I Miss You Dear.

That was 18 April ,2014 and like others day roads of patna was busy at 3 pm. noon. I had been waiting for this day from one month and finally i was ready in my best outfit to attend a seminar at S.K.MEMORIAL Hall. I entered in an Auto-Rickshaw at Boring Road for Gandhi maidan and found one of my classmate occupying side seat. After some Distances i remembered for my wallet which i had forgotten to take in hurry. That moment i felt earth slipping under my feet because anywhere i would get down , it was not going to cost me less than five rupees. Finally i asked my neighbour-‘ where she was going’and i was glad to know that she too was going to attend the seminar .I had no other option except to explain her my situation and promissed to return it later. How shameless i felt that time , i was only knowing.She was ready to help me but on one condition that I would take her to Panipuri Shop any other day.We got down beside Gandhi maidan and waved our feets towards S.K. MEMORIAL.The Seminar was conducted by ‘ The Hindustan Times ‘for the students of class XI and XII. Hall was completely full with students and guardigns .Only some seats were vacant in guardign column . So , we preffered to grab that.”Personality Development ” topic was only liked by me and i didn’t pay much attention to any other topic. One of the beautiful girl of my class was with me and i wanted to make my best impression though i had ruined everything in rickshaw. I discussed about the feelings of my classmate towards each girl of class and She too enjoyed sharing her friends feeling about us.She found it wonder that how a smart and cheerful guy remains Introvert in classroom. For few hours we had forgotten that we were in Seminar Hall and Continued our gossip till the end. Around 6 pm. we came out of hall and found street lights GLowing to Beautify the city.On her demand I had to company her for panipuri .

Really , Eating panipuri with girl was great experience.The very next day in school I noticed her in uniform . She looked gorgeous to me for the first time and her Left side glance was making me to fall in love with her. I thought about her for few seconds and then decided to check whether , she was my perfect match or not?. I called her name with my heart and found her head turning towards me . She had caught my glance at her and i was sure she had felt different.In break time , I found her walking towards me with her best friend Sneha. HI..!!You had something to tell i guess . She Asked. Ya, I just wanted to inform you to wait outside after school is over so that I would take you to Panipuri Shop. Ok , If you don’t mind , my best friend will also be there with me. Its ok.. so meet me after school..Hungry stomach for hours brought much enjoyment of Panipuri and we had enough to feel better.For the next two days I didn’t get any opportunity to interact with her. so on third day i was absent in school. I missed her badly that day, Her beauty , her Smile and most special her sweet voice roamed in my mind whole day.I Had missed Physics Notes by missing my one day class. so when classes were over , My feets neared Shalini and my mouth could flutter -“Can you please give me your physics Note of yesterday class , i was absent yesterday.Days passed and our interaction was rare . My plan of writing my phone number on back of her notebook had failed. I kept on trying to make her realize of my love. Unfortunately My luck was with me and i became the topper of 1st Unit Test and was selected as the Team Captain of school Basketball team. BUt one thing had made me feel sad too and that was of my Lover getting 10th rank from back .On a Sunday Morning , 31 August , I recieved a call from unknown number and that was of her. My dream had come true . Oh, My God !! My Plan had worked. My love had phoned me first time and no words came to my mind to take the Conversation further to any other topic other than Likes and Dislikes .She had Preplanned thoughts and that made easy to both of us to go with the flow of conversation. She Seemed quite nervous on phone and promissed me to meet me in evening at ‘ Children Park ‘. .I reached there on time and she was late by five minutes . By that time a lot of people had already occupied their places in Park. A large area was left for Lovers where only moon light reached.

