I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 10 by suma LAST SHOT

Hey guys iam very thankful to everyone who supported this story and I’m very happy that everyone loved this story even raglak fans also ❤️❤️❤️

This is the last part of the story I hope you will enjoy this part too.

Some asked me to show Ragsan love , guys I showed their immense love towards eachother , I showed love is only giving not expecting in return laksh love towards Ragini…ragini love towards sanskar , and sanskar love towards Ragini.

You will see Kavitha love towards sanskar in this episode but guys I don’t support this kind of love
Guys important note
If anyone want me to write any story for Ragsan yes you can suggest plots and if I really like the plot or if I think I can write on that plot I would definitely take it forward. As iam lack of thoughts on plots so asking you ppl to suggest may be it’s OS or SS or TS.
Inbox me.
Nurses coming out and going in , this making ragini more tension.
” Laksh, take care of maa and papa “

” Ragini where are you going ?? ” Laksh asked

” To Kavitha “

” Ragini…listen there is no use now and you will be in problem “

” No laksh, I think I have to go to her “

” I will also come with you “

” No laksh , here your presence is important ”
By saying this she left to kavitha place.

” Ragini….welcome home , where is sanskar ? ” Kavitha asked

With this Ragini gave her a tight slap to Kavitha

” What the hell , Ragini…what’s wrong with you ? ”
She shouted.

Again she slapped

” I think you get it now ” she slapped again. Kavitha fell down.

She showed her palm ” I get it….I get it… ” Slowly she is getting up holding chair and laughing.

“So finally you get to know Ragini ??? Don’t you think you took more time to realise ??? she laughed. “

” How can you did this to the person you love ?? ” Ragini asked.

Hmmmm….awwwwww wait it’s hurting ragini…you slapped me too hard Yaar ,she took one hotpack water bag and kept on her cheek.

So, you wanna know the story !! You are so selfish you know , you never wanted to realise laksh feelings and his true love…bcz you are blinded in your love with my love sanskar , really laksh deserves someone better than you

Ragini felt hurt listening this

I loved sanskar , but he ….what he did..being my side …loved you….how ragini…24×7 I was with him…you never spoke to him but he loved you …how can I digest this…so atlast I proposed him

She came near ragini and tightly holded ragini neck and pinned her to wall and ragini is struggling.

You….bcz of you….he rejected me, he. rejected. me , it’s wrong na…he can’t do that to me
I got mad…I love him madly…call it obsession or pschyo but in my view this is love.

You know how it feels  when the person you love like mad thinks about other person every second…..No right…Ragini is struggling…I want to make you realise how it feels…Now you feel like your life is going to end here in my hands na…same I feel when ever he looks at you…every drop of my blood boils when he see at you.

She left her and ragini felt she is breathing back normally and got her life back.

I tried many ways to prove sanskar that laksh and you are in love and ofcourse he believed and never came to face you…just bcz of my words.

Yeah forgot to tell you this
You remember one day some goons insulted you and teasing you…actually I sent them to kill you…but badly laksh was there with you na so couldn’t happen, but later I came to know sanskar beat them up and landed in jail and Indirectly i informed one friend to say laksh that he is in jail and  got him bailed

Still he loves you… what’s there in you that’s not in me ??? I don’t understand what he has seen in you ????????

Everything went well till his engagement , but i was
Shocked that you r the bride. Infact I planned to cancel engagement but that also back fired. I provoked sanskar to back off from this relationship as laksh loves you more than his life….but somewhere I felt he is not ready to do it…

Then I got an awesome idea…(took slow breathe) to drug him ????
I’m smart sometimes…. I drugged him everytime we meet with this dangerous drug (showed to Ragini ) infact I warned the doctor whom he consulted not to reveal anything otherwise his family will be dead  and I don’t want sanskar to die alone…so I drugged myself so that we both will die and we will born again and will love again ?????

She laughed loudly.

Ragini is hell scared listening this.
” Kavitha…are you mad??? You drugged yourself “

” Haa, you think laksh got the drug name and details ??? Na…na…I told him what I wanted to tell on that night and he went with wrong drug name and did research and got failed right !!! “

” Means you gave wrong information about drug  ?? “

” Bingo ” Kavitha laughed loudly

” Give me the cure for the drug Kavitha please ”
Ragini made her turned who is facing back and saw her bleeding from her nose.

” Good bye Ragini….this time I won…sanskar is mine ”
She fell down. Ragini holded her.

