When twinkle was about to leave but monohar stop her call his daughter in law which make twinj shock
Monohar- first we are sorry ? for making u both in this condition we are just try to know how much u both love each other.
Usha – sorry from my side too as Alisha already told us about u both and kunj happiness is our happiness isn’t Alisha
Alisha- yes so guys happy marriage life I think I should leave now and do call me in baby dedication she said to twinj
All share laugh ? their and Alisha was leaving when she meet someone in Sarna mention let see who was it.
Voice – Alisha u here
A- yes I am about to leave from here and what an pleasant surprise
Both hug each other.
A- after long time we are meeting uv
Yes it was uv who love Alisha but he know that she only love kunj so he leave her to go with kunj.
Uv – so how is life going on
A – now iam free so thought to go back to office work.
Uv- free u mean u and kunj not together
A- no as for me his happiness matter and his happiness is twinkle so I let them enjoy their life.
Uv – before u leave I want to tell u something
A- go head

Uv- from the day when we start working together in Sarna industry I fall in love with u but scare to tell u I wanna make confess that I love u. I know u don’t love me it okay I just want to confess to u
A – I know uv U love me but I need sometime
Uv – take your time I won’t force u so let go in and give them surprise
Uv kunj brother love his family’s and Alisha from the moment he saw her.
But he know that Alisha only love kunj so he don’t bother to talk to her about his felling toward her.
Both went inside and all family’s were shock to see uv as he dint info them saying he will come to meet him.
M- wow welcome back son
U- welcome back and go and change as u might be tired
U- okay dad mom saying he went to change and come back
A- okay uv and all I should leave now
U- how about my word which I spoke to u outside
A- I need time for that

U- okay
Bye everyone saying she is about to leave but uv keep coming in front of her eye and she think it love like how uv love her knowing she love kunj and she thought to give a chance to their relationship
A- iam ready uv can’t hurt u saying no I know how much u love u sorry for hurting u before as I don’t know u love me this much
U- really Alisha I love u so much
But other side family’s was in shock as they don’t know what going on
U- what is this uv Alisha
A- auntie he love me from beginning and as u know I only love kunj but now I understand I also love him
MU- great then we will have weeding of this two couple soon.
Twinj uv Alisha look at each other and smile and monohar Usha talk to Alisha and twinkle parent and they are ready for their marriage.
Later both couple got married and were happy in their life and twinj were blessed with twin son and daughter and uv and Alisha were also blessed with twin child

Thank u so much for the love u all give to me and my ff I will try to come up soon.
All the best to those who is taking testing

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