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Chapter 7

Avidity for love ?

Its has been two weeks since Anan’s marriage.. Sidhant didn’t had even a glimpse of Tejasswi.. That morning when she went.. She took his sleeps, peace and contentment along.

One night

Sidhant was lying on his bed in his room thinking about her.. “That night.. I was awake the whole time Tejasswi.. You don’t how beautiful youd name is!.. When you saw you leaving for the airport that morning…. Every inch of mine wanted to stop you.. I wanted be with you.. Tumse bohot kuch kehne ka mann kr rha tha.. Par kya kahun..kaise kahun.. Pata nhi.. Tum apni ankhon se ummeed deke chali gyi ki hum milenge zaroor.. Its very easy for me to find your address.. You are an entrepreneur..but I want to know if my destiny is connected with you.. When you had so much trust.. Then why can’t I?… Agar nhi to Kismat ko badalna hoga…. Khuda ko dikh rha hoga.. Na dil tujhse juda hoga, teri takdeer m mujhko vo kahin to likh, rha hoga… (smiles).. Shayar bana diya h tumne ab toh!… I wish mera pyaar itna strong ho ki tumhe mere paas khich laye… “…..

“Sidhant… You are talking to yourself… “..he says to himself.

Next Morning ❤

Annapurna was going towards an area of a Temple after doing hed prayers where a girl wearing pink angarika kurti with white leggings and a white duppata was teaching kathak to 5-6 girls (on Kho diya of Bhoomi) .. One of them was Tunisha.

Annapurna looking at the girl says.. “ye kaun h? ”

Their practice gets over.. Tunisha comes to Ap.. “Hi badi Maa”..

Ap enquires about the girl… “Oh!.. She’s Tejasswi di.. Vo Ankita di ke leg m fracture ho gya tha na.. So Tejasswi Di.. Her cousin’s friend suggested ki hamare competition ki preparations vo karwa dengi.. Look at her..Bachpan se london m rahi h.. But still.. So good at Classical dance.. Amazing no? ”

“you are right… “..Ap answers..

Tunisha goes to get a group selfie with Tejasswi and her companions.. Before leaving woth Annapurna (Ap) .

Next Scene❤

Sidhant was in the kitchen drinking water when Tunisha comes.

“Aa gyi apna Ta tathaiya krke.. Tun tun.. Ek hi to kaam h jo tum hindustanion ki trah krti ho.. Firangi kahinki”

“Chup kro bhai… Mera mood khatab ho gya aur maine apna irada badal diya to zindagi bhar rooge”

“aisa kaun se khazaane ka pata lekar aayi h”…he drinks water.

“Khazaana to nhi… Par shayad bhabhi ban jaye vo meri.. “..

“hain! “..he literally spurted the water out of his mouth.”Tejasswi bose.. Isn’t that the name of the girl.. Jisne deewana kr rkha h apko?? “..

“No.. Nope”…he acts to deny

“okay.. I, thought Apko pasand h.. Aryan bhai ki wedding k baad.. Mujhe pata h daily kahan aati hain..I thought I could be of some help… Leave it “..she turns to go…she isn’t lesser than any ploy .. But sid anxiously holds her..

“Meri pyaari behena… Kya chahiye.. Zara pe shopping ya Jade?… Iphone?? ..Kuch bhi mangle…”

“She’s our temporary choreographer for one week… Sirf ek ghanta aati h… Himmat h.. Pata ke dikhao.. Mujhe nhi lagta.. You can handle such a great girl.. Gifts to m le hi lungi”

“Challenge chod… Tune dil jeet liya mera Tun tun…”..he hugged her and went excitedly out.. For office. “kl se tujhe classes m hi chodunga.. Aur launga.. “..he says…

“Driver ho kya”..she laughs

he turns looking stern.. “Haan”..and went laughing.

“Finally… He(god) showed me a way ” Sidhant goes dancing to his room but makes sure that no one notices.

Next day… Sidhant was getting ready excitedly.

“oh bhai… Bas mujhe chodna h aur vapas le aana h… Itna khush hone ki zaroorat nhi “..tunisha comes from behind.

“..Vo to m kar dunga.. Par kuch aur zaroori kaam bhi krna h.. “..he says..

“isiliye.. Tota ban ke jaa rhe ho.. “..she says looking at him..

He was dressed like..

“Sachi?.. Acha lag rha hu?? “..he asks

“Jooth bolu to haan.. “..

“Samajh gya… ”

He takes her to the same temple for practice.. (u guys may imagine the place where parthavi aka Jhanvi Kapoor was shown dancing in dhadak title track)

Eagerly looking here and there.. “Bhai you must be getting late for office… Go.. Come after 2 hours.. Or send  the…. driver…you don’t worry.. “..Tunisha nudged… “chup kr.. Tun tun.. ”

“..Di would be a bit late.. She just texted.. Lets continue with the practice.. “..a friend of tunisha says and takes her.. Sidhant goes unwantedly…he had to reach office for a meeting.

After 1 hour…

Tejasswi was performing on Ore Piya.. Suggesting the steps..

She was wearing a gorgeous white suit.


(1st one)….

Sidhant walks in as the music starts… No one notices him..

Sidhant hid himself at a safe place and looked at her as if every words of the song came out from his heart….

He watched slow winds playing with her hair which were made into a gorgeous braid.. But strands of her hair fell beautifully on the sides of her face…. He felt jealous of those winds… Wished his fingers were there instead…

(O Re Piya Haye… (3)
Udne Laga Kyon Man Baawla Re
Aaya Kahan Se Yeh Hosla Re
O Re Piya Haye… (2)
Tanabana Tanabana Bunti Hawaa Haaye Bunti Hawa
Boondein Bhi To Aaye Nahi Baaz Yahan
Sagish Mein Shaamil Sara Jahan Hai
Har Zare Zare Ki Yeh Iltiza Hai
O Re Piya
O Re Piya Haye… (2)
O Re Piya
Ni Re ,Re Re Ga
Ga Ga Ma
Ma Ma Pa
Pa Ma Ga Re Sa
Sa Re Re Sa
Ga Ga Re
Ma Ma Ga
Pa Pa Ma
Dha Dha Pa
Ni Ni Sa Sa Pa
Pa Sa Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa Ni
Re Ni Sa Sa Sa.. . . . ..
Nazrein Bolen Duniya Bole
Dil Ki Zaban Haaye Dil Ki Zubaan
Ishq Maange Ishq Chahe Koi Toofan
Chalna Aahiste Ishq Naya Hai
Pehla Yeh Vada Humne Kiya Hai
O Re Piya Haaye… (2)
O Re Piya
Yehhh Piya
Nange Pairo Pe Angaro
Chalti Rahi Haaye Chalti Rahi
Lagta Hai Ke Gairo Mein
Palti Rahi Haaye
Le Chal Wahan Jo
Mulk Tera Hai
Jahil Zamana
Dushman Mera Hai
O Re Piya Haye… (5)

“Undoubtedly.. This girl has got great dressing sense..she knows what looks best on her… “..he thinks……


Heya.. Thats for today… Sorry for not much sidhasswi.. But this chapter required just Sid’s advidity for her… Next will be up soon.

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