complicating it ?
Dhani: (gets her wrist off from his hand) viplav u don’t know anything about me, have u ever seen me ? How can u love someone without having a glance on it ?
Viplav: dhani I know everything about u, u know everything about me.. nothing is left!
Dhani: u don’t know anything (moves little back and was slowly removing her scarf, finally she uncovers her face and it was revealed that she was having a mark on her right cheek, a small mark which she was hiding through that scarf but her remaining face was fine, in spite of having that daagh; she was looking beautiful and attractive it’s not because of make up and all its because of her purity and honesty which was reflecting in her eyes and face.. viplav was shocked to see her face as it’s obvious he doesn’t even think in his dreams that his lady love has suffered from this kind of dreadful incident! dhani was staring him with pain) so now what’s ur opinion ? I know it’s difficult to accept me and I have no complaint…
Before she could complete her sentence he holds her shoulder
Viplav: how can u think like this, though I’m little surprised but it doesn’t mean my love for u has decreased, it’s same as always.. dhani I’ve already told u that I loved u before seeing u so how come these thoughts came in ur mind ?
Dhani: (trying to free herself from his grip but he wasn’t ready to leave her) viplav, may be that was ur love but now what u are doing is sympathy which I hate the most.. so please just end this matter right now
Viplav: (in a little angry tone) see dhani, u don’t have right to judge my love.. (pulls her little closer) can’t u see true love in my eyes ?
Dhani: (trying to avoid his gaze) fine maybe u aren’t lying and maybe I love u the same way as u do (listening this a curve appeared on viplav’s lips) but then also I’ll not accept this proposal because I’m sure at one point u will feel regret on ur decision
Viplav: (with teary eyes) dhani..
Dhani: Viplav please, kafi hogaya hai, let me go now! (he freed her but was continuously looking at her) will u drop me or shall I go by myself ?
Viplav: (smiles broadly on her question) come I’ll..
Before he could complete his sentence, she leaves from there while he poked his tongue out..
Viplav: (to himself) Miss. Dhani, let’s see how u will run away from ur feelings! U will confess ur love soon..
Then he sits inside the vehicle, they were on the way.. though viplav was driving but his attention was on dhani, he was steeling some glances from the girl sitting next to him
Dhani: (noticed his gaze and without seeing him) viplav concentrate on driving!
Viplav: (smiles on her) how do u know that I’m looking at u ?
Dhani: I can feel ur gaze!
Viplav: (sighs) u can feel everything but u can’t feel my love..
She remains silent, later they were at dhani’s home, she without saying anything went to her room whereas dulari ask viplav about her behaviour and he without hesitating told her everything, she looks on with tears in her eyes! Dulari asked him to sit down and he obeyed her
Dulari: beta she wasn’t like this before
Viplav: aunty how does this happened ? What exactly happened ? Please tell me
Dulari: (tears started to fall from her eyes) beta it was an accident, dhani was on her way, coming from the music class when two boys, who were on bike came with full speed and wanted to throw acid on a girl’s face but some drops of it fall on dhani’s face, after that accident she was too shattered her engagement broke due to it.. she had stopped talking, eating in short living her life but with much difficulty she came out of that pain and started to talk with us though hiding her face through scarf.. she then decided to open that trust and we fully supported her so now she is living her life for them..
Viplav: (tears were continuously falling from his eyes) so much happened with her and the biggest reason behind running away from her feelings is that broken alliance, she thinks..
Dulari: but u aren’t like them, I know.. beta make her understand and I know u can do it.. God bless u!
Viplav: (smiles and walks towards her room, she was standing before window and was lost in her own world, he enters inside) dhani! (she neither answered nor turned back, he sighs and moves towards her) dhani I have come to know everything! Please forget about that dreadful incident.. let’s live ur life!
Dhani: (wiping her tears) I’ve already forgot..
Viplav: then what’s the problem..
Dhani: viplav u deserve..
Viplav: I deserve u, dhani u aren’t the one who degrade herself, u are an educated and confident girl than why these insecurities are coming in ur mind ? (she remains silent but somewhere she was agreeing) I know because if that alliance.. (sighs) but all aren’t same, u have right to live ur life to love someone.. (looks outside the window) I’ll not pressurize u as all I need is ur happiness and nothing else, I’m sure that someday u will realize ur love for me and that day will come soon! (he smiles with tearylooks and turns to go but stopped in mid as someone held his hand tightly, he smiles in joy and quickly turns back)
Dhani: (moves forward and hugs him tightly) don’t think to leave me again else I’ll..
Viplav: u will punch me, right! Well I’ll never do so as I don’t want to spoil my face
Dhani: (playfully hits his chest) I love u but not as a fan, I genuinely love u..
Viplav: I know! Huh!! Dhani itne hard work karne pari mujhe seriously it was too hard to make u understand, moti buddhi hai tumhare (saying so he giggles)
Dhani: (widens his eyes and pinched him on his stomach while viplav shouts) don’t get over now tell me when did u realize ur love
Viplav: (caresses her hair) when I saw u at concerts, that performance was the best one..
Dhani: our love story is filled with coincidences, I didn’t know that an invalid number will turn out to be a valid number
Viplav: exactly! Because of u our love story start..
Dhani: (laughs with teary eyes) wesey I would have blocked u but don’t know why I didn’t do it maybe that was also a part of coincidence..
Then they apart from each other, viplav smiles at her.. dulari and rohit came inside and blessed them to be happy always! They spend some family moments together..
Screen freezes!

