Ideal swaragini!!


Hi im soha….Once upon Time i really liked This show but when sanskar comes n Ragini goes against swara I left the show…Jst reading updates…
I thought They show bondings of sister,How they solve their problems like Bidai & Bahane…But swaragini takes turn as Utaran…

They show sanskar,Ragini,Laksh neagative & Then they again turn possitive…But they never show swara neagative shes always posditive Beacoming mahan & Mahan n does overacting….

I dont like swara & Ragini both both r fake jst apply make up to look beautiful….why they take them as Lead….
Ragini always apply fake eye lashesh..Lots of make up..
then coming to swara She looks good in open hairs otherwise in pony tail or any other hair style she look worst….N other thing ahes not so tall shes always wears heels….

Both r dull……Ragini is like PATALU n SWARA MOTU instead of swaragini they named the show as MOTU PATLU….

There r so many beautiful actress in industry
For Raginis role aparna dixit,Radhika madan r parfect bcoz they looks innocent.
N For swaras role-Ragini khanna,Krystal desuza r best.

Dont know where they found Heltej n make them lead

Credit to: Soha

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  1. Hey my aparna dixit aka Devika is cutie pie,Beautiful dont compare her with ugly heltej

  2. Ugly…Ugly…Ugly…Fake Swaragini r fake…Theybjst wear high makeups n ornament…They r fake Fake Fake Fake…my Devika is very good..Shes beauty queen she looks pretty in traditional as wel as morden dresses. Every colour suits her..Not like helTej

    1. Anniya

      If ur devika is very good then see her show, no need to watch sr. For us heltej are most beautiful girl. Not any words against our choice….

      1. Really?? look im an independant person n have rights to Say my opinion… if ur not agree with me dont comment on that…

  3. aparna ve fair complexion n heltej r dull dark

    1. Thanks..devika is pretty

  4. How can u people post such articals ..U Said that Heltej r not fair the’re dull…In which century u live?how can u diffirenciated people frm there complexions?Shame on u…Grow up soha,pavni….

    1. Shut up n get lost

  5. Shut up u all…Bl**dy peoples u really dont know beauty…heltej r

    1. Anniya

      Omg dear, if both are so ugly na then u do one thing, go and give audition. May be idiot girl selected and sr fans can able to see real beauty. Best of luck we r dying to see u in sr…

      1. Heltej

        Anniya, leave her… She just crap who only knows to shit on herself!
        I know i crossed the limit but what to do some people make me do that..!

      2. really?? i’ll never come in bakwas serial like sr

    2. You shut up!!! Pls check your head. I think it’s empty without a brain

  6. Anniya

    Telly updates, this is msg for u . plz check this type of article before posting. It only create fight between fans. Plz delete it..,

  7. Even the kavita is pretty than swaragini….Replace them plzzz

  8. Aree. If u dont like actress of swaragini. Its better leave to wacth it. Stop bad mauthing about others pernsal life. Ur very butiful na.

  9. Aree. If u dont like actress of swaragini. Its better leave to wacth it. Stop bad mauthing about others pernsal life. Ur very butiful na. Its thier matter to use hill or make. Heli best fr me . U stop wacthaing swaragini.

  10. I will do hazaro cmnts agnist u n fr them.n wll write one line thausnt time. What is telly doing . Posting this blody unsesary thinks

  11. Cutie paie. If u dont like heli n teju. U stop wacting sr n stop doing ur blo*dy cmnts. Its ur prsnal matter to do cmnt or wacth or badmuth. Like that they have their life. U go to ur devika. Why u came to swaragini page.

  12. I wont stop. U go to hel. N u relly will go there deeth cz heli teju r doing wrong by actinng n u doing bad muthing of them is talking all mistake in ur head..

    1. Naina…if u not agree with me…dont comment here..if u have to appretiate sr go on some other pages n do it…..heltej r nothing infront of aparna,radhika,hiba,ragini khanna,jenifer,sanaya n mauni

  13. none of ur business

    are you guys insane people like cutie pie urf kutti pie should go to hell salli kamini hramkhore kutti chutiya hutiyaon ki rani go to hell i think tumhara muh itna sundar h ki tum makeup hi nhi lgati aur rhi baat heltej ki dey r d best unka dance dekha h apni shkl dikha tab maanu

  14. About swara you are right. She is fat. but teja?? Never. She is really beautiful and a wonderful actress. Helly could be replaced but not my lovely tejaswi!!!!

    1. yes swara is fat. But Ragini is not that good like other actressess

  15. Dearest Soha,
    I have no idea if u r younger than me or elder
    But I must say…ur brain says u r much more younger than me…that means less than 12 yrs…
    U r supporting ur fav actresses and bashing our fav actresses…and u expect that we will not defend our fav actresses? And u said that ur fav actresses are very pretty…so I’ll also say…my fav actresses are very pretty. We SWARAGINI fans are very sensible u know, we don’t generally bash anyone, not even other actresses like ur fav ones. But jus ponder upon it for once, why did we bash Radhika Madan and Krystal D’Souza and all those shitty ppl? Coz u bashed our fav actresses….
    To be true, I love Radhika Madan and Krystal D’souza as much as I love Helly Shah…
    But the reason why m bashing the former two, is that u bashed Helly…
    See Soha, u post something on Swaragini and u expect HelTej fans to keep quiet…that’s something next to impossible
    Plzz Soha, m being soft qhen m angry is something that never happened…if it’s happening today is ur good luck…
    This is my responsibility to explain u…rest ur wish…
    With tons of hatred,

    1. And I do pray from the bottom of my heart that the Almighty gives u some brains…

  16. U people are seriously m going to report to tu about u and also that they should publish these stupid article

  17. Hey…How can u say like that..I never saw beautiful girl like helly n Teja…plzz stop bashing them

  18. Dear Soha,
    Hey you blo*dy girl…Really You are so shameless…Really being a girl you are abusing a girl…Really I pray to God just give dome brain to the people like you…Your favourite actress so called Ragini Khana, Radhika Masan, Krystel D’Souza….Seriously I love all actress that you have mentioned…But It is not good dear that for praising someone you abuse others…Remember No one is perfect in the world…Even Your favourite actress also are not perfect…Everyone has special in her or him…And dear you are indirectly taunting people who are not pretty…Seriously before writing something just think about what it will affect on others…I am agree with Laddoo Di…I also don’t know that whether you are younger than me or elder ….But seeing your thoughts it seems that you are also younger than me…Younger than 11 years old…Get it in your mind…Act mature…Be Mature…Learn some morals from your parents and teachers…You are just like kutte ki dum…Vi kahte hai na ki kutte ki dum ko much bhi kar lo vo kabhi seedhi nahi hoti…You are also like it only…Ek air cheez kahte hai ki khaki dimag shitan ka ghar ….Do some work dear and makeurself busy so that this type of thoughts don’t come in your mind…Seriously you are damn irritating…Just Hate you…

    1. Sorry in ..In line 21 it is khali dimag shaitan ka ghar

  19. ridhhi and shoha just go and see hiba nawab iv even she is also not bright and she not cute then helly and helly is the only one for me who can dose swara’s role very well

  20. kashi just shut up ok not only tejaswi helly is also beautiful with brian and golden hurt

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