If you hold my hand #Sidhaswi (chapter 5)

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If you hold my hand
Chapter 5:Confessions.

All reach Mohali.. But Sidhant was missing. Tejaswi noticed but ignored later.
All were getting ready for the mehendi ceremony in Aryan’s big house… Haveli types.

Anaya was getting ready while Teja was going to her room on the way.. She was caught by a few Aunties.

Next scene –

Teja was getting ready for the mehendi function in Anaya’s room along with Zoya.

“Gosh!.. These aunties… They’re behaving as I will say yes to their sons, for marriage by tonight.. You know I got 5 proposals for marriage today.. “..Teja says.

“I got 7” Zoya laughs.

“Aunties ko lagta h.. We attend marriages to find grooms.. “.Anaya cont.  Laughing.

Anaya wore a beautiful Anarkali.. Dressed up like a queen.

Zoya wore a brown suit with beautiful embroidery and Tejaswi wore a gorgeous Lavender coloured suit with hanging pearls and diamonds adorning her ears..her hair made into a fishtail braid ..she looked just stunning.

Just then they heard the drums and dhols and other Punjabi instruments playing so well that none could stop themselves from dancing.

Anaya was standing beside Sidhant who was handsomely dressed in White shirt with white blazer and jeans.

“Sid.. Whom are you searching for?? “..Shr says looking at the desperate Sidhant.

“Tj…….oh!.. Dj.. ” he says when realises.

“so you call teja Tj….cool”

“who Teja? “..he makes faces.

“Oh really.. I know you like her”..she nudged.

“..Naa.. She’s not my type”.

“Kyu?? ”

“London se h na.. Aur ye london wallian thodi ajeeb si hoti h… Ladki to vo hoti h jisse maa ko mila sake” he looks at her.

“So she isn’t your type…To saamne se kaun aa rha h?? “..Sidhant looks in front and sees the gorgeous babe with a tinch of desiness walking down just from heavens With a plate of mehendi cones is her hands.  (for him?).

Sidhant was actually awestruck.. The winds of love combed his hair. Anaya goes and Aryan comes near him.

“..Can you too listen to violins??”.

“No… How can I ?”

“abe.. Jb mere itni zor zor se baj rhe h.. I thought tujhe sunai aa rhe h! ”

“Vaise mujhe aa rhe h yr”…”what” Sidhant turns in shock but Aryan was looking at Anaya sitting to get her mehendi done.

Sidhant looks at Teja and then turns.

Next scene ❤

Aryan and Sidhant were seeing drinking alcohol.. Probably they’re having a quite bachelor’s party together.

“Yaar tu shaadi… Shadi kyu kr rha h yaar? “..quite drunk sid asks.

“Kyunki…. Vo pink lehenge m kitni sundar lagegi “..aryan says as he’s drunk.

S:”hain!!??? ”

A:”Uski smile bohot pyaari h”

S:”Toh.. Tu usse shaadi kr lega? “..

A: (smiles) “Vo mujhe maarti h… Pr bohot cute h”

S:” abe… Pr shaadi kyu???….? ”

A:..”..thik h.. Sun”…he sits facing him… “I love her man! “..he lies back on the chair.

“aur mujhe usi k saath rehna h hamesha… Aur… Kisi aur k saath m use dekh nhi skta.. Bohot pyaar krta hu yr… Bohot… Aur pink lehenge m bhi to kitni sunder lagegi.. “..he smiles.

Next scene ❤

Sid and aryan were coming out of the place where on a distance they saw teja (shimmery black dress) and Anaya (shimmery green dress).. Both had made their hair into waves and smoky eyes… They were walking nd talking as if they’re drunk.

Both of the guys who weren’t drunk anymore caught hold of them.. “its midnight and look at them. It isnt safe.. Sid you bring Tejasswi please… Oh ya.. Why would you mind… Come”..aryan says while Anaya cuddles in his arms…sid looks at him with the look when you may give when your friend teases u about your crush in front of him/her…. “my baby is shooooo cuteeee”…she said like a child pulling his cheeks while he takes her in his car.

Sidhant tries to take teja to the car but she resisted.

“no… Stay.. Please “..she held the hand with which he held hers.

“Tj… It isn’t safe.. Let’s go.. ”

“kuch nhi hoga mujhe… “she says in drunk manner.

“pila de diwani m hu jiski… Am a bad girl… I Love whisky!! ..yaaaayyy!! “…she sang and swung getting her hands in the air…there wasn’t anyone around.

“wait! “..she pouts with her finger on her chin.. “zaroori h kya.. That every girl who likes whisky is a bad girl?? “..she asks him.

“nhi… Zaroori nhi… Ab chale pls”..

“ruko na..” she hits the road with her feet being stubborn.

“aaj…. Haan.. Aaj meri anu ki…. Aaj kya h?? “..

“aaj teri anu ki shaadi h.. “..sid says smiling on her cuteness..

Teja runs around singing this… She stands on the hood of her car nearby.. With her heels in her hands…

“tj… Tj come down.. “..he holds her.. She comes and falls unconscious/asleep on his chest due to the effect of the alcohol. Sid looks at her lovingly and settles her on the front seat of his car.. And goes to the driving seat.

He looks at her sleeping so peacefully.. He fixes her hair strands behind her ear.

“Kitni amazing ho yaar tum.. Ek pal m just so gorgeous tjen so hot and agle hi pal kitni cute ho.. Kaise karti ho yaar.. Kitni koshish kyu na karlun.. Tumse nazar hi nhi hat ti.. Tumhe dekha.. Aur pta hi nhi chala kb tumse beinteha mohobbat ho gyi.. Beinteha matlab extremity… If u don’t know.. Sid tu pagal h.. She can’t hear you.. She is sleeping like a doll lost in a beautiful dream… Tumhe pta.. H.. Initially I never believed in love at first sight but then you came into my life.. From a mere attraction to the feeling that now I have for you.. You have made me crazy.. I don’t wanna let you go.. Aaj party m tumne pucha tha na.. Ki main kyra ko ignore kyu kr rha hu?.. The reason is you… Mujhe pta h you don’t feel anything for me but still there’s a feeling of commitment towards you. Jitna pyaar tumhari vjah se mere andar bhar gya h.. Sb tumpe lutane ka mann krta h.. Aur pyaar ke liye jagah bhi toh chahiye.. Jispe sirf tumhe haq h…I don’t love you coz you’re very pretty but also.. I know how nice and pure your heart is.. Tum na bilkul meri maa ki bahu type material ho.. Unhe hamesha se jaisi bahu chahiye.. Tum vaisi hi ho.. I know m kuch zyaada hi soch rha hu… Par tumhare alava aajkal kuch aur soch bhi nhi paata….. “..he breaths after saying that all so softly to her and drives home…Teja smiles while opening one of her eyes looking at him.. Her cheeks where red… Yeah… She’s blushing. ??


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