I love you but I hate you more – 4 by suma

Recap – Ragini got to know about sanskar fake love by vathsal(vatty)

Story begins at same night
Sanskar ran to vatty
“Vatty, who is she??she is calling me lucky and why she is crying?? and what are you talking to her?”
“Nothing sanky, i dont know her either … i was just asking her why she is crying and she didnt answer” vatty lied 🤞

Just then shivin entered
“Hey sanky! All are waiting for you… its your engagement come fast”saying this shiv dragged with him.
Sanskar and kavitha engagement was over.


Next day

Ragini was trying to be Normal but she couldn’t
She sat on her bed looking at one corner where a saree fell (actually she threw it).
Ayaan saw that and brought that to her

“Mumma, what happened?? Why you threw, papa’s
First  gift to you na ?”


“Ragini…This is small gift from me”

Lucky !!! This saree is so pretty” saying this she hugged him

” Can u wear it tonight ?”

” Oops!! How today I’m going for some project work to xxx college”

” 😶😶 Okay!” Saying this he thought to leave

” Lucky?”

” Come to my home at night drop me at railway station” 

” Yeah Ragu…I will” He said and left

At night

He came to her home to drop her at railway station

He knocked the door but door was open 
He slowly entered the home and looked everywhere that lights are turned off

Fear placed on his face and started sweating.

“Ragu….Ragu….are you here ??”  He was about to call her 
He saw small light where one girl is lighting it.

He felt so relieved after looking at her 
He ran to her and about to hug her but reality (that he is acting his love to her) strikes him and stood faking his smile.

She started to lighten every candle and he is just staring at her. 
Then he noticed that she wore the same saree which he gifted.

“Ragini..” he was about to say

” I love you lucky” she kissed on his lips. 
He just closed his eyes and feeling her touch and kiss.

“How am looking?” She asked breaking the kiss

He opened his eyes and saw her. 
Words are not coming out of his mouth 
He just staring her


” Hmm”

” How I’m looking?” She asked again

” I can’t able to say in words”

He holded her cheeks and slowly moved to her lips. She closed her eyes and forwarded her lips to kiss him.

He kissed her cheeks and left her, laughing loud. 
She made angry face and started running behind him. 
” Madam!! You getting late and now expecting a kiss from me??”  He asked  laughing

“I’m not going anywhere!! I cancelled the project to spend sometime with you”

” What???” He asked being shocked

” Yes my love.im not going anywhere” 
She said holding his hand and side hugging him

” I don’t like this Ragu ….please don’t neglect your career because of me” 

“Please….I wanted to spend some time with you…Such a boring boyfriend 😣😣😣”

” Nothing doing!!! Come let’s go” saying this he kissed her forehead.

“Ok , I will go” saying this she hugged him

Flashback ends

“Don’t question ayaan, Go get ready to go to school” she said

He took the saree and kept in her cupboard and came to her and took her hand and wrote
“I love you mumma” on her hand

She cried and hugged him

” I have you ayaan…I have you in my life…it’s enough I don’t want anyone”  she cried hugging him.

“What happened mumma?why are you crying??”

“Nothing ayaan, I think you have to go to school now!! Let’s go”
She dropped him at school and she entered office thinking some thing which she has to do now
She called laksh
” Sorry, I don’t want this job laksh …iam going to resign”

” Ragini…listen! If you have any problem tell me what it is !!! I will solve it”

” Please laksh , try to understand”

” Come to office …we will talk there”

She nodded and disconnected the call
Suddenly someone came from back and closed her eyes.

” Who is this?” She asked touching the hand …she sensed it…it’s

” Shiv??”

He removed the hand and said
” Raguuuuu….after 3 years!!! My god!!!” He said happily

” Hey! Shiv ….how are you??”
She asked being normal.

How would I say iam fine…when I’m not…I miss u Ragu…I missed you ..finally I’m here again with a chance to gain your love

” Hello sir, where are u lost?” She asked tapping him

” Umm…Nothing…I’m good, saying this he hugged her and she too hugged him back”

At same time entered sanskar and saw them hugging
He slowly moved to office watching them.

She is the one in the engagement hugged me…Now she is with shiv !!! Who is she?? Do I know her?? 🤔🤔

“Hey! Sanky ….New office…how is it man??” Shiv asked while coming in

Sanskar wanted to ask about the girl whom he hugged but he didn’t asked.