After one year;
A girl came with the cup of tea where a boy was standing and waiting for his dear wife.. her face wasn’t covered anymore, her hairs were set in the way that they were hiding that small mark! She was looking so beautiful in blue sari, he looks at her and smiles with lots of love!
Viplav: where were u Mrs. Viplav! I was waiting since long..
Dhani: haan baba I’m here, actually I was reading an advertisement on newspaper! There is a doctor who can surgery..
Viplav: dhani not again yaar, I’ve told u then..
Dhani: but what goes in trying ?
Viplav: no use of trying.. I love u, u love me, we are with each other that’s enough.. I don’t need anything else..
Dhani: but..
Viplav: no ifs and buts.. u are hurting me by saying all this dhani..
Dhani: (gets little sad) acha sorry, now get ready we have to go
Viplav: yeah but see this (points towards the shirt) this button is broken (she giggles while he looks at her surprisingly) why are u laughing ?
Dhani: (trying to control her smile) nothing woh a filmy scene came in my mind where a heroine tucks the button, hero gets romantic with her and in background some sort of music plays
Viplav: (leans close to her) haan tou it can happen in real too..
Dhani: (slightly pushes him) haan it can happen but u know how careless I’m just imagine if that button by mistake tucked in ur chest or neck than what u will do
Viplav: (gets little back in shock while dhani pressed her lips) are u serious ?
Dhani: yeah but we can still try.. haaiinaa pati dev! (smiles naughtily)
Viplav: thanks but no thanks I’ll wear some other shirt..
Dhani: arey but.. suno (laughs aloud) come fast!
Viplav: yeah coming madam!
Next day, ViDha comes on stage, staring at each other with lots of affection people present there were adoring this couple! Dhani no longer wears scarf because viplav has changed her thoughts and has built self-confidence in her, she lives her life freely and all this happened because of viplav’s strong love, about that trust well both are handling it with sincerity and honesty.. Music starts,
Viplav: (looks at her and sings)
“Kab tak chup baethen ab tw kuch hai bolna, kuch tum bolo kuch hum bolen o dholna”
Dhani: (winks at him and accompanies her partner)
“Kab tak chup baethen ab tw kuch hai bolna, kuch tum bolo kuch hum bolen o dholna”
Viplav: (sits on his knees stretches his arms in air)
“Mar jaana tha yeh bhed nahe tha kholna o dholna” (he sings showing his thumb)
Dhani smiles at his antics, makes him stand and once after standing, he side hugs her and both continued the song!
————THE END————-

