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Hello guys. Well, I’m on TU after a long time. So as I had promise, I’m here with another story. And guys please imagine Sidhant as Kunj.

“Two years ago, I met a girl who was very beautiful and sweet. She took my heart at the first sight.” Kunj said.
“Sir, could u describe your meeting with her.” Anika said, Kunj’s assistant.
…………..PAST (2 years ago) …………..
(Kunj’s POV)
It was Riddhima’s birthday party. Twinkle was Riddhima’s best friend, and Twinkle was unknown to me. But that night changed everything. One of my friends offered to have couple dance and blind fold would decide the partners. I was blind folded and was walking; thinking about…………… suddenly, a girl bumped on me and I held her. When I removed my blind fold, I saw a beautiful girl in front of me.
“Sorry.” She said.
Really I was stunted by her beauty.
“Hey, so you are my partner. I’m Twinkle.” She said softly.
“Hi, I’m Kunj.” I said.
Just then, Riddhima said “So couples have been decided and now one by one everyone has to come and perform. And there is a twist song will be decided by me, the birthday girl.” One by one everyone went up and performed. It was our turn. We went up and started dancing.
The song was…………
Aankhon ke panno pe
Maine likha tha sau dafaa
Lafzon mein jo ishq tha
Hua naa hothon se bayaan

Khud se naraaz hoon
Kyun be-aawaaz hoon
Meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa
Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bataa

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera (x4)

(Main hoon hero hero tera)

Raahon mein bhi, har kadam
Main tere saath chala
Haathon mein thhe ye haath magar
Phir bhi rahaa faasla
Seene mein hain chhupe
Ehsaas pyaar ke
Bin kahe tu sun le zaraa

Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun pataa..

Ke main hoon hero tera (x4)

Teri wajah se hai mili
Jeene ki sab khwahishein
Paa loon tere dil mein jagah
Hai yeh meri koshishein
Main bas tera banu
Bin tere naa rahun
Maine toh maangi hai yeh duaa

Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bata..

Ki Main Hoon Hero Tera (x4)

It was so good dancing with her. I had madly fallen for her. After some time, Twinkle came to me and asked me would I hang out with her. Her question total made me fly on cloud nine. I accepted her request, even I wanted to spend time with her. She went to Riddhima, asking her for a leave.
We went out, the night was cold, romantic and no one was there walking on the road. It was only two of us.
“Kunj, I think we never met in college.” Twinkle said.
“Yes. But it was good to meet you.” I replied.
Just then Twinkle looked at the stall placed at the corner of the road.
“Kunj let’s go, I’m hungry.” Twinkle said. I went with her.
“Bhaiya, do samosa aur 5 jelebi.” Twinkle ordered. I looked at her and was stunted.
“You would be shocked na? but you know I eat a lot.” Twinkle said.
“Your figure doesn’t say this.” I said.
“Hmmmmm.” Twinkle said. She filled her stomach and we left from. While walking, Twinkle stumbled due to a stone. I held her tightly. She looked in my eyes. After a minute, we parted.
“Twinkle.” I said.
“Hmmmmm, Kunj.”
“Twinkle, your bracelet.” She looked behind and saw that her bracelet was stuck in my coat’s button. She detached it.
“Twinkle, what is that in your hand?” I said, pointing at her bracelet.
“This bracelet, this bracelet will be given to the love of my life.” Twinkle said.
“Ohhh!!!!!” I said.
“Kunj, I think I should leave. It’s 11:00 pm.”
“Alright. You can leave.”
“Kunj, I would like to meet you again.” I smiled at her.
“How are you going?” I asked.
“By cab.” The cab arrived and Twinkle was about to sit and she again came out of the cab. As she was sitting, it made me desperate.
“Kunj, if you don’t mind then can I…….” Twinkle said and she hugged me tightly. I was shocked by her move. She parted and sat in the cab.
I stood still there and then saw down and found that her bracelet’s heart was fallen down. I took that heart and safely placed it in my pocket.
Kunj’s POV ends.
…………PRESENT (After 2 years)…………
“Sir, did she meet you after that day.” Anika asked.
“Sadly, I never saw her or she never met me.” Kunj said.
Just then Mr. Shivaaye Oberoi entered.
“So Mr. Sarna, what’s your plan?” Shivaaye said.
“Sir, everything is ready.” Kunj answered.
“Well. I hope the best from you. You know that why I chose you as my wedding planner. I have seen your decoration in other weddings it is amazing.” Shivaaye said.
“Thank you Sir.” Kunj said.
“Sir, actually, I wanted to you to tell me which colors used I use.” Kunj asked.
“Oh!!! Don’t ask me those things. I’m a business man and I don’t think about these. Well, in this my to-be-wife can help you.”
“Fine sir, but when she is coming.” Kunj asked.
“She said she has almost reached.” Shivaaye said.
Just then, Shivaaye’s to-be-wife enters.
“Hi Shivaaye.” She said.
Kunj looks behind and is stunted to see Twinkle. He widens his eyes. Twinkle too looks at him in shock.
“You both are looking at each other as if you both have been friends.” Shivaaye said.
Next day, Twinkle looks at the jelebi thali in an aunty’s hand. Kunj is standing behind her. she thinks to take it, but again refuses. Then goes up.
Kunj takes the thali and goes near Twinkle who is sitting on the roof edge.
He goes to her and shows her the thali and she takes it from his hand.
“Kunj, do you still remember that party night.” Twinkle asked.
“Not that deeply.” Kunj replied.
“Hmmmmm.” Twinkle eats the jelebi and a part of jelebi and stuck on her lips. Kunj tries to tell her, but fails. At last Kunj helps her to remove the part. They look deeply in each other’s eyes. Just then, Anika comes and asks Kunj to come down. Twinkle and Kunj part from each other.
Next day, Kunj and Twinkle are standing and suddenly a curtain comes and hides them. Inside the curtain, Kunj tries to come near Twinkle. But, Twinkle goes away.
Kunj and Twinkle are sitting doing some work.
“Twinkle how did u meet Shivaaye?” Kunj asked.
“Anything filmy. That only, he was my mom’s friend’s son. We met in America. We did 2-3 talks and fell in love.” Twinkle said. Kunj was heartbroken.
“Okay.” Kunj said.
“Sir.” Anika called out. Kunj went to Anika.
Next day, Twinkle’s haldi is going on. Kunj is sitting on stairs and watching Twinkle. His eyes were filled with tears. Twinkle looks at him and Kunj starts crying. He goes up. Twinkle sobs and they both remember the party night.
The Wedding Night comes. Kunj is sitting in the lawn and Twinkle is getting ready for her wedding. Anika is up there with Twinkle. She looks at the Twinkle’s bracelet and guesses that this is the girl for whom Kunj fell.
Anika comes to Kunj, who is looking at the heart (bracelet wala).
“Sir, I got to know that Twinkle is the girl who you loved.” Anika said.
“Not loved, I still love her.” Kunj said.
“Sir, why don’t you go to her and confess that you still love her.”
“No, it’s too late. But I want to go and give her this heart as Shivaaye has the right to have this heart and not me.” Kunj runs up to Twinkle’s room.
Twinkle is wearing her earrings. She looks at Kunj’s image in the mirror. She stands up and walks to him. They both come face to face.
“Kunj” Twinkle said.

