I miss you (OS) by ArpitaKrish


She opened the door of her house. She came inside and turned the light on.

She became surprised seeing the whole lobby. It was beautifully decorated.

Someone hugged her from behind.

“You are late. I was waiting for you for so long” He complained.

She gave her elegant smile holding her ears.

“Its okay Sanchi” He removed her hand.

“I have a surprise for you” He held her hand and took her in the backyard.

There was a cake on the table. They cut the cake together.

They both sat with the support of wall. Sanchi was in his embrace.

“Kabir, I cant believe it is our 1st anniversary” Sanchi turned to him.

“Yes. Me too” Kabir said holding her hand.

“I want something from you” She asked.

“Anything for you” He replied with smile.

“I want to marry you” She exclaimed.

“Okay. Very soon I will talk to mom” Kabir assured.

“I love you Kabir” She hugged him.

“Love you too” Kabir also expressed.

“Love you 3” Sanchi chuckled.

“Love you 4,5,6……infinity” Kabir kissed on her cheeks.

“Sanchi” A voice came across her ears.

She turned.

“What are you doing at door?” Noor, her roomate asked.

“Nothing” She wiped her tears. It was all her dream.

She came inside her room and sat beside her bed. She held her photo with Kabir. She started sobbing. Her heart was sobbing. She was in so much pain today.

“Happy 2nd Anniversary Kabir. I love you. I miss you so much” She hugged the photoframe closing her eyes.

(A car blasts at highway. A girl is shown shouting Kabir’s name seeing the deadbody. It was all blurr.)

“Sanchi, dinner is ready” Noor called.

“Coming” Sanchi replied composing herself.

The End.

I hope you guys are enjoying Ishq Vishq. I dont think so seeing likes and comments. Please give your feedback so that I can improve.

Now coming to OS. I was free and in sad mood so in result came with this third class OS. Please bear this.

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  1. Mast hai yaar but chota hai…n rahi baat ff ki …ilv that yaar…wo to jhakaas hai…tjhe wo likhna hi hai…lv uh yaar

    1. Flyingfatty

      thanks sana. love you.

  2. A really sad ending… And it was quite short

  3. Emotional one, keep writing such stories

  4. RuCh23

    Sad ??? but it’s nic . Come soon again with another one. A happy one?

  5. AAYU

    It was sad but it was good dear
    The ff is also very nice with a unique concept
    Please continue it and don’t be dishearted with the less number of likes
    Post soon
    Love you
    Take care

  6. Anee

    It was sad Os Dear AK but it was very nice…boht dinon se kuch aisa padha nahi thaa..

  7. Aafiya

    Actually to say it was sad but it was good. And the concept was nice.
    Post more os.. Don’t take likes and dislikes in your mind.. Give your best.. All the best.
    Take care..

  8. Anu88

    So so amazing and fantastic story dear……… please yaar write some more story dear………lots of love for you dear…….tc yaar…….

  9. AnahitaAnnie

    Even though it was short but the commiseration you out into this story is laudable. This OS is the perfect precedent that love never abadates and is commemorated in their heart. Loved reading this!!! You should write more OS.❤️

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