ik tere baajo dooja mera koi mol na (part 4)

Hello sorry sorry for being sooooo late I am posting this after nearly 1 month na..

So let’s start the story.
Swasan were on bike. A cool breeze was blowing
swara’s hairs were flying in air..
Sanky was looking swara through the mirror of his bike..
But suddenly a car came from front sanky applied brake immediately and due to the sudden brake and being frightened​
from the sudden force swara clutched sanky’s shirt from behind tightly..
And hugged him from behind.

Two heartbeats were heard ??? in the whole silence swara closed her eyes and forgot that she is hugging sanky..

Sanky too forgot that they are on the road and swara’s status and all…
Then the sound of horns came “pooooo…poooo.”

Swasan came in sense and turned back and found some vehicles behind them..
Sanky then looked towards swara and swara felt uncomfortable when realised that she is hugging sanky she slowly slowly left him.

Sanky started the bike
And swara said”stop stop…”
Sanky stopped the car..

Swa:- I will go now myself. Thanks sanskar!!

San:- it’s ok.. will meet tomorrow.bye
Swa:- bye..
Swasan passed smile to each other and sanky went..

Sanky was driving his bike.
San:- oh god now I have to handle that laksh and his doggg ohhh sorry I meant jammy.

Here at sanlak apartment.
Lucky was sitting on the bed and then he looked upward when he heard the opening sound of door.
And he saw sanskar coming..
And before lucky could say something sanky screamed”oyyyyeeeee jammy…laksh!!!! See your dog!!”
Jammy was having sanky’s shirt in its mouth and he tore some of his clothes..

San:- Sanskar beta be habitual of this.., this dog will do this daily.

Lucky:- Don’t call him dog please…
And jammy..

He went near jammy and picked him..
Lak:- please don’t eat his stuffs

San:- I am in good mood so I am forgiving him.

He went to his side and sleep on his bed.
Lucky looked towards him in confusion.. and he too went to his bed.

The next day sanky woke and didn’t found lucky and jammy there he took a sigh of relief and got ready and went to swara’s music company.

Here lucky was sitting in garden of the company with swara as swara wished to sit there in nature he was playing his guitar
He was sitting there closing his eyes.
He was playing​ the tune of tera hone laga hoon song..

Just then a voice came from swalak’s behind
“Shining In The Sand n Sun
Like A Pearl Upon The Ocean
Come And Feel Me
Hoo Feel Me”

(Laksh smiled hearing that singing, his eyes are closed yet..
Swara turned and found sanky there..)

He continued

“Shining In The Sand n Sun
Like A Pearl Upon The Ocean
Come And Heal Me
Ho Heal Me”
(Sanky was standing behind lucky yet..swara smiled seeing sanky..sanky too​ smiled

Thinking Abt The Love We
Make And All Life Sharing
Come And Feel Me
HO Feal Me
(Lucky started having the flashes when swara hugged him)

Shining In The Sand n Sun
Like A Pearl Upon The Ocean
Come And Feel Me
Comon Heel Me
(Sanky looked towards swara while singing and remembered their first meeting )

Tera Hone Laga Hoon
Khone Laga Hoon
Jab Se Mila Hoon

(Laksh was playing the guitar and he remembered today’s incident
Swara was coming out with lucky and her leg slipped but lucky hold her and both shared an eyelock
—flashback end—-)

Tera Hone Laga Hoon
Khone Laga Hoon
Jab Se Mila Hoon
(Sanky remembered their bike ride and smiled)

Tera..hone laga hoon
Jabse mila hoon

Sanky smiled when his song got completed
He took few steps forward.towards lucky

Lucky also stood up
Sanky was facing Lucky’s back

San:- you plays guitar very nicely
Lucky:- and you are nice singer… you..(he turned while saying this and got shocked seeing sanky)

Both sanlak got 440 volt current after seeing eo.
Sanlak:- you……here also…oh my god….

Swa:- you know eo.its nice so I decided that the singer of my band will be sanskar and laksh you will be the guitarist.. you both will work as team

Sanlak looked eo and​ gave’??’ expression and screamed
Sanlak:- nooooooo!!!!!!
Swara looked them with confusion
And screen freeze

Bye friends ??no game of dialogues for today..

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