” Listen , Kavitha…..Kavitha….Kavitha …I know you are listening ….if you tell me the cure, then I will save you and sanskar and I will leave sanskar forever and go somewhere that noone knows and you marry sanskar “

She smiled, you are lying for saving sanskar.

” No…no…true…believe me…I will leave him forever and you marry him “

” Promise ” Kavitha asked

” Promise ”  ragini cried while promising

Kavitha showed the drug cure,which she is hided in flower vase
Ragini Ran to the vase and took the cure and called ambulance and went to same hospital and informed everything to laksh and their parents.

Ragini gave it to doctor and he saved both
( I know guys it shocked you ,like i showed pain is hell and cure is soon ???)

After 10days

” Sanskar drink this juice “

” Gawwwd ragu…this is 9th time from morning iam drinking , you making me die again…better to die with that drug than drinking this juice “

She slapped on his cheek
” Really this not fair…you are slapping me very much these days ????”

” Phir Bhi tum ye faltu baath chodte nai na “

” Cholly ” he said cutely

” Drink now ” she ordered

” Give me kiss, then I will drink “

” Sanskar….No…you will not stop with kiss and you need rest now…and importantly  Iam busy now…I have to go and check the work is going all good or not , otherwise laksh will kill me “

” Aree….ek kiss do na…only kiss if you give. ” he smirked.

” No ” she turned to go…but soon he came infront of her and locked the door as well as her lips and without breaking the kiss he made her lay on bed and undressed himself and hers , kissing her whole body “

* Knock knock *

” Ragini..ragini ” sujatha called

” Sanskar , I told you….see mom came…” Saying this she is trying to dress herself . But soon sanskar stopped her taking dress.

” Maa, she is not here and please don’t disturb me I’m  sleeping ” sanskar shouted .

” Itna bada jhoot ??? ” she shocked.

” ????? , I  have one good habit that when I start any work na…I will not stop till I finish it ???”

” Sanskar , now leave me….it’s your brother marriage today and see what we are doing here not helping mom there “

” Kitnaaaaaa bolti ho Yaar ”
He made faces , she hoped he will leave but na

He started kissing and leaving love bites on her body which making her moan in pleasure and listening her moan he is getting wilder and made love.

“Huh, Ragini ” slowly he moved beside her

” Ha ” she was tired and playing with hair on his chest.

” Now give me juice…I need it now ? “

” You r shameless sanskar ” she slowly hit his chest .
And handed over juice

He drank half and gave another half to her.
She smiled and drink it.

” Waise…I wanted to ask you how did you get rid of that Kavitha ? ” he asked rubbing her lips with his hands.

” ???, She thought she is intelligent and how dare she….she hurted you …I sent her to the right place “

” Hmm…asylum “

” Toh….Shaadi karogi kya ? “

” ??? You didn’t gave a chance to decide …actually she looks good ??”

” Looks good ????you marry her ????? “

” ???? ” He tried to kiss her lips

” Don’t smile , I will kill you if you ever eye on another girl ” she stopped him

” Ok meri Jaan ” he kissed her lips and hugged her.

Aditi and laksh got married
Everyone are happy Ragsan adilak ❤️


” Laksh really are you happy marrying me ?? I know you love Ra..”
Laksh kept finger on her lips

” Ragini is my first love and you are my last ”

He turned to other side

” I love you wholeheartedly Aditi, don’t think that I married you bcz of your sacrifice , yes ! I started liking you from that point…but love it happened when I get to know you , may be my love is less compared to yours but trust me I love you”

He slowly kissed her forehead and  consummate their  marriage.
After one month

11…………..huh…..12………..13……….14………huhhhhh…..15……16……17…..18……..22……” Sanskar doing push-ups

” Hey this is cheating ….after 18…..how it’s 22…if you do cheating na…then you will start counting again ” ragini said sitting on sanskar

” I said sorry many times and why this late punishments ” he started doing push-ups

” You made me cry so many times by your behaviour and you didn’t confess your feelings so punishment is needed and you were sick na so now ….is it clear “

” Huh….5….6…crystal clear ….but it’s third time I’m doing from 1 “

” If you cheat means I will again start from 1 “

” Nahiiiiiiiiiiiii…..” He shouted dramatically.


“Bhai, what is this ?? ” Laksh said holding many bags in his hand

” Shopping…lucky….your are newly married na…you will get to know full movie…it’s just trailer ” sanskar said while managing his bags in hands.

