The Idiot and the Troublemaker (OS) Part-1 (SWASAN)


The city of Dehli.. A male voice states.. Everyone is totally into their work. No one is paying attention to what others are upto. Everyone has concern with what they are doing. And.. This, is where our story starts..

The scene starts with a swing that is swinging and a girl is sitting on it. It’s in a garden. She has a book in her hand. Her eyes are focused on the book and her lips are shown murmuring something. Her hair is tied into two little braids, one on each side. She was totally indulged into what she was reading. The girl seemed to be in her teens, about 13 years old. She had specs on. Her appearance told that she was a nerd and indeed she was..
Suddenly, a football hit her hands that caused the book to fly and fall on the ground. She got up and bent to pick up her book. She had her hands on the book and was about to pick it up, when she felt someone was approaching her. She hurriedly got up and stood straight. She found a boy, in his teens, about 17 years old along with two other boys by his side who were also kinda close to his age.

Boy 1: “Here here here.. Look what we have got! Once again, the same old nerd.” He took the book that the girl had clutched tightly in her hands and threw it away.
Girl: “YOU JUST CAN’T..”

Boy 1: “Yes, I can Miss Looser.” One of the other two boys who were standing at his back said, “Shaurye.. Leave it yaar! You know Miss Looser very well, if we annoy her for a second longer she would definitely start crying for her Mom and Dad.”
Boy 3: “Ahahaha.. And I even know what she would say.. MOMMY! DADDY! HELP ME.. These boys are annoying me (he says in a girly voice) AHAHAHA..” Shaurye and the other guy bursts out laughing. Tears emerge in the girl’s eyes. She wanted to say something but words couldn’t escape her mouth. She just couldn’t gather the courage. After a while, Shaurye says, “Guys.. Wait a sec, I think you forgot something.”

Boy 2 and 3 (together): “What Shaurye?” Shaurye raises one of his eyebrows and moves forward towards the girl. He makes the girl look into his eyes by raising her chin.
Shaurye: “Miss Looser.. Has no parents!”
Boy 2: “No parents? That’s so sad.. Isn’t it Abhay?”
Abhay (Boy 3): “Indeed, it is Abhi.” Abhi and Abhay give a hi-fi to eachother while Shaurye smirks at the girl. Tears roll down the girl’s cheeks.
Abhay: “Awww.. Miss looser started crying? If you think that’s gonna effect us, then you are absolutely wrong.”

Shaurye moves his hand towards the girl and tries wiping her tears. The girl looks up him, with those red eyes that clearly showed the anger for him. Shaurye had just placed his hand on her cheeks when the girl shoved his hand away and ran as fast as she could.
Shaurye: “Oho.. Seems like someone is really angry, han?”
Abhi: “Leave it Bhai.. Let’s go!”
Shaurye: “Hmmm..”
The screen goes black and after like a few seconds you can hear a girl laughing..
The scene opens showing a girl as she is talking on the phone while packing her clothes.
Girl: “Han Ragini.. I have packed nearly everything. You are coming na?”
Another girl is shown, who is busy applying nail paint onto her nails. She is Ragini.
Ragini: “Of course yaar Swara.. I know it’s your cousin’s marriage but we all spent a really good time together in our childhood. I am definitely gonna attend Natasha’s wedding ceremony.”

Yes, the girl on the other side of the phone was Swara.
Swara: “Yeah.. I do remember.. Our childhood!” She sighs.. Ragini gives a confused expression and says, “Why.. What wrong? Wasn’t our childhood fun? We used to play with those Barbie dolls..” Before she could say anything else, she heard something calling her name. A guy’s voice called, “RAGU? Where are you..” “Coming!”, she yelled back. After replying to the voice, she turned back to Swara (on the phone).
Ragini: “Sorry Swara.. I gotta go! Bhai is calling. And don’t worry.. Me and Bhai would pick you up at 8:00 a.m in the morning, okay?”
Swara: “You and your brother? But why is he..”
Ragini: “Oho Swara.. You know him very well. How possessive he is..”
Swara: “Yeah totally.. Kinda over possessive, but..”
Ragini: “After Mom and Dad left this cruel world, he just won’t let me go anywhere alone and being a younger sibling I can’t deny to anything he says out of respect. Plus, I like it when he gets possessive towards me. It kinda shows how much he loves me and makes me feel that even Mom and Dad aren’t with me but he surely is..”
Swara: “Hmmm.. Anyways, see you tomorrow then..”
Ragini: “Bye.. See you too..”

