IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 26



IshRuPriVeer enter inside the house with Mishti. Soumya lifts Mishti from Ishana.

Soumya: Di, she is so cute. Just like you. (Kisses Mishti’s cheek.) Perfect name for her. She is just a sweetheart. (IshRuPriVeer just smile seeing her.) Hey, Mishti. I’m your maasi, Soumya. (Mishti laughs in her baby style and plays with Soumya’s hair.)

Ishu: Haww!! She has bonded well with you, Soumya. Who can resist your cuteness?? Your smile is enough to attract someone. (Ishana says winking at Priyanka. Soumya smiles hugging Mishti more closer. JhaNky are annoyed seeing them together. They leave from there.)

Soumya: Please take your seats. I will go and bring some drinks.

Ishu: Soumya, let’s go to your room.

Rudra: You all go first. I will join later. (About to leave but Ishana holds his hand.)

Ishu: Where you want to escape?? I want to talk with you. Come with us.

Rudra: Bhabhi….. (Ishana doesn’t listen and drags him to Soumya’s room.)

Soumya’s Room

Ishana is crossing her arms looking at Rudra who understands the reason for his bhabhi’s look.

Ishu: What was that, Rudra??

Rudra: What, bhabhi??

Ishu: You have forgotten so fast. Why you said like that to them??

Rudra: Said what, bhabhi??

Ishu: (slaps his arm) About Mishti!! That she is mine and his baby.

Prinku: Haan, bhaiya. I too wanted to ask the same. Why did you say like that??

Rudra: It’s a part of our plan to revenge them.

Ishu: Plan?? Rudra, it’s not good to involve an innocent baby for our plan. It’s my battle with your brother and family. Let me face it alone. I don’t want to involve Mishti in this.

Rudra: Bhabhi, you are the one going to take revenge on them. We all will be supporting you as well as Mishti. You are starting it with Mishti.

Ishu: No, Rudra. I won’t agree. (Lifts Mishti from Soumya and hugs her kissing her head.)

Soumya: What you all are talking about?? I don’t understand. You are using Mishti for the revenge?? Di, she is your baby right??

Prinku: No, Soumya. Mishti is not her baby. She is bhabhi’s friends baby. Due to some problems, we have brought Mishti with us here. (Soumya is shocked learning about this.)

Soumya: What?? Then, why did you say that she is Om bhaiya’s baby??

Rudra: To hurt your Om bhaiya and this family. (All look at him shockingly.) They had hurt bhabhi very much. Now it’s their turn to get hurt. That’s why I said like that. In fact, I have already decided when Avni di asked us to take Mishti with us. And, I have talked with her too. She too agreed with me. (Looks at Ishana.) Bhabhi, don’t think that you are using Mishti. Just think how much they have hurt you. This is just a lesson for them. (Ishana thinks.)

Ishu: But Rudra, your brother won’t believe that this is his baby. We never had that type of relationship.

Soumya: Di is right. He might humiliate di again.

Rudra: I won’t let anyone to humiliate my bhabhi again. If he try to do like that, I know what to do. Bhabhi, you don’t worry. (Soumya looks at Ranveer.)

Soumya: Di, who is he??

Ishu: Sorry. I completely forgotten to introduce him. Thanks to Rudra. Soumya, this is Ranveer, my friends Neil and Gautham’s friend. Ranveer, this is Soumya, my cute sister. (SouRan smile at each other.)

Rudra: Soumya, he is a cop, Inspector Ranveer Singh Randhawa. (Soumya is surprised to know this.)

Prinku: Not only him, Soumya. Bhabhi’s friends are cops too, Inspector Neil and Inspector Gautham. (Another shock for Soumya.)

Soumya: Di, you faced those troubles when you are having police friends with you.

Rudra: Exactly!! You must have told them before, bhabhi. This Oberois must have know whom they have messed with.

Ishu: No, Rudra. My friends would have land in trouble if I told them about this. Have you forgotten how influential your family is?? That’s why I kept quiet.

Ranveer: Hey, let’s inform NeilGau that we have reached here. (Takes his mobile and makes a video call to Neil. Neil answers the call. Avni and PooGau are there too.) Hey, guys.

AvNeilPoojAm: Hey!!

Neil: Have you guys reached??

Ranveer: Yeah!! We have reached safely to Oberoi Mansion.

Gau: Is there any problem?? I mean because of the Oberois??

Ranveer: No, yaar. RuPri are here to take care of them. Don’t worry.

Avni: How are you, Ishu??

Ishu: I’m good, Avni. How are you all?? Started to miss me??

Pooja: Of course we are missing you. What question is this??

Ishu: Haww!! So sweet. Mmuahh!! Miss you too.

Rudra: Didis, you are just missing your friend?? Don’t you miss your daughter?? (Showing Mishti towards them.)

Avni: Of course we are missing her too, Rudra. My Mishti, your mummas are missing you very much. Mmuahh…. (Mishti laughs seeing Avni on the screen and taps the mobile. Ishana sees Neil who is uncomfortable seeing AvMi.)

