If I’m really yours??(Ragsan ff) Intro and Part-1 by Pari

Hello everyone… hii it’s Pari again with a new story on our lovely couple ragsan…Hope you all remember me… sorry due to personal problems i couldn’t complete last ragsan ff.here is a new story I’m going to share with you all..Hope you all will like it.(I’ll write it as real i could make.. because half part of this story is real and very close to my heart because it was the story of a girl who is my best friend…At  the end I’ll tell you which part  was real)

A two floor house is seen..And it was decorated fully.Five to six cars and bolero were standing infront of the house.And boys were arranging the bags in the cars.And now it was confirmed that it was the house of Mr and Mrs Ramesh mishra(a pure brahmin family).His wife name is Gita mishra. He has two daughters and one son. He and his younger brother were standing in front of the gate.And checking the arrangements.He gets a phone call and answered it.

Ramesh- yes,we are leaving with in 15 minutes only.And then he cuts the call and went to inside.there he saw his wife Gita.

Ramesh- Gita what you were doing?? Barat will leave from their house with in 2 hour. And till now we are here only.

Gita- We are ready. Only your ladly daughter is not. She was getting ready till now.

Ramesh- ohh..You all ladies please leave and sits in the car. I’m going to call her.

Gita- okay.
(And she left with all the ladies)

Ramesh- he reached the room and saw his daughter was getting ready and her three best friends were helping her. He knows them very well. He calls one of them.

Ramesh- Sonu come here. (And she came near him)

Sonu-yes, uncle ..

Ramesh- what you all were doing? Barat will leave from their house with in two hours .. please do it quickly.

Sonu- it’s almost over uncle. Ragini is almost ready.. Look at her..

Ramesh look at his daughter she was looking very pretty in a golden lehenga which he had choosed for her.It was an arrange marriage .He reminces Ragini from her birth to till now and became teary eyed. At that time his son Ansh came near him and holds his shoulder. He makes a joke ..

Ansh- Didi if you will get ready till  evening?? then someone else will run away with your Dev…

Ramesh- hey dont tell like that..Okay beta please do it fastly. We are waiting outside.

Ragini’s pov
   I’m ready now. Today it’s my marriage. I don’t need anything from God now. I’m a successful lecturer in a govt clg. I have a loving family ..With a loving and caring mama ,papa and a cute little sister Deepa and a younger brother Ansh. I had three best friends kirty, Sonu and Payal. I’m going to marry Dev who is an software engineer. His family was well established.. my papa and uncle has brought the alliance.  At the first i was upset. But now we both are in love with each other madly. It was his  wish that we should get married in a mandap rather than home.  A hotel has been booked for this. And we are leaving for the hotel now. At 12 it was the muhurat that pandit had set. I’m leaving. I look at the house and get emotional from my childhood to till now. I kirty make me look to the names written in the wall…. Ragini weds Dev???.

We reached the hotel after one hour. I saw two mandap were there. Kirty told that some one else marriage also going to happen there. I smile and in heart congrats the couple although i don’t know them. Suddenly Sonu holds my hand tightly. I know her very well that she did it either she is very much surprised or may be she is out of feared. I look in to her eyes and she asks me to look towards the left side … He was sitting there….I recognised him immediately… He was Bibek… Sanskar’s best friend.. I simply avoided that telling my mind that may be Bibek has came hear to attend any of his friend’s marriage. Now he saw me.. and comes near me and smiles..

Bibek- yaar you are here??

Ragini- yah it’s my marriage today.

Bibek- oh it means the other mandap was for your marriage. I doubted that it could you but thought many Ragini are there.

Ragini- ohh.. what you are doing here??

Bibek- congrats yaar.. sorry forget that it was Sanskar’s marriage today with Richa.

Ragini- I was shocked but i avoided my curiosities and… Wow it’s  great.. congrats him from my side. Okay I’m going now otherwise mama will kill you.

Bibek- yah sure. But meet sanskar Na…

Ragini- I’ll meet later.. Sonu look at me and we started leaving but suddenly from front he came… It’s sanskar…My heart beats faster…And i holds Sonu’s hand tightly. She understood it and dragged me and others from there quickly. I thanked god… Sonu told me to forget the things… And let me concentrate in my marriage. And i did the same…

But if my ignorance is much for it or any other thing is going to happen.. his marriage was also there… Hope everything to be happen smoothly…

Bibek- yaar if you recognised her or not??

Sanskar – she is Ragini right.. she is looking much pretty today. Can’t believe my eyes.

Bibek- yah… Okay she congratulated you and left.

Sanskar – yah okay. But still he looks back and then left..

It ends here….

Soo it was the intro and first part.. How sanskar and ragini know each other?? Okay friends leaving now.. hope you all like it. Please reply me . I’m writing again after almost a year.. it’s really hard for me.. please let me know that i should continue it or not..Don’t forget to comment.. see you soon.. till then bye and take care…

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    I think RagSan studied in same school or college and Sanku is Rago’s crush
    Excited to know how RagSan gonna get married ????

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