Swara disconnects the call after bidding bye to her and sighs once again..
Swara: “Wish I could feel the same as Ragini does.. Even I want to feel what love is like? I want to be loved.. But in all these years what I have got is just.. Is just..hatred.”
A few flashbacks are shown with the same kids.. The boy hitting the girl with the football and calling her Miss Looser and telling her that she doesn’t has any parents. She moves to the other side of her bed and picks up a picture from the side table. It’s a picture of a woman and a man, smiling.
Swara: “Mom… Dad! Look.. This is the same old nerd. (Some other flashbacks with the same nerdy girl are shown) She is all grown up but still hasn’t forgotten what she has gone through. She still hasn’t learnt what love means and what it feels like to be loved.” Tears roll her cheeks as she hugs the picture. She closes her eyes for a few mins and then opens them. She quickly wipes her tears, places the picture back on the side table.
Swara: “BUT NOT THIS TIME..” She gets up from the bed, goes and stands in front of the mirror.

Swara: “I.. Swara! Take an oath that this time I am gonna be strong. I gonna be so strong that I would prove all of them wrong. I shall prove to them that this Swara is no longer a coward and a nerd. She has become mature and this time she is ready to face each and every challenge.. EVERY CHALLANGE!” She smiles at herself and says aloud! “LET’S DO THIS!” She turns back and the screen goes black once again.
The next morning, Swara is standing outside her flat’s building. Dressed up casually in a pink Corp top and a long white skirt. She is wearing flats and has her hair open. She has no accessories on, just a little bit of the make up that includes some what of the lip gloss and blush. She looks at her watch and then towards the road. She was actually waiting for Ragini, as they had to leave for her cousin (Natasha’s) wedding ceremony. Atlast, a car stops by her.. The window lowers and reveals Ragini who was sitting is the front seat beside the person who was driving. She signals her to get into the car as fast as possible. Swara nods and opens the back door. She wonders where to keep her luggage while Ragini shouts, “Come on Swara.. Get into the car.. We are already getting late!” Swara points towards her luggage so that Ragini can understand the problem. Ragini notices it and exclaims, “Oops! I am so sorry.. Just a sec..” Swara waits while Ragini says something to the person sitting next to her.

Ragini: “Bhai.. Open the car trunk. Swara has to keep her luggage.” A guy, about 21-23 years old sitting next to Ragini with his sun glasses on, dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt.. just nods and pulls the handle to open the car trunk. Swara tried hard to see who the guy is or how he looks, but what she could see was his sunglasses.
Swara (to herself): “Who the heck is this guy and what is he doing in the car with Ragini?” While Swara was thinking about all this, the guy (Ragini’s brother) said something to Ragini, which was actually kinda loud so Swara could hear it.
Guy: “Tell your friend that we are getting late and if she wants to go with us then she needs to hurry up.” Ragini just nodded at him while Swara expressions changed to the shocked ones.

Swara (to herself): “What on earth is wrong with this guy? Is he some sort of celebrity or a well known business man that doesn’t have time to wait for a girl until she puts her luggage in the car? Huh.. IDIOT!” She stamped her feet and walked towards the back of the car to put her luggage. She tried lifting her luggage and putting it into the car trunk but she just couldn’t do it. “COME ON SWARA.. You can do it!”, she said to herself as she tried for the 3rd time but in vain. The guy sitting next to Ragini was seeing her struggle to accommodate her luggage into the car trunk and was giggling at her.
Guy (to Ragini): “Seems like your friend doesn’t even know how to put her luggage in the car or maybe she is a little too weak for it..” He giggled..
Ragini: “In that case you should be helping her. Go on.. She needs your help Bhai!”
Guy: “Nope! Sorry! I am not traveling with you guys so that you can turn me into your servant any time you like siso..” He pulled her cheeks this time while Ragini fumed in anger.

