IB and DBO Analysis

Hi I am Khushi.I couldn’t stop myself from making making another analysis.

Important note:This is just my opinion.

Before getting started i am going to leave the definition of Spin off so that i can break everything into points.
Spin Off:In media, a spin-off (or spinoff) is a radio program, television program, video game, film, or any narrative work, derived from one or more already existing works, that focuses, in particular, in more detail on one aspect of that original work (e.g. a particular topic, character, or an event).
Let me break that into simple words:It means that creating a new show(Dil Bole Oberoi) that is obtain from already existing show(Ishqbaaz) that focuses more in depth of a specific detail or Characters(Rudra,Omkara,Soumya,and Gauri).

So now that we know what it means let’s see how the writers didn’t do justice to the original show and the word spin off.
Does it look like they live in the same house?
To me it does not look like they all live in the same house.From the following points:
1. How can Omkara not attend Priyanka’s wedding?
They are literally siblings.I would slap my brother if he got married in my absence.So the writers are telling me that Omkara has whole time researching about real swetlana but doesn’t have time for her sister’s wedding.It is such a failure for his character.That leaves such wrong impression on anyone about his character.
2.How did nobody found out about Chulbul getting stabbed by a knife?
How is getting stabbed and that after staying in the same house.Anika,Soumya,Rudra,and Shivaay didn’t found out or other members of the house didn’t found out.How is this normal.
3.How does Chulbul stay with Omkara the whole time with him but they are never together with other family members?
This is a real deal.No one really have time to discuss each other’s problems.They can’t keep tab on each other.This is really disappointing for the show.It is very off putting to me.
4.Is Oberoi Mansion a Bhul Bhulaiya?
Like seriously this is a funny one.I never saw other members other than Shivaay,Soumya,and Rudra in DBO.I never saw Gauri AKA Chulbul in DBO.
5.Is this a Family Show?
They show it as a family drama but i can never see DBO with my parents.Like i can watch Ishqbaaz but only the old episodes.But DBO never can be watched with family.Especially with my dad.If i ever did then my tv watching will be banned because of the illogical drama that goes on.

6.Family Scenes?
One of the reason i used to like Ishqbaaz was because of the family scenes since how epic it used to be.Once in awhile i would like to see an epic family scene with pinky’s english,rudra’s wittiness,and many more things coming up.
7.They explore li…way too much.
They tried every little thing possible to make their hit in trp chart.But instead coming out with new villain every month why don’t they show Rumya.I don’t like them acting this biased.It’s high time i think they change the writer.
8.They are repeating the same drama?
From a tinsel town there is a new thing coming up.After Shivaay being shot it is anika’s time to get shot.Are they taking turns on getting shot.Let’s wait to see who gets shot next.
9.Can we expect proper story for rumya or atleast scenes of rumya in future?
There story held a great potential.But in experimenting for shivika and gaurika the writers forgot about them.But you know my hopes are that in future after completing Shivika and Gaurika story.The writer’s focu would merely be Rumya story.
10.Ek doosre ke zaroori hisse hain,Yeh ek kahaani ke teen kisse hain?
I don’t see this.Because all i see is biasedness and favouritism.That is saying a lot about “writer” and the show doesn’t live up to my expectation.
11.DBO scenes just looks like copy of other 4 lions shows.\
I found ths point on internet but the fairy lights getting tangled with chulbul was full blown copy of one of my favourite show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.The frame scene was copy of original show and shivika scene.
12.This is important one the timeline of Ishqbaaz and DBO doesn’t match correctly.

The timeline of the both shows is so different and complicated.It is a responsibility for a writer to do a spin off writing starting till end it should make sense.But it does everything else but making sense.
Shivaay:I want to clap for Nakuul Mehta for playing two roles.I found him amazing as mahi.Hats off to him.
Anika:Don’t you get tired doing this dramatic scenes because i get tired seeing them.
Omkara:You are the confused version of SSO.So go back to being the old you.
Soumya:I am so impressed with you.No words to describe how amazing you are.
Rudra:Stop being cupid for your brothers and create your own love story.
Gauri:I don’t connect with you in anyways.Since you don’t represent what any girl would do which is you changed yourself and came following your “husband” don’t change yourself for anyone.I don’t hate you as an actor.It is just so typical character.

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  1. What a fantastic analysis Khushi, I also feel the same about both the serials.
    Good job??

  2. Amazing analysis yaar…i have same doubts too..i hav one more doubt..did anyone notice that tej nd jahnvi always fight in dbo but stay as perfect coyple in ib…hwz tht possible??_?

