I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Part- 2 of 2)

Please read Part 1 to understand the story…Here’s the link:
Part 1 of 2

Part 2

Twinkle- Kunj please listen to me once please.
Kunj- What Twinkle? What are u going to tell me? That whatever I just saw it’s not real? It’s all fake? How are u going to explain urself now Miss Twinkle Taneja? This maid job was all just a joke? And my feelings….playing with my emotions was also just a joke? It was all a game to u right? JUST A GAME!
He holds her shoulders tightly and slams her against the wall. Twinkle looks into his red eyes. For the first time, she is not able to read a person or their eyes.
Kunj- Explain Twinkle! Y did u do this to me? Y did u have to play with my emotions? Who are u? What do u want EXPLAIN TO ME DAMN IT!
Kunj’s words are cut off and his anger is lessened through the touch of Twinkle. She held Kunj’s cheek and kissed his lips. Tears rolled down both of their eyes as they expressed, trust, love, and anger. Twinkle pulls back from the kiss and looked at him.
Twinkle- I never played with u Kunj. All the feelings I felt with u and for u were 100% real. I really love u Kunj and I didn’t want to break ur trust. Actually the truth is….
Twinkle tells the whole truth to Kunj…about her mission, her career, Yuvraj Luthra…everything.
Kunj is shocked listening to all this. He lets out a little laugh.
Kunj- Twinkle I knew there was something off about u but something THIS big, oh my god. Tu toh superhero nikli.
Twinkle laughs.
Twinkle- Kunj please I have to complete this mission. After that, I will quit my spying job to come to u.
Kunj- No Twinkle this is ur passion. U can’t quit ur whole life’s work just for me.
Twinkle- Kunj that was my passion. U are my passion now.
Kunj hugs Twinkle. She hugs him back. For a moment, they get lost in each other. Kunj carries Twinkle and takes her to his room. He puts her on the bed. He takes off her earrings and drops them on the floor. They fall to the floor and the little mic breaks. He leans down on top of her. Their fingers entangle with each other. Kunj leans down towards Twinkle’s lips. Their lips meet once again. Kunj then kisses Twinkle’s forehead. He moves his face into her neck. Twinkle turns her head. The screen fades.