Ragini: “Sanskaar Bhai, are you going to help her or not?” Yes, the guy sitting next to Ragini was Sanskaar, her over possessive brother, who could do anything for his sister. The fact that Ragini called Sanskaar by his name implied that she was super angry and by now Sanskaar had known it.
Sanskaar: “Okay.. Okay.. I am going..” So, Sanskaar finally stepped out of the car and walked towards the back of the car to help Swara. When Swara saw him approaching her she immediately said, “It’s okay.. I don’t need your help. I can do it myself.”
Sanskaar (removed his sunglasses and said, pointing his finger at her): “O hello Miss whatever.. I don’t want to know your opinion that whether you would like me accompanying you in putting your luggage in the car or not? It’s just because my sister asked me to do so and for your information.. I can do anything for my sister cuz I love her more than myself..” Swara had decided what she was about to say in his reply but when she heard him saying I love her more than myself, she just stood there like a statue. Words couldn’t come out of her mouth.. She could still see him saying something to her but couldn’t hear it..
Swara (murmured): “Love her more than your self?” She came out of her world as she felt someone’s strong grip around her arm. It was Sanskaar… His touch gave her chills. He shook her hard and exclaimed, “Hello Miss? Are you even listening to what I am saying?” Swara looked at his hand and then looked at him.
Swara: “Aa..aa.. Yes! Yes.. I am.. And for your information I did like to say that I have a name and its Swara.”
Sanskaar: “Oh… So miss Swara a.k.a Miss Troublemaker would you mind taking a side so that I can show you how to put your luggage in a car.” He raised one of his eyebrows and looked at her.
Swara: “Aa.. Yeah! Sure.. Go ahead!” He gave her a wide smile and said, “Thank you!” (in a sarcastic manner) while Swara stared at him. Finally, Sanskaar carefully loaded her luggage in the car trunk and closed it.
Sanskaar: “There.. It’s done! I hope you got it and I won’t have to do it again.. Miss Troublemaker..”
Swara: “HEY! Stop calling me a troublemaker..Such an..” Before Swara could say anything further, Sanskaar moved a step forward towards her and said, “Such an what?” Swara took a step back.
Swara: “Aaa..” Sanskaar took a step forward and asked once again, “What were you about to say? Such an..” By now they were really close to eachother. Swara felt his strong gaze at her and tried looking away but she just couldn’t as her eyes caught the sight of those big dark brown eyes of his. They had an eye lock..totally lost into eachother..for like 3 solid minutes when Ragini pressed the horn and their eye lock broke.
Ragini (yelled): “Are you guys coming or not?”
Swasan: “Yeah.. Coming!” They both gave eachother a glare and walked to their side where they had sit. As they sat down on their seats they murmured to themselves…
Swara (murmured): “Mr Idiot!”
Sanskaar (murmured): “Huh.. Miss Troublemaker!”
Ragini: “Did you guys say anything?”
Swasan (together, yelled): “NO!”
Ragini: “Ok.. Okay..! (Under her breath) Weird..”
Sanskaar starts the car and they drive off.. The screen goes black and manly voice narrates, “Well, that’s just the beginning…Is Mr Idiot the perfect one for Miss Trouble maker? Will Miss Troublemaker be able to know what love is? Will Mr Idiot be the one who would be standing by Miss Troublemaker through thick and thin? Let’s see…”
The screen lights up again… Sanskaar was driving the car peacefully. Swara was sitting in the backseat whereas Ragini was sitting beside Sanskaar. Ragini was on her phone while Swara was getting bored. She wasn’t the phone person who could stick to the phone for like hours..but Ragini was. They were half way through their journey. Swara couldn’t get bored anymore so she leaned towards the window to have a look outside. Sanskaar was noticing her all the way through their journey..
Sanskaar (to himself): “So Miss Troublemaker is all set to create another problem for me, but I am not gonna let that happen again.” He saw Swara enjoying the wind and view outside. He smirked at himself. He intentionally pushed a button from the driver seat that caused the back seat window to slide upwards..
Swara: “WHAT THE….”
Sanskaar: “Sorry for that! Actually the wind was kind of messing up my hairstyle so I had to.. Hope you don’t mind..” He gave her a flirtatious smile.. Ragini looked over to Swara. Swara immediately replied with a fake smile, “No.. It’s fine! It’s totally fine..” Ragini smiled and got back on her phone.
As Ragini looked away Swara gave Sanskaar a death glare while Sanskaar just smiled back, put on his sunglasses back..lowered them a bit and winked at her while Swara fumed in anger..