Thanks for reading!
Ok so done with these shots! Phew!! At last I’ve posted the last part, huh! I thought I’ll never be able to post it due to my busy schedule and li’l bit laziness.. sorry for being soooo late and double sorry for this much long update u won’t believe it but I’ve skipped two scenes as already it has become quite lengthy so feeling embarrassed right now! Hopefully u guys loved this one too and hope I’ve done justice with the story, if there is something missing do let me know so that I’ll try to improve myself.. Friends I’m working on a story nowadays as my papers have postponed to January that’s why thought to give a last story, it will carry 4-5 shots.. two shots are completed so do u want me to post it now or should I post it after completing the whole parts actually I’m writing it on my diary first have inked out two parts and if u want then I’ll start typing. Precisely this will be the last one for this year, one more thing I’ve thought about a new story for fiction once after exams I’ll come up with it hopefully u guys will be here on February else I’ll wait for Mishal’s new show!
Haan most important thing, guys Mishal is on insta.. Gosh! I was jumping like madly after seeing his tweets so happy to see him on it, plus he was looking so dashing in blue MashaAllah!! Maar daala yaar, lastly I’m watching his serial “love story” bohat zabardast hai, full package hai, action drama fun masti singing and romance, if u are missing him then do check it out, Akaash (Mishal) is looking so stunning, his attitude killed me.. Allah! He is such a heart throbbing boy.. tareef jitne karun kam hai, so I would stop! Don’t forget to share ur opinions through comments before leaving this page..
Keep smiling!
Love you all <3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Maha….meri jaan….Superbb… Amazing….Fantastic….Dhamakedaar…Dumdaar….Dhuwadhaar…. Kya kahoon…. words nahi mere pass… Yeh kya tha…. Seems like a dream…jo mein chahti hoon kabhi na toote…
    Kash jindagi meri aisi hi hoti… But meri kismat aisi kaha…. Hayee….. The moment Viplav proposed Dhaani…. That I love you… NOT AS A FAN and ROCK STAR .BUT AS TWO LOVERS…. Mein margayee… 🙂 itna pyaar…. Mashallah 🙂 🙂 loved it…and love you too for this COINCIDENCE wala love….
    The sweet nokjhoks…. The moment with scarf….KHAMOSHIYAAN GUNGUNANE LAGI moment….superb dear…and all thanks to you… Cha gayi tum darling 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Read tgw whole episode with AANKHON MRIN MOTE MOTE AANSU..AUR HONTO PE EK BADI SI SMILE…. Hayee…. Story nahua yeh mere dilki tamanna hogayi iss Viplavko pana… The moment he says about his love for Dhaani will never get less …when Dhaani reveals her face removing scarf…
    And Dhaani…salute to her courage…apna gham bhulake khoosiyan batne wali Dhaani… Love her … Aur jinhone sagai todi.unko shukriya…kyoonki woh na jaate toh VIplav na aata Dhaaniki jindagi mein…phirbhi Dil todneke liye unko itna toh bolungi…KHASMAANU KHANE…NARAK KI AAG MEIN JALNE WAALE
    Will wait for another story by you…jo itni hi..ya issse bhi jyade dumdaar hoga….
    God bless you dear….lots of love 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hayee! Thanks for ur lovely words ?? kismat ? Dreams can become true dear, just don’t stop dreaming!! Sujie these all conditions happened with me while reading ur articles seriously they are so touching?? now u can understand my state.. right? Glad to know that u loved those scenes and songs!! Yes khasmaa nu khaai woh acha hoa they broke that alliance else Viplav wouldn’t be there *jo hota hai achy k liye hota hai* shukriya my dear and I’ll try to meet ur expectations!! Just keep supporting!!
      God bless to u too❤❤

