Ideal swaragini!!

Hi im soha….Once upon Time i really liked This show but when sanskar comes n Ragini goes against swara I left the show…Jst reading updates…
I thought They show bondings of sister,How they solve their problems like Bidai & Bahane…But swaragini takes turn as Utaran…

They show sanskar,Ragini,Laksh neagative & Then they again turn possitive…But they never show swara neagative shes always posditive Beacoming mahan & Mahan n does overacting….

I dont like swara & Ragini both both r fake jst apply make up to look beautiful….why they take them as Lead….
Ragini always apply fake eye lashesh..Lots of make up..
then coming to swara She looks good in open hairs otherwise in pony tail or any other hair style she look worst….N other thing ahes not so tall shes always wears heels….

Both r dull……Ragini is like PATALU n SWARA MOTU instead of swaragini they named the show as MOTU PATLU….

There r so many beautiful actress in industry
For Raginis role aparna dixit,Radhika madan r parfect bcoz they looks innocent.
N For swaras role-Ragini khanna,Krystal desuza r best.

Dont know where they found Heltej n make them lead

Credit to: Soha


  1. Tapsi

    Agree with u…Swara is dull& ugly..swara gaining weight day by day…once jst look at swaras belly its always bulged never flat ….but ragini has parfect figure her all curves r beautiful

    • Prakriti19


      |Registered Member

      Hey Pavani dear…How are you..I hope you are fine but I don’t think that you are fine…I think you need to go mental as well as eye hospital…If you don’t know any good doctor then I can tell you…Then you can consult them…This is 2016 dear…In this century talent is main not beauty…May be you are more prettier than Heltej but I guarantee you are not talented as Our Heltej…So Please shut your mouth….

      Hello Soha dear….What you said we stay of it…Why we should stay out of it…You are abusing our favourite actress…And we keep our mouth shut…No dear…We can’t keep our mouth shut…What you thought that you will Bash our Heltej publicly and we will keep our mouth shut…So I think you are mistaken…If youn can bash publicly than we can support also publicly…Get this in your mind…You pagal, idiot, stupid, duffer, mad, fool girl…How you have felt..I think you have felt very good…Hai na…That’s why you are saying. Others like this…
      Note:- Please read some moral values book…A request to Soha and Pavani….It will be very useful for you both…
      Bye and May god bless you with some morals…

  2. Varsha


    |Registered Member

    Sry dear u r wrong we like heltej n dey r d bst, though writers don’t give equal importance we like them even in off screen. Please we are trying to spread peace between fans of raglak n swasan bt y r u making them fight again. Pls dear If u cnt c pls don’t c n pls don’t update nonsense like this. It’s a humble request dear

    • Soha

      I dont want to creat rift between so called swasan n raglak fan…i just wanna tell my opinion that they r not pretty as compared to another actress okk…..hope ur littile brain will understand

  3. Soumya27


    |Registered Member

    Soha dear… All d very best.. Cuz mere alawa yaha bohot log are going to throw andey n tamatars.. Baki logo ka to pta nhi bt listen to me

    Soha are you beautiful dear..yes definitely you may be… Because every girl is beautiful… U, me And every girl present here… And so are helly n teja…

    N coming to your dislike for d serial.. Soha dear if u don’t like it then don’t watch.. India is free country and every one has right to do whatever he or she wants…

    Ha one more thing soha.. Please stop these stupid n cheap trtricks darlin…

    Bhagwan tuMhe sadbuddhi de…lol…bada wala lol…

    P.S. If u did this in order to unite swaragini fans then m sry fr my words n i appreciate ur efforts…but if nt then god only can protect u from fan’s wrath… All d best darlo…

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Oh really? Just be quiet! What did you said Heltej are fake, your suggested actors are fake, radhika is nothing in front of our Teju she is far more better than that Radhika who is not a beauty!

    And Krystal? She looks a fake barbie doll! Our Hellly is a cute innocent soul! And ragini is so much mature for the role of Swara!

    So go to hell with your rubbish thoughts!

    Sorry if you ate hurt by my words!


    • Soha

      actress sugested by me r far better than heltej….heltej r nothing…all fake n apply lots of make up

  5. myna

    hey just dont bash others go u dont have the right to huet others feelings and read “NO OFFENCE” BY KRISHNA

    • Soha

      y u all people r being mahan like swara….all swara fan r being mahan like swara n all teja fans r fake like her

  6. Tara

    Swara is motu…yes ur ri8 shes fatty lady….her belly is always bulged never flat…i too noticed that

  7. DC1


    |Registered Member

    God knows what is wrong with people like you these days…. Seriously have you lost it. Everyday a stupid article on someone saying that Ragini fans are desperate or Swasan is not a good couple etc. And now you are there to bash both of you…. Excellent. First of all get your eyes checked…. Both Swara and Ragini are beautiful girls. And if you hate them so much then keep your views with you…. Tu is there to share good views about others and not to bash someone so please Stop Stop and Stop this nonsense. I am 100% sure that you will only get your insult after this analysis and you deserve it too.

