If I’m really yours??(Ragsan ff) Part-2 by Pari

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Ragini still having the thoughts in her mind. How she saw Sanskar and how Bibek told her it’s also his marriage today. She wasn’t aware that now she has reached the room on first floor which was booked for her.Her thoughts get broken by Kirty’s words.

Kirty-Hey, don’t think about that much.. just concentrate on your present and future now.

Payal-yah she is right.dont get stressed.it was just a coincidence nothing much.

Sonu-okay leave all of those thoughts. You had tried your best right.. Still nothing happened. You waited for four years for him. And it was now your decision to move on. You started loving Dev.. Yes or no tell me clearly.

Ragini-yes, I love Dev ..

Sonu-it was just a coincidence.. that his marriage was here only. And he was getting married to that Richa whom he loved..leave it.. Let’s take some pictures.

Kirty-yah.. don’t forget that we have to upload them on social media..So many people who were mad on you were waiting to saw you only once how you are looking in this attire..

Payal-yahbut you two were after me. I’ll take the first pic.

Sonu-anddo it firstly guys if our husbands will come here na then they will not let us take a picture with their sister.

Kirty- yah if anyone will see their bond they will tell that they met Ragini before us..

Payal- and we met Ragini because of them but the truth was they met her because of us..and everyone laughs..

Ragini thinks how much lucky she is.she has three best friends and their husbands treat her more than their own sisters.Then they gave many poses and the photographer also took many photos of their.

Ragini took some selfies and silently sent them to Dev.she knows very well that Dev must be waiting eagerly to see her pic.she had sent them before ten minutes ago but till now there is no reply from him.she was shocked because Dev was behaving like this from last few days. She knows he was very much busy in wedding preparation.she remember something. .


At evening Ragini get a call from Dev.


Dev- hii my butterfly(it was the name he had given to Ragini)

Ragini- what happen?

Dev- nothing now only wake up from sleep.you know what I saw my lifeline there. And a very beautiful dream with her.

Ragini – she didn’t understand he was talking about her only . She became angry ..what who is that girl?

Dev- he was enjoying her jeoulsy. .Are baba I told na my lifeline. .

Ragini- We call the person Lifeline to them whom we love the most. Tell me that girl’s name??I’ll Kill her.

Dev- you are soo innocent yaar.

Ragini- what?

Dev-my pagli. .who else can be that girl except you? ?you are my lifeline pagli..

Ragini- she smiles. .Love you my mental (it was the name she had given to Dev ).

Dev-love you too my butterfly. .

Ragini- okay then tell me what you had seen in your dream?

Dev- I saw you in a very beautiful lehenga. .and you are looking more beautiful in the bridal look. Oh god why these days were not passing?

Ragini – Really? I think you are very much excited.

Dev-yah ..Please na Ragini promise me you will sent me your bridal pic first I mean before we met me at the mandap .

Ragini- okay promise. .

Fb ends…

Present time..

Ragini was thinking about her and Dev ‘s relationship. How he proposed her infront of her whole family in the mid of her father’s bday party. And then she look at her father who was smiling whole heartly. .and that smile she was dying to see ..and she said yes to Dev..But later on she also fall for him.

Then all of them left to downstairs because they could hear clearly the barat coming sound. Ragini was feeling restless. .she doesn’t understand if it was a normal thing or something is bad going to happen. She was happy but equally sad for the day. Because someone had said correctly that in a marriage except the bride everyone is happy because only she knows how it feels when it comes about to leave her parents. .she was happy because she was marrying Dev but also somewhat sad.And she walks near to the window and tried to look at the barat but she was unable to do so.And suddenly she saw Sanskar was clicking pics with his friends. She read the board —-Sanskar weds Richa..she remembers the past.


Before seven years, Ragini was a very talented student. After completion of xiith her father agreed to send her for medical coaching to the city. And to the most famous coaching centre. Ragini started a new life there. There she met Payal who was her roommate. For three months she only knows two to three things –classes, hostel and then self study class. Infact without study she never tried to know any other thing. She was one of the regular student of the self study class. From the very first days she was going there. And gradually other’s came there. Totally 10 students used to came their for self study. And that day was first she saw him. Ragini was sitting next to first bench. And she don’t know who was the boy sitting in the first bench. She saw him he was continuously talking to the boy next to her bench .and in this way Ragini was getting disturbed. When it was out of control she called him..

Ragini- Excuse me. .can you please talk slowly. .

Boy- why?

Ragini- i’m getting disturbed please. .

Boy- but you are sitting in between me and my friend so it’s not my fault. Who told you to sit here?

Ragini- excuse me it also because of you only. You boys are talking alot and it creates much noise here .So mam only make me sit here.

Boy-not a big problem. Just change your seat. Let him sit here.

Ragini- no i can’t.

Boy-but why?

Ragini- because mam will scold me and i don’t want to get scolded. Pleas understand.

But still he was unstoppable. So Ragini went and calls mam. And she scolded him.

Mam- Sanskar you are still talking. If this will continue then I’ll definitely make you our from here. And will restrict you from coming here from today .

Sanskar- no mam please don’t do this. You know my problem right .Okay sorry mam.

Mam-say sorry to Ragini.

Sanskar- okay sorry Ragini.

Ragini- it’s okay. And she saw he was looking towards her angrily. But she ignores that and continue her studying. .

To be continued……..

Friends due to my health issues i was unable to update it. Really sorry for that. My health wasn’t good from last some days. So once I’ll get fine I’ll update it regularly. I’ll update the next part on 28th of this month. Please support me. .and don’t forget to comment…I’ll wait for your comments. See you soon. .Till then bye and take care….

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