I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Part-1 of 2)


A Secret here. Back again with another OS. Hope u guys like it.

Part 1

A girl stand in front of a huge mansion. She has a suitcase in her hand and is wearing a simple maroon patiala salwar suit. She takes a deep breath and proceeds towards the front door. She rings the doorbell. A servant answers.
Servant- Who are u?
Girl- I’m Twinkle Taneja, the new maid.
Servant- Oh yes sir told us about u. Come inside.
Twinkle comes inside. The servant shows Twinkle her room and gives her the uniform.
Twinkle- At last, I am inside Kunj Sarna’s house.


Twinkle is running and jumping from the roofs of buildings. She is chasing after a guy with a gun in her hand. Finally she catches the guy and ties him up. Suddenly she gets a call.
Twinkle- Oh hi Chinki.
Chinki- Twinkle where are u?
Twinkle looks at the guy and kicks him in the stomach. The guy yells in pain.
Twinkle- Oh just finishing some work.
Chinki- Come back to the headquarters ASAP. The boss is looking for u.
Twinkle- I’ll be right there.
She hangs up and looks at the guy.
Twinkle (baby voice)- Sorry…did I hurt u too much?
The guy nods his head.
Twinkle- Oh so will u kidnap any more children?
The guys shakes his head no.
Twinkle- Will u sell them for drugs and diamonds?
The guys shakes his head again. Twinkle pinches his cheeks like a baby.
Twinkle- Oh what a good boy!
She hits him in the head and he becomes unconscious.
Twinkle- Let’s go Twinkle Taneja, duty calls.

The Headquarters….

Twinkle stands in front of a desk. Someone is sitting on a chair with their back facing Twinkle.
Twinkle- Maam u called for me?
The person spins their chair around and looks at Twinkle.
Person- Agent Twinkle Taneja.
Twinkle- Yes Agent Sara? (Yup it’s me!!!!)
Sara- Have a seat.
Twinkle sits down.
Sara- I have received information about a top secret case. I did not disclose this with any of the other agents. This case is too risky to be shared with anyone else. I have chosen u because I can trust u. Twinkle, it’s all up to u now.
Twinkle- Maam I’m honored but what is the case?
Sara- A big drug dealer has arrived in India from Dubai. His name is Yuvraj Luthra. We have received word that he is plotting something big, but we don’t know what. This is where u come in. U will be placed near his home. U will be undercover as a maid in Kunj Sarna’a house. Here take these earrings. They have a mic so u can contact me.
Twinkle takes the earrings.
Sara- Remember, u are a maid, not a high class spy.
Twinkle- Yes maam.
She turns to leave.
Sara- Oh and Twinkle…
Twinkle turns.
Sara- Don’t get urself involved with Kunj Sarna. He is a mysterious man. Remember ur cover cannot be blown. If anyone finds out ur reality then…
Twinkle- I know I know…then I have to kill them.
Sara- Exactly. Good luck Agent Twinkle.


Twinkle goes to her room and wears her uniform. She walks around the house looking at everything.
Twinkle thinks- Nice house Mr. Sarna has. He has no family yet such a big house.
Twinkle keeps wandering and comes across a room. She walks inside. She looks around. There are books laying on the table, bed, and floor. There are socks and shoes all over the floor. There is a vase with dead flowers in it. There are so many papers on the table that the table cannot be seen.
She walks to a window and looks out the window.
Twinkle- There is Yuvraj’s house.
Out the window she gets a view of Uv’s house.
Twinkle- I have to use this window to keep an eye on Uv’s house. But whose room is this?
Twinkle looks around and comes across a picture framed on the wall. She sees a picture of a handsome, young man.


The guy is wearing a suit and posing with a faint smile on his face.
Twinkle- Oh so this must be Mr. Kunj Sarna. He has a smile on his face, but his eyes say something else. U seem like a mystery Mr. Sarna. So this must be ur room. I will have to keep coming here to watch Uv’s house.
She looks around the room.
Twinkle- Until then….I have to play my role as a maid.
She starts cleaning the room. She picks up the clothes and fixes the books. Then she replaces the dead flowers with new ones. After two hours the room is clean.
Twinkle- Wow….and I thought fighting bad guys was hard. This maid job is so tiring.
She goes to her room to rest. Twinkle closes her eyes and just as she dozes off, a loud yelling wakes her up again.
Twinkle jumps up and gets in a fighting stance as if she is ready to fight someone (spy instincts). She realizes that there is no attack then calms down. Meanwhile, the person is still yelling. Twinkle follows the voice and gets to Kunj’s room. She sees a guy yelling at a servant. The guys back is facing Twinkle. He starts throwing books and papers.
The servant is shaking in fear.
Servant- Sir…..s….actually……
Twinkle- It was me.
The guy turns around. It is Kunj. He looks at Twinkle.
Kunj- U? Who are u?
Twinkle- I’m the new maid Ku….umm sir.
Kunj goes to her and talks in a very low voice.
Kunj- Listen! U are new so u are off the hook this time. But next time u put ur hands on my stuff then u r finished.
He walks away angrily. Twinkle stands there shocked.
Twinkle- Is he always like this?
Servant- Yes. Sir doesn’t like anyone touching his stuff.
The servant walks away.