    • Soha

      I jst wrote my opinion…..If swasan raglak r good then praise them……Bt if ur not agree dont comment

  8. Vedika

    Shut up u all…swara is so cute bt ragini is ugly…her big face,big nose irritates me alot…shes not love laksh bt lust in her eyes towerds him….shes always in a hurry to slept with him.mad

    • Sumeeta


      |Registered Member

      Dont tell that ragini is ugly.both are beautiful waise hi itna tension hai dono fan ki bij me.aisa comment na karo.jisse ragini fan swara ko bash kare comment park.if u r true helly fan.i cant tolarate any bad word against helly

  9. priya

    Soo…u r tllng actng s nthg in front of beauty…jst shut up….heltej r bttr thn othr actress u sujested…if dnt lyk thm jst ignore dnt bash

  10. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Dear soha you can judge like this. But the director knows about what to do? And coming actresses, you can’t judge .what are the efforts and discomforts they undergo is little bit higher than us. Coming to tejaswi she acts aptly to the role and even helly .helly , she began to earn when she was in 8th grade. You can bash but not here in telly updates. Don’t try to break the little link between swasan and raglak .

    • Soha

      I’ll not get crores of rupee if link between swasan n raglak fan broke…im jst telling my opinion.mad

  11. lisa

    wat the hell they r not ugly i think u never watch tejaswi in sbs she never apply makeup outside the shoot and she simply look pretty wid or without any makeup and helly she just got the face of kid and she’s luk sooo cute just bcuz she’s bit dull doesn’t mean she’s ugly
    both the lead actresses r good in thr own way they r not perfect but not ugly either and if u don’t like any1 of lead actreses why even bother to watch


    PLS if u have nothing good to say just shut up and watch or don’t even watch it.You think you are pretty ,act and check comments from fans.Am very sure you will quit before you even start. SORRY IF IT HURTS BUT AM A NIGERIAN FAN OF SWARAGINI

  13. Heltej


    |Registered Member

    Hey soha…,
    If u feel they are motu and patlu… Why dont send ur n loved ones biodata to production house… . We love to see u in swaragini…! If u cant appreciate someone… Please dont bash them… God can make changes in everyones life… God bless u dear
    Note : if u done this for uniting swaragini fans… I appreciate u… !

  14. Laddoo


    |Registered Member

    M jus wondering how TU allows such ppl to post such type of things!
    I mean this is utter crap!
    When u can’t respect someone….dare u bash them!
    What did u say…MOTU PATLU? Oh seriously? I haven’t seen u….I am calling u a fatso
    How do u feel? Very nice I suppose!
    And why the hell should Swara become negative? What is the prblm if she stays positive?
    And what did u say of makeup?
    For ur kind info Miss Soha aka Fatso…
    They don’t do their own makeup…they have their makeup mans
    If Ragini is applying fake lashes let her do…what’s ur headache?
    And Swara….u r saying as if u don’t wear heels only..
    And if u remember, that time Radhika Madan was already working as Ishani, of MATSH
    How in the world would she do to soaps together?
    And what did u say….Ragini Khanna? Please stop me otherwise I’ll say such things which I don’t want to…
    And yes they found HelTej and we all are very happy with their decision…
    I don’t think so that anyone will agree to what u jus said….u know that ‘Ideal Swaragini’
    Join the CV’s na….why r u uttering ur crap here?
    Forgive me but u r behaving pretty rude and are uttering nonsense….
    Here we r trying to stop bashers…and u r bashing them instead…
    What is their fault?
    If u don’t like them don’t like…no one is forcing u…
    But ubdare not criticise or bash them…