  2. Angel20

    Haye.. Mar dala allah Mar dala!!
    Ye tune kya kiya???
    Itna acha.. omg!! First of all it was so so so long, maa se chup chup ke padna pad raha tha?? but I didn’t stop I read it in one go! This was so so so so amazing, awesome! You have really left me speechless! I really don’t have words to describe, even the dictionary will fall short! Really!! I mean how can you write so amazing?? You are really so talented, when I saw your last part I was so happy that this was the last one because then I have to again wait for many days for the next part. Really gal! You are just so talented!??
    Loved each and every bit! Emotional Viplav, Dhaani and most importantly their sweet bond! The way Dhaani reacted when she came to know about her dream boy.. I toh can’t even imagine how will I react if I see Mishal??
    Overall it was perfect?? just like Madhuri Dixit says in Jhalak?
    And you have another story in your mind?? So what are you waiting for? Fatafat se post kar do. I will be waiting for it??
    And yeah Mishal came on insta! And his pictures on it were aaawwwwwww?? mai toh flat hogayi yaar?? he is looking damn hot?? just love him yaar..
    Ok so I take leave now, bubyee…

    Love you loads?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hi Maria, thanks for commenting dear, I’m so happy after reading the tareef *blushing harder* seriously when I read about that dictionary wala part, I was laughing like am I so good?? but glad u felt so?? hayee ami sey chup kar, I can understand!! Thank u yaar❤ yeah Madhuri’s style *Perrrfect* yes will post it soon!! by the way when u are going to post ur stories ?
      Allah Mishal na tw maar daala apny looks sey, he was looking so dashing.. mai tou paglaa gae hun even I was thinking that what will be my condition after seeing him live in front of me.. mai na tw be hosh he hojana hai?? that thoughts only give me shivers..
      Take care sweetie❤

  3. Shruthy

    Hey darling!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful (and sadly last) update of “IKRS – Coincidence love”. I loved the way they gradually got closer. Like there was a time Dhaani was literally irritated of talking with him and she felt sorry for messaging him. But then they came to a stage they couldn’t miss talking to each other. And slowly, Viplav realised the love he felt for her at their first conversation itself. And that’s the culpability he couldn’t lie to her anymore. And he took his courage in hands, and strongly told the truth.
    And yeah, even I was quite surprised by Dhaani’s surprise. But happy, she didn’t take it wrong at the end, but find it like quite normal.
    Dhaani sitting alone while Viplav finishes talking to his fans. Her “ho gaya?” wala reaction was so cute. Sounded a bit jealous though I know she was not.
    Viplav’s sad reason for not getting married. He is quite alone, and finds some warm shelter into Dhaani.
    And then few days later, he confessed her love. It was too big to remain in his heart. Pooe Dhaani, it was so hard to read when willing though, she was unable to accept his proposal, as she was understimating herself in front of his eyes. Thank God she loved him a lot and so Viplav finally made her realise her real value for him. Otherwise, it would have been harder. And thank God she didn’t leave him once he confessed, and kept that friendship bonding.
    But finally, at the end, they are together, and happily married. Viplav’s love was beyond falling fro beauty, because he fell for her heart and character, and once in love, that person becomes the most beautiful one in this entire world immediately.
    That broken button scene was damn cute and romantic. Completely drowned into the scene, I literally acted that scene as Dhaani, and indeed, it was so filmy. OMG it would have been so good if we had such a scene in the show. Like Dhaani concentrated in sewing and Viplav slowly leaning and getting closer to her, staring at her with love. HAAAAAA *____*
    Anyhow! I felt the end being quite fast, I don’t know why. But otherwise, the short story was OUTSTANDING! Like it brought a new meaning to true love. Falling in love not even meeting each other, and beyond beauty. Just the caring nature of each other mattered. I was so happy about the happy ending, letting Dhaani realise her wroung thoughts about all men. Beacuse everyone doesn’t have the same mentality fortunately. ViDha became a duet and both now sing feeling each lyric for their comapnion HAYYE! But what about ViDha babies? We hadn’t got to see some. I mean, I wanted to know how they would have been with their babies as they might be busy with rehearsals. Wait.. OH now I got. THat’s the reason they don’t have babies. Because they are not yet prepared to take full care of babies because of busy schedule. (got some brain at the last minute)
    Ab waiting for the new story. Honestly, because of impatience, I would certainly tell you to post right now. But at the same time, if you get it ready entirely, you will be able to post it regularly so we won’t wait a lot. But let me tell you, I am already impatient to read your new work.
    Until that, LOADS OF LOVE AND KISSES xoxoxo
    Take care!