Swara (murmured): “The hell with your hair style! It’s my cousin’s wedding ceremony not yours that you are worrying about how you look.. If Ragini would not have been there, I would have killed this guy at the spot. How could he.. Argh! Such an idiot he is.. I have already started hating him..”
Sanskaar’s point view:
“Good job man! Now atleast Miss Troublemaker knows who is the boss here.. Just look at her… (He lowered his sunglasses and looked at Swara), she looks so cute when she is angry..” He kept adoring her for like 3 secs when he realized what he just thought..
“Did I just say.. CUTE? Miss Troublemaker aur cute?” He looked back at Swara and then thought to himself, “Woa! Sanky dude! You are thinking way to much about this girl. She is just your sister’s friend.. Stop thinking about her.. Focus!” While he was thinking about all this and Swara was busy in thinking how much she has started hating this guy who is actually her best friend’s brother.. Ragini shouted on the top of her voice, “STOP! STOP THE CAR!”
Sanskaar applied the brakes at once and yelled back, “WHAT? What’s wrong?” Ragini replied in a lower tone this time, “I am hungry..”
Sanskaar (surprisingly): “You are what?”
Swara: “Are you deaf or something.. Even I can hear what she said. She said that she is hungry!!! You get it now?”
Sanskaar: “Miss Troublemaker, was there a need for you to speak? No, so just shut up and sit back there.”
Swara: “HEY! First of all stop calling me Miss Troublemaker and secondly, who are you to ask me to shut up, han? Ragu is best friend and I have a right to speak up for her.”
Sanskaar: “And I am her brother! The one and only brother.. Get that?”
Sanskaar: “How the hell did you call me an idiot?”
Swara: “Just like that Mr Idiot..”
Sanskaar: “Oh really.. Miss Troublemaker?”
Swara: “IDIOT!”
Ragini: “WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE SHUT UP?” Swasan stopped their fight at once when they heard Ragini shouting.. But the next second they started it again..
Sanskaar: “Her fault!”
Swara: “No.. It’s totally his fault!”
Sanskaar: “You started it!”
Swara: “You did!” Ragini couldn’t take it anymore so she just opened the door and walked out of the car..
Swara: “RAGINI! See now my best friend is upset only because of you.”
Sanskaar: “You better know who you are blaming. I am her brother and the reason why she is upset is you, not me.”
Swara: “Whatever! I am going to get her back. You can sit back here and fight with yourself.” After that, Swara left the car. She was followed by Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Where the heck did Ragu go?”
Swara: “I don’t know.. I literally have no idea.”
Sanskaar: “See.. Now because of you I have lost my sister. Look, if anything happens to her na, I severe I am not gonna spare you.”
Swara: “Stop blaming me! It’s not only my fault, it’s yours too.”
Sanskaar: “Okay fine! It’s my fault too. Satisfied?” Swara nods..
Sanskaar: “Now can we please find my sister?”
Swara: “What are we waiting for?” They both start searching for Ragini together, calling her name.. After a few mins, Sanskaar approaches Swara and asks about Ragini.
Sanskaar: “Did you find her?” Swara nods in no sadly.
Sanskaar: “What on earth I am supposed to do now?” He looks down in disappointment. Swara wonders what should she do to cheer him up. She hesitates first in putting her hand on his shoulder or touching him, but at last she does..
Swara (puts her hand on his shoulder and says): “We shouldn’t loose hope that easily. She must be somewhere around.” Sanskaar looks up at her and a faint smile appears on his face. Swara smiles back a little.
Swara: “Let’s go..” They hadn’t even taken a step forward when their eyes are left wide open.
Swara: “What the hell? Ragini?”
Sanskaar: “RAGU?” He rushes towards her followed by Swara. Ragini was sitting on a roadside dhaba, with a number of different dishes placed in front of her. She was all set to eat them but before she could she hears someone calling her. She turns back to find her brother, Sanskaar along with Swara.
Ragini (quite calmly): “Oh, hi Bhai! Hi Swara! Would you both like to have lunch with me? Actually, I accidentally ordered too much of the food that I can’t eat all these dishes all alone.” She makes a puppy face that makes Swasan laugh..
Sanskaar: “Oh gosh!”
Swara: “Ragini.. We had been searching for you everywhere and you are enjoying your lunch here..without even informing us?”
Ragini: “I told you guys I was hungry but you guys were just so busy in your problems that you didn’t bother.. (Swasan look at eachother in embarrassment) And I knew that you people were searching for me that is why I offered you my food. Now sit and eat, before I end up eating all of this..” She starts eating while Swasan look on. Sanskaar hits her on her head and smilingly says, “You are the cutest sister ever!”
Ragini: “I know.. Hehehe..”
Swara: “And the cutest bestie too..”
