If you stay with me….. Intro

Hey guys!
I am new here.
I am the younger sister of Prabhi , the writer of Man Mayal.
It is her who inspired me to write my own FF.
Hope you like it!
Here is the intro:

-Pragya: A 17 year old girl.Positive,friendly,kind,dependable,intelligent but very shy. Keeps to herself.Cares about other peoples feelings.
-Abhi: A 19 year old boy. Love to sing but tells no one (the thought what would they say kept him from telling it to anyone). Active,handsome,good looking. Wants to be a rockstar when finish college.

-Bulbul: A 16 year old girl. Sensitive,friendly and always shares everything with pragya as both are sisters. Always sticking her nose in somebody else’s matter.
-Purab: A 18 year old boy. Abhi’s brother. Both share the same likes and dislikes. The both are twins in their habits.

-Rajbeer: A 18 year old boy who is very rude and has a crush on pragya.
-Sarla: Bulbul and Pragya’s mother. Her happiness is in her daughters happiness.
-Anjali: Bulbul and Pragya’s younger sister who is 15 years old and is inspired by her eldest sister Pragya.

These are the main characters.
So to keep you busy I decided to give a teaser/trailer.
Sarla: Pragya! You are still not ready!
Anjali: Mama you know na sis is always late.
Bulbul: Where is my breakfast?

S: Here is your breakfast bulbul.
B: Di quickly or else today gate keeper won’t let us in.
P: Almost there.
Anjali went in her sisters room.
She came out after sometime laughing.
A: Lol Di has made a mess in her room and is still in her pj’s and has all the clothes around the room.

Bulbul and Sarla went in pragya’s room.
P: can’t find my book.
S: you get ready,me and bulbul will look for it.
B: Di what is this?
P: Bulbul!

So how was it? Let me know.


  1. Prabhish



    Thank you everyone for reading and telling me what you think about it and I hope you guys love it as much as I do writing them.
    Thank you for all the love.

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