IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love- Chapter 3


Ishana POV

I’m Ishana. I’m having a surname, not one but two surnames but I can’t mention either of them. I’m an illegitimate child but I know who is my father. However, I can’t mention his name. One, because my mother forced me to not to mention his name to anyone at any cost. The reason she gave me was nonsense for me. She didn’t want him to ruin his good name. Yeah, because he is one of the richest man in Delhi. And my mother don’t want to spoil his reputation. Even though my mother is a mistress for him, he still took care of our expenses. But, he made my mother to promise that she won’t disclose about their illegal affair to outside world. My mother agreed with that because she has to take care of me. So, she didn’t care about the humiliation she and me faced and never disclose his identity to anyone. He visited us for few years but stopped coming after that. He still took care of our expenses including my education as well. Another reason, I’m not interested in saying his name as my father too. At first, I thought all the men are the same, so, I’m very scared to be friend with any boys when I was small. Few boys saw I’m not talking to any boys, so one day they bullied me and forced me to talk with them. They pulled my hairs and school bags. That time two boys came for my rescue. My superheroes, Neil and Gautham. They saved me from that boys. They took me back to my home safely. I really felt safe when I was walking with them and I felt an affection towards them. That time I realised not all men are same. There are some who are like NeilGau too. We become friends after that. They told me about themselves and I told about mine. We realised that three of us are having not much different. Three of us became BFF. Till one day, my mother passed away. I don’t know what to do and where to go. I don’t know anyone than my friends. NeilGau became the pillar of support for me. They decided to take me to their orphanage but my so called father came and took me to his house. After I reached there only I knew that it was his first wife told him to bring me to their house. He is having a son as well and he doesn’t like my presence at all. The lady took a good care of me. She treated me like her daughter which didn’t liked by his son, Siddharth. I won’t blame his son because no one will except his father’s mistress daughter as his sister. But, I accepted him as my brother and tried to win his heart which I can’t win till now. I tried my best to be in his good book but it always failed. I wanted him to accept me as his sister but he will see me as his enemy only. He always blamed me that my mother snatched his mother’s life and now I’m snatching his place from his mother. Since then, I started to avoid his mother and prefer to be alone or with my friends. Even though, I stayed with them, I didn’t forget my friends. I always spend my time with them. I changed my school but we are still remain as friends. Years passed, my father and his wife died. Before she dies, she asked Siddharth to promise that he will look at me. He couldn’t refuse and promised her. He let me to stay at his house but he won’t talk to me. He is married to his sweetheart, Swetlana. She loves me a lot and treat me as her sister, no her daughter. I always feel a motherly affection towards her which I never felt with my own mother and my father’s wife. When I tell this to NeilGau, they will laugh and say that I’m craved to be loved. Of course I’m craving for it but it won’t stay permanently with me or people will throw hatred towards me. But, I got used to it and I too hate myself for living in this world without love. In this world, only three people love me, Neil, Gautham and my bhabhi. They are my world. Years later, three of us finished our studies. I’m graduated in business and they become IPS officers. They got posting in two different places. Neil in Mumbai and Gautham in Chennai. I started my career in a small company. I never revealed my surname to them as well. Then two angels came into our world, Avni and Pooja. NeilGau lovers and now wives. At first, they too don’t like me and I thought my fate is will remain the same only. But, soon it got changed. They started to accept me in their lives. And they too become part of my world. AvNeil and PoojAm get married after few years. They bought a house together and four of them stay under one roof. I still stayed with my brother and bhabhi. Actually, four of them know that my brother doesn’t like me and they asked me to stay with them. But, I refused to stay with them. After few months of their marriage, NeilGau has been transferred to Bangalore for a case. They took AvJa with them as well. And, my life started to change after that. On incident changed my life upside down. A man came to my life only to make me realise that I only deserve hatred all of my life and don’t deserve to be loved. That man, OMKARA SINGH OBEROI!!! I’m a person who only know to love but he taught me to hate. And love is the word that I hated the most. I only love my friends and my bhabhi whom accepted me with the way I am. These are the only love that I’m respecting and existing in this world for me.


A man wake up in jerk. He is breathing heavily like he just had a nightmare. He closed his eyes and sees some flashes of a girl struggling hard from a man’s grip. He opens his eyes and covers his face with his palms. He knows who is that man and who is that girl. He just sits lost in his deep thought. His thoughts are broken by the door knocking sound. He goes and opens the door and sees his mother standing at the door.

Mom: Om, you just woke up?? (He nods) It’s 10 a.m now. Get ready and come to dining for your breakfast.

Om: I’ll be there in another 15 minutes. (She leaves from there. He closed the door and walks to washroom)

Dining Room

All are sitting and having their breakfast. Omkara too joins them and has his breakfast. They heard a loud voice shouting on mobile. They know whose voice it is. It’s none other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay: What do you mean that you couldn’t find her?? It’s been a year she left our house. Don’t you feel shame to say this to me?? I don’t care but I want you to find her in a week time. Or you will see the worst of me. (Cuts the call and sits beside Annika)

Om: What happened, Shivaay?? Why are you shouting like that??

Shivaay: It’s been a year I hired a private detective to find our Prinku. But, he simply saying that he couldn’t find her. How he can say that to me?? To Shivaay Singh Oberoi?? That’s why I shouted at him and warned him to find Prinku in a week.

Rudra: He can’t find her, bhaiya. (All look at him in confuse) Why are you looking at me like this?? I’m saying the truth only. Not only him, no one can find her unless she appears herself. If she wants you to find her, the detective must have find her long time ago. She must have thought all that before leaving. So, just forget to find her. Let her live peacefully among humans. She doesn’t have to come back here and see heartless beasts here.

Jhanvi: (shouts) Rudra!! Whom are you saying as heartless beasts??

Rudra: (gets up from his place) I’m saying about all of you. Prinku left because of you all!! You all tortured an innocent girl and made her live in hell!! What should I say other than that?? (All look at him in shock. Omkara stops eating and stares his plate) Just because of one mistake which she did unknowingly, you made her life hell. (Cries) You all need to suffer more than this. That’s why I didn’t leave this house like Prinku. I want to show my hatred towards you all like you all did to my bhabhi.

Annika: Rudra, you are hurting everyone with your words.

Rudra: Really?? You are defending them?? (Rubs his forehead) Of course you will defend them?? You are one of them as well. You are saying that I’m hurting them with my words. Then, what all of you did to her?? You were piercing her heart with your words. You never felt that she will be hurt. And, he (pointing towards Omkara) Chi!! I’m ashamed to look at him. He said his own wife as a….. (makes a disgusting face) No man in this world will say like that. She must not leave just like that. I wished she to have inform the media about our family’s behaviour towards her without bothering about our reputation. But, she just went out silently. (He snaps his fingers) If she has done like that, total reputation of the Oberoi family would have been ruined. And you would have know what will be the impact for ruining a girl’s life.

Shivaay: (angrily) Rudra!!! (About to slap him but stopped by Annika)

Rudra: Don’t stop him, bhabhi. Let him slap me. He only can slap me (looking at Omkara) not this man. If he slapped him instead of supporting him that day, her life would have been saved and Prinku must be with us now. Everything happened because of him and all of you. (Turns to go but look at them again) I just hope Ishana bhabhi to come back again and give back to you whatever you done to her before. That time you will regret for your deeds for making her life miserable. (Leaves from there in anger while others look on sadly. Omkara leaves from there to his room)

To be continued….

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