At night, Kunj comes home from work. He walks into his room and thinks about what he did to Twinkle.
Kunj- I shouldn’t have yelled at her so much. She is new, she didn’t know any better.
He ruffles his hair.
Kunj- Ahhh…Kunj Sarna when will u learn.
Suddenly his eyes fall on a notepad on his desk. He picks up the notepad and reads the message.
‘I’m sorry for touching ur things. I will leave this notepad…if u need anything please write it here’.
Kunj reads this and smiles. The next morning, Kunj wakes up due to the sunlight touching his eyelids. He opens his eyes to see Twinkle opening the curtains on his window.
Twinkle- Good morning sir.
Kunj doesn’t reply.
Twinkle- Coffee?
Kunj takes the cup from her and takes a sip. He then goes to the bathroom. Twinkle looks out the window at Uv’s house. Kunj comes out after taking a shower with only a towel around his waist. Twinkle turns around and sees him like that. She starts yelling and covers her eyes.
Kunj- Tum! Ur still here? GET OUT!
Twinkle runs out. Kunj gets ready and comes downstairs for breakfast. He does not see the water spill on the floor. Twinkle, however, saw it from the corner of her eye (after all, she is a spy). Kunj had a file in one hand. Kunj slips on the water. Twinkle quickly holds him up with one hand and with the other hand catches the file. Kunj is shocked.
Twinkle is still holding Kunj’s arm. Kunj looks at his arm and Twinkle let’s go.
Kunj- How did u do that?
Twinkle- What sir?
Kunj- Umm…nothing leave it.
He leaves for work. Twinkle takes this opportunity to go to his room and spy on Uv’s house. She is looking out the window when Kunj walks into his room.
Kunj- What are u doing her?
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- Sir, u r back?
Kunj- I left my wallet. Now answer me what are u doing here?
Twinkle- I was ummm…just cleaning.
Kunj (angered)- How many times do I have to tell u not to touch my things? Do u have a listening problem or did ur parents not teach u any manners? U blo*dy lower-class idiot!
He walks away angered. Twinkle is left in tears. She touches a tear on her cheek.
Twinkle- Twinkle Taneja! Are u really crying? Wow…u can’t cry. Twinkle Taneja doesn’t cry.
She stays in her room the whole day. Kunj comes from work late at night. He asks his servant about Twinkle, who tells him that she didn’t eat the whole day. Kunj feels guilty and takes a plate of food to her room.
Twinkle- Sir u are here?
Kunj- Here eat this. Look I shouldn’t have said that and insulted ur parents also. I’m s… s…
He struggle to say sorry.
Twinkle- Leave it. Actually my parents died when I was little.
Kunj- I’m s…
Twinkle- Sorry?
Kunj sighs- My parents also died when I was little.
They share their stories and end up having a good time together. They also eat together. Later, Kunj turns to leave but then stops.
Kunj- Twinkle….I’m sorry.
He leaves and Twinkle smiles. The next day, Twinkle goes to Kunj’s room and finds him in the shower. She looks at the notepad she left him and sees something written on it: ‘Coffee’. Twinkle smiles and gets his coffee. Like this, Twinkle and Kunj become friendlier and closer. Kunj realizes that he has developed some kind of feeling he is unsure of. Something like care and affection. One day, Kunj comes from work and Twinkle goes to call him from dinner. She doesn’t find him in his room but then notices something written on the notepad: ‘You’. She picks up the notepad and looks at it. Then she sees Kunj.
Twinkle- Sir what is this?
Kunj- U told me to write anything I needed on this notepad, so I wrote what I needed. I need u.
Twinkle- But sir…what is all this?
Kunj- Twinkle I don’t know how but I have fallen in love with u. I know I’m not the best person, I’m arrogant, mean, and rude, but I will always love u and keep u happy.
Twinkle is in tears.
Kunj- I am alone and u are alone but I only need u. Will u accept me?
He opens his arms and Twinkle runs into them. They share a passionate hug. Suddenly Twinkle remembers her mission and her orders to stay away from Kunj. She pushes Kunj. Kunj is shocked.
Twinkle- I’m sorry Kunj but I can’t.
She runs away. Kunj is left heartbroken.

Next Scene….

Twinkle sees a man in a black overcoat and hood on his head walking into Uv’s house. She figures it’s Uv and decides it’s the perfect time to catch him. She goes to Uv’s house. Twinkle stops at the front door and takes out a hair pin from her hair. She picks the lock of the door and enters the house. The lights come on and there were many men in black clothes and wearing shades that suddenly attacked her. Twinkle, with no problem fought all the men singlehandedly. She makes all of them unconscious.
Twinkle- Good job Agent Twinkle.
She pats her hair.
Twinkle- And not a hair was messed up.
She turns to leave and gets a shock of her life. There standing at the doorway was Kunj himself. He stares at her in shock and then turns and walks away. Twinkle runs after him to his mansion.

Next Part: Kunj wakes up to see Twinkle’s head resting on his chest. He looks at her and smirks.

So finally, the wait is over. Now u guys know who I am. It’s none other than me…Sara. I am currently writing a ff called Love Is Blind. Why don’t u go check that out? Who knows, maybe u will like it…maybe. In the meantime, please comment and let me know how part 1 was.

Credit to: A Secret

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