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey!! Gosh super long comment?? thanks for loving it that much?? exactly love can happen without looking each other and ViDha felt for each other not because of looks in fact because of their childishness and compatibility!! Han naa that button wala scene is always beautiful and I thought to make it some different!!
      Waqai is the ending was so fast ? I mean I tried to give a detailed one but if u felt so then sorry!! Actually it has already became so long else I would have added two scenes more like I mentioned above that I skipped that.. sorry!!
      HAHAHAA LOL!! U killed me?? babies ? Well I’ve always shown their bond with kids but this time thought to give something different, and about preparation? I exactly don’t know maybe… but Viplav is always ready? I wasn’t ready to show it, yeah that sounds better?? right? however ur reason was valid, I will appreciate ur thinking?
      Hmm I’m also thinking the same, let’s see!! But thanks for supporting and I’ll try to meet ur expectations?
      U too take care❤❤

      1. Shruthy

        HEHE don’t know how it happens jaanu. I start with no ideas at all, and end with a novel. :/
        I always loved your work, love, and will always love. <3
        Haan, that's blind love. *lame joke wali* <3 No seriously, that was a really cute love story. Like it has the message that physics dont matter when you truly love a person. It's only the compromises you make for each other. And here, love also learnt that if you are true to your love, adn if your love is true, then don't fear for anything. Just LOVE!
        Yes I love that button scene <3 Like even Dhaani was quite flirty and all *__*
        Well I found so but maybe I just didn't get something in the story. I thought Viplav would take longer to make her realise because she is quite independent but, khair… And fast ending matlab, I just felt everything happened fast. I didn't mean about detailing the scenes. xD And man, don't be sorry na. It's your story, I am a reader. You wrote your script that's all. I just felt to say that, but honestly I am not criticising ok? Ab sad mat ho. Smile! (I am going to say "Smile, you're recorded" like it's written in our buses here xD)
        Yeah I indeed read that you deleted. But can you make me a favor sending those two scene via mail or dm? I would love to read them. And so I can judge if you had to delete them or not. And honestly, I wouldn't have minded if the shot was longer. The most I get to read, the happiest I am.
        Killed you? About what *lost in my own comment* ? Yes you're right, it was different, and that's totally fine. I liked it too. I just thought it would have been more of ViDha romance :p Preparation? Kahaan? xD Haan haan rockstar is ready. then we will have a baby rockstar, and it will be a family of artists. Like if it was a girl, it would have been so good if she was a classical dancer and singer, and if it's a boy, then like his dad, a singer and maybe someone who can play instruments.
        Oh God! I am thinking so much when the story itself is finished. I am so stupid xD
        LMAOO thank you, I know I have a little piece of brain working at some moments. :p
        And finally you posted the first shot, which was jackassssss <3 And here I am repying to the last shot's comment. Hey bhagwan!! My timing sense is so perfect.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Han I know, no worries I’m pleased to read ur opinions!! Glad to know that you loved this cute story? hmm! Ab tou ho chauka I mean it had ended. DM ? Yaar I’ve erased it from MS word before posting so how can I give you now? yeah I’m smiling and I know you aren’t criticizing.
      Yes your babies wala thought killed me? haan you’re absolutely correct, I’ll convey your thoughts to ViDha in my imagination? Allah!! I’m talking like mads? Yup I’ve read your comment there, thanks and koi nahe as it’s better late than never?

