I won’t Go with you


Oh God Pragya is kidnapped again ??? and this time they copied one of my favourite movie for their crap ??? so how can I leave this track so easily…. No I will not let’s see what happens when someone gets addicted to be kidnapped so here we go…
Aliya calls kidnappers
Aliya: You have to kidnap someone I will pay you four times enough if you did it well???
Kidnapper: O Madam tell us some new work to do again and again kidnapping ??
Aliya: Amount will be four times I said which I will pay???
Kidnapper: Oh madam keep it for your self and start doing some work rather that assigning kidnapping assignment to us ????
Aliya: you idiot??? ??? now you will tell me what I have to do
Kidnapper: I thought no one is there to tell you so I must tell you??
Aliya: the amount will be 5 times more if you did that???
Kidnapper: how much stubborn you are cheap lady I am saying no and like a shameless person you are still stick to your decision ????
Aliya: I want my work done you idiot ??
Kidnapper: mai yaha force ka formula likhne baitha hu Jo tu mujhe work done bata rahi hai (am I writing here formula of force !! that you are telling me the work.done)
Aliya: Shut Up….
Kidnapper: okay if you are asking I am telling you force is equal to work done
Aliya: listen Mr if never did my work then I will apply full force to destroy you understand
saying so she hanged up the call and kidnapper said “agar itna force padhne me laga leti to kuchh ban jati bas bandey uthwati hai marwati hai aur kuchh kaam nahi isey ab to Yamraj b chirhtey hongey ke hey bhagwaan kaisa bin bulaya assistant mil gaya mujhe (this much force if she had applied on studies then she must have become something just doing the work of kidnapping and killing now Yamraj must be feeling pity on himself that how the hell I got this unwanted assistant who is sending everyone to me without any appointment here population is getting overflow because of her)
Then the kidnapper called two of his goons
kidnapper: arey…. chantu Bantu…. come here
Chatu, Bantu: yes Boss

Kidnapper: arey WO Zara quarter no 3 gali no 4 boriwali wali Jo madam hai na unhe bolna unka phir se invitation aaya hai (that lady living in quarter no 3 lane no 4 in boriwali go and ask her that her that she is invited here)
Chantu Bantu being confused : okay boss ???
Chantu Bantu left for the address and asked Pragya same as the Boss asked them she felt irritated and shouted
Pragya: maa mai jaa rahi hun mere fixed kidnappers aa gaye hai aur haan is baar Maine wapis nahi aana pakka pakka inka roz ka drama ho gaya hai (maa I am going my invitation for getting kidnapped is here and this time I will not come back this has become their daily drama )
Sarla came out: what the hell is this again these people are here ugh here people are not getting rid of ATM queues and here you are not getting rid of these kidnapping tricks who is your boss kindly dial.his no and make me talk to her
Chantu Bantu being confused : ??? okay mam
they dialed no and gave to her
kidnapper: hello
Sarla: may I know who is assigned to kidnap her this time
Kidnapper: arey aunty ji paay lagoo kaisey ho( arey aunty give me blessing touching your feet how are you ?)
Sarla: Oh god again you have been allotted this work)
Kidnapper: what to do aunty that girl is really stubborn
Sarla: hmm… I can understand but now bete ji do one work
Kidnapper: tell me what aunty ji
Sarla: this time dont leave her keep your sister with you only when her kidnapping period gets end then make her hide somewhere and when that girl again assigns you for the same then pretend that you kidnapped her
Kidnapper: what an idea aunty ji superb I will do this only but…..
Sarla : but what bete ji
Kidnapper: what if her so called husband came to rescue her god swear he beats us black and blue ???
Sarla: arey never worry about him right now he is bhoola baba and when he comes again do one thing take a rod and hit on his head so hard with that two things may happen either his memory will come back or he will loose rest of his memory too
Kidnapper: great aunty I will do this only kindly send her here first
Sarla : she is coming

Sarla hanged up the call and asked kidnappers to take Pragya along with her and she went in the warehouse
kidnapper : arey sister how r you
pragya : what how are you Bhaiya ??? again and again same thing don’t you get bored of it
kidnapper: what to do that idiotic brain can’t think anything else
Pragya: then no one else is left to work for !! that you are working for that ape
kidnapper: what to do sister ganda hai par dhanda hai ( know its bad but its business) but you don’t worry this time we are not leaving you stay here and enjoy next we will not bother you for that crap as you will stay here itself
Pragya taking a seat : Bhaiya if someone came here to make me escape then also I am not going to leave
Kidnapper; what if your husband came to rescue
Pragya: if that bhoola baba came here I will kidnap him and kidnap him for sure his family has irritated me to the core
Kidnapper : go for it behena
at time itself Abhi entered inside like a storm shouting “Pragya I will save you not to fear I am here”
Kidnapper patted his head saying “aagaya mua hun machegi bhasudi (this idiot is here now war will take place for sure)
kidnapper ; now who the hell called you Mr
Abhi: leave my secretary otherwise
Kidnapper : I understood Pragya sister …. someone is here to meet you
Abhi was looking confused then Pragya came there stuffing some wafers in her mouth which made Abhi more confused and looking at him she yelled
Pragya : tu saley tune meri zindagi jhand kar rakhi hai tu ruk (you…. you have made.my life hell you wait there)
abhi was totally shocked that what the hell.was going on there that time Pragya went to him and said
Pragya: tuney bohot pareshan kiya hai sala dimag kha gaye yr ek ye Jo Sara time fuggy fuggy karta hai isiki Dadi puttar puttar karti hai hai behen behen ji behen ji karti hai sala dimag kha jatey hai Bhaiya ye (this man has made my life hell he isn’t tired of saying fuggy fuggy his dad isn’t tired of chanting puttar puttar and his sister isn’t tired of saying behen ji behen Ji they have eaten my brain brother )
Kidnap; I can understand
Abhi: how can u be so casual fuggy listen to me
Pragya: abbey e bohot bol liya ab nahi Chantu Bantu dharo saley ko (you have spoke a lot now shut up Chantu Bantu arrest him)
on her tone Chantu Bantu and Abhi shocked Pragya rocked ??????
I know it was lame but for the time being accept this as SOF in still processing

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  1. Funny ff…but I like your writing way…

  2. CuteVanshu

    ?????????????????????????????????????? very funny ….chantu Bantu…????bhoola Bhai…awesome os di…?????

  3. Aditiroy

    Super…so funny…????????pragya rocks again..ya I think it’s almost sixth time right…fed up of this track but not abhigya…assume what if this happens real…oh god….???

  4. LOL this was awesome!! right now I am not having emojis or elseI I would have told you how much I am laughing after reading this! once again u refreshed my mood! Loved it to the core!!!

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  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    Chantu Bantu……LOL ??????????????????????Its sooooooooooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SURBHI ROCKZZzzzzzzzz ???????????????????????????????????????

  7. omggg!!!surbhi dii i can’t able to controll my laugh….its so funny di..and im a big fan of ur SOF,because of my lack of time i cant able to comment…So pls forgave me..Thousand times sorry..If i got time i’ll definetly comment..Love u dhiii

  8. so funny di loved it

  9. It’s so funny Yrr ?????????I can’t stop laughing ???

  10. Really very funny dear….keep writing like this….

  11. Very very funny di?????????????

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  13. Asmithaa

    haha.. superb.. u rocked it dii..

  14. Amore

    hahahaha it was really hilarious hhahaha…

  15. Prathi

    Jugni ???Sirf tum aaise likh sakthey ho.. Yeah arrest that idiot I hate him! Hilarious?????

  16. Aadi

    Pragya rocks ! ????

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