  15. DD

    Soha…. darling I was so happy after reading ur article u know….. darling do one thing post ur photos in social media n also to rashmi sarma n ekta kapoor……. surely they will cast u n we also can see ur bootyful face…. 😁😁😁😁
    I am dying to see u yaar plz post soon….
    coming to the bashing …..have u ever noticed Teju’s figure I guess she has a awsome figure….. soumya di is good n calm girl so she said that all girls r beautiful but I m not so good 😑😑samjhi kamini….. apne aap ko mirror main dekh PEHLE….. uske baad baat kario…… n what u said about helly😑😑😑😑she is ugly tere…. toh….. TU MIL Kabhi mujhe Tera Muh tor dungi main…… TU Kabhi 14-15 hours shooting then dance rehearsal n also studies kar….. uske baad pata calega….. tereko…… kuch kam Dhanda toh Hai nahi… useless workless hopeless nonsense……. aur kya bola tha helly ka belly nikal aya Hai agar tujhe woh pasand hi nahi toh TU kyon usse check out Karti hai Sali…..

    n u miss Pavani. ….face is not everything…. it’s our heart n Our mins which should be beautiful Becz face is temporary but our thoughts r permanent……. u girls are. the ugliest girl in this world….. u bashers r dirt…… 😏😏 chiiiii.. ….
    the serial will end one day but ur dirty thought will always be there in our mind…… go n do some useful work guys….. other then bashing n abusing others…. they will not pay any heed to u guys. …..they struggle in there life n whatever they achieve they get by working day and night…… 😠😠😠😠😑😑😑😑😑😑
    πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž u will get nothing losers…… 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
    I pity on u guys….

  16. Heltej


    |Registered Member

    TU admins i have request…. Please read article carefully and publish it…. Dont publish this unwanted posts…

  17. RUPA


    |Registered Member

    Are u swaragini fan or just came here to create rift between both swara and ragini fans????

    Well coming to personality, u r no one to comment on somebody’s looks and what did u say they do makeup?

    Well every actress does it and even radhika madan does lots & lots of makeup and for ur kind info sHelly

    doesn’t do any makeup and she had many scenes without any makeup and have u ever looked her pics?? if

    not then lemme tell u she looks awesome in each and every hairstyle. She is not fat but beautiful…….a girl

    with golden heart. How can u badmouth abt such pious soul??

    Swara and overacting??? She just does her role and she is just too way perfect and justifies scene fully.

    Neverthless to whom am i telling??? aparna dixit or Radhika madan or Ragini khanna or Krystal desuza’s fan

    Or Heltej’s hater???

    Seriously how do u get this much time to hate someone???

    I’m sure u r here creats fights between both fandoms.

    Such cheap stunts…..chiiii…’s really disgusting.

    But lemme tell u this cheap stunts of ur won’t work here.


    • Soha

      I’ll not get any price if i bash them..Or create rift between fans…Im jst telling my opinion y r u all does overacting like swara

      • RUPA


        |Registered Member

        If u have any problem with Heltej then just stay out of it.

        U r no one to bash her and hurt our feelings.

        And this is what u r not bashing them or creating rift between their fans???

        I thought so by see ur so called article and comments.

        Don’t u dare to utter about Helly’s acting or her looks.

        Get lost from swaragini portal.

  18. Joy

    Seriously??? If you are free just writing any nonsense is a good time pass for you right?? Tejasswi is more beautiful than whoever you suggested. Radhika for innocent ragini?? She definitely won’t suit. Helly is also good for swara. And people who agree for this stupid post you have shown that how rude you are especially pavani. Just know how to show off right?? Teju’s figure is really perfect. Do just shut up!! Don’t visit swaragini page again!!!

  19. G.Chandu


    |Registered Member

    I don’t know who you are… but I am definitely going to pull out your 32 teeth… if I face you..!! Helly and Tejaswi are the best actors… who had won many hearts with their beauty, talent and hard work..!! I think these comments are enough to prove you how much fans love them..!!

  20. Shagun

    Dr ragini is very beautiful
    Cuz she has perfect indian body curves
    And colour
    Coming to swara she is perfect according to character
    Shes cute lil childish as well as bubbly

  21. Ananya

    See again there you go!! Using cheap tricks to create a rift.. Firstly i would really like to know whether you can understand what beauty is.. Someone has correctly said beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.. Clearly that defines your vision.. Secondly the actresses you are talking about maybe great and all but these two girls are very well casted and others are very mature to do this serial.. You may hope to see them somewhere else.. If you find tejasswi ugly and applying lots of makeup then please go and have a look at her insta profile.. She is one pf the most beautiful actresses in television today and about helly she is too cute and innocent.. And about height that is not something one can control.. Height is not the only parameter of judging beauty.. Many tall people are not so good looking and many short people are beautiful as hell.. You may have a good height but by posting this you hurt the sentiments of all healthy, short heighted, dark people who already are very conscious about their appearance .. Thanks to you.. Hope you get to do something productive in life. Become a casting director or something.. That was the most respectful language i could have used.. I am still sorry for that but you seriously need to get a life

