My Idiot ( A SWASAN One Shot)

“Lado…. Lado…..” shouted Swara standing outside the door. “Lo shaitan aagayi” said Sanskar. “Javo meri honewali bhabi warna wo pura gaav sar pe utha legi” he said looking at Ragini. She smiled and went out. “Chup kar badmash” said Sujatha hitting Sanskar on his head. “You are not going to college today” she asked. “You know Ragu. Yesterday our senior boys na played a prank on Jeevika ma’am and she has warned them not to attend the classes for one week. To all of them” said Swara shouting. “Aaah why are you shouting?” asked Ragini holding her ears. “Just wait and watch” said Swara smirking. “Ahh maa ahhh maa maine kuch nahi kiya. Who ma’am ko patha nahi tha issliye sab ko punishment dedi” said Sanskar running out of the house protecting himself from Sujatha who was running behind him with a stick and trying to hit him. “Ha ha ” both Ragini and Swara held each other and their stomach and burst out laughing. Sanskar gave them a death glare. Ragini controlled her laugh. “I will see you in college” he said looking angrily at Swara after Sujatha moved. “What? ” Swara shouted purposely as if she did not hear anything. “Bhairi hai kya? Mane kaha dekhlonga tujhe” he shouted. Sujatha stopped walking inside the house and returned to beat him saying “Dhamki detha hai. Ladki ko dhamki detha hai”, “Nahi maa galthi hogayi” said Sanskar pleading. Swara gave a victory smile and walked forward.
“Whenever Sujatha bua comes for festivals to our house why do you torture bechara Sanky” asked Ragini to Swara while walking near the entrance of the college. “And when he tortures me whole year when his mom stays at their home? I have to take revenge na? Otherwise I won’t get peacefull sleep. Now stop supporting your would be devar. Waise why he stays in your house and studies here when he can go to better college in city?” said Swara holding Ragini’s hand. “Paapa told Bua to send him here, so that he and Kavya can get used to each other before their marriage.” said Ragini holding her hand. “Waise badi door ki sochte hai tere paapa. How can you let Kavya marry that bandar. He is such a pain” Swara said making faces. “Oh hello he is not that bad okay. Patha nahi thum dono ki banthi kyu nahi hamesha.” said Ragini defending. “Ha ha Shri Ram Chandr ji ka dusra avtar hai.” Swara replied folding her hands in a namaste.
“Hey bandariya ruk.” said Sanskar chasing Swara as soon as she stepped out of her class. “Oye sade tamatar. Don’t chase me. Morning dose is not enough for you oh what?” asked Swara running. As she was stepping down she collided with her Physics lecturer Viren who held her hand and prevented her falling backwards and hitting her head on the ground. She sighed that she got saved and looked at Viren who looked more handsome to her more than ever. Sanky worried but sighed when he saw Viren held her. He saw Swara was looking at Viren smiling like a idiot. He felt strange, he himself did not know what he felt exactly, but it was painful. Viren pulled smiling Swara up. She came back to her senses. “Carefull Swara. Why are you running in the corridor so carelessly.” She got embaressed and said “Sorry” looking at ground. Sanky chuckled as she got scoldings. “Fine come to the class now.” he said walking from there. “Sadu” said Swara looking at laughing Sanskar and walked to the class. She was sitting and was staring at Viren while he was teaching in the class. Sanskar was passing from the class as his eyes moved inside and stuck at smiling Swara who was admiring Viren. He again felt the same pain. But brushed it and walked saying “Chipkali” under his breath.
“Kavya beta serve this daal to Sanskar” said Janaki. Kavya felt shy and looked at Sanskar while serving. Kavya always used to get shy around him. He knew she blushes because they will get married one day. But to he felt annoyed by her blushing smile today.
He was not able to sleep feeling restless. Swara held her pillow near her chest and was smiling like an idiot remebering Viren. She held her hand which he held, kissed it and blushed looking at it.
“Hey Jeevika” called out Viren . She turned and both started talking with each other laughing. Swara saw it and felt bad who came to staff room to ask some doubt in Mathematics. She was sad all day. “Ohho aaj tho chudail bahuth shanth hai. Kuch tho gadbad hai” said Sanskar twisting his hand like ACP Pradyumn does in CID. Ragini hit him on his shoulder. Swara started laughing beating her tears which were ready to flow out any time. She held her stomach remembering Sanskar’s contorted face and laughed hard. A smile appeared on Sanskar’s face as he saw Swara’s laugh. First time he wanted her smile so desperately. She forgot her pain.
Crushes are sweet and you will come out of it soon. They are necessary to develope your feelings when you fall in love.
“Hey Bhukkad slow down” said Sanskar looking horrified at Swara who was eating like she has not eaten from ages. “Viren sir aur Jeevika ma’am ki shaadi hai. Unka paisa hai. Teri kyu jal rahi hai?” Swara asked gulping the water. “I feel my hunger died looking at you. ” he said annoyed keeping the plate. “I wouldn’t have come with you, if I could get Ragu with me.” she said pouting. “She is in Arts section thats why I have to struggle with you now” he said annoyed. “I didn’t eat ice cream” Swara said crying like a baby. Everybody looked at her. Sanskar got emabrressed and he left her hand when he was dragging her out of the marriage hall forcefully. “I can’t believe she was mad about same Viren sir in whose marriage she is behaving like a bakasur.” he said to himself nodding his head in disbelief looking at Swara who was sucking the ice cream spoon. “But cute Bakasur” he said looking at her big eyes which were moving here and there and smiled. “Damn what’s wrong with me?” he said to himself coming out of the trance which was binding him to Swara.
“Kya hai? Why have you come Sunday early this morning that too disturb my sleep” asked Sanskar yawning looking at Swara who was standing infront of the house. “Wo I need your first year Physics text book” she said holding both her hands. “Why? don’t you have one?” he asked annoyed. “Actually Viren Sir told you have the MES publication book which nobody refers. And most of the electronics questions will be from that text book only. So…” she said looking at him with puppy eyes. “Hmmm you did not say please yet” he said smirking. Swara gave him What the hell look, but smirked. “Actually I forgot to tell aunty that you made my classmate Kavitha fall down by pulling the chair she was about to sit. You know I can give a demonstration also” she said acting like calling Sujatha. “That was done by Vivek not me. And why will mom believe you?” he asked foldings his hands. “Wanna try? wait. Aunty” she started shouting. He got horrified listening Sujatha saying “Haa Shona beta”. “Fine fine. I will give wait. Please don’t say anything to mom” he said pleading. Sujatha came outside with a questioning look. “Aunty mumma was telling you prepare nice papad” she turned to Sanky and said “She wanted to give more order” and smirked. He relaxed as Sujatha went inside smiling. “So got your please” asked Swara rubbing her nail and blowing her breath on it. Sanskar went and brought the book and handed her annoyed. She took it happily and ran away. He said “She is dangerous” sighing. “But I like her” he felt his heart said that. He got confused. “Fish Sanky. Whats wrong with you? Control man” he said to himself looking at the direction Swara ran.