The next morning…

Kunj opens his eyes and finds Twinkle’s head resting on his chest. He looks at his hand which is holding Twinkle’s hand. He smirks. Twinkle wakes up and looks at Kunj. Kunj’s smirk turns into a smile. Twinkle blushes and tries to get up using the blanket to cover her. Kunj pulls on the blanket. Twinkle is surprised.
Kunj- Are! If u take the blanket then what about me? Meri bhi izhat hai.
Twinkle blushes really badly.
Kunj- Aww itna bara superhero is blushing so much.
Twinkle- Kunj stop it! How am I going to go now?
Kunj- I have an idea. U leave the blanket and go to the washroom. I will close my eyes.
Twinkle- Or I can take the blanket and I won’t turn to look at u.
Kunj- No leave it.
Twinkle- Take it!
Kunj- Leave it!
Twinkle- Take it!
Kunj- Wow u don’t trust me Twinkle?
Twinkle- No Kunj, I trust u more than myself.
She begins to leave the blanket. Kunj stops her by holding her hand. He gets off the bed. (Funny tune plays). Twinkle is shocked to see Kunj is wearing jeans.
Twinkle (Haww face)- Hawww Kunj u were teasing me all this time?
Kunj laughs then runs away. He peeps into the room again.
Kunj- Twinkle…one more thing….don’t trust me this much.
He leaves again.
Twinkle takes a shower and comes out of the bathroom. She goes looking for Kunj. She is passing by a door when she stops as she hears his voice. She peeks inside the room and sees Kunj talking on the phone.
Kunj- What do I feed u guys for? One mere girl broke into the house and u couldn’t take care of her? She thrashed all of u…..I don’t care if she is a spy, u are Kunj Sarna’s men. Remember that!
Twinkle thinks- Who is Kunj talking to?
Kunj- Make sure this doesn’t happen again. How is Yuvraj? Is he ok?
Twink thinks- YUVRAJ!
Kunj- Take care of him. U are lucky I arrived in time and distracted her and found out her real identity and mission. Otherwise my whole plan would have been destroyed because of u.
Twinkle is shocked. She feels as if the ground underneath her feet has been snatched away. She runs away.
Kunj- This is the last operation. After this, no more. In this dangerous race, I have fallen in love with Twinkle. I won’t hurt her. But make sure she finds out nothing about this.
Twinkle runs into Kunj’s room crying.
Twinkle- How could I be so stupid. How could I fall for this liar, this rakshas. How could I. It was Kunj all along. He is the mastermind behind all this. I have to inform the headquarters.
She feels her ears for the earrings.
Twinkle- My earrings, where are they?
She remembers last night and more tears fall from her eyes.
Twinkle- NO Twinkle, u can’t fall weak.
Twinkle crawls on the floor looking for her earrings.
Kunj- U won’t find them.
Twinkle turns to See Kunj standing there. He walks towards her.
Kunj- The mics broke. Now they are of no use anymore.
Twinkle stands up.
Twinkle- U did it on purpose didn’t u? Last night, u took advantage of me so u could destroy my earrings right?
Kunj- Yes I destroyed those earrings when I got the chance…but Twinkle, I didn’t take advantage of u.
Twinkle holds his collar and yells with a broken heart.
Twinkle- Y did u do this to me Kunj! Y did u have to play with me and my emotions!
Kunj takes her hands off his collar.
Kunj- Twinkle, the day u came, I knew what ur real motive was. I researched and found out that u are one of the top spies there is. To control u, I knew I needed to attack ur weakest spot….ur heart.
Kunj thinks- But in return, u also attacked my heart.
Kunj- U see, Yuvraj is my younger brother. He has been exposed about being a drug dealer in Dubai. That’s y I bought him to India, so all the focus goes on him and leaves me to complete the master plan. But Twinkle….how smart u are….u found out about me. Now I guess I have to execute the plan today.
Twinkle- What are u going to do?
Kunj- Oh nothing much. If I plant a bomb in the mall. It’s my last mission.
He turns to go.
Twinkle- No Kunj u can’t do that. I know this is not u. STOP KUNJ!
Kunj- Don’t stop me Twinkle. I have to save my brother. This is the only way I can. That’s the condition they gave me.
Twinkle- Stop Kunj I can’t let u do this.
Kunj- Twinkle let me go otherwise I’ll have to…
Twinkle- What? Kill me? Go ahead….I’m already dead.
Kunj walks out with tears in his eyes. Twinkle runs after him. Kunj goes outside to Uv’s house. He takes a bomb and stats leaving.
Twinkle- Kunj stop!
Kunj turns to see Twinkle aiming a gun at him. Twinkle’s hand trembles and her voice shakes. Tears flow endlessly down her cheeks. Kunj turns back and starts walking again.
Twinkle- Kunj I SAID STOP!
Kunj doesn’t stop. Twinkle closes her eyes and fires. Kunj drops the bomb and falls to his knees. He touches his back and sees blood on his hand.
Twinkle- KUNJ!
She runs to him and puts his head on her lap.
Kunj smiles- Twinkle….I never played with ur feelings. I always loved u. That night was the best night of my life.
Twinkle cries.
Kunj- Just say for the last time Twinkle that u love me.
Twinkle takes his blo*dy hand and uses his hand to put his blood on her forehead.
Twinkle (crying)- I was always urs and will only be urs. I love you Kunj.
Kunj smiles and closes his eyes. Twinkle hugs his head and cries.
Twinkle- KUNJ!!!!!

6 years later…..

“Hands up Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna”.
A girl raises her hands in a surrender way and turns around. It is Twinkle. She looks towards the voice. A six year old boy is aiming a toy gun at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Mr. Kunj Sarna, may I know what my crime is?
Kunj (little boy)- Mom….I mean Mrs. Sarna, u have made the grave crime of trying to give me milk to drink.
Twinkle- Oh so u don’t want to drink milk? U wait.
Twinkle runs after Kunj with a glass of milk. Kunj is screaming.
Kunj- No Mom stop no!
Twinkle runs after him all around the house.


Did u guys like this story? Please let me know in the comments below. Also tell me if u want a part 3 to this story or should I just end it at this part? If u want a part 3 then I will write a part 3. Also don’t forget to check out my ff Love Is Blind. I have also wrote other OS if u want u can check it out.

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