So , we preffered to sit in dark. Sneha [My lover’s friend] informed me about her friend that she loved me from the first day i met her in S.K.MEMORIAL but she was afraid to take it further because of a boy who stays beside her house and has proposed her many times but she never accepted. Now also , She is afraid of circumstances.I had to Console them by telling- ” We will tackle each and every situation when it comes but for now we must live in present .”Our gossip Continued for half an hour and then wanded towards G.V.Mall. Haldiram’s sweet made our meeting much comfortable . We also enjoyed Panipuri at Shalini’s fav. Shop near Yamuna .We had conversation on phone for three hours that night and after that messages continued for rest of the night till i switched off my mobile. When i switched it on in morning , 60 messages from her beeped on my cellphone one by one.On 4th September , I had my Birth Day and she was first to wish me at Sharp 00;00 Hrs. That day She didn’t let me complete my sleep of at least four hours. She told me – ” Main Aapke liye abhi tak jagi hu aur aap birthday boy , Aaj bhi Aap soiyega .” I had arranged party for all my sectionmates at ‘The Bridge Lounge’ . Out of fifty only twenty of my friends had joined for party and we had great fun. Each moments with shalini was really special for me and she had gifted me a vest on which our photos were printed . That was really a best gift that anyone in the whole world could have gifted. After party all of us enjoyed Panipuri outside lounge.As we approached towards my Hostel , I noticed some guys following us. Shalini informed me that they are the groups of same guy who had proposed her. I warned my five friends and told shalini to remain at 100 mtrs distance from us.She didn’t want fight but someday matter was going to be solved . so , why not that day it self. All of the guys came to me and started slapping me. One of my friend took one brick and hit on one of the head. His head started bleeding and everyone were trying to give 1st aid treatment to him. By then we opened our belt and started showering on them. All of them started to run but we caught the main Bastard..He would have never imagined that he would be in such situation.He started crying and begging his friend’s life and promissed to never interfere in my lover’s life. By 10 pm. medical treatment of both injured was done and i left them to their houses.I also helped them to console their guardigns.

Time passed and our love became strong and more strong. We spent our time together on sundays in cinemas and in parks. we never forgot to enjoy panipuri when we were together.Our final result of class XI was out and i had got 1st rank but my lover was failed in two subjects.she had another chance after one week in which she had to pass any how.She passed in my love but had failed in her parents love. I knew from my sister condition that being a girl how difficult it was to bear the pain of failing in exam. My notes and her dedication helped her to get success in 2nd attempt .A big hurdle was crossed by her and now it was celebration time.We watched movie in Cinepolis and enjoyed together in pizza hut .Oh, My God !! Shalini’s brother had seen us together and that meant a big problem was waiting for us at home. As i reached my Hostel , my phone rang and it was from my home. My phone number was diverted on my home number and when Shalini’s mother called my number , It was luckily recieved by my lovely sister who knew about my love and she settled everything well. Next day my class teacher asked me -” Is Everything alright with you? Yesterday i recieved a call from Shalini’s mother and she was inquiring about you.Yes sir ,” Everything is ok ” was all i could reply .After school she met me outside the Gate and shared with me each sentences of her family member that was fired on her .”you better be with your parents and Concentrate on your studies , We can enjoy this type of moments once our 12 Board Exam is over. ” was all that i could suggest her. But she repeated the same sentence again and again that she wanted my time too. Finally ,For me and for our love she agreed. My intention was only to Encourage my love towards studies and make some separation between us at least for one year. I too needed time to work hard for preparation of XII board and also for Entrance exam of IIT. Three months passed of this incident and she was never regular for school but i didn’t care much about her few days abscence . But when I didn’t notice her in school for one week then I asked Sneha about her and Unfortunately She too had no idea about her friend .I waited more three days for her but she was never noticed . Finally , I decided to visit her place . Her brother met me at the door and shocked me with the saddest news that i had never imagined of. My love was no more in this world . Her both kidneys were fail and she left this world 10 days ago. Oh ,My God.!!Such a big Incident had occurred in my life and i came to know after ten days . Why nobody informed me Earlier ? Why God was so cruel with my love. Shalini’s Mother had informed my sister about her daughter but why didn’t they inform me.Her best friend too didn’t let me know . She was everything for me but now i felt alone crying and fighting with my thoughts . I opened my E-MAIL and found her unread Mails dated continuously from the day her family came to know about us. Why didn’t I open it earlier?She had mentioned in her third mail itself that she would not live longer. She wanted her love to be with her each day and cried badly writting those mails. Her Last wish was that – ‘No one will disturb my studies by informing about her till i came to know myself.” Her wish was fulfilled by everyone but that had hurt my heart. I could not have her last look , My Hands could not hold her face in it and my lips could not kiss on her forhead . I am dying without her each day and her Memories always roam in my mind. LOVE is such a disease where only pray and promisses work. Her dream to watch me always at 1st position is to be fulfilled anyhow. I read her Mails every morning and it reminds me of our love and our Dream. Her favourite Panipuri Shop is having Crowd of Customers each day but i don’t have much Courage to go and have it ALONE.

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  1. Fenil

    Superb story …us this real life story ?:P
    lovely moments lovely emotions…and emotional also with LoVe.
    Totally loved it.

  2. Veera

    Amazing story. While reading the last part i got tears in my eyes. Is this your real story? You expressed yourself by writing this. If it is not a real story I must say you are an amazing writer who made a reader believe the story is real. I felt like I am reading someone’s dairy. It is that good. Keep writing more.

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