“Yeh chipkali meri hai lucky bhai” said Sanskar running behind Swara holding the ball as they were playing Lagori(That’s what we call in Kannada, I don’t know what it is called in other languages. Same game Aishwarya plays in her introduction song in Hum Dil de chuke sanam) He chased her till the terrace. But the ball he throwed missed and went down. Swara showed her tongue turning and running to the stair. Sanskar does not know what happened to him he got angry at her and held her hand tightly. He dragged her. She turned with a jerk and landed on him. Her hands were on his chest. His hands held her waist tight. She looked at his angry passionate eyes. She was seeing this side of his for the first time. He looked into her eyes and lost himself. He was leaning bit by bit closer to her lips. She hacked for breath. Her heart beat could be heard by him. His heart beating fast as his lips sensed her nervous hot breaths. She closed her eyes holding his shirt tight. “Sanky” they heard Laksh calling from the varanda and came to sense. Both departed. Swara ran from there embaressed not able to face him. Sanskar pulled his hear above his neck and cursed himself “Damn what the hell was I doing”
Both did not sleep thinking about their recent closeness.
“Ragu Ragu” swara called softly so that Sanskar does not hear her as she did not know Sanskar was listening to her as he did not sleep whole night thinking about her. He turned and covered himself with blanket as his mom came out hearing her voice. “Strange. Today sherni is not screaming. And my khadoos beta is not commenting on her.” She said thinking. “What happened why are you dull?” asked Ragini. “Nothing just small fever” she said softly to avoid the topic. “Fever?” almost shouted Ragini. Sanskar heard it and got up from the bed. “Are you sure you want to come to college today” asked Ragini checking her fever. “Its not that bad. I’m okay. Come will go” said Swara dragging Ragini.
“Swara Swara wake up” said Sanskar patting Swara’s cheek who held her when she was about to fall unconscious. He lifted her in his arms, her head rested on his chest and he took her to medical room. Her friends and his friends followed him. Doctor came and gave her injection to reduce her fever as she was still uncoscious. Sanskar closed his eyes as if he got the injection feeling her pain.
Their friends were amazed to see this tom and jerry not fighting but caring. Ragini ran into the medical room. “What happened Swara?” she asked worried. “I told you to stay at home na” she said tearing. “Has she ever listened to anybody whole her life. Such stobborn idiot.” Sanskar shouted jerking her. He left from there angrily. Everybody was confused of his behaviour other than Swara. She just lowered her head.
“Do you love her?” asked Sujatha keeping her hand on Sanskar shoulder when he was sitting on a chair frustrated. “Mom?” he asked with a questionable look. “I’m talking about Swara” she said. Sanskar horrified for a moment. ” I can sense it from the way you are behaving with her beta I’m your maa” she said caressing his hair. He hugged her and said “I don’t know maa, I’m really confused” he said sobbing. “Let me give you a solution” she said cupping his face. “You go to your Bade papa in Kolkota for your engineering. Just go without saying bye to her. For four years you should not know about her, If your love is true you will surely feel the same when you return. Can you do that?” she asked. “Okay mom” he said smiling.
“Shona see Ragini is ready for her haldi” said Janaki calling Swara. “Haa Aunty” she said and ran to Ragini’s room. “Ohho somebody is blushing so badly. This haldi is not required to increase your Beauty. Your cheeks became already red” said Swara hugging Ragini from back. Ragini looked at the mirror and blushed and lowered her gaze. “Haay issi adaa pe tho hum marthe hai” said Swara dramatically and giggled.
“Mom I got placed in Infosys as a project head” said Sanskar twirling Sujatha. “Wooow. Kisiki nazar na lage mere bache ko” she said putting a kaala teeka behind his ear. “Chalo hum Ragini ke Sangeeth ke liye late ho rahe hai” she said excited. “Do you think Maamu will forgive me after that day you broke mine and Kavya’s alliance.” he asked worried. “He is my Bhai and I know him very well. He has forgotten everything thats why he said to bring you also to all marriage rituals. Haldi tho you missed due to your interview. Don’t miss the other rituals. Waise Kavya’s alliance is fixed with Anu dee’s second Son Sahil. So both the sisters will go to same house. He is very happy.” she said dragging him.
As he entered the venue nervous he saw a girl facing her back who was ready to dance. The lights went off and a spot light fixed on her. She turned. Sanskar heart skipped a beat when he realized it was Swara. She was dancing with Sahil and Laksh on the song Radha from the movie Student of the Year. As she finished her dance the hall filled with the sound of claps and hooting which brought Sansakar back to the world. Her eyes met with his. They had a painful eyelock. She ran to the terrace to hide her tears. As she was sobbing standing a faintly lit place she felt a hand on her shoulder. She recognized his touch. She could not control herself. She turned and hugged him tight like as if she will not leave him for whole of her life. “Where did you go mental. You know how much I missed you. Couldn’t you say a bye stupid. ” she said sobbing very badly. He lifted her head and cupped her face and touched her lips with his lips. That kiss gave her all answers for the questions which haunted her from past four years. It had thousands of Sorries, “Forgive me please” and “I love you” s in it. She cried her emotions out which she had held from four years. They departed as they felt difficult to breath. He touched her head with his head and said “Will you marry me?” panting badly. “Yes I will” she said and again touched his lips softly. He hugged her and held her in his embrace as if he will not let her go for his whole life.
“Pink” said Swara holding her baby bump. “No blue blue blue” Sanskar shouted. “Hey bhagwan” Sujatha said closing her ears. “Kya hua bua. Ab kyu jhagad rahe hai yeh dono” asked Ragini holding her three months old baby girl who got up with a jerk due to the noises. Laksh took her and went outside to cool her. “Baby ke room ke colour ke liye. Inko tho bass ladne ka bahana chahiye. I will get admitted in a mental assylum one day. I just worry about the baby who have to tolerate them all its life” she said annoyed. “Stupid lady” they heard Sanskar shouting. “You are big idiot stupid mental ” they heard Swara shouting. Sujatha Ragini and Laksh looked at each other and laughed. “They will never change” said all three of them in unison.


