Ikrs: Childhood Love (ViDha One shot by Maha)

One shot:
Childhood Love-

A girl was writing a diary while sitting on the chair which was placed right in front of a table.

Her POV:
Hey I’m Dhaani, student of 10th standard. I’m writing something on this diary first time though my uncle has gifted me when I was in 8th but that time there wasn’t any thought which I wished​ to pen down. However today I want to share a thing with someone as there wasn’t someone with whom I can share that’s why I chose my diary- a perfect friend, neither it’ll tell my secret to anyone nor it’ll say something. Huh! Actually today my class fellow talked with me first time, he isn’t just my class fellow, he’s my crush. Though we’re studying together for five years but never talked with each other properly. Hi-hello, how’re you; was the mere conversation between us but today he surprised me by sitting on my back seat, that was the first time I felt ghoosebumbs inside me. Don’t know why whenever he came in front of me I started acting like idiots. Like I’m confused or hesitating *sighs* whatever it’s​ I just regret on myself afterwords whenever I reconciled that moment. He, oh I forgot to mention his name Viplav. That handsome hunk’s name is Viplav Tripathi. He’s a tall, irresistible and handsome munda of my class, and at the same time he’s a flirty- a big flirty. There wasn’t any girl with whom he didn’t date, even a girl studying in lower standard was dated by him. Now I’m confused if viplav is flirty or if those girls are fool that in spite of knowing his nature they get ready to be in relationship with him hmmm maybe those girls like him as I do but I don’t want all these relation thingy. *Smiles* anyways I should stop writing about him as if whole diary may fill then also his introduction will not finish according to me, so better I should come on topic ummm where was I, yes he talked with me; as in he asked me my likes, dislikes and the conversation goes on casually. Allah! Today I’m so happy the boy about whom I used to think sat at my back seat, now I’m realizing that sometime life makes us surprise. I know I shouldn’t talk about all these stuffs as I’m only of 16 but what to do I’m helpless in front my heart. I don’t know if my feelings for him are genuine, if it’s love or infatuation, all I know is I like him- Like *chuckles* like is the most respectable word for now.
Her POV ends.

She took a deep breath and walked towards her bed once turning off the lights she closes her eyes​. Next day she as usual get ready for school but that day she was feeling strange happiness, strange excitement inside her.

In school:
Her POV:
It was the period of chemistry we all were busy in noting down the important points, when teacher asked to stand up and read the second last paragraph, as I love to read so I, quickly stood up as per told by my teacher but don’t know why that day I was hesitating, the same hesitation was engulfing me like whenever I use to talk with him, whenever​ he asks me anything- that same situation was happening. I was feeling a strong gaze on my face as if he was staring me, though I want to confirm my doubt but couldn’t get energy what if he was really looking at me, how embarrassing it would be for both of us if we both looked at each other simultaneously. Thus after brushing away my thoughts and after taking a deep breath I read the whole paragraph aloud. Then over the few days, we both became good friends of each other over the short span of time, all used to get surprise on knowing that the two who hadn’t talked with each other has become such good friends now. One day when I was busy in using Facebook, a message notified me. I was shocked and numb after seeing his message, yes it was his, Viplav’s message. I was literally shivering in excitement then after gathering some courage I replied by saying “hi”. Gosh I didn’t know that saying hi will be that much difficult for me ever. We talked with each other an hour almost, I was so happy that finally our chat box is also full of messages and in this way days kept passing smoothly. He used to praise my smile, my eyes that I should keep smiling. My eyes are killer, my smile is killer and I.. I believed his words. My class fellows came to know about all this, don’t know how but now they do know, they used to tease me by taking his name though I tried to clear that it’s just a misunderstanding but they weren’t ready to believe. Personally I too don’t like all these teasing and pulling leg. I didn’t want all that but kon samjahe unhen. Due to their stubbornness I started ignoring them, their teasing and jokes everything. But I don’t know how viplav came to know about that, he once registering everything messaged me that if I had spread this fake news of relationship. I was surprised on his question still replied “no, why would I?” But he wasn’t ready to believe me, I tried and tried and that was it everything has a limit so I decided to end that matter right there. Not only I blocked him on Facebook even I deleted my account in frustration. I was sad, broken and above all I was hurt. The person on whom I believed wasn’t​ ready to believe me, that day I realized that his praisings were fake.
Her POV ends.

Next day she went to school, those were the last days of her last year. Both were ignoring each other though viplav wants to talk but seeing her attitude he stepped back. After her exams they parted their ways forever- forever for them because life wanted something else.

