I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 1 by Suma

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Varun Kapoor as Sanskar Maheswari
TejasswiPrakash  as  Ragini Gadodia
Namish Taneja as Lakshya Taneja

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Two people are talking at edge of cliff

“Love is all about trust
If trust doesn’t exist then How can you say that you love me ” She asked him with small hope that he will say that I trust you

” I love you , this three words mean everything -love , trust , Faith , and it’s a promise that I made to you ,that I will be with you in your tough times and good times , It’s a promise that I don’t know If i can stop every bad things you face but I can assure you I will not let you to face it alone , it’s a promise that I made that I will share everything with you , it’s a promise that I will say truth to you even if it hurts, it’s a promise that I will never let you cry, it’s a promise that I will give my shoulder to you whenever you needed to lay on..it’s a promise that I will protect you like father and care you like mother and fight with you like brother and love you like i love my mother  ” he explained his love to her and he never expected this day will come in his love life that he has to give explanation as

” I love you too ” she said while  tears are flowing

He remembered the pain which he felt in recent days and all their moments they spend together are flashed infront of him, a lone tear escaped

” It’s already late , sorry ” He replied and left the place.

She fell on her knees crying hoping he will come back

5years later

” Mumma….mumma…” A small kid is shouting

” Ragini…..where are you ?? ” A male voice came from the kitchen.

” Coming …” She ran to kitchen and saw the scenario

” Abhi , what have you done ?? ”  she glared at the kid whose face is filled with flour.

” Mumma, papa ne Kiya ” he pointed to his papa and she looked at him.

” Nahi…ragini…he is lying …I didn’t do anything …Sab Kuch abhi ne Kiya ” he pointed towards abhi.

” Really I’m tired doing this ….why you both entered kitchen first tell me this ” she ordered both.

” Ragini…I thought to do something for you as you look tired and he came and spoiled everything ” he said like kid

” Nai mumma…papa jhoot …papa jhoot…mei ab aya chicken mei, cholly kitchen mei aur papa ne ye flour gila diya mujh par ” he said with his cute words.

“Nai jhoot Ragini….ye jhoot … Meri baat suno “

” Nai mumma meli baath suno “

” Both shut up ” she shouted as both were shouting

Both kept their fingers on their lips.

” Abhi…you have to go to school na…come I will make you ready and today is the admission day ” she took abhi with her giving an angry glare to him who is just looking at her.
Abhi turned to him and winked to his papa ??

“Papa …No…don’t take my towel, how maly times I told you “

” Chup be…tum kya chupana chahtiho Woh meine 5 Saal pehle dekhliya ???? “

” Papa ???? “

” Ab..dono Ka baat katham ho toh , breakfast ke ajao”
Ragini called both of them and left to dining.

After breakfast trio left to school for abhi admission in school.

” So whats the child name ?” Principal asked

” Abhishikt Taneja ”  Ragini said.

“Ok! Fill this form and pay the fees,  school starts from day after tomorrow so any queries you may ask.”  She clearly said everything to Raglak

Both left the school.

” So Ragini…I will drop both of you to home and I will go to office “

” No laksh, you go…we will go shopping and buy some toys to Abhi and we will go home “

” Yayyyyy toys , love you mumma “

” Ok Ragini…Take care , love You abhi ”
He kissed abhi cheeks

” Love you too papa “

Both left


Two people are kissing wildly.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh sanskar ” she shouted when she felt a deep pain as he bited her neck

He looks at her and suddenly get down from the bed and wore his clothes which he removed and fisted his hand looking at her wound which is bleeding.

” Sorry baby , I didn’t thought to hurt you “

” It’s okay sanskar , I know you didn’t do it intentionally ” she tried to kiss him again but he kept finger in between

” Shall we go out ” he said

” sanskar , it’s been 5 years stop thinking about her ” she said

” I’m trying Kavya “

” From past 3 years we have been in a relationship still you are saying this… “

” Im sorry Kavya, I’m giving you only pain not love “

She holded his cheek
” Trust me , you are the best thing happened in my life ”
He is just looking at her and kissed her lips.
It’s just a long kiss without sharing any emotion.

Sanskar ….kiss me


If you don’t kiss me now…I will shout loudly then all will come and then I don’t know what story I will say ”

He remembered last time in shopping mall that she told people that he is harrasing and people came to hit him and atlast she told them not him other one and saved him.