  22. Sumeeta


    |Registered Member

    Hey shoha tumahare pass itne faltu ka time hai ki tum bakwas lik rahe ho.itna free ki time hai kuch achha kam kia karo punya milega.beauti ki matlab pata hai.sayad pata nahi hai.age apni parents se pata kark aao tab ake likna.agar swaragini pasand nahi ye par kiu ayi ho.jao aur kisi jaga apki bhasan sunate raho.main soch raha hu tum kitne beautiful hogi.
    Kisi ki beauty aur compare kaise kar saktio ho jab do person hi alag hai.aur hai radhika ki bat kar rahe ho uski awaj bahat manly agar main to soch bhi nahi sakti agar vo gana gya to kaisa lage radhika never apt for both swara aur ragini.
    Aur cousting director ko hi thik karne do kon kis project par kam kare gi.
    Aur helly 8th grade se kam kar rahi hai to uske hard work appriciatevkaro.aur kisine kaha uski belly bahar ata bol du tonned belly pana aj kal muskil nahi hai.koi bhi fitness trainning kark pa sakte hai.tum ghatiya logo k lie kiu badle apne ap ko.wo jaisa hai waise hi thik achhi beautiful hai

  23. Shubhangi


    |Registered Member

    PLEASE IF U FEEL HURT THEN THINK U MADE ME ANGRY THEN HURT OR ELSE I NEVER POSTED SUCH COMENTS how dare u bash swaragini if u have such thinking keep it to ur self u don’t need to show your wild thoughts to others or else ull die in my. hands someday swaragini perfectly fit for their roles swara is not fat she’s cute & ragini is gorgeous forget it u wont under stand u r a fatso idiotic fool beauty doesn’t matters character matters & by ur post we can see what’s your character you witch -with lots of hatred

  24. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Just shut up u looser …. how can u create rift btw heltej fans … I know u r not a swaragini fan u r here to create rift btw fams …. telly updates read the articles carefully before postong it …. and plz helly is so cute bubbly innocent plus beutiful… she is perfect for swara … and teju she is also beutiful … and who r u to judge them … let see who r u send me yr pic …. u r so beutiful I think so … according to me u r ugliest …..

  25. Cho

    Hey. im also fan of aparna dixit she really looks innocent she’ll be parfect for raginis role …ragini doesnt look innocent

    • Sumeeta


      |Registered Member

      to tum hiba nawab k show me jake appriciate karo.kis ne bola swara is ugly.tum ragini ko pasand karte ho isliye swara ko bash kar rahi ho.tum jaise ghatiya insaan ki wajha se hi ye war chal raha hai

  26. Kashi

    Swara doesnt have any nice shape frm front or back bt my ragini is parfect..shes slim well curved her body..dont bash ragini..

    • RUPA


      |Registered Member

      And who r u to bash Helly???

      Have u seen how cute she looks???

      If u don’t like her then just don’t comment on her.

      Why u guys can’t understand she posted this article to create rift between us???

      If u can’t support Helly atleast don’t bash her.

  27. Sumi

    Yes…swara ragini are not good…plzz replace them with good actress like jenifer winget/Rubina dillak/Nia sharma

  28. akaashi

    hey ppl wats wrong with u.teju n helly r perfect for swaragini.every girl is unique n spcl.swaragini fans watch tz serial for helly n teju.If u dnt lyk ny of tm keep it with u.Dnt hurt helly fans n teju fans saying ty r ugly n ty shud b replaced.They r “the best”.No 1 gives u the right to spk on sm1’s personality.plz dnt spread negativity.n the so called author of this article if u cnt do good atleast dnt do bad.try being positive.

  29. Cuttie pie

    Ugly…Ugly…Ugly…Fake Swaragini r fake…Theybjst wear high makeups n ornament…They r fake Fake Fake Fake…my Devika is very good..Shes beauty queen she looks pretty in traditional as wel as morden dresses. Every colour suits her..Not like helTej

    • Anniya


      |Registered Member

      If ur devika is very good then see her show, no need to watch sr. For us heltej are most beautiful girl. Not any words against our choice….

      • Soha

        Really?? look im an independant person n have rights to Say my opinion… if ur not agree with me dont comment on that…

  30. Naina

    How can u people post such articals ..U Said that Heltej r not fair the’re dull…In which century u live?how can u diffirenciated people frm there complexions?Shame on u…Grow up soha,pavni….

