I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) episode-15

Yesterday i posted but itpublished hhalf.so i again posted iit.

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Ragini discharged from hospital..sanskar took her home..
Ragini:sanskar im very very happy..we will have our kids..
rest..i will prepare dinner
Ragini:sanskar..can we go out for dinner.
Sanskar:dont forget u have operation..u cant go anywhere..
Ragini:u are with me naa nothing will happen..take me out naa..i want to eat tasty food..
Sanskar:i will prepare very tasty food for u..
Ragini:tasty food..u..
She laughs
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:im telling truth na..then y are u getting angry baby..btw i wont get scare by u..u have to take me out..
Sanskar:no way..
Ragini:kyun..doc told na i can eat whatever i want..
Sanskar:he said about healthy food ..
Ragini:but sanskar
Sanskar:chup chap sit..i wil prepare food..
Ragini:sanskar plzzzz
Sanskar goes ignoring her..
Ragini pouts…

Sanskar brought food for ragini..
Sanskar:dear i made soup for u..come lets have it..
Ragini:i dont want
She turned her face..
Sanskar:see..its yummy
Ragini:then u have..
Sanskar:dear plzzz..
Ragini:i told na..i dont want..
Sanakar:dont be angry dear..we will go some other time..eat naa
Ragini:no..i want to eat now only..
Sanskar:ragini im tired..mera sar bahut darad ho raha hai..if u eat..i can take rest..
Ragini:headache??? Y didn\\\’t u tell me before..come i will apply balm..
Sanskar:first u eat..i will apply balm later..
Sanskar:yes.. eat first..
Sanskar smiles nd feeds her..
Ragini:now come
Sanskar:eat medicine
Ragini looks at him pouting..he made her eat medicine..
Ragini:hogaya…get balm..
Sanskar:now no need to apply balm..
Sanskar smiles mischievously..
Sanskar:i learnt from u only..
Ragini(pushed him):i wont talk to u..
Sanskar side hugs her..
Ragini(jerks):i really wont talk to u..im getting sleep..
Saying she sleeps on bed .
Sanskar:fine..if u would not talk
Then i wont give ur good night kiss..
Ragini:i dont need ur kiss..
Sanskar:fine sleep..
She closed her eyes..
After 5min..
Ragini slowly opened her one eye nd looks at sanskar who staring at her..
Ragini closed her eyes immediately nd says in mind i knw i cant sleep without giving my kiss..she smiles inside..
Another 5min passed..
Ragini opened her eyes nd sees ,
Sanskar who pretends as sleeping..
She fumes nd slaps him playfully..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini looks at him angrily
Sanskar:do u need anything..
Ragini:stop acting..how could u sleep without giving my kiss..
Sanskar:u said u dont want..
Ragini:haan i said..but u have to give..
Sanskar smlies..
Ragini:stop smiling give my kiss
Sanskar (kissed her lips):good night dear
Ragini kissed his cheek..
Both sleeps..
Ragini wakes up..Sanskar pecked her lips..
Good mng baby..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar picked her in his arms nd takes her into washroom .
Ragini:kya baby..mood aggaya kya..but u cant do anything..
Ragini giggles..
Sanskar makea her bath..

Sanskar:breakfast ready
Sanskar(raised his eyebrow):no ??
Ragini:u made me eat dinner by cheatingi me..now i will see how can u make me eat..
Sanskar:we had patch up last night right..then
Ragini:i didnt forget ur cheat..now i dont want to eat..
Sanskar:This is not fair
Ragini huffs…
Sanskar:if u eat..u will have surprise..
Ragini:dont fool me again
Sanskar:sach mein dear..
Ragini:u cant brk the promise..
Ragini had bf..
After sometime..sanskar grts kheer to ragini..
Ragini:what is this sanskar
Ragini:is this surprise
Sanskar nodded smiling widely..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:areh i made kheer for u first time..this is surprise only naa..
Ragini:bad surprise ever..
Sanskar pouts..
Ragini:dont try to melt me with ur cuteness..
Sanskar( smiles):sorry..i promise i will take u tomorrow but u have to eat healthy food only..
Ragini:i will try.
Sanskar glares at her
Ragini:fine baba..now feed ne kheer..
Sanskar smiles..

Days passed..ragini got normal..
Sanskar comes home from office..
Sanskar:kya dear
Ragini:vo..swara called me..vo..
Sanskar:ky hua

Ragini:aadarsh bhayya sent pari bhabi to her home..he told she will come when u nd me return to mm..
Sanskar gets angry hearing pari name..
Ragini:she made mistake..but she changed..talk to adi bhayya once naa..
Sanskar:i dont want to talk anything..its their matter..
Ragini:but he sent her bcz of me..
Sanskar:not bcz of u..bcz of her behaviour..bcz she accused u without any reason..
He recalled how ragini suffered that time..
Ragini:but sanskar
Sanakar(angrily):stop it..i dont knw how could u support her, who hurted u so much..
Saying he goes to washroom..
Ragini feels bad..

Sanskar comes out from washroom..he about to take his clothes from cupboard..ragini stopped him…
Ragini:sorry..forget about it..come into normal mode from ur angey mode..
Sanskar:move..i need my clothes
Ragini:dont wear na..u r looking hot..
Sanskar:i knw..no need to tell…
Ragini(moves close to his ear nd huskily said):i want this hot hunk now…
Sanskar:i have work..let me wear my dress ..
Ragini :no
Saying she encircled her hands around his neck..
She moves her lips near his neck nd licks watee droplets over there..
Sanskar:ragini plz
Ragini closed his mouth with her palm nd she suck his bare shoulder nd bites there..sanskar takes off her hand from his mouth nd about say something..ragini kissed his mouth…
Ragini brk the kiss..sanakar pins her to wall..ragini looks at him intensily..sanskar moves close to her nd started kissing her neck passionately..
Ragini hugged him smiling..sanskar lifts her nd make her lie on bed..he about to lie on her but stopped recalling doc words who told he has to be carefull untill she conceive.
Ragini:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:vo..kuch nay.
He consoles himself nd kissed her forehead nd drags blanket over them..

After 3months
Ragini comes out from washroom with pregnancy kit..sanskar looks at her upset face..
Sanskar(hugs her):ragini plzz dont be upset..
Ragini:sanskar..y dont we go to doc once..
Sanskar:ragini have patience..its 3months only..
Sanskar:no but nd vut..i think we have to do more hardwork..come
Sanskar:dont wry dear..all will be fine..
He hugs her..

Hii guys..many have choosen option 2..so i will go with that track..thank u all for encouraging me..sorry for irregular updates..i will try to post 3updates in a wk..
Thank u so much all ???

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