” Bahut experience hai na aap ke paas ???” lucky laughed  imagining  situation ,before sanskar reacts

” Sanskarrrrrrr ” ragini shouted from some shop

With sudden shout all the bags fell down from his hand.
Everyone looked at him and laughing ….he fake smiled and collected all the bags while laksh is laughing like hell…

” Sanskarrrr “

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh coming baby ” he shouted back with love

Both sanlak went in and saw their hand full of bags

” Eyes rolling for both ” ??????????????????????

“What ” both ladies looked at them

They just smiled at their fate and paid bill and went for dinner date and movie.


” Ragu….Ragu ” sanskar is signalling her who is busy working in kitchen with her mother in law
But ragini didn’t gave him attention.

When sujatha came out saw sanskar

” Sanskar, what are you doing here ?? ” She asked

” Mmm ma….ma…water …water …yeah I came for water ” he said and went to kitchen

” Why Ragu you are avoiding me from 2days…did I do anything wrong ??? Tell me Yaar …sorry if I did anything wrong “

Ragini is just watching him
” You haven’t done anything sanskar and I’m not avoiding you …I’m talking to you na “

” Yeah…but do u know it’s been 48hrs you didn’t kissed me or let me kiss you…u not even letting me to touch you “

” Sanskar nothing like dat… Go and do work ” she avoids him

he pouted and left.

He is playing game in PC then laksh came and sat beside him with pissed off face

” Kya hua lucky ….why do u keep your face like potato “

” Huh….you don’t understand Bhai “

” Aree first tell , understanding is next na “

” Hmmmm…men to men talk Bhai…Aditi is not letting me touch her from two days …I dont know what happened or what did I do ???….I’m feeling like airless balloon ?????”

” Arrey wah ….meri bewi se bhi yahi problem hai “

“??? Bhai I think woh dono Kuch toh kitchdi paka rahe ho “

” Hmmmm I do agree lucky….aaj choodunge nai usse “

” Kya karogi Bhai ” ??? lucky asked winking

” Hmmmm ajaaa dikaungiiii ” sanky went on to lucky

” Bhai….iam not that type ” he said dramatically

” Chup be….chal, mei Jo kahunga wahi karo tum bhi ” both left laughing


Ragini is thinking
” Why sanskar is not at all looking at me ???, morning he came once and then he didn’t showed up.

Then sanskar slowly entered the room and went to restroom without watching her.

She looks at him like what the hell ???
After sometime he came back and went down for dinner. Same goes to laksh, he too avoided Aditi and came to dinner

Both Aditi and ragini are looking at their husbands from their rooms.

Here both smiles and hifi to eachother.

” Bhai idea is working ” lucky said

” Now this drama going to end lucky…enjoy with your wife now ” sanskar said Thinking something but laksh understood something

( Sanskar said about wives being angry when they ignore , but bechara laksh understood about :* ???)

Both went to their respective rooms.

#Ragsan Room.

He started looking at mobile and smiling profusely and blushing ?? this is noticed by ragini and came to him with great force before locking the door with thud

She came and sat beside him and saw that he is talking to one girl in Facebook
She is shocked ???? and started beating him…
Same goes to laksh , beatings from Aditi ??? laksh was shocked as he expected one and here getting another ?????

” Arrey ragini….why…why are you beating..?? “

” Here your wife is angry on you and still you haven’t did anything to cool me and your talking to a girl …texting romance ???? “

” I don’t know why my wife is angry on me “

” Then you should ask me na…she is beating and throwing the pillows things on him “

He is running all over the room.

” Atleast ask now idiot “

” If you give gap then I will breathe some and ask “

She stopped then he came near her and hugged her

He cool her down and asked him and atlast he got to know the reason


” Why are you angry baby doll ? “

” Our marriage had happened long back till now no honeymoon and no proper first night ???” she complained

” First night ??its blo*dy 39th night Ragu “

” ??? You are counting ???” She asked glaring at him.

” Hmmmm No baby …it’s just a guess ” he bited his lips without her notice

” But its 39th night sanskar “

” Then you counting ?? ” He asked with fake glare

” No…it’s just…tell na…Wen will go honey moon ” she asked dragging his shirt buttons.

Soon he gave the tickets to Mauritius which they booked today for both couples.
She was so happy and hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek

” Baby…let’s do it 40 tonight ” sanskar asked
She blushed taking it as a sign he lifted her in his arms and took her to bed.

The end

(dont kill me for this bad ending )



Done with this story

I know it’s a bad ending but don’t know what to write at ending.
Guys don’t ask epilogue iam very bad at it.

Do Like and comment and let me know how was it ???

Thanks for your love ❤

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