Ijaazat “a twinj ss” shot 4

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Episode 4

Kunj came back to Amritsar.. Leaving Alisha coz he knew that she won’t come after seeing him nd twinkle together.. He was depressed he not only broke the heart of Alisha but also broke twinkle’s dignity..

He rang the door bell..usha opened it..
She is shocked that so soon..he came back..
Usha- kunj..u here..but urs nd Alisha’s flight was 2 days after..
Kunj- vo maa..Alisha didn’t came with me..actually her mom is not well..so she gone to meet her mom (he lied)
Usha- ohho..but at least u should call me..kunj..anyways come go get freshen up..
Later kunj got freshen up nd left to his office..
Usha to herself- I should call Alisha once..
She tried calling her but she didn’t picked the call…

On the other hand in Goa..
Alisha forgot everything nd started her new life with her modeling.. She was happy with it..but her love kunj was still in her heart but after seeing him with other girl. She can’t control her emotions….

Like this days passed.. Usha was getting tensed coz till now she didn’t had a talk with Alisha.. When she askes to kunj he somehow change the topic..but kunj was also wondering till when he will not tell usha anything..

One fine morning..
Door bell rang..it was corior man..
Usha opened the door..
Man- mam..these papers r for kunj sarna..
Usha- ohh..I m his mother give me..she took it nd signed..
She closed the door..nd checked the papers it was DIVORCE PAPERS.. She got the biggest shock
Usha shouts- kunj..nd gets faint..
Kunj came down running nd was shocked to see her mother’s condition..
Kunj- maa..he picked her up nd took her to room..nd called the doctor.. Maa..plzz tell something what happened.. He saw some papers lying in floor..
He knew that Alisha would send divorce papers but his mom would read it that he didn’t knew..the doctor came nd checked her..nd says
Doctor- kunj.. As u know she is suffering frm heart’s disease so don’t give her stress..take care nd these medicines give her on time ..kunj thanked the doctor nd came to usha..
Kunj- maa..
Usha- kunj..what’s all these..
Kunj explained her everything she was shattered that how can her child be like this ..
Usha- kunj get lost..I didn’t want to see ur face again..
Kunj- maa..take these medicines at least in time..tears formed in his eyes nd he left..
He was too broken that his life wasn’t talking with him..
After 1 week..usha was fine but wasn’t talking to kunj still..

@sarna mansion

Kunj was in his room..than a girl rang the bell he opened the door nd was again got a shock after seeing twinkle in front of him..
Kunj- twinkle u..
Twinkle- I need to talk to u..
Kunj- what??
Twinkle- come in private.. Both gone to kunj’s room..
Kunj- now tell what happened.. I said u frm that day we don’t know eo..
Twinkle- it’s easy for u to say but not for me..I m pregnant ur child is in my womb..
Kunj was again shocked(bechare ko sirf shock pe shocag rha???)
Kunj- but…
Twinkle- listen kunj..now u have to give me any solution.. Nd ya frm now I will stay with u..
Kunj- he pinched her too..r u mad..my mom.is already broken after saying this news she can’t handle it..
Twinkle- I don’t know anything.. If u have the guts to make me pregnant than u should have the guts to accept this baby..
Kunj- okay..but if my mom will ask than what I will reply..
Twinkle- tell her tat I came to take care of her..
Kunj- okay..but don’t tell anything her regarding ur pregnancy.. Nd I m the father of this baby .

To be continued…

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    Hahahaha kunj how will he handle usha and other family’s and twinkle hahaha she came their as usha care taker and waiting for more fun in this coming episode how will kunj handle the suitation.

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  14. fabulous episode???

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