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    Oh my God!!!
    Thankuu soooo much! You posted this specially for me?
    I never thought that u would do this! Thankuu so much!
    You just made my day!
    You have no idea as to how much I loved it!!!
    Throughout it all, I was smiling like an idiot…
    Ahan! My idiot!
    You won’t believe me but I re-read it thrice!!!
    Uff! As I always say, The Simple rise above The Extraordinary!
    Hope u come up with more and more soon, and this tym, the pair is all up to you! And yes, please do PM me whenever you write any OS, I’d be grateful to you.
    Always stay blessed dear, keep smiling, and thanku for this wonderful present! This is like a birthday gift that I am getting in advance, as my b’day is approaching.
    See you soon dear!

    • Sally_blr



      Awww so sweet you are. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I know its not good as the previous one. I did not give it proper time as my ff was at a critical point. Im sorry for that. I will surely come back with another sweet story. And definitely I will text you once I post it. Keep smiling

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Lol,they and their never ending fight….. Loved it.It was awesome… Loved your writing skill.Keep it up.
    Take care

  3. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member loved it..its sooo Cutr..Loved SwaSan’s Naughty Roles in it 😅😅😍😍..n SwaSan Emotional Hug after 4 Yrs n da Last wala Fyting scn were jst amzing..loved da os.srsly..

  4. Aniya

    Ohhh wow it was auch a hilarious and cute one shot.😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    I just loved it 😍😍😍😍.

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    OMG its so beautifly written…👍
    I luvd it sooooo much… its sweet lovely cute story… 👌plz write more stories on swasan 😍

  6. Kakali

    Awwwww such a cuteeee n lovely OS… loved it dear.. actually SWASAN’s immense love was clearly visible through ur words…which i enjoyed the most… thnk u..

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