    1. Right u r….

    2. Khushilovesroumya

      I forgot to mention that in the analysis but yes even i have same question that for the writer.Thanks Pinky

  3. shivikaalways

    Nice analysis ! Even I get confused at times. How is it possible that they live in the same house and don’t meet each other?? Anyway it’s the’ fantastic creativity’ of our writers, isn’t?

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      True “fantastic creativity” LOL thanks shivikaalways

  4. You are saying right even they are not showing bro moment kitchen moment I am really missing my old om sienc dbo has started we did not watch bro moment properly when ishqbaaz had started it was famous for Masti and fun but now it become like Cid

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Even i miss the same old stuff.I would Cid over dbo.Thanks soman

  5. Devga

    Amazingly penned wat most of us would be thinking.. …. I truly felt wat is so called spin off in this …. For family jagrata there was no anika soumya no prinku …. Leave alone these wer is pinky dadi ….

    Just crap …. Feel sorry for om’s character…. First wen he was a pure soul he was admired for it …. But not anymore ….

    No worries I owe him as a wonderful actor….

    . God knows… I left watching both….

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Even i miss old omkara.Thanks devga even i don’t watch dbo.

  6. Sreenandana.suresh

    u r ry8….me too wants rumya scenes….me too want old om…..om z now getting too rude…..in d beginning of dbo, its was announced that this containzz both gaukara and rumya…..in d beginning there were rumya scenes….but now it doesn’t even show soumya….just chulkara…..can any1 stay in d freezer???this z really discusting drama…..and khushi didi….dil bole oberoi z a romantic show…..ishqbaaz z a family show…..

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks sreenandana.suresh even i feel same toward dbo

  7. AditiB

    Tod daala, phod daala and nichod daala, Khushi you did an amazing job. I actually wanted some one to speak up and you did it my girl! yaar soumya bichari ko to kidnap kar kar ke maar dalenge ye log! and that PriVeer marriage thing that Omkara and Janhvi did not turn up for the marriage, I would have disowned my bro if he ever dared to do anything like this, further how come Janhvi was busy in the jagrata the same night her daughter was getting married????
    They have screwed up the show, and I never watch it with my family, actually no one in my family knows that I watch these serials. Only if they knew, may god forbid….

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you so much aditi I don’t even watch dbo for same reason.

  8. Perfect analysis, sis ki marriage bhai to kya uski maa bhi nai thi. Aur wo same ghar pe jagrata karawa rshi thi, jisme bumaa ke ilawa aur koi family member nai tha. How it is possible?

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks simpatico and yes agreed

  9. Nithu

    true khushi…u told u would slap ur bro if he doesnot attend your marriage….uk what i would do…i will literally stop my marriage nd kill my bro nd bring his body to my mandap and ill do my marriage literally for a girl brothers are evrything….i really missed om when rudra and shivaay held prinku as walll for her…and evn janvi is not there yaar…which mom doesnot atttend her daughters wedding and i had dbt that whn did rudy and pinky took diamonds away beating that champu…cuz we saw pinky rudy and all others there only ….after they gave diamonds to that kameeni…(in pinkys slang) and soon that pregnancy drama began….nd evn i got dbt from where did mahi got gums….that tooo inOM…..the best part in yesterdays epi was annika recognizes that its mahi nt her shivaay by his touch…cumin to dbo i feel that its waste to watch it…how come svetlana win evry time and what happnd to that chip which svetlana inserted in chulbul….and i laughed alot whn om hand got a small hurt….and blood oozed out like a river…and how come blood fall soo far….there is no logic at all in dbo….ib is the best…compared to dbo………and again same double role action in dbo ……….but here svetlana….cvs always make pretty villains good at the end…..like tia and now svetlana………….and in one of the spoilers i read that annika will slip into coma….but if she get shot on her shoulder how can she go to coma…
    at starting epis of ib….dadi thought that one secret shd not come out…what is that secret… i have many questions in my mind…but ill stop…..cuz im sure if i contnue more ull b irritated

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Lol I think these questions will only be mystery probably but thanks nithu

  10. hi khushi,i feel like u r writing my feelings in ur words. i completely respect ur feeling of disappointment lol……

    but i feel like it is waste to say anything to ib and dbo creative team,because there is one saying in hindi like “bhaise ke aage bin bajane ka koi laabh nahi”.

