“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 26)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 25

Yuhi’s room
Yuvraj entered the room and saw Mahi making the bed. He locked the door and went inside. He went and hugged Mahi from back. “Oh you’ve come. Now, help me”, said Mahi. “Mahi, did you think about what Maa and Bebe told?” Mahi turned around and said, “What?” “Grandchildren?”, replied Yuvraj. “First have your own children then think about grandchildren Yuvraj”, replied Mahi and was about to go away when Yuvraj held her wrist and stopped her. He picked her up in his arms and started walking. “What are you doing?”, asked Mahi. “I was planning about grandchildren so, I first need children. Don’t you want to become a mother?”, said Yuvraj. Mahi nodded her head in a yes and looked away because of shyness. Yuvraj smilingly placed her on the bed and switched off the lights. He came on top of her and they again consummated their marriage.

Twinj room
Twinkle entered the room and saw Kunj asleep. She went and sat next to him. “Dekho, kitna bhola lagta hai sotey waqt. Aur jab uthta hai toh saari badmaashiyaan chalu”, (Look, how innocent he looks while sleeping. And, as soon as he wakes up all his naughtiness will start) saying this she kissed his cheeks and was about to get up when Kunj held her hand and sat up straight. Kunj smiled at her while Twinkle said, “You didn’t sleep yet?” “How can I sleep without you? Anyways, if I would’ve slept then who would listen to you?”, said Kunj. Twinkle rested her head on his chest and said, “Hmm.. by the way you must be tired.” “You also must be tired”, replied Kunj. Twinkle sat up straight and said, “Today it was funny at the dining table no! The way di and jiju spilled out the water.” “Even we should think about it now”, said Kunj. “About?”, asked Twinkle. “Kids”, replied Kunj pulling Twinkle towards himself. “Are you mad? We only are kids”, said Twinkle. “So, you mean we are bound in a child marriage?”, asked Kunj sarcastically and kissed Twinkle’s cheeks. “No, I mean.. whatever forget it. By the way, Kunj don’t you feel tired?”, said Twinkle. “No, how can I feel tired after seeing you?”, replied Kunj and kissed her forehead. Twinkle pushed him back and got up. “But, I’m too sleepy”, said Twinkle. She was about to go when Kunj came and stood in front of her. He picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed. Kunj said, “Now sleep.” He stood up straight and was about to go when Twinkle said, “Thank God! I thought..” Kunj quickly turned around and leaning towards her said, “What did you think?” Twinkle was about to reply when she saw Kunj smiling at her. Twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “I was thinking.” She pulled him closer and kissed his lips. Kunj remained shocked for sometime but, later reciprocated. After sometime as they were out of breath, both of them pulled back. Kunj said, “What was that?” “Don’t you know what that was! It’s called kiss”, replied Twinkle. “What do you think? Only you can do all this?”, added Twinkle. Kunj said, “No, I mean. Forget it. Good night!” Kunj went to his side of bed and laid down while Twinkle hugged him and both of them fell asleep.

Hall (Around 8)
Everyone was in the hall having their morning coffee and tea. Kritika came down and said, “Where is my cup?” “It’s in the kitchen. Will you take it?”, replied Twinkle. “I’ll bring it”, said Rahul interrupting their conversation. “No di, I was just asking. I didn’t want to have. But, it’ll be wasted now”, said Kritika. Rahul got up and after sometime came back with the cup of coffee. He forcefully made Kritika drink it and said, “Now, it won’t be wasted.” Kritika shouted, “Can you please not do all this nonsense?” Rahul was about to reply when Kritika ran to the door and hugged a boy in his mid 20s standing at the door tightly. “Chill baby doll. I’ll have fracture all over my body”, said the boy. Kritika pulled back and said, “Akshat, don’t talk rubbish. By the way, long time. Where were you for so many days?” “Oh actually I wasn’t keeping well that’s why”, replied Akshat. She placed her hand on his left cheek and said, “I hope you’re fine now.” “Ya, now come. We’ll be late otherwise”, replied Akshat holding her hand. “Ya. Rahul are you coming or not?”, said Kritika in a stern voice. Rahul who was boiling in anger seeing the closeness between Kritika and Akshat in an angry tone replied, “Ya.” Kritika and Akshat went out to the car while Rahul followed them.

Rahul (POV)
Look at her! She has been ignoring me for the past three days. She doesn’t even talk to me and when she does she’ll always say in a stern voice. And, now God knows who this Akshat is and from where he has come! Look the way he’s sticking to her and how dare he call Kritika”baby doll”? Only I can call her by that name. Huh!
They went to the car. Kritika went to the driver’s side and was about to get in when she saw Rahul sitting in the front. She peeped in through the window and said, “Akshat is sitting in front. Please go back.” Rahul turned to look at Kritika who had turned her face away and was looking here and there waiting for him to sit back. Rahul murmured, “Iss Akshat ki toh main!” (This Akshat, I’ll screw the sh*t out of him!) He got out and went back while Akshat and Kritika got into the front seats.
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Yay! Finally I completed 25 episodes. I would like all of you to comment whether till now I was able to portray the emotions of the characters. If I wasn’t able to, I’ll work upon it and will try to improve it. Also, do suggest me if you want to see any track.

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