I luv him!!! swaragini (episode 1)


hi guys i m arohi here nd this is the first time i am writing a fanfiction. nd since i am a swaragini fan i thought to write my first ff based on the characters of swaragini
this will be a small ff with not more than 10 epi…
hope u all will like it
so lets get started


I still remember those days very clearly.those days when i fell in love with him…..
i was in 5th standard nd he in 7th.he was the heratthrob of our school…everyone likes him he signs well,plays soccer,dances,plays guitar studies well an allrounder in one word.
i used to watch him every day playing soccerafter school.
nd u know wat? my best friend ragini nd anaya teases me a lot!!!! but i dont care after all i was watching my love playing πŸ˜‰

its funny remembering how i used to try to catch his attention. ragini even googled on net and read things to catch a guys attention nd made me do all that!!!!
oneday i secretly kept a chocolate box on his bike nd next day i kept a rose hoping that he would search for the person who gave it, but, all went in vain πŸ™
days nd months were going but still i couldnt catch his attention
one night while i was staring at the sky thinking about my love when i saw a shooting star. i imediatlly closed my eyes nd wished..

days passed by…

nd it was then i joined the music club on anayas insistence.
in music room i was sitting still angry at anaya for bringing me here.. i should have been on the ground watching my love playing and cheer for him
i was walking here nd there as anaya had left me alone and went somewhere. i was murmuring and walking fastly when i suddenly slipped but someone caught hold of me.a touch that send electric shock in me. i slowly looked at the face of that person to thank but seeing him my heart stopped beating….
i was breathing eavily looking staight into his eyes…

it was when someone came nd called β€˜SANSKAR’
god only knows how much i cursed that person for disturbing us . the one for whom i tried all the crazy stuffs, the peron who have been controlling my heart whom i love soo much was soo close to me nd that idiotic friend of his spoiled the moment
i just want him to be soo close to me always.. i want to be always with him… FOREVER……….


so guys how was it ??
did u like it
pls do comment and let me know
a writers encouragement is the readers…..

Credit to: arohi

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  1. Plzzzz make it swasan yaar…

    1. it is swasan

    1. thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Nice but make it bigger. You rock

    1. yea i will try to make it bigger
      thanks dr

  3. Nice yr

    1. thanks dr

  4. Nice…keep going:-)

    1. tq

    1. πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome

    1. thanks

    1. tq

  6. Wow awesome

    1. thanks dr

    1. tq

  7. Plzzz make it swasan

    1. hey its swasan dr

  8. swasan please..

    1. sure πŸ™‚

  9. its goood!!!!!!

    1. tq dear

  10. nice
    keep going

    1. thanks yaar

  11. is it swasan????
    no introduction of swara and laksh yet

    1. yes its swasan nd u will see both laksh nd swara in next epi dr

  12. nice yaar but pls make it swasan

    1. tq dr
      nd yes it is swasan

  13. Wow.. Nice…

    1. thanks dear πŸ™‚

  14. Hey Arohi, I just started reading your ff it’s really goood, I can’t even explain how good it is. I love it a lot. I hope can comment some ideas on my ff it’s called Destiny vs love http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=destiny+vs+love+%28Thapki+pyaar+ki%29
    Can’t wait for the next episode~Nusz

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