Ishu: Hey, let me introduce another important person to you all. (Pulls Soumya.) Guys, this is Soumya who supported me with RuPri.

AvNeilPoojAm: Hi, Soumya.

Soumya: Hi, bhaiyas and didis!! Ishana di has told that she is having friends who love her beyond everything. I always wanted to meet you all but now we are meeting through video call.

Neil: Don’t worry, Soumya. One day we will meet face to face and that day is not too far. After I and Gautham finished our work here, four of us will fly to Mumbai immediately.

Soumya: I am waiting for that day, bhaiya.

Gau: How was the family’s reaction especially Omkara Singh Oberoi??

Rudra: They are shocked to the core seeing bhabhi here. Their reactions are worth watching. But our bad luck, Omkara Singh Oberoi is not here.

Neil: Ok. Just take care all of you. Ranveer, any problem means, just give us a call.

Ranveer: (nods) Sure. Don’t worry.

Neil: Ishu, take care.

Ishu: Ok. Four of you too take care of yourself. Miss you and love you all. Mmuahh!!!

AvNeilPoojAm: Love you too!!! Mmuahh!!! (They end the call. Ishana wipes her tears which started to make their way out from her eyes. SouPri hug her.)

Rudra: Soumya, where the long hair creature has went??

Soumya: I don’t know, Rudra. I haven’t seen him since morning.

Annika just came out from her room and sees JhaNky are talking something in tensed. She goes towards them.

Annika: What happened, aunty?? You both are looking tensed.

Pinky: How come we are not tensed?? Whom we thought to not to meet again in this life has returned back.

Annika: (confused) Who, aunty??

Jhanvi: The one who snatched our family’s happiness!! The one who snatched our RuPri from us!!

Annika: Ishana??

Pinky: Haan!!! That girl only!! Such a shameless girl!! When we saw Prinku, we were so happy but that happiness is vanished after seeing that girl!!

Annika: (surprised) Priyanka is back too!!??

Jhanvi: Yes but she is still angry on us. She doesn’t even talk to us and siding that girl only.

Pinky: One more thing, Annika. That girl came with a baby saying the baby belongs to Omkara. We don’t know she is saying truth or not. (Annika is shocked.)

Annika: Where are they??

Jhanvi: They all were talking with Soumya just now. So, they must be with her.

Pinky: I will call and inform Shivaay about this. Then only that girl will know how wrong is her decision to return here. (They leave before Annika could say something.)

Annika: No point talking to them. I will go and see them first. (Annika is about to go to living room when she heard some noise from Soumya’s room. She walks towards there and sees IshPriRuMya with a new guy and a baby there. She heard Rudra asking for Omkara. She thinks something and gets an idea. She looks at a servant who is going towards kitchen. She calls him.) Bhaiya!! (The servant turns and walks towards Annika. IshRuMyaPriVeer too turn towards the door hearing Annika’s voice.) Bhaiya, Omkara is having an important art exhibition today at Hotel Blue Diamond. The media and press will be there to interview him as well. I don’t know what time he will come. So, please clean his room before he returns.

Servant: (confused) Ji, madam. (Leaves from there. Annika too leaves from there with a smile on her face.)

Annika: I hope they got what I said. (Walks towards her room.)

Soumya’s Room

Rudra: That means he is at Hotel Blue Diamond for art exhibition. (Smirks) Good. (Looks at Ishana.) Bhabhi, let’s go.

Ishu: (confused) Where??

Rudra: Hotel Blue Diamond!!

Ishu: Why??

Rudra: We have to start our mission, bhabhi. Let’s start from his art exhibition.

Ishu: Rudra, we should not ruin his exhibition. Let him come here.

Rudra: Bhabhi, you should not be this good to revenge someone. He has humiliated you in front of the media. Now, it’s your turn.

Ishu: What I have to do there??

Rudra: I will tell you what you have to do while going there. Now, come with me. (Towards SouPriVeer) You three stay here and look at Mishti. I will stay connected in conference call with you. (SouPriVeer nod their heads.) Let’s go, bhabhi. (Holds Ishana’s hand and leaves from there.)

Ranveer: What he is going to do??

Soumya: Only he knows what he is going to do.

Hotel Blue Diamond

Omkara is talking with the guests explaining about his paintings there. They are praising his paintings as well as his talent for making beautiful paintings. The reporters come towards him to interview him.

Rep: Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi, you are having art exhibition after a long time. Can you tell us the reason??

Om: Actually, I didn’t get any inspiration to make a painting. That’s the reason I stopped for some time till I found an inspiration. So, I started back after I found my inspiration.

Rep2: What has inspired you to restart again?? Nature or something else??

Om: (thinks for a while) I will tell this another day.

Rep3: Is that has anything to do with your mistress who has left you before this??

Rep4: Or has she become your inspiration?? (Others started to laugh while Omkara feels embarrassed.)

Rep: Mr Oberoi, have you meet your mistress after she left you?? What is the reason for her to leave you?? (Omkara becomes angry and about to say something.)

Voice: Who said that I left him?? (All turn towards the voice. Omkara is shocked to see Ishana there who is walking towards them with a smile on her face.)

To be continued…..

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