Her POV:
It’s been twenty years we haven’t saw each other, it’s not like I want to meet him; it’s just life went so fast. The person without whom I was imagining myself dead isn’t​ with me but still I’m alive and happy *chuckles* somewhat! My studies are complete now I’m working in a multinational company as a financial advisor. My parents want me to get married but I don’t want, I hate boys yes I hate them as they’re​ liers, they think we girls are stupid but no we aren’t. However from evening I’m very restless as my coordinator has told me that they’ve appointed an engineer in the firm, his name is Viplav Tripathi. My God even today his name makes me confused though I know there must be many Viplav Tripathi but the problem is; that viplav was also studying engineering and this viplav is also an engineer plus the worst thing is I’ve to work with him. Huh! After listening all this I’m really restless. What if he would be same viplav how I’ll behave. *taking a pause* no I’ll behave normally because I’ll prove him that his presence don’t affect me at all. Next day I was waiting for him in the site area when someone called out my name. I quickly recognized his voice yes it was him. Again fate brought us together but why- this was the question running in my mind. After gathering some strength I turned my face to that voice and acted to be normal, I was looking at him from top to bottom. He has become more handsome, good looking and a pure gentleman *amazed* gentleman? Can’t comment! He too was looking at me as if he was happy to see me after a long time. Happy and he? Again can’t comment, “don’t forget dhaani he hurt you don’t even think of believing him and his words one more time”, my heart was repeating these words.
Her POV ends.

Viplav’s​ POV:
She was standing in front of me in surprising position, even I was so happy to see her after a long time. She has changed a lot as before she was kind of introvert and shy girl but now she was bold, confident and stylish. I want to talk with her but can’t because I was confused what to say, I’ve lost my value in her life after that day but I’ll make everything like before, yes I’m here for her. One of her friend told me that she is working here so I too applied here.
His POV ends.

Viplav: (clearing his throat) if I’m not wrong then you’re Miss. Dhaani, aren’t you?
Dhaani: (wiping her tears which she was hiding) yes I’m and you…
Viplav: (smiles) viplav, one your class fellow if you do remember
Dhaani: (avoiding his gaze) we should start the work
Viplav: yeah even I was thinking the same
Then both gets busy in the work, viplav was noticing her changings, her behavior in short her everything. In evening both were ready to leave when he thinks something and smiled
Viplav: dhaani if you’re married? Shaadi tou hogae hoge, bache bhe hngy. Haaiinaa?
Dhaani: (angrily) listen Mr. Viplav I don’t like unprofessional people and right now you’re proving unprofessionalism through your stupid questions. Just be in your limits that’ll be good for you
Viplav: office hours are over so now we can talk whatever we want
Dhaani: there’s​ nothing to talk
As she was about to move he held her wrist making her to stop
Dhaani: what’s this viplav (in an angry tone) leave my hand right now
Viplav: there’s​ a lot to talk (leaving her hand) tomorrow you’ll come to know a lot about me and about my feelings so get ready
Saying so he left from there with a curve on his lips leaving dhaani in all shocked state.

Viplav’s POV:
Yes I created suspense and I know she’ll be hell shocked on my behavior but I wasn’t having any other way to talk with her. You all must be thinking that this boy is so mean, but seriously I too didn’t know when all this happened. I remember one day my friend was talking about dhaani, it was the day after our school finished like other girls they were discussing about her don’t know why I got hell angry after listening her name from him, be it my possessiveness or anything I just don’t like anyone discussing about her and so, I slapped his face all were shocked on my gesture as because I didn’t do like this with anyone even I was shocked but then I realized that this isn’t ordinary thing, I like her. Like- the most respectable word for that time, after that day I didn’t talk with and about any girl as my world was revolving only around her and this is the reason I’m working with her leaving my family business.
His POV ends.

Next day, both (ViDha) were discussing about a project in dhaani’s room when she got a call from her head asking her to come in his room, she excused herself and went outside. Meanwhile viplav’s eyes fall on her diary- her best friend and her secret keeper, he without thinking anything takes it in her hand and started​ reading, tears welled up in his eyes after reading it’s each word. Once reading it he was about to keep it back when dhaani came inside and become surprised to see her diary in his hands

Viplav’s POV:
I was regretting on hurting her unknowingly. She has changed because of me, I can’t forgive myself as I was thinking all this dhaani came inside and gets surprised to see her diary in my hands. I wasn’t embarrassed on my act as if I wouldn’t have read it then how could I know what’s running inside her heart.
His POV ends.

Dhaani: with whom permission (taking it from his hands) you were reading it?
Viplav: (standing on his chair) this should be my question with whom permission you were hiding these things from me?
Dhaani: who are you to know about my feelings?
Viplav: your feelings are attached with me so it’s my right to know
Dhaani: you’ve lost all rights that day when you doubted me
Viplav: (holding her shoulders) yaar I’m sorry naa dhaani. I’m really sorry now please stop this hide and seek game and let’s start a fresh
Dhaani: easy for you to say, do you know how much hurt I was, I really loved you viplav but you…
Viplav: I was selfish, but trust me once you left me I too was broken don’t know when, how, where I too started loving you. But our mistake was that we didn’t tell our feelings to each other. You should’ve​ told me dhaani
Dhaani: (slapping his chest slightly) why would I? If you were blind?
Viplav: yes at that time I was but today I’ll rectify my mistake (bending on his knees) I love you dhaani, kab kahan kese nahe pata but I’m tired of living with your memories now I want to live with you. I’m ready to bear all your punishments​, I’ll cook food, will wash all utensils but please forgive me. Now my live is incomplete without​ you so will you marry me
Dhaani: (smiles emotionally) I *hiccups* hate *hiccups* you
Viplav: (smiles while standing on his feet​) if this hatred is your love than I’m ready to live with it
Dhaani: (speaks in the verge crying) don’t be so overdramatic.
Viplav: (holding his ears) I’m sorry jaaneman maaf kar do phir aise bhool nahe hoge. I promise I’ll die before doubting you
Dhaani: (starts to slap on his chest) die? Itni asaani sey marne nahe dunge
Viplav while smiling took her in his embrace and both simultaneously said “I love you”. Viplav kissed her hair while keeping his chin on her head whereas dhaani was feeling relief in his arms as she got her childhood love back.
-Happy Beginning-

I’ve read somewhere that if you love someone then confess it as soon as you can before it gets too late so don’t be late in saying three magical words if you’re​ really feeling to say so.

