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Ishana gained conscious and confused looking at her surrounding. She sees a nurse adjusting her drips and she understands that she is in hospital.

Ishu: Sister… (the nurse look at her) How did I came here??

Nurse: Madam, you met with an accident just now.

Ishu: (confused) Accident?? How?? I don’t remember anything.

Voice: How you will remember?? (Ishana and the nurse turn towards the voice and sees a man staring at Ishana in anger) How you will remember?? You are highly drunken that time. Then, how you will remember what you did in that condition?? How you will remember that a life has gone because of you?? (Ishana is confused with him) It’s all because of you!!! (He shouts) I lost my love and my life because of you!!! (Two guys came and hold him) I won’t spare you for what you did to me. I will make your life as hell till you hate to live in this world. (Ishana is shocked listening to him. The two guys drag him from there before Ishana could say something.)

Ishu: (towards the nurse) Who is he?? What he meant just now?? Why he is angry on me??

Nurse: He is Omkara Singh Oberoi. His fiancee died in the accident you did just now. (Ishana is shocked to hear that)

Ishu: What?? I did his fiancée’s accident?? (The nurse nods) She is dead?? (The nurse again nods. Ishana burst into tears knowing that she caused someone’s death) I killed someone!! (Cries covering her face with her palms) What have you done, Ishana?? You killed a life!! How I’m going to rectify my deed??


Ishana’s thought breaks by the baby’s cry. She pats the baby and looks at the time.

Ishu: She must be hungry. I’ll mix milk for her. (She slowly get down from the bed and walks towards the table. She mixes the milk and feeds the baby. The baby has the milk silently. Ishana kisses her forehead and places her on the bed. Ishana too dozed off beside her)

AvNeil and PoojAm are on the way back to their house. Neil is driving the car and Gautham is sitting beside him while AvJa are sitting at behind. They are thinking about their conversation with Ranveer just now.

Avni: Is Ishu really married??

Neil: Don’t know, Avni. I just hope it was just a misunderstanding.

Pooja: How if Ishu is really married?? What we are going to do if Ranveer is right??

Gau: No other choice. We have to talk to Ishu.

Neil: Right. We have to know why she hid it from us.

Avni: But, we can’t directly ask her without any proof. Let Ranveer talk to Priyanka first. Then, we will decide what to do.

Gau: That is what we are saying. We only will ask to Ishu if the information is correct.

Pooja: Yeah. Till then no one should say anything about this to her. (All agree with her)

Avni: Drive faster, Neil. Don’t know how Ishu is handling her alone. (NeilGau look each other in confuse. Pooja slaps her arm and she realised what she said) I mean Ishu is staying alone and I don’t know if she had her medicines or not. Right, Pooja?? (Pooja just smiles while Neil continue to drive)

NeilGau’s House

Four of them enter inside the house and walk towards their room.

Avni: (towards NeilGau) You both go and freshen up first. We will go and have a look on Ishu. (NeilGau nod and go to their room while AvJa leave to Ishana’s room)

Ishana’s Room

AvJa enter the room using the duplicate key given by Ishana just now. They see Ishana and the baby are in deep sleep. Ishana is sleeping with her hand on the baby’s chest. AvJa smile looking at the beautiful scene in front of their eyes.

Avni: (whispers to Pooja) Both of our cute babies are sleeping. (Pooja smiles nodding her head)

They go to the bed and sit without disturbing both of them. Avni kisses the baby’s cheek and caresses it gently using her thumb. She goes near Ishana and about to kiss her cheek but stops seeing the wetness on her cheek. She pulls Pooja’s arm and sign her towards Ishana. Pooja also surprise to see Ishana’s cheek. They understood Ishana was crying but they didn’t know the reason why she cried. They get up from the bed and leave from the room locking the door.

NeilGau just freshen themselves and about to go to Ishana’s room but stops seeing AvJa worried face.

Neil: What happened?? Why you both are looking worried??

Gau: Is Ishu fine??

Avni: She is sleeping. (NeilGau sigh in relief)

Neil: Then, why you both are worried??

Pooja: Bhaiya, we think Ishu was crying just now. Her cheek is still wet.

Gau: She must have think about her past. That’s why she cried I think. You both don’t worry.