“Yeah!! It’s good and yeah check your department and check today schedule”

” Yeah!! Sanky and I have to appoint a PA for me” shiv said

Just then Ragini knocked the cabin and sanskar was shocked to see her here

He stood up to ask her but shiv interrupted
” Ragini …you!!! Here?”

” I’m PA of Mr.sanskar Maheshwari” she said looking at sanskar

” That’s cool….we are at same office…we could meet now and then” shiv is waiting with small hope that she will accept his love
But poor boy didn’t knew she love his friend. 😣

” Ok! Mr. Shivin you may leave now ….I have to discuss my schedule…Don’t you think you should leave now?”

Shiv left the place before looking at Ragini.

He is just watching her.
She tapped the table and kept a letter on table
” What’s this ?” He asked

” My Resignation letter”

” What!!!! I think you have joined today! ”

” Yes! But I don’t have to give any reasons to you!”

” You have to…I mean…You mean….ummm….Why you leaving??”  He asked

She turned to leave

“Listen! Miss…”
He checked the letter and turned to her
But she left with angry and hurt face that he acts he  didn’t even know my name 😭😭
She ran to Washroom
” What mistake I did , that I deserve this?” Cried Ragini

Sanskar came in search of Ragini.
He saw her crying.
He ran to her and holded her.
” Why?? Why your tears hurt me a lot?” He questioned himself

“Please don’t cry” he wiped her tears.
She stopped him and wiped her tears

” What is your problem that you wanted to resign?”he asked

” it’s you…you are my problem”
She said
He left her hands and slowly came out
I’m the reason for her tears?? What did I do??

He again ran to her
” What did I do to you?”

She left the place unanswered.

Laksh came to Ragini…

” You cant do this Ragini!!! What happened suddenly?”

” Lakshya ..”

” Yes! She can’t go like this !!!” A voice Heard from back and it’s sanskar.
Stood crossing his arms.

” Bhai…she is …”

” Ragini!!! I know…My PA. But going to resign the job …which she can’t ”

” Why?” She asked

” Good question Ms.Ragini” sanskar marked

Laksh and Ragini both looking at him expecting an answer
But he is just enjoying their anxiety to hear the reply.

He smiled and handed a letter in hands of Ragini and left to his cabin.

” What was that ??” Lakshya asked Ragini

She opened the envelope and shocked

” This wasn’t in agreement lakshya when I signed”
Ragini was shocked
Lakshya took the papers from her hand and read them and shocked too

She took the papers and left to sanskar cabin

” Cheating!!!”

” Yes! It is 😄😄”

” It’s 50k I have to pay if I leave this job with in 6months but you did it’s 5 Lakhs”

” 😋😋😋😋😋😋”

” Why you did this?”

” Do you think I will answer all your stupid questions???, Go and get my schedule”

She left with anger but she don’t have any choice otherthan  working with him.

” Lakshya, I don’t work with him…can you please change my designation? ”

” Ragini…One week…I will change it! Please don’t mind”

” She nodded as she don’t want to trouble lakshya more”

Ragini entered his cabin and saw shivin with him.

” I don’t know how you became friend of him shiv” she said and kept a file Infront of sanskar

” What do you mean by that?” Sanskar asked

” 😏😏😏” She turned and started explaning him schedule
Both shiv and sanskar are just listening to her.
Sanskar  noticed shiv was looking at something not listening to her and got to know that he is staring at her milky waist.
But actually shiv wasn’t looking at her waist but he is thinking something but sanskar took it in wrong way.

Sanskar felt so angry and couldn’t do anything.
“Shakal dikhake baat kar ” he said to Ragini and suddenly turning to shiv when Ragini looked at him.
But soon Ragini got striked something and adjusted her saree pallu covering her waist and looked at sanskar.

He gave a sign relief that she covered.
She left cabin and ran to her place.


” Shakal dikhake baat kar, kya kya dikhate tum”

She heard a voice and turned to see its sanskar. 
He is telling to one girl who is exposing her waist..
And Ragini was about to adjust her saree then sanskar came to her.

” Hey!! It’s not for you…it’s beautiful,rehne do” he said

” I already said…it’s waste of your time to roam around me”

” okay!!! But Still I love you” he said

Flashback ends

She closed her eyes remembering the words

” I love you”


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