      1. Shruthy

        Aww you are so cute jaanu :*
        Haan it’s the end …
        WHAAAT? Nahiiiiiiiin :'( chaloi koi nahin. Next time, keep the scenes to be deleted separately. Like me, many would like to read those parts too na..
        Oh acha I got it xD Good. Let’s seewhat it comes out into :p
        That’s because you’re talking to me, that’s why.
        TRUE! xoxox

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Shruthy you’re my true chellam❤
      Well as I’ve mentioned that it has been deleted but at least I can tell you the actual scenes which I wanted to add!
      Actually I wanted to set up a concert where viplav and dhaani would have performed though dhaani denied first but due to continuous request of him forced her to accompany. They sang a song “Aa raat bhar jai naa ghar” together but during singing she felt something strange in viplav’s behavior that’s because he was singing it with so much love, holding her hand and continuously staring at her, she once after singing she left from there without informing him, he too went behind her and stopped her then that proposing part, dhaani’s mystery, car’s and dulaari’s scene would have come.
      After that he would entered her room in order to talk with her but she being stubborn refused to listen would’ve talked harshly with him, he feels little hurt and leaves from there with the determination to make her realize her feelings so, for that he started to ignore her and stopped meeting her, one week passed away in all this though he didn’t talk with her but secretly watches her while talking music class and all. Dhaani in spite of missing him doesn’t contact, then one day she noticed him peeping through the window and so she immediately went to him and asked him the reason behind all that ignorance or rude behavior first he stayed silent but soon that convo turned into an emotional one with the confession if dhaani’s love!
      Besides I wanted to add a surgery part where dhaani gets her face back better than before, though she was scared but for those girls she wanted to take that risk and with viplav’s support and encouragement, it becomes successful!
      Huh!! But due to the length I skipped all this as it’s a fact, we think a lot but can’t write everything?
      So how was it ? Should I did right by removing it ?
      Yes from now onwards I’ll save them too, thanks for telling!

      1. Shruthy

        And you my sweetie pie. <3
        YAAAY thanks. :*
        OMG those were some sweet scenes. I loved them. Like Viplav ignorin and all, so wanted to know Dhaani's restlessness not seeing Viplav… And then that operation matter was indeed a nice message in the way that when you lose something, youczn get it back. But I realise that you wanted to give another message ending the story with Dhaani still living with that mark on her face because Viplav asked her not to change. Both are nice endings. So it was up to you.
        Well that concert scene would have been great in the way that we had 3 concerts, and the three, when Vidha were in dfferent relationships : one as a fan with her idol, the second as friends, and third ones as lovers/spouses. So you could have shown the different kinds of feelings of both while singing, and the progression between both.
        I agree with you, we think to do more but end doing the half of it. Even while commenting *laughs* I am telling you I am sure I will remember something else after submitting this comment. And you feared it will be too long. That's your point of view, but I wouldn't have minded havin them in the story. And shayad, that's maybe why I found the ending too fast. Like the second concert made him confess, then she runs away and makes him stay away and ignore her for a while. And that time of separation made her finally confess her love to him. That would have been clearer in the story, but it's ok.
        That's my point of view. But I am just a reader among thousands of yours. So you mind it or not, I just wanted to confess my opinions. Now don't get sad because of it, ok? :*
        Haan that's like a god girl. And all the drafts or even scenes you do note down as ideas, do send it to my mail, because I don't believe you. :p

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah these were indeed the cute scenes and if I would have added it then the story might be different I mean it wouldn’t be that much fast but kia karun because of the length I felt so. Well I’ve become sad *crying face* seriously I’m controlling my emotions I should’ve post another part for it naa! Ab kia karun.. Nothing can be done as it has been late now :”(
      You don’t believe me but why matlab in what thing you don’t believe me ?

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah these were indeed the cute scenes *icing on the cake* and if I would have added it then the story might be different I mean it wouldn’t be that much fast but kia karun because of the length I felt so. Well I’ve become sad *crying face* seriously I’m controlling my emotions I should’ve post another part for it naa! Ab kia karun.. Nothing can be done as it has been late now :”(
      You don’t believe me ? but why matlab in what thing you don’t believe me ?

      1. Shruthy

        Yeah exactly. Anyhow past is past, leave it. we cant do anything about it.
        Haan who knows? Maybe tum phir delete karoge.

