ignored reason part -6

Hii friends this is diksha back with ff called “ignored reason.” hope u all gonna like it. Thanx for your precious comment and appreciation. Let’s start.

Here satya was fighting with one goon and another one was going toward diya and the girl. Diya told the girl to hide behind the tree. When the goon come near her diya took her scarf in which she had tied some stones and start beating the goons with the help of it. And hit him on head he fall unconscious. She take the girl with her to the car and make her sit inside and than she again went to satya. The goon who was fighting with satya was beaten badly by him and was literally laying on the ground with bruises on his face and blood was oozing out of cuts. Than satya again call the police and diya went to search the phone of goon and find it. She take the phone with her. Police too arrived their and arrest the goon. Satya requested the officer that the girl will come with diya in her car as she is not is good state and than he went with officer and diya drives the girl to police station. She call her friend and told her to bring clothes with her. They reached near police station and diya’s friends get her clothes. Diya went inside and talk with the lady inspector and told her everything they come outside and lady inspector talk with her. Than diya give clothes to the girl and she changed the clothes. And than they enter inside. And file the FIR against the goons. And diya handover the phone to lady inspector they get some checkups done. Than satya, diya and the girl name neeta came outside and sit in car. Neeta tells her adress to diya and they went their.

Outside the house.

Diya : neeta, if you want i can come with you. As till now police would have informe them and maybe you have to go to police station with them. So, i can help you to make them understand everything.

Neeta : it’s okay I’ll handle you can go and thanks for your help. Thanq so much.

Diya and satya sit inside car and went from there.

At journey

Diya : satya, you ok???

Satya : ya, i m fine. Why r u asking like this?

Diya : it’s Just i noticed that you are little disturbed after all this happened.

Satya : ya i m and it’s just reminded me something which i wanted to forget.

Diya : what is that thing u want to forget if u want u can share with me.

Satya : nthng important it’s Just i had been through this type of situation before and was thinking that still in these types of case always victim has to suffer.

Diya : ya, you are right. Satya we have to come tomorrow to police station.

Satya : ya I’ll come to ur house than we will go together.

In next few day satya and diya went to police station and court and registered their statements. They were supporting neeta and her family. Diya was helping neeta to get out through all this. Neeta and her family were in trauma. In all this time diya and satya became really good friends.

After few days

Diya and satya was sitting in cafe at evening after their work.

Satya : diya, neeta is really a strong girl she is fighting against this moron.

Diya : yes, you are right they are really brave. I don’t know why only girls has to face all this. All this s*xual harassment, s*xual abuse and rape. Why some men and boys became like this why they forget the humanity? Why they forget that they are human?

Satya : you know what diya i m agree that most of the time girls has to face all this but not only girls has to face s*xually harassing but in few case boys also go through all this but we just don’t except it. Even in some case they got blame for s*xually harassment and if they talk about it with someone people either they don’t believe or make fun of them. Why?? Because we think that man is physically strong so they don’t go through this we just don’t think that something like this can happen with males.

Diya : maybe you are right. We just ignore all this. but you know i agree that it happens and making fun of it is not gud it is just inhuman.

Satya : leave it. You just enjoy your coffee.

Diya : ok, so how’s your day?

Satya : pretty good. U tell me how’s your day?

Diya : super awesome. Let’s go it’s getting late.

Satya : ok let’s go.

Diya : satya if you want to share something with me you know you can. And i assure you I’ll never tell this to anyone else and will trust you without judging you.
Satya : you know diya, you should stop trying your psychologyon me use it for your patients.

So friends this is diksha signing off this part of “ignored reason.” hope you all gonna like it. Thanx a lot for your precious comment and support.

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