Did IB-DBO integration episodes raise your interest?

Star Plus has brought Mahasangam of its super shows Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. The channel raised much interest by the merger. The promo looked much happening. Three stories are shown in the Mahasangam week. Anika will be seen breaking the illegitimacy truth to Shivaye. Shivaye was earlier fooled by Mrs. Kapoor about Omkara’s illegitimate birth. Shivaye did not imagine the bitter truth could be related to him. Anika has found out about Mahi and Shivaye’s blood relations. She decides not to hide the fact from Shivaye, who has right to know.

Much drama is seen in Omkara’s life. Gauri and Omkara will be having a new mysterious enemy. Gauri suspects Buamaa’s behavior. Buamaa’s character has been positive till now. It has to be seen if Buamaa will turn negative and trouble the newly weds. The third Oberoi brother, Rudra meets Bhavya at his friend’s marriage in Meerut. Bhavya has much to disclose about herself. Rudra and Bhavya’s love story would be equally dramatic like the earlier ones. The merger episodes brought suspense, drama and romance. It is entertaining to watch all of the Oberoi family characters together. Did IB-DBO integration episodes raise your interest? Let us know your opinion. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. jobhi hoo lekin sab kuch…… positive hoo…

  2. Awsome

  3. Nita D

    I like this integration only because the whole Oberoi family is together….

  4. Awesome. …I LOVE ALL THREE LOVE STORIES….Wonderfull marvellous…mind blowing love between the couples…

  5. Hi i am Ashwin.I am very happy seeing both shows together.But it difficult to handle for them at a same time.What ever gul mam plan i am happy with her choice.I love rumya pair not new pair(i think bhavya is the girl send by air hostess for revenge i mean rudra saumya plane drama villian).Yes i think buamma(bcoz she says in one incident with janvi that she won’t share omkara with any one) or real svetlana turns to be villian may be om saves her from fake svetlana gun shot she fall in love.I think one of them shake their hands together with kaali for seperating gaurika.

  6. Sakash.

    I love to watch both shows together.But it difficult to handle both shows together.I am happy with gul mam choice.I love rumya pair not new pair.I think air hostress of plane drama send this bhavya to trap rudra for revenge.I think buamma or real svetlana turns to be villian.
    Bye for now,
    Your’s lovingly,

  7. Pragyashree

    whole oberoi family is together. that means they are going to rock! will love it.

  8. Yes I loved it, wish it was like this the whole time!

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    yessssss …. LOVED IT !!!
    Loved to see my 3 handsome guys all together and looking out for each other ????

  10. Aastha_Reddy

    Something is like missing from this Mahasangam except for Tej and Soumya. overall love it. We need mahasangam like this in a definite time interval as it feels really nice to see the three brothers in a single show.

  11. i am loving these episodes . so many obro moments has been shown in these episodes . aniri bonding , obro moments , making gaurika come a lil close , everything is perfect . it is yet to be seen who this girl bhavya is , anyways i am not liking any of rudr-bhavya scenes now . missing saumya a lot , they ended her character suddenly . happy to see more rudr scenes afterall . saturdays epi where gauri and anika talk was nice . guess these episodes will end today , will miss this a lot . i always thought and think that instead of starting dbo where there r no obro moments , rudr’s funny moments wid shivom and aniri and all the other oberois are missing , they should have extended the time limit of ishqbaaz to 1 hour so that equal screen space could have been got by om

  12. Yes loving it
    I hope Gul mam keep it like this
    The family together is beautiful and everyone have a screen space.
    I could not watch DBO with Swetlana once she left I started again.
    We see the brothers bonding together and Anika and Gauri’s bonding but I would like to see priyanka bond with her bhabis.
    Beautiful show – I enjoy watching it.

  13. Hey I truly accept ur views and also I loved d mahasangam d obros together kitchen scenes every thing I jus loved it
    And wen exactly is the mahasangam getting over

  14. Loved it…I think they should extend timing of ishqbaaz & keep it like this?

  15. Hi guys I’m Divya…. now Tamil viewers will also enjoy this rocking show… Starts June 5th at 10pm

    1. its going to be dubbed in Tamil? which channel and what is the name of the show??

      1. Kadhala Kadhala in Vijay tv. Timings at 10:00 same as in hindi.

      2. Thank you Wellwisher!

  16. Love Gaurikara.

  17. Nikita_jai29

    Mahasangam episodes is good…. But it is seems like a cover up the loop hole…which is created in the ib dbo in after the spin off….

  18. Sowji

    Frankly say recently 3month I saw dbo serial..in my pov compare to ishqbaaz…I like very much dbo…mahasangam it’s really amazing…I loved it…I never feel boring…I like serial theme music,way of talk,their style everything…I don’t like new face opposite role to rudhra singh oberoi…remaining two pair super…I like swetalana she is amazing villain…I really like her talk…everyone doing their role neatly…looking forward to see their serial future story….I hope their will never drag this serial…I hope their fullfill fans wishes…

  19. Navz

    Mahasngam is really awesome and I loved the 2 pairs r supporting each other.although pinkys drama is irritating but this way story will lead to interesting tracks..i feel.
    Atlast than seeing 2 serials i feel mahasngam is really awesome and we can get more connected to story.

  20. Yes love it very much,but I am feeling really bad for soumya??
    But the new heroine of rudra do so much over acting…..

  21. I loved the integration.

  22. Yes they were awesome. Wish they’d just turn both serials into a one hour series m maybe call it Ishqbaaz: Dil bole oberoi

  23. Pixie

    Loved the mahasangam!!! But I expected for a little more of obro moments… I hate pinky and Nayantara!!! They are too much! Loved shivika supporting each other… Rudra’s track seems kinda interesting… Let’s watch with an open mind… Bhavya is cute…can’t wait to know what plan she was talking about… Gaurikara was as usual amazing! I wish the integration of the two shows go on in future…. Congratulations to the whole ishqbaaz team for the big win in star parivaar awards!

  24. Archiya

    i wish they had shown more abt the 3 bros in the MS.. but there was so much more negativity..

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