    • Anniya


      |Registered Member

      Omg dear, if both are so ugly na then u do one thing, go and give audition. May be idiot girl selected and sr fans can able to see real beauty. Best of luck we r dying to see u in sr…

  31. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Telly updates, this is msg for u . plz check this type of article before posting. It only create fight between fans. Plz delete it..,

  32. Naina

    Aree. If u dont like actress of swaragini. Its better leave to wacth it. Stop bad mauthing about others pernsal life. Ur very butiful na.

  33. Naina

    Aree. If u dont like actress of swaragini. Its better leave to wacth it. Stop bad mauthing about others pernsal life. Ur very butiful na. Its thier matter to use hill or make. Heli best fr me . U stop wacthaing swaragini.

  34. Naina

    I will do hazaro cmnts agnist u n fr them.n wll write one line thausnt time. What is telly doing . Posting this blody unsesary thinks

  35. Naina

    Cutie paie. If u dont like heli n teju. U stop wacting sr n stop doing ur blo*dy cmnts. Its ur prsnal matter to do cmnt or wacth or badmuth. Like that they have their life. U go to ur devika. Why u came to swaragini page.

  36. Naina

    I wont stop. U go to hel. N u relly will go there deeth cz heli teju r doing wrong by actinng n u doing bad muthing of them is talking all mistake in ur head..

    • Soha

      Naina…if u not agree with me…dont comment here..if u have to appretiate sr go on some other pages n do it…..heltej r nothing infront of aparna,radhika,hiba,ragini khanna,jenifer,sanaya n mauni

  37. none of ur business

    are you guys insane people like cutie pie urf kutti pie should go to hell salli kamini hramkhore kutti chutiya hutiyaon ki rani go to hell i think tumhara muh itna sundar h ki tum makeup hi nhi lgati aur rhi baat heltej ki dey r d best unka dance dekha h apni shkl dikha tab maanu

  38. Shervi

    About swara you are right. She is fat. but teja?? Never. She is really beautiful and a wonderful actress. Helly could be replaced but not my lovely tejaswi!!!!

  39. Laddoo


    |Registered Member

    Dearest Soha,
    I have no idea if u r younger than me or elder
    But I must say…ur brain says u r much more younger than me…that means less than 12 yrs…
    U r supporting ur fav actresses and bashing our fav actresses…and u expect that we will not defend our fav actresses? And u said that ur fav actresses are very pretty…so I’ll also say…my fav actresses are very pretty. We SWARAGINI fans are very sensible u know, we don’t generally bash anyone, not even other actresses like ur fav ones. But jus ponder upon it for once, why did we bash Radhika Madan and Krystal D’Souza and all those shitty ppl? Coz u bashed our fav actresses….
    To be true, I love Radhika Madan and Krystal D’souza as much as I love Helly Shah…
    But the reason why m bashing the former two, is that u bashed Helly…
    See Soha, u post something on Swaragini and u expect HelTej fans to keep quiet…that’s something next to impossible
    Plzz Soha, m being soft qhen m angry is something that never happened…if it’s happening today is ur good luck…
    This is my responsibility to explain u…rest ur wish…
    With tons of hatred,

  40. Muskaan

    U people are seriously m going to report to tu about u and also that they should publish these stupid article

  41. Tamanna

    Hey…How can u say like that..I never saw beautiful girl like helly n Teja…plzz stop bashing them

  42. Prakriti19


    |Registered Member

    Dear Soha,
    Hey you blo*dy girl…Really You are so shameless…Really being a girl you are abusing a girl…Really I pray to God just give dome brain to the people like you…Your favourite actress so called Ragini Khana, Radhika Masan, Krystel D’Souza….Seriously I love all actress that you have mentioned…But It is not good dear that for praising someone you abuse others…Remember No one is perfect in the world…Even Your favourite actress also are not perfect…Everyone has special in her or him…And dear you are indirectly taunting people who are not pretty…Seriously before writing something just think about what it will affect on others…I am agree with Laddoo Di…I also don’t know that whether you are younger than me or elder ….But seeing your thoughts it seems that you are also younger than me…Younger than 11 years old…Get it in your mind…Act mature…Be Mature…Learn some morals from your parents and teachers…You are just like kutte ki dum…Vi kahte hai na ki kutte ki dum ko much bhi kar lo vo kabhi seedhi nahi hoti…You are also like it only…Ek air cheez kahte hai ki khaki dimag shitan ka ghar ….Do some work dear and makeurself busy so that this type of thoughts don’t come in your mind…Seriously you are damn irritating…Just Hate you…

  43. rahi

    ridhhi and shoha just go and see hiba nawab iv even she is also not bright and she not cute then helly and helly is the only one for me who can dose swara’s role very well

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