IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 7


NeilGau’s House

The voice of the baby stops NeilGau to leave from the room. They look each other confusingly and turn towards IshAvJa who are smiling looking at them.

Neil: What sound is that??

Gau: It’s seems like a baby’s voice.

Ishu: (looks at her mobile on the bed) Oh!! That’s from my mobile. We were watching baby’s video clip just now. I think it’s playing automatically now. (NeilGau nod their heads convinced with her) Now, faster go and get ready. (Pushes them out from the room and close the door. They sigh in relief. Avni goes and lifts the baby.)

Avni: (patting the baby) What happened, my baby?? Why are you crying?? Ok…. Ok…. Don’t cry. (Consoling her)

Ishu: (lifts the baby from Avni) I’ll take care of her. You both go and get ready too. (AvJa agree and left from the room. Ishana consoles the baby. AvNeil and PoojAm leave for their dinner date after a while)


AvNeil and PoojAm reach there and sit at the place Ishana has booked for them. Their table are just behind each other. NeilGau go to a waiter and say something to him. They come back after a while. (The scene at below is happening simultaneously. AvJa are asking the same questions to NeilGau and NeilGau are giving the same answers. I hope you won’t get confused)

Avni: What did you tell the waiter??

Neil: Oh, we asked is there any table for five persons. He said yes and we asked him to reserve a table.

Pooja: Why??

Gau: We will shift to that table in another one hour.

Avni: But, why??

Neil: We need to discuss about something.

Pooja: But, why you asked for five persons?? We are four only.

Gau: Someone is coming to meet us in an hour.

Avni: Who??

Neil: You will know it later.

Pooja: So, what are we going to do till then??

Gau: Dinner date. (The girls smile at them)


A girl is crying in her room looking at a picture.

Girl: Where are you?? It has been more than a year I last saw you. I missed you very much. (Kisses the picture. A guy enters the room and sees her crying)

Guy: How long you are going to cry like this??

Girl: (looking at him in anger) Till I find my Ishu.

Guy: (frustrated) Again that name?? What spell she thrown on you that you are desperately missing her for more than a year??

Girl: Spell?? (Smirks) Yes, it’s a spell that called as love. You won’t understand that. Because you don’t have any time for that. You are just my husband in name only. Other than that, you are just one of the toppest businessman in India. Your work and your office are your world. I’m wondering are you the same person who loved me before our marriage?? Your love stopped after our marriage. Your concentration are more on your work till you forgotten that you are married. (Smiles thinking of something) I was having my Ishu only that time. She will console me and support me. She will make herself as a fool just to see me smile. She treated me as her mother. (Looking at him in anger) I was only having her but you snatched her from me. You stopped me from meeting her.

Guy: Listen, Swetlana. It was she who made me to took that decision. How I could accept her after knowing what she did??

Swet: You could have asked her why she did like that?? But, you didn’t let her to speak anything. You took that as an advantage to throw her out from our lives. (Cries) She loves you a lot and treat you as her brother only. But, you not even once treat her as a sister. (Sarcastically) You never treat her as a human too, sister is very far. You always find a way to humiliate her and she accepted everything silently. Not even once she complained to me about that.

Guy: Just stop it, Swetlana!! Do you want me to accept her as my sister?? She is the daughter of my father’s mistress. Her mother snatched my mother’s life. How I can accept her as my sister??

Swet: (laughs sarcastically) Mr Siddharth Raichand, I can’t believe it. You are blaming both of them. Have you forgotten that the main person you need to be blamed is your father?? (Siddharth looks at her shockingly) He was the one played with two women’s life. Maybe he never tell to Ishu’s mother that he is already married. Fine!! If both of them are having affair, what Ishu’s mistake in that?? She didn’t know that her parents are having illegal affair when she formed in her mother’s womb. Adults did the mistake, what the kid has to do with it?? Your father took advantage on two ladies. Your mother’s innocence and her mother’s financial crisis. So, the one need to be blamed is your father only. Just to fulfill his desires, he betrayed two women.

Sid: Fine. I agree with everything you said. But, what she did?? She proved that she is her mother’s daughter only by doing like that.

Swet: I trust my Ishu. There must be a reason for her to do like that. Don’t talk against her anymore, I won’t tolerate that. But, somewhat I’m happy. Because she is having world’s best persons as her best friends. You showered hatred towards her, but they showered love towards her. The love which she craved since she was kid, she got it from them. They are not only her friends, but they are her father, mother, brother and sister as well. I will proudly say they are the real man that I have known in my life. I wished you will have single percent of their characters but till now I couldn’t find inside you. (Siddharth is surprised to hear her. The girl who never speak anything against him, today she is arguing with him for her sister in law. She wipes her tears and walks towards her cupboard. She takes out some clothes and places them inside a bag)

Sid: (goes towards her and holds her hand) Why are you packing your clothes??

Swet: I’m going to find Ishu. I can’t wait anymore. Maybe you are not worrying about her but I’m worried about her.

Sid: But, where you will search for her??

Swet: What do you care?? You are not doing anything to find her. I will go and search for her till the end of this world. And I won’t come back without her. If you can’t wait for me, you can find another the girl in your life. I don’t care about that. (About to leave)

Sid: (holds her hand) Please don’t do like this, Swetlana. I will find her. For you. Trust me, Swetlana. I will definitely find her and bring her to you. But, please don’t leave. (Swetlana looks at him with hurt filled eyes)

Swet: Ok. I trust you. If you don’t find her, I will go and find her myself.

Sid: I will find her. (Swetlana nods and leaves from the room while Siddharth looks on sadly.)



AvNeil and PoojAm finished their food and have some talk. NeilGau go and sit beside their wives.

Avni: Someone in romance mood tonight.

Neil: You started first at our house and I’m continuing it here. (Kisses her cheek and rubs his cheek with her’s)

Avni: (pushes him) What are you doing?? Someone will see us.

Neil: So what?? I’m romancing my wife only.

Avni: But, I feel shy. If our house, I don’t mind. But, this is public place. (Blushes)

Neil: But, I love to see shy Avni. That’s why I’m romance you at public place. (Again goes near her but she pushes him again and again blushes making him chuckles seeing her)

Gau: So, my wife. How was the food??

Pooja: (sighs) Ishu sent us for dinner date here but you are asking about the food. Don’t you have anything else to talk??

Gau: Hey, I’m on the correct topic. I’m asking about our dinner only. Is that wrong??

Pooja: Are you serious, Gautham?? If Ishu knows that you talked about the dinner instead of something romantic, she will regret to send us here.

Gau: Actually Pooja, I don’t know to talk romantically with you.

Pooja: I knew it. You don’t have to tell me.

Gau: But, I know how to romance you??

Pooja: I knew it. You don’t have to tell…. (Stops realising what he said. She looks at him who is having mischief look in his eyes. She feels shy and looks away from him. He goes closer to her and side hug her. She lies on his arms.)

A guy enters the restaurant and smiles looking at them. He clears his throat to make them aware of their presence. Four of them turn towards him. NeilGau smile at him while AvJa smile surprisingly at him.

To be continued….

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