    om and ishana ki story ko bahut kam time aur screen space diya gaya tha,i guess if i m not wrong they hardly seen for one month that too for one or two scenes only. but still i fell connecting with there love story. yaa ishana character need lil bit modification or improvement otherwise there story was having charm of love,they look good together.
    but i can not say same for gauri and om love track. nearly two months ho gaya hai gaurikara ko par wo on-screen charm missing hai. dbo ki story ka to baat hi mat karo wo to sayad punishment sessions hai ib ke fan ke liye.
    it is not like i m a fan of ishana and hater of gauri. it is just a comparison of two pair of same show with same male lead.

    ib main bhi sirf so called villians pe hi focus kar raha hai , y they r not giving rudra an equal importance after all ye teen bhaiyo ki kahani hai oooppps sooooo sorry ye teen nahi do bhaiyo ki kahani hai ak to batware ke baad alag ho kar dbo mein chala gaya
    par batwara hua tha kya.

    jo bhi ho om ki love story ke naam pe audience ke saath dokha hua hai .

    there is no solution chahe hum jitna bhi bole request kare ya analysis likhe they won’t listen. we don’t have options either we tolerate or stop watching it as i did.

    i personally found ff on tu more interesting than the show.

    no hard feeling for actors it is just my opinion or analysis of showshow.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      True ishkara had hardly any scenes but the power of it impressed me but gaurika has so much scenes but it didn’t impress me.even I can’t bear gaurika vinita

      1. Nithu

        mee tooo ISHKARA IS BEST than gaurikara

  11. Perfect analysis , I am also missing old omand even jhanvi and Om wasn’t there for Priyanka’s marriage as they don’t want to see her marriage

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Same and thanks gayatri

  12. Perfect analysis , I am also missing old omand even jhanvi and Om wasn’t there for Priyanka’s marriage as they don’t want to see her marriage.???????

  13. Hey prinku is not marring to ranveer means then who is the opposite character to prinku?in this serial no one getting married normally…1st shivikas forced marriage then rumyas accidental marriage then guakaras drama marriage. ..nd finally now prinkus fake marriage. ..really confused. ..and I totally agree with your pov…awesome

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Even i don’t know who is opposite prinku.i think these siblings ki kismat phooti che.thanks preetha

  14. You are said 100 %true dear…. Good analysis….

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks nikitajai

  15. Kriti249

    A good analysis. These show if being put together they don’t make any sense and true they just bring one villan after another and I do miss Obros moment and of course they don’t justify the storyline of the show. I’m so dissapointed with them. I just watch Ishqbaaz no dil bole oberoi because that’s so damn confusing and nakuul acting hats off to him. Love the way he potryaed both the characters. I would have never watched this track but nakuul’s acting and dialogues compelled me to watch this.
    Take care

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks kriti and he took compelled me with his amazing acting.you too take care

  16. It’s so perfect analysis!!!!!! In the first point u can even add that janhvi who’s priyanka’s mom didn’t attended her marriage??? isn’t weird???

    N of course it doesn’t seem that they all r living in one house… They hv separated tge shows… ..

    It would hv been better if dbo focuses on both gaurika m rumya along with the whole drama I.e. The marriage amd tge svetalana thing.. …

    N instead of dragging svetalana scenes they can create some family moments and rumya love story….

    But no……. It seems shivay is not aware of anything happening in om’s life and vice versa…

    N rudra is no where to vee seen as the main lead….

    Well hoping for the best in future……

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks Richa even i have that same point

  17. Ruby_MarNy

    Good analysis..I agreed with your points..
    Actually,i have few doubts too..
    When Shivaay got kidnapped a masked man came and asked for mobile..he said he will not go till he found the mobile..he was sleeping when Shivaay got the mobile from a lady..who is he and that lady?? Is he still sleeping till not aware of Shivaay escaping and didn’t inform ranveer??

    Is ranveer behind prinku and Om for kameeni?? Not for avenging his sister’s death?? That girl is his sister or he lied to them?? Or did I missed anything??

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I have no clue.The show has so many loopholes that they can’t complete 20 minutes of episode without creating another loophole.but thanks ishana

  18. Nice post Khushi, I Agree with almost all your points except few.

    1. Absolutely true. It doesn’t makes any sense that why Omkara didn’t attended Prinku’s wedding. On top of that Om had a connection with the ACP track but he was nowhere to be seen.

    2. Chulbul is just a servant of OM and there are many servants in the house. It’s not necessary that all the family members will know about all the servants. They must knowing that a servant got stabbed by Omkara but it’s not necessary that all will go show concern for her. So it somehow makes sense.