    6. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan it’s useless to cry over split milk? maybe I’ll add this ignoring wala scene in some other story!
      Haan meri maa I’ll send IF I’ll skip some parts though I’ll not do this again?

      1. Shruthy

        Haan whatever your saying is xD Yeah that’s even more interesting *smirks*
        Dank’u. :p

  4. AanyaSingh

    Hello Sweetie?. The most most late lateef is finally here. I’m once again EXTREMELY sorrrrryyyy for being sooooo late this time. So without wasting more time, let me say smthng. I think i should begin with the phone conversation which starts as a normal one but soon turns pretty humourous with Vips saying that he shud b given an award for tolerating Dhaani & she reacting instantly that not he rather she shud given an award for tolerating a made guy, the way the convo proceeds after that literally had me laughing ???till the point Vips asks her to meet him the nxt day & the choice of the vocabulary is just Perfect?. Eating my Bhaini with fizul gossips, Dhaani abnormal & need in a psychiatric consultation & Vips so cool-ly asking her to go for it if she felt so??, then Dhaani telling Vips the rockstar, was a “serious case” ??& that the award for the “best pakao person” suit him absolutely ??. Though Vips gives in a little after this but, as if it wasn’t enuf, just a few moments after both start again wen Vips say that at least show some interest in what he was going to tell, the reply that Dhaani gives ” shud i start dancing to reveal my so-called interest” ??????( the most laughable line??) had me bursting into laughter & Vips so quickly saying again that he wasn’t interested in seeing her “horrible dance” as if Dhaani had already started it??????. Ohhh, so funny it was????. Another funny part was Vips starts to say what he actually is but in nervousness get confirmed himself & confidence her also.[ I’m not what I’m exactly….. I’m smone else, the exact that i’m but now i want to tell u that the one to whom u r talking is not the smone else, the exact that i’m but the one who is not what I’m exactly????????(ok, this was a just a similar trial from me??)]. And wen he does tell that he is Viplav, the famous Singer, the way Dhaani starts laughing like mads & is telling the actual Rockstar that it must b his dream to b the great Singer but please face the reality that he is not the ACTUAL one??????. Ohhhhhhhh, quite a Dose of Laughter?????( for me at least, don’t know abt others). OK, coming to the actual meeting btwn the two, very nice described. The best that i liked abt it was Dhaani ‘s reaction& her decision to continue their friendship like before. Wonderfully written??. And yes, thank u for giving us a new way of checking that we r dreaming or not. Pinching the other person’s cheeks & hands??. Y give pain to urself??. Vips’ love has already started showing itself on his face, in his gestures & everything. OK, some more bak bak is still remaining,(for the remaining part of the shot), it will b here soon, actually have to go smwhere urgently, so please bear with me till then, & let me post the remaining one also, fir dono ka ek hi reply Kar dena( if u want to, no compulsion?). See u soon with my pending bak bak??.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      No need of sorry yaar, I know u were busy so please don’t say so!! Actually I’m somewhat surprised after seeing ur comment as u said that u are busy these days so will comment after some days but I’m really very happy after seeing ur sweet analysis?? because I was so sad as comments are so less huh!! Koi nahe maybe all are busy?
      HAHAHA?? I don’t know about my update but ur comment was way more funny? seriously it was so cool? I literally enjoyed it.. hmmm! See I have given u a new idea, try on someone and see his/her reaction? Glad to know that those scenes became the reason of ur happiness or laughter!! Thanks a lot for this wonderful comment that too be in ur busy schedule!! Will wait for ur remaining view till than buh bye!! Take care❤

  5. AanyaSingh

    Hello again dear?. Was a bit free, so thought let me pakao u again with my remaining bak bak??. So here it is.

