I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari Season -2 shot -2 by Suma


“Coffee?” Kavya asked sanskar

” No baby, I will go take shower” he said while taking his clothes

” Shall I join ?” She asked winking at him


“Bhoooooooo” she came Infront him suddenly

” God!!!!! Dara Diya tune Ragini”

” Hehehehe ” soon her smile turn into a angry glare
“Still you didn’t get ready… I have informed you half an hour back sanskar 😣😣😣😣

” Yeah , I’m sorry I will take bath soon and come back in 10minutes” saying this he took towel and about to go

” Shall I join ??”

😮😮😮😮😮 Kkk….kkkkyyyy…kyaaa” he is shocked

” Haha shakal Dekh tumhara haha joke tha, waise hum shadi ke baad karenge Dono ek saath”

He blushed
Looking at his blush she squeezed his cheeks for his cuteness and kissed his cheeks


He remembered the kiss on cheeks and like always nodded as No.

” Come soon sanskar! We will go out” Kavya said.

” Kavya, I will just once go to office and come ” sanskar said

“Okay!” Kavya left to her room

Sanskar is roaming the streets

“I lied Kavya! Sorry I wanted to be alone and like every time when iam with you, I remember her”

He was moving to one shop and opened the door but the door opened from other side and it was opened by Ragini…

He saw her and was literally shocked as well as she!!!

Soon Tears made their way on both pair of eyes!
Sanskar couldn’t control himself to hug her and soon he moved to her and took her into a bone crushing hug and cried on her shoulders. She tried to move her hands towards him to console but she couldn’t move them.

He wanted to say many things but not a word is uttering from his mouth but somewhere in his heart he know he can’t live without Ragini ..what ever he may try he couldn’t give up on her but he doesn’t want his ego to win this time…he wanted to say
He wanted her back in his life …How many times he wished he could have given a chance to his love then, but he lost her…she left him…after 5years he found her.

He was about to say something then he heard
“Mummaaaa…mummaaa” Abhi is running towards Ragini

He is shocked
Now he felt the earth beneath him is collapsed..

He fell on his knees not getting anything on his mind
Abhi ran to Ragini and hugged her.
“Mumma who is he ?”
Tears were flowing from her eyes
“Mumma why are you clying???” He asked wiping her tears

She cant able to see his tears…she left the place with Abhi

Soon kavya came there and saw sanskar in same postion
“Sanskar!!!!” She ran to him and caressing his cheek “what happened sanskar??, why are you here? Why are you crying??”

He is not in a postion to answer nor her words registered to him
She made him stand and took him with her to room.

She gave him water and then slowly again she asked
“Sanskar,what happened?”
He hugged her tight and cried like small baby
“She is married….she moved on… she dont love me anymore”

It was shock for her that
Did he expecting her to comeback to him??? Didnt he tried to moveon??? Does he still love her??? By the way is she here??? Did he saw her???

“Did ….u…..saw…..her???” She asked ruffling his hair
He nodded and cried
“The thought she dont love me anymore is killing me kavya, i cant able to accept this” he crying a lot
She cant able to see him like this
She loved him and wished someday he will love her back but he never stopped loving ragini,then loving her is never gonna happen
Thinking about this her eyes started to get wet
But now there is a chance for her to get her love as ragini is married but she should make himself forget about her and moveon
So, she should make them meet then he could get over her by accepting the truth.

She consoled him and told they would go to some place to roam.
Here Ragini locked herself in room and crying 😭
“Why sanskar!!! Why now???”
She is crying thinking about their moments
“Sanskar,If you dint loved me? Then why u gave me hopes” she is murmering slowly

“Iam sorry kavya, I thought i could forget her and moveon but it never happened and may be its not gonna happen”

“Why sanskar!!! She is married, still you have hope? That she would leave her husband and kids and come to you?”

He closed his eyes listening to it


Laksh entered to her room and saw her crying

“Ragini, what happened?”

She silently cried

“Please don’t cry …what happened?”

“I saw him” she replied controlling her sob

He fell on his knees and took her hand in his hand
And asked her

“Do u still love him?”

Phew done with the episode

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