Neil: (cups Avni’s cheek) She will smile happily if she talk with her bhabhi tomorrow. Now, go and sleep. We will go and see Ishu first.

Avni: No, Neil. She is in deep sleep and it’s already very late now. You both see her tomorrow morning.

Gau: Ok. So, you both…..

Pooja: We will be sleeping in her room. Don’t worry.

Neil: Ok. Good night. (NeilGau kiss their wives foreheads and leave to their room. AvJa too go back to Ishana’s room.)

Next morning

Ishana wakes up from her sleep feeling some disturbance. She sees the baby is holding her hair and pulling it while shaking her legs. Ishana smiles looking at her. The baby laughs looking at Ishana.

Ishu: Good morning, sweetheart. (Kisses her cheek) It’s been morning. Where are your both mothers??

Voice: We are here only.

Ishu: (turns and sees AvJa grinning at her) Hey!! You both are here too??

Avni: Then, where we will be. We are sleeping in your room since few months.

Ishu: I know that. I thought yesterday you will be sleeping in your rooms after your romantic dinner date and have a romantic night. (In a teasing tone)

Pooja: Oh!! Madam was planning for that. That’s why she sent us for dinner date.

Ishu: Then, how long four of you will be concentrating on me only?? You all are married and you have a life to live. I felt bad when all of you didn’t spend time together. That’s why I sent you all for dinner. (Makes a puppy face) But, you four ruined my plan.

Avni: (slaps her head) Listen, you are very important for us more than anything. But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t care about our lives. Maybe we are not having any intimate relationship with our husbands but it didn’t lessen our love for each other.

Pooja: Exactly. Our love for them is increasing everyday. Ishu, husband and wife relationship is not depends on physical relationship only. It includes their understanding towards each other, sharing each others happiness and sorrows, tolerance towards each other and not letting go each other in any situation. These are called husband and wife’s relationship.

Avni: (hugs Pooja’s shoulder) Pooja is hundred percent right. And that is how a family is created. I don’t know what is family till I met you all. I thought a family will have mother, father, brother and sister. But, I realised that friends also can become a family after I met you. (Her eyes are filled with tears while saying this)

Ishu: (hugs Avni and kisses her forehead) You know something?? Both of you are the best happened in my life after NeilGau and my bhabhi. (AvJa smile and hug Ishana. They heard a cry sound and realised the baby is there)

Pooja: Haww!! We are forgetting that our baby is here. Let’s stop our emotional moment for a while and look at her.

Avni: I think she is hungry. I’ll make milk for her. (Pooja lifts the baby and calms her)

Pooja: Ishu, you go and freshen yourself. I’ll take care of her.. (Ishana leaves to washroom)

After a while, three of them are sitting on the bed playing with the baby. They heard knock on the door. Avni goes and opens the door slightly. She sees NeilGau smiling at her.

Avni: Yes, my darlings. (Grinning at them)

Neil: My darling wifey, will you let us in?? (About to push the door)

Avni: (holds the door) My darling hubby, I can’t let you in.

NeilGau: Why?? (Avni thinks how to stop them)

Avni: (gets an idea) Haan!!! Pooja is getting ready. That’s why. (Neil steps aback)

Neil: Haww. Sorry. Ask Ishu to come out. I want to call Swetlana bhabhi now.

Avni: Sure. You both go downstairs first. I will come with her. (NeilGau nod and leave from there)

While going downstairs…

Gau: (towards Neil) Why I felt they are hiding something from us??

Neil: No, yaar. Our girls won’t do anything like that. Don’t bring your police brain inside our house. Leave it outside. Hmm??

Gau: I will try. Hey, did Ranveer talk with Priyanka??

Neil: He called me just now and said he is on the way to the orphanage. I asked him to record their conversation.

Gau: That’s great. It might be useful for us. (They reach at living room and wait for IshAv. They see IshAv are coming towards them and Neil makes a call in his mobile)

Ishu: Gautham, both of you called me??

Gau: Yes. Just a minute. (Looking at Neil) Neil…

Neil: Yup. (Gives his mobile to Ishana) Speak. (Ishana takes the mobile in confuse and places it on her ears)

Ishu: Hello.

Person: Ishu….

Ishu: (smiles in tears) Bhabhi….. (started to cry)

To be continue….

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