    Now, coming to the meeting in the trust where we come to know abt Dhaani ‘s work. What a noble deed by her????. Supporting those girls who, like her, have unfortunately me with some accident in the lives & r also looked down upon by the people. Actually this highlights the narrow mentality of a section or may b more than a section of people in the society concerned only with the outer looks of a person rather than his/her personality or what the person actually is. [ The line “no guy didn’t say ‘ i love u’ to these girls & the broken engagement of Dhaani so well describe This]. So Detestable this kindly of people are????. Helping such girls to live life with Respect & Self-confidence is an absolutely applaudable job by Dhaani & her parents also who support her to the full & did all they cud to make this dream come True. One more thing that came into my mind was that wen one herself or himself goes thru any kind of suffering or pain, he/she becomes more sensitive towards the difficulty or the pain & suffering of others & i think will always try to help others in any way he/she can & for some it even becomes the dream or the aim of their life like our Dhaani. Another little sad thing that we come to know abt is the separation of Vips’ parents which for some time led him to have a disbelief in marriage & all though after meeting Dhaani his views changed & by now he is deeply in love with Her, evident every now & then like listening to Dhaani singing the song with much love & then joining her along, getting more impressed with her after knowing how the trust came into being & how Dhaani is dedicating her life for others, getting shocked & teary-eyed on listening to Dhaani ‘s views on love & marriage & so many more. Then, wen he is with his friends & Raj asks Vips if he asked Dhaani abt her scared, the reply Viplav gives ” no yaar, I love her the way she is…. I don’t have any issue with her scared, I love her soul not beauty” so BEAUTIFULLY shows the PURITY of his Love????. And finally the Confession of his love to Dhaani. The way everything flows from their walking in the garden, chit-chatting to his confession, Dhaani ‘s resistance, her emotions overwhelming her, her showing of her face & Viplav’s assurance of his Love, is just????????. I really don’t have words yaar, just Speechless i am. Fantastically written?????. After seeing dhaani’ s face, the thought that she had to go thru so much pain & suffering & then tears falling from his eyes continuously while listening to what all had happened with Dhaani from dulaari show how DEEP his love for Dhaani is that he cud himself feel all the pain she had gone thru. Then the links ” i’ll not force u (doing the confession), ” i loved u before seeing u ” (after seeing Dhaani ‘s face) & then in dhaani’ s room wen he goes to continue her again” i’ll not pressurize uas all i need is ur happiness & nothing else, I’m sure smday u’ll realize ur love for me & that day will come soon ” & he turn to go, all these show how SELFLESS also his Love is that nothing more is important for him than her happiness & he is ready to wait also till she realizes her feelings. But thankfully she realizes it soon as Vips’ pure, selfless & DEEP love made her overpower her negative feelings. And finally the ” TIGHT HUG OF LOVE”. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Ooooooooooh, just can’t explain what it felt like. I wish some wud have given me too a HUG like this, haaye mar hi jaate hum to???. The ending was also very nice, on a loving note??. A FANTASTIC, AMAZING, WONDERFUL SHOT it was ????????????????. BEAUTIFULLY, SUPERBLY WRITTEN ?????. Loved it & enjoyed it thorougly???.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      OMG!! This was so amazing, I’m speechless right now?? seriously I’m so blessed to have readers like u guys!! Thank you so much for this lovely comment, I know u don’t like people to thank you but please keep it as it’s a gratitude for your effort! A perfect summary of my update, it seems like I’m reading my own shot while reading your comment ? I’m so happy to know that u loved it that much though it wasn’t that much perfect, I mean not a detailed one everything went so fast, confession and all it should be some more deeper but kia karun it had already become soooo long that’s why thought to shrink it by skipping some parts!! Thanks for all this appreciation? it means a lot!!

  6. AanyaSingh

    So, i think i have kept my words that i might b late but i’ll comment for sure( though this time it got thoda zyaada late). But this is what life is all abt, what matters is that we stay connected with one another as much as we can & i pray to God that we all stay bonded as a family always. And as usual will b waiting eager for the nxt from u. So post it as & wen u get time.????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah you’ve, even this was just beyond wonderful.. aur koi ziada nahe how I literally loved to the core?? absolutely correct! We’ll always stay bonded InshaAllah❤ and no need of sorry as I can understand! Yes will post the last story from my side soon?

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