I love u u are my life (Part 2)

Thanks for your love for my ff
Both swara and that boy reach hospital and that boy take shekar in arms and makes swara hold his hand and go inside and shout for docter and make shekar lay on stretcher docter comes their
Boy worriedly: docter see him there is so much blood loss and he get in jured due to accident
Docter: accident so we have to wait till police come as its police case
Swara: please docter give treatment to my father please docter and folds her both hand
Boy: yeah docter see how critical he is
Docter: but I cant do anything its hospital rule
Swara fell down: docter please he is my life please docter save my father and cry
Boy fells bad seeing her like this and make her stand and turn towards docter
Boy: you you don’t have humanity how can you talk like this you are a docter and its your duty to save people life and what rules are rules are bigger than any one life what if bcz of delay something happen to him who will responsible did you give her his father back tell me did you forget what oath you have take when you join this profession
Docter: I am soory mr . treatment first then everything and calls nurse and they take him in ot
And that boy goes to swara who is crying
Boy: you please don’t cry they have take your father to ot he will be fine you sit here I will go and do all formalities
And he make her sit and goes to do all formalities and come but he see swara crying
Boy thinks: don’t know why I am felling sad seeing her in tears don’t know
And comes near her and sit swara senses some one
Swara: who is this
Boy: me
Swara wipes her tear: oh you thank u for everything you do for me and my dad
Boy: its ok now you please don’t cry he will get fine
swara: what should I do this happen just bcz of me bcz of my blindness my father is in this condition bcz of me my mother also left
and swara cry hard and a drop of tear come in boy eyes but he wipe it suddenly swara put her head on his shoulder
swara: I cant live without my father and cries and that boy put his hand on her shoulder and console her

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  1. superb bt short

  2. its nice…..but too short….pls reveal d boy name…..hope its sanky nd its swasan ff……

  3. Its nice but too short yar

  4. Plz swasan n it’s short yar

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