    3. IB and DBO are two different shows and you should see it like that only. Not all the characters can be present in both the shows. They have given us scenes of Chulbul with the OBros. Tej’s family lives in the second floor of OM while Shakti and Pinky’s family lives in the ground floor. Yes, I agree that they should discuss about each other’s problem in some scenes. They have given such type of scenes in IB so it should be in DBO too.

    4. DBO is focussing on Omkara’s story so other characters will not be so prominent. Shivaye and Rudra have made appearances in DBO. Anika was never that close to Om, so she’ll not bother much what’s going on his life. Gauri was never seen in IB coz it’s about Shivika story and she’s not close to Shivika. She’s just a servant in OM who is not known by all the family members.

    5. No this is not a family show. The fact that this show airs at 10:30 pm which is a late night time slot proves that. No way this show is for kids. There is too much of negativity in the show which is not good for kids to watch. A story about a dysfunctional family where the ML was a drug addict in the past and who hates his dad and is marrying his mistress is very bold. This show is almost a thriller. Svetlana is a very dangerous villain who has a mysterious past. Some scenes are just too brutal. Even IB isn’t a family show. Both the shows have too much of negativity and are meant for 16+ audience.

    6. DBO was promoted as a love story, not a family drama. It was IB which was promoted like that. If you go to the Wikipedia page of DBO , it’ll show it’s genre as romance and for IB it shows family drama. So it’s not necessary that they will add family scenes.

    7. Khushi, no one cares about Rumya. There are only meant to ship their bhaiya and bhabhi. They can’t even give a proper scene where we can see Rudra missing Soumya when she was kidnapped. It’s always Anika, who has to do everything.

    8. The CVs have no story left now. They are just repeating and dragging the tracks.

    9. Don’t expect any Rumya story. The producer of this show only knows one type of story i.e. angry young man and bubbly girl and Rumya are not like that. So they can’t write any story for them.

    10. The story was never about three brothers. It was only promoted like that. IB was always about Shivika love story. They gave us Omkara story coz of fans demand. We will only get Rumya story when another spin-off is made on themthem. The producer Gul Khan was biased towards Shivika coz actress Surbhi Chandna, who plays Anika is a friend of her.

    11. All shows of four lions are copy-paste. It’s nothing new. Gul’s writers lack creativity.

    12. IB and DBO are two different shows with different tracks. It’s not a continuation and that’s why there timelines aren’t same. It’s done coz all people watch IB don’t watch DBO and Vice-Versa. You should watch both like separate shows.

    I agree with your description of all the characters except Omkara. He isn’t a confused version of SSO. He has just became more practical in life after facing so many betrayals. Previously he used to live in a fantasy world. Now he knows the ground reality of life and has hardened himself. So he can’t go back to his old self. But now also he’s a good hearted man who treats his servant as his friend. Something which Shivaye will never do. Blood, lineage and status doesn’t matters to him like Shivaye.

    And 1000 points to you for describing Gauri. Her character is just pathetic.

    1. plz ignore the grammatical errors. I wrote the comment in a hurry.

    2. Khushilovesroumya

      These are just my opinion and by the way they promoted the story as story of 3 brothers in the start,spin off means continuation of one specific show,and if we were to watch it as a different show then why did they continued the Swetlana track.these were just some of the points.but if u want me to go in details then I can do it.

      1. Spin off means a different show based on a supporting character of the parent show. Omkara was a supporting character in IB whose story is getting focused on DBO. Svetlana track was continued in DBO coz Omkara’s character was taken from IB. Omkara’s backstory was shown in IB only. IB and DBO can run in different timelines, coz the track and focus on characters are different. They are connected only in the sense that both are set in the same universe. Spin-Off doesn’t means continuation. Continuation is considered as a sequel . If makers would have wanted to make a continuation, then they would have extended the timing of IB to one hour instead of introducing a spin-off show.

        Yeah I know they promoted the show as a story of 3 brothers in the starting which they never fulfilled. You can go in detailing your points but I hope this discussion doesn’t turns ugly.

    3. Jerry_36

      Luna di and Khushi di???

  19. Absolutely right khusi.. I am totally agree with u.. I am thinking the same..

  20. Nice analysis… Totally agree with u…

  21. Ovb

    Wow awesome analysis

  22. good but i never felt bored because of annika

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thank you so much I sometimes get bored of her as well

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