“Twinkle, I wanted to give you this heart.”
“How did it come to you?” Twinkle asked.
“Riddhima’s birthday party night. You dropped it there. I thought to return it to you next day, but you never met me again.”
“You still remember that night.” Twinkle asked.
“How can I forget that night. It totally changed my life. That, 2 years ago night was the best night for me ever.” Kunj said.
Twinkle comes close to him and is about to kiss him, but Kunj backs off.
“Twinkle, it’s too late now. You are going to get married and I landed up as your wedding planner.” Kunj said. Kunj turns and is about to walk off, but Twinkle holds him and pulls him near her.
They both look in each other’s eyes.
“Twinkle, I wanted to tell something from 2 years.”
“Idiot, why didn’t you say that?” Twinkle said.
“I wanted to say that I Love You Twinkle.” Kunj said.
“I Love you too Kunj.” Twinkle said. she hugs him. Kunj cups her cheeks.
Just then, Shivaaye comes inside and looks at both of them.
“I was right Mr. Kunj Sarna you are a disgusting man, trying to flirt with my to-be-wife. Shivaaye hits Kunj. Twinkle tries to calm him.
“Shivaaye, the truth is that Kunj and I love each other.” Twinkle clears Shivaaye. Shivaaye is heartbroken.
“I will take revenge of this.” Shivaaye threatens them. Shivaaye goes from there.
“Kunj, this can end all you career and your future.” Twinkle said.
“I don’t care about that I’m happy that you are with me.” Kunj said. They both hug each other and smile at each other.

…………….THE END…………….

So how was it. I hope you liked.
So I hope you people liked my os. I’m here on TU after a long time and you know that I really missed all of you. I hope I reached the best to entertain you people.

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  3. Tara

    mitali aww my os queen is back…
    it was superb.. nt i have one doubt… have u taken the idea from yeh hain aashiqui?? on bindas??
    sorry if i hurt u..
    bt i loved the writing.. love u loads

  4. Aaru

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    Dear it was very nice n yaa u can try a part 2 of it …….
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  8. Hi Mitali!! I loved it!! It was sooo sweetie cutie pie!! N i loved all of the scenes….so really amazing!!!

  9. Paavu

    It was a nic one I always see yeh hai ashiqui but this I missed and I m glad bcos I got chance to see it by ur os but u can make one more part from it as its not cleated that why twi told ku that he loves shivaye , who gave her that bracelet 2 yrs ago how they will fight from shivaye’s revenge

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

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