Ragini: “I know that too! See, I am so clever.”
Sanskaar: “Not that clever cuz we are not gonna let you eat all that all alone.”
Swara: “Certainly!” The trio have lunch together at the dhaba, pay for the lunch and head back to the car.
Ragini was the first one to reach the car and take her seat. Swasan were left behind.
Sanskaar (to Swara): “So Miss Troublemaker, as now we are friends so..”
Swara (interrupting him): “Wait a sec, who said we are friends?”
Sanskaar: “Well.. We just worked together as a team to search for my sister so I thought..”
Swara (interrupting him, once again): “So you thought that we are friends now? Mr Idiot, would you please stop assuming things?”
Sanskaar: “Aaa.. Well, that means we aren’t friends until now. Hmm.. Anyways, at least there is a hope that we would become friends some day.”
Swara: “I don’t think so.. I think we are gonna stay enemies for a long long time.” After saying this she walks all alone towards the car leaving Sanskaar behind.
Sanskaar (to himself): “Enemies? Well, good for her.” He smiled at himself and rushed towards the car.
The trio got back into the car and continued their journey. After like 3 hours of traveling they finally reached their destination. It’s 6:00 p.m by now darkness has started taking over the daylight. Sanskaar got out of the car and opened the door for the 2 ladies. He opened it first for his sister and then for Swara. While opening the door for Swara he said..
Sanskaar: “Paon rameen per na rakhiye ga maile ho jain ge.” It took a min for Swara to understand that he actually said that. He gave her his usual smile and moved away.. “Did he actually mean that or was he just joking with me?”, she thought to herself for a min but then she jerked the thought off her mind. She then joined Ragini and Sanskaar.
Ragini took a deep breathe in the air and said, “Ahhh.. Lucknow!” Swasan smiled at her. “Come one let’s go..”, she said while dragging Swara along with her in the big mansion that was before there eyes.
Sanskaar: “Hey! Wait for me..” He rushed after them. Ragini pushed the door of the mansion open and yelled on the top of her voice, “Get up everyone! It’s time for you to know how to have fun. The girls are here..”
Sanskaar: “Aah.. Is some..going to help me..with this..Aah..?” Swaragini turned to find Sanskaar fully exhausted as he was carrying the bags that belonged to trio of them. They giggled and took off their respective bags from him.
Sanskaar: “Aah.. Thank you ladies!”
Swaragini: “Your most welcome..”
Ragini: “Come on.. Let’s head inside..”
Sanskaar: “Sure..” Ragini started walking towards the mansion’s door leaving Swara behind. Swara looked at the huge mansion and closed her eyes for a few seconds.. A few flashbacks are shown:
A little girl calling for her Mom and Dad appears. “Mama….Papa…?”, she looked for her parents here and there. She seems to be like 6 years old. “MAMA!! PAPA!!”, she calls even louder this time. At last when she is unable to find them, she starts crying when suddenly, 2 people (a man and a woman) emerge and the girl runs to them. The man takes the girl in his arms and picks her up.
Man: “Aww.. Princess why are you crying, han?”
Girl (while sobbing): “Papa.. You.. You went away! You..left.. Mama..left..”
Woman (wiping away her tears): “No princess.. We didn’t!”
Girl: “You did.. You left me. I don’t want to talk to you.” The man looks over to the woman and gives her a smile. The woman nods..
Man: “Oho! Look princess, Papa and Mama are sorry for what they did.” The man holds his ears while the woman does the same.
Girl: “No sorry is acceptable. I don’t need it!”
Woman: “Then what do you need?”
Girl: “A promise!”
Man: “A promise?”
Girl: “Yes, promise me that you will never ever leave me alone in this world. Promise?” The woman gives her husband a faint smile and says, “Promise!” The girl looks over to her father.
Man: “Okay princess, I promise! Happy?” The girl smiles.. The man tickles the girl and the family shares a light moment together. The flashback ends..
Sanskaar snaps his finger in front of Swara’s eyes and says, “Hey! Are you..okay?” Swara comes back from the flashback and tries wiping her tears that had emerged in her eyes because of those lovely memories she had lived with her parents but it was of no use, cuz Sanskaar had already noticed them.
Swara: “Yeah.. I am completely fine.. Let’s go..” Swara tries to leave from there to hide her pain but stops as she feels someone holding her hand. She turns back to find Sanskaar, holding her hand. He moves closer to her while Swara turns her face away. He takes one of tears that she had (maybe) forgot to wipe from her face and shows it to her.