Thank you for reading!
Hey everyone! How’re you all? Hopefully this OS wasn’t worthy of sandals and tomatoes if so then I’m sorry actually when I was going to bed this story came in my mind and I thought to work on it. Extremely sorry if I bored you. This is the last OS for now because I’ve to work on fiction naa. Do share your opinions before leaving this page. And yes do tell me your first ever crush in school, be honest.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Maha…. why are you doing this to me???
    Kyoon darling?? I love you for this ….. waise I have already told you that whenever I listen to romantic songs or read fictions on ViDha… i feel like … i have my Viplav…who is a blurred figure…. GOD KNOWS HOW WILL HE BE !!!
    Enough of romantic talks now…
    This story is giving me goosebumps…and i am smiling like an IDIOT….
    The entire episode was awesome…. BUT THE PART when Dhaani’s diary is in VIplav’s hand….. hayeee…… the entire moment till last amazing…. amazing…..truly amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂
    CHILDHOOD LOVE…. i am that Dhaani… and undoubtedly.. Mishal urff HANDSOME is that Viplav….hayeee…i cannot write more…..
    love you dear..take care… you have to check page for SM okay… I have posted it…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear for loving it that much, your comment always makes me happy so keep supporting like this always.
      And all this happens with me too yaar just can’t tell you in my words that what I imagine in my dreamland.
      Glad that you loved the scenes, thanks​ again dear
      Lots of love<3
      And yes you didn't tell me your first crush?

      1. Sujie

        hayee…. you are welcome dear…. love you for this…..
        KYa?? first crush…. batadoon?? chalo bata deti hoon….
        my first crush… was ….. CHECK YOU INBOX dear… waise toh Family is here isiliye… pehle I want to tell it to you okay …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah I’ve read but will reply tomorrow actually nowadays my internet isn’t working so I’m using my neighbor’s wifi and it’s bit late so will tell my crush tomorrow at our chat box ?

  2. Shanitics

    Maha didi.. Tomato ? we have to throw flowers and gifts and an ovation for you for this suprb ff… I lovd ur ff.. Thest lvd part and conversation was aftr Viplav readng that Diary.. Insha’Allah!! Allah kare aapko ye stry lighne ka talnt kabhi aapse dhur na hojaye…

    Love u
    I love You

    Nvr too late?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey sweetie! Thank you for reading in your hectic schedule, seriously I’m so happy after reading your comment. Thank you for loving the scenes as well as thanks for your lovely prayers.
      Lots of love
      And yes tell me your first crush?

      1. Shanitics

        Oh.. Tats a sweet complimnt!!?

        Mera bhai hi mra pehala crush hai..”SHAHID BHAIA”

        U frgt?

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh what an intelligent answer ?? okay so my first crush in actors is Shahrukh Khan I really liked him when I was a kid but gradually it changed to Ranbir Kapoor however that also changed when his movie rockstar realised, Yukh romance tha us Mai actually I’m quite choosy woh actor Jo apne limits bhool jaate hai mai unhen bhool jaate hun??
      Then from metric it’s Sami Khan who is still at top of the list with my charming prince Mishal. Wesey Varun dhawan bhe cute hai?

  3. mahaaa…i have to tell u yaar…u have a good future in writing….what a thinking…
    u have made me awstruck…after reading ur os….
    And also thanq thanq very much for writing a beautiful os on our beautiful couple vidhaa….
    i just love the way viplav have confessed his love atlast…
    i hope u would write beautiful OSs like this…
    keep smiling all the time…. 🙂 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Awww thank you dear for appreciation *flying kiss* no need for thanks Lalitha just keep the support coming.
      Lots of love!
      And don’t forget to tell your first crush?

      1. haha thanks for ur flying kiss…
        And my first crush is **shahid kapoor**….
        waise woh tho hindi me par telugu me **allu arjun**
        In real i ha ve no crush…but in future if i have then firstly i will tell to u only… 🙂 😛

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh what an intelligent answer ?? okay so my first crush in actors is Shahrukh Khan I really liked him when I was a kid but gradually it changed to Ranbir Kapoor however that also changed when his movie rockstar realised, Yukh romance tha us Mai actually I’m quite choosy woh actor Jo apne limits bhool jaate hai mai unhen bhool jaate hun??
      Then from metric it’s Sami Khan who is still at top of the list with my charming prince Mishal. Wesey Varun dhawan bhe cute hai?
      HAHA zaroor btana?

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