With out you iam nothing one shot

Without u IAM nothing os

This story will be revolving around kunj and his friends who are druges and twinkle will help them to get over the drug.
In college
Uv give dare to kunj that who ever come first he have to kiss that girl
Kunj – well Thank u let see who will be the one which is eating for me.
U- u have to kiss the one who came first
M- uv this is old dare
K- well I like the dare
Other side we can see a beautiful girl is coming toward them and kunj saw her first and fall for her
Now u might guess who she is
She is our siyappa queen sorry kunj siyappa queen.
K- pov I hope she will be the one I have to kiss
T – can u tell me where is the principal office
Kunj walk toward her and give kiss on her check making her shock
T- what the hell

U – sorry it a dare for me to him
T- u shame less idiot
C- go right then turn left u will find his office
K- coming closer to chinki why did u tell her wrong address
C- how can she said us sameless so we could show her what sameless could do.
Kunj got mad and yell chinki and walk behind twinkle look miss
What ever happened in sorry and it just a dare and the address chinki told u was wrong I will show u
T- well thank and I heard lots thing about u and your group
K- really
T- yep . And your guys are badass in this college and trouble other new student
K- yeah but if you don’t like it then I will stop doing for u
T- r u trying to flirt with me Mr sarna
K- well kinda by the ways we came outside of principal office see u and u can add mine number here is it ……
T- I don’t need it but thank
K walk smiling and twinkle too went to office.

At office
Welcome to our college twinke and thank u for accepting our request
T – it okay Papa I mean sir
Principal was rt – twinkle I want u too change some student and they have been addict to drug
But kunj is nice boy and he is also a topper of the class but sad part his friends ruin his life including him to gang.
T- but I feel kunj is nice one he is the one who drop me here and his friejds told me wrong ways but he came till out of office
Rt- ik but his gang and I want u to save his life
T- I will do my best
15 day pass and Twinj used to chit chat a lots and half ways twinkle was successful in changing kunj but sometime it difficult for him not take drug.
Twinkle thought to bring kunj in her house so he will stay away from drug but it difficult for him.
Next morning she saw kunj was shivering and shaking in bed an he was asking for drug
K- twinkle plz give me one time I promise I will never have them on time plx
T- okay but for that we need to go out
K was happy and hug twinkentight and she can understand his condition.
Twinj went to some room which is black and when twinj enter the room kunj saw a man sitting on chir ans laying their lifeless.
K- why are we here I want drug
T- you see him. We are in same college but his friends make him take drug and now see what happen to him
K- no I don’t want drug plz let go saying he hug her
Day passed kunj was normal and he is falling for her more and somewhere he know she can be his as their age difference what will people think but he can live without drug but not without twinkle.
So 1 month leap and we can see twinkle is successful in saving kunj and his friends and all his friends said sorry to twinkle and they all become good friends
And here kunj was planning to proposed twinkle and he take help from his friends
K- in phone twinke come to this address
T- okay
She reach the address kunj has send to her but their is all drak and she is scare of dark and call kunj name and he come I front of her
She saw kunj was bending down with ring in his hand
K- twinkle if u don’t came in my life I won’t be like this I might be dies. But u came to my life as angle and I know we have some age difference ur 30 and Ian just 20 but doesn’t matter unless we love each other . And your know their is saying age doesn’t matter on love what is love and happiness and I will give u. Miss taneja will u bcome Mrs twinklekunjsarna plz it request don’t said no if no then I will go back in old life like drug addict
T- kunj look I know u love me even I do but we can be together u know how different we have in age . Your a nice guy find different one who will love u and take care of u .
K- I guess your saying no to me so it better if I end my life without u saying he try to put drug in his mouth but twinkle stop him
T- your out of your mind what your trying to do huh what u thought u will end your life for me
K – first of I saw I fall for u and even more now coz u change me into human being from druges.
T- u know what your an idiot but I love this idiot saying hug him and they start their new life together.

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