IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love – TEASER


Girl: I lost everything because of him. Now it’s time for me to payback. He and his family has to face the consequences for all my suffering…

Girl 2: What are you going to do??

Girl: I will make them to regret for their deed towards me. How I suffered when I was staying with them, now it’s time for them to suffer. They are going to see a different girl. Not the same girl who accept their hatred silently. Now, they have to face my hatred.

Man: Don’t be like this… I can’t see you becoming a heartless person. You only know to love everyone…

Girl: That girl died the moment she married the heartless man and live with the heartless family. Now, I only know hatred which taught by that family. Love doesn’t exist for me.

Girl 3: So, you don’t love us??

Girl: (holds her hand) Love is a small word to describe our bond. What we are sharing is friendship. It’s more than love. I respect our friendship. I worship our friendship.

Man2: But, we can’t see our friend having this many hatred inside her…

Girl: You have to see it. This is my new avatar. I’m having no feelings and emotions inside me. Only hatred are filled in my heart… I just need all of your support in this. I don’t have anyone in this world to support me except you all…

All: (hold her hand) We are with you… (The girl smile and hold their hands)

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