Sanskaar: “If you are completely fine, then.. What’s this?” Swara looks at her tear drop on the tip of his finger and immediately replies with a faint smile, “Oh… Actually! Something got into my eye so..” She tries leaving once again and even this time Sanskaar gets successful in stopping her. He turns her around and pulls her closer. Swara hits his chest. She struggles to get rid of his hold..
Sanskaar: “Miss Troublemaker! You may call me an idiot. You may think that I am rude, mad and stupid because I get successful in annoying you every time but do remember one thing.. I am even more clever than you think so you better not lie to me..” Swara finally gets successful in getting rid of his hold. She pushes him away.
Swara: “And you better stop interfering my personal matters. Remember, we are still enemies and I still don’t like you.” She then leaves the place. Sanskaar just stands there, seeing her leave. “Even if you don’t want me to know, but still I shall find it out Miss Troublemaker that’s what’s so intense and painful about your relation with this mansion that it made you cry”, he says. The scene ends on Sanskaar determined face.
The next scene opens as Swara enters the mansion. She finds numerous people before her eyes, roaming here and there, doing their jobs and tasks, dressed in some glittery dresses. She looks here and there for Ragini and finally spots her. While moving towards her, she bumps into someone. The bump was so hard that she was about to fall but fortunately the person held her on time. Due to the fear of falling, she had closed her eyes. The camera covers the person’s face and it’s a guy. A vicious smile appears of the guy’s face as he sees Swara..
Guy (with Swara still in his arms): “Woa! Beautiful!” Swara opened her eyes at once on listening to some guy’s voice. She stood up at once, on her on and composed her self.
Swara: “Aaa.. thank you!” She was about to leave, when the guy came in her way and blocked it.
Guy: “Seems like you are in a hurry? Well.. You can’t be that busy that you don’t have a min for me?”
Swara: “Aaa..I am sorry.. I.. I have to go.” She tries leaving once again and this time the guy holds her hand and pulls her closer.
Guy (whispers in her ear): “I must say I haven’t seen such a beautiful and pretty face before in my entire life.” He tries touching her face. Swara turns her face away and jerks off his hand.
Swara (yells at him): “EXCUSE ME! You dare not touch me, get it? I am Swara..” Before she could say anything further the guy interrupts her..
Guy: “Miss Looser?”
Swara: “Wait a sec.. What.. What did you just say?”
Guy: “You are Miss Looser, aren’t you? Woa, that’s.. (He looks at her from top to bottom).. That’s a great change.”
Swara: “Sha.. Shaurye?” The guy steps closer and looks straight into her eyes..
Guy: “Yes.. Miss looser, I am your childhood enemy.. Shaurye!”
Swara (under her breath): “I knew he could never change..”
Shaurye: “Did you say something?”
Swara: “Yes.. I said that I thought that you would have changed but you didn’t. You are entirely the same Mr. Shaurye, or it would be better if I say that you have gotten even worse. WORSE THAN BEFORE!”
Shaurye: “Indeed, I have! But my my.. You really have groomed yourself up. From a nerd to this.. Amazing!” Swara her a death glare and tries to leave the place for the 3rd time. This time to her faith, she bumps into Sanskaar was was carrying some stuff. She stumbled and couldn’t balance herself, this caused her to fall on the top of Sanskaar and bam! There they were lying on the floor on the top of eachother. Swara raised her head and looked at Sanskaar.. They had an eyelock..
After a few mins, they got up and composed themselves.
Sanskaar (to Swara): “Miss Troublemaker, please tell me when would that day arrive when you won’t be troubling me anymore, han?”
Swara: “Hey.. You were the one who got into my way, I didn’t! So, it’s your fault.”
Sanskaar: “Oh really.. Then what do you have to say about this..?” He raised his hand to show her something. Well, it was Swara’s duppatta that had got stuck in his watch. Swara was speechless..

Sanskaar: “Come on.. Now are you gonna tell me that even this was done by me and I am trying to stalk you or something?”
Swara: “Ye.. Yeah! Maybe.. God knows you might have intentionally done that..”
Sanskaar (interrupts her): “Great! So I am the culprit all the time, am I?”
Swara: “Yes, yes you are…cuz you are the idiot!”
Sanskaar: “Fine.. Good for you!” He removes her duppatta from his watch and starts walking away while Swara walks in the other direction.
While walking, he turns back and looks at her walking away. He smiles at himself, thinking of what just happened..

Hey guys! I thought of posting the whole OS when I finished writing the whole story but actually it would become quite long plus I am lacking some ideas. I also wanted to know what you guys think of this storyline so please do comment and share your views. I shall really appreciate.

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