” Nooooo ” he shouted

” Then kiss me ” she winked at him

” In public ” he asked being shocked

” Yes! In public ” ??

Without any choice he looked everywhere and closed his eyes and keeping his lips forward and searching for her lips to meet but she is looking at him and controlling her laugh.

” Meri Jaan ” she kissed his cheeks
He blushed and she smiled.

” First kiss on lips should be special na sanskar we will plan somewhere okay ? ” She said

” Ok Ragini ” he nodded like kid.

Fb ends

A tear escaped from his eye and before he wipe  Kavya wiped it .

Aditi dev Sharma as Kavya Kapoor

” I cannot feel your kiss sanskar ” she said breaking kiss.

He looked down with guilt.

” Please erase her from your memories, how long will you suffer like this …I can’t see you crying without sleeping , I can’t see you with empty stomach not having anything , I can’t see you like broken it breaks me sanskar ” Kavya said , he saw genuine concern towards him.

” Going to office ” he left the place without uttering a word.
Sanskar pov

As it’s been 5 years, still I cannot get over Ragini and it’s been 3years I’m not sharing my love to Kavya as I accepted her as my fiance infront of my parents.
My parents last wish to give good life to Kavya.

She is good at heart …she accepted me knowing still I’m thinking about Ragini…..why i can’t get over her as she forgot about me and moved on….
Why ???
I reached office
I got down and went in.
LSM industries

After looking at this board I feel some change in me.
Not some , a lot ….

Its second responsibility my parents left on me.
Now it’s developing industry in India and very well reputed and leading one.

I was introvert boy from school and never expressed anything to anyone …lonely kinda stuff….love only black colour kinda…Nobody likes me that makes me more lonely and cold,Till She enter. After her my life was full of colors and I loved every color and enjoyed  every shade of life.
She left from my life and took away all the colours and joy leaving me again in dark and made me again love only black.
It’s been a tough year that Ragini left me , Na I left her and iam struggling then Kavya entered into my life. She is Family friend….
We meet often and I tried to share my feelings but that connection which I felt with Ragini …It didn’t happen with anyone …so I couldn’t share but she understood me well and she tried her best to keep me happy.

My parents saw my worst phase in life after ragini left…they supported me a lot…but still I couldn’t make them happy because of my emptiness in heart. Actually emptiness not in heart … because my heart is with her.  So I wanted to give happiness to my parents so accepted their wish as I will marry Kavya and we are engaged but I was not ready for marriage.

All of sudden my only support my parents left me alone in this world.
In that accident Kavya parents also expired. Then she  decided to stay with me.
I accepted her as my parents last wish was to give Kavya a good life.

It’s a huge loss for me it took an year to get over from two shocks that I lost ….and now it’s been 3 years I engrossed myself in work and making myself  away from her memories. But still I feel guilty that somewhere I feel iam doing wrong with Kavya as she herself given for me and we made love…. To get rid of ragini thoughts.

My continuous chain of thoughts were disturbed by Kavya .

” Sanskar , My friend marriage is fixed in this month in London and we are going “

” Baby, there is lot of work na…how can I come ?? You go and I will arrange everything ” he said

” No…nothing doing…I know if I left you here…you will become devdas  and we are going 10days before means tomorrow itself and I have booked tickets too”

” Okay ! I will do my work in London branch “

” Ahhh no sanskar , we will roam…enjoy …. atleast some place change may get rid of her thoughts “

” But work is also important na baby, I will spend time with you and do my work as well “

” Okay ! ” She kissed him happily

He is staring at her disappearing figure.
I left Banglore and came here…this far is not enough to forget you…Now leaving this country to get rid of your thoughts and you Ragini…

It’s time to live my life.


Laksh was checking out some files and then he found one family picture in his hand.
He is caressing the pic

I miss you mom , dad and my little brother sanskar.
He soon closed the pic and hided it as he heard the door sound as abhi and ragini entering the room.

” Papa, come let’s eat I’m hungly ” abhi said

” Ha , abhi coming ” saying this he is searching for some other file.

” Laksh , enough come let’s eat…” Ragini asked with pout.

” Ok ok chalo….don’t keep that sweet faces ”


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