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Recap-Dozens of leap .

Let’s start

After collecting there luggage sanveer went to their respective parents .

K-Isha sanchi I think we shud meet jaya aunty after going home .

I -Yes she will be delighted to see sanchi well I think first we shud go home maa wud be waiting for us .

S-Yep I will meet dadi .

Outside airport

Veer arranges a cab but sanchi sits in.

V- O hello miss i have arranged this cab .

S-Sorry but I m in hurry pls my maa and dad r waiting outside in sun pls understand.


Cab goes sanchi peeps out of the window and says thz .Veer smiles.

P-Where is cab?

V-Maa actually i arranged a cab but a girl took it she looked new to this place and her parents were waiting for her so i allowed her.

Sa-Its gud u helped her in fact i m proud of u my son.

P-K lets leave well I think that we shud go to Dr.Malhotra and savitri aunty they will be happy to see veer.

Sence shifts to kapoor mansion

Kusum welcomes Ishsabir

Ku-Sancgi u hv became so big and beautiful my child. Sometimes I think that ur r sanchi’s second birth.

S- really dadi.

Ishsabir went to jaya’s house

J-Sabchi my sanchi .


All r schoked to listen maa from sanchi for jaya

S-maa who is she?

Due to which jaya gets teary.

I-Sanchi she is jaya aunty sanchi’s mother due to which she thought u to be her daughter

S-Don’t worry jaya maa i m also like ur daughter sanchi so u r also my mom infact maa told me that u r my serogate mother u carried me in ur womb for 9 months u gave birth to so if u accept or not u r also my mother

Jaya gets more emotional and hugs sanchi . She feels comfortable in jaya’s embrace like jaya is only her mother while everyone gets emotional seeing there bonding

In bg tere dil se mere dil ka rishta purana hai plays.

At malhotra mansion

Savitri was emotional after seeing veer bt she controled her self as she was aware that he was satigya’s son bt veer was delighted to see her he said this to pragya nd she advised him to say maa to Savitri nd he agreed

V-maa u r so sweet

Savitri was astonished as well as delighted to hear maa bt she understood that pragya said him to do so

Nxt day at sdch

Sanchi was standing outside sdch as she thought to go after ishbir so that in first meet only no one comes to know that she is daughter of them as she wanted to gain her own position

Veer also did the same as he wanted to become man of his own

While entering in gate of sdch sanveer colided

S-(while setting her dress)Sorry my mistake

V-(While picking up his phone)Ur sorry won’t mend my phone

Then he recognised her

S-I said sorry bt mistake was also urs

Then she saw him and recognised him

S-u i m so sorry and thz for yesterday BTW I m sanchi , sanchi kapoor and u ?

Veer was lost in her bt sanchi bought h back by calling his name loudly.

V-I m Veer , Veer Mehra ( I wasn’t getting any title for satish which will also suit on pragya and veer so thought to use rohan’s original title i.e Mehra)

S-I m glad to meet u veer friends?

V-(forwarding his hand )friends.

S-K veer see u inside.

Sence shifted to the room where interview was taken this time garv ,isha , pragya and kabir .

Sanchi steped inside tye room garv and pragya were suprised to see her then ishbir said together come in Dr.Sanchi Kapoor . Due which Prarv thought not be sentimental now .

P-So Dr.Sanchi ur marks r pretty good .

S-Thz mam.

Then one by one each of them asked her questions ( Actually i hv no idea about medical so I m jst rushing through it )

Nxt time veer came in which left ishbir to amusement.

Veer’s interview also went awesome.

After interview of all interns

P-Isha jiju can u pls tell me something about sanchi she( Isha cuted her)

I-She is sanchi our daughter i know she looks like our sanchi even hee habits r like her bt veer.

P-He is my son .

K-Well i don’t believe in rebirth bt seems u both do well I m telling at first only don’t tell any these kind of stuff to kids .

Ishgya-k bt they’ll make a perfect pair together.

K-They can bt only when they want so mind my words.

At classroom

K-GM Interns I m ur mentor Dr.Kabir ur mentor

Interns-GM Dr.Kabir

Kabir distributed work among the interns and sanveer got same department.

3 months passed in these 3 months sanveer came more close to each other . In sdch everthing was going on normally when a tall handsome guy stepped in sdch

G-can I meet Dr.Sanchi

Resp-Sure sir she is on 3rd floor general ward.

Guy went to sanchi

S-Rishi u here(Here rishi’s role will be played by Paras SP of meri durga)

R-I m glad u still remember me Sanchi It’s quite early u used to be at bed this time.

S-Time changes everything .

R-Well wud u mind having a cup of coffee with me .

S-ummm actually I m supposed to have it with veer

R-I m sure he won’t mind me to join u both

S-k come

In canteen

Sanveeri were hving coffee bt veer was annoyed with rishi as he was seeking sanchi’s attention nd he was cutting veer whenever he tried to talk with sanchi .

V-Mr.Rishi will u pls let me talk with sabchi alone

S-Veer u sud not be rude

V-I m rude ur So called friend is being rude.

R-Who told u I m her friend I m her lover.

V-What??(veer was heartbroken so left even before getting reply )

Sanchi followed him.

S-Veer! veer stop jst listen to me once.

V-What u want to say what on the earth i m for u go nd talk to ur BF

S-(This time sanchi lost her temper)Wait what u said btw why r u angry what problem do u hv if hv bf who the hell r u.

V- U r ri8 why sud it bother me and I m nothing of ur so miss sanchi u sud not bother me.

Sristi and soumya sanchi’s besties came there.( here sristi jain will play sristi and priya gor will play soumya)

Sri-Sanchi I think u sud solve this misunderstanding.

Sou-Yes sanchi .

S-Why sud i make things clear to him. He is not ready to listen to me so why sud i care.

Saying this she left the place

Sri-Yaar seriously this girl .

Sou- Don’t worry we will make her understand that she loves ♡veer bt how ?

Sri -Don’t worry I m here i will manage u jst do what i say

Sristi says something to soumya but it is muted .

Precap-Even I don’t know wait for nxt epi


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