I Love The Way U Lie…(Episode 11)



WHAT WAS THAT!!!…was my reaction after hearing kunj’s words
OMG he is damn smart…but anyways still I will not fall for him…becoz I know that this love fever his finish within couple of days
I shooked him…n started my make up again…I know its difficult to digest that Twinkle Taneja n makeup…Like seriously??? ..but yeah it was difficult for me too…but this was really necessary to convince kunj that I m changed…speaking so harshly to him is hurting me every single second…

“Twinkle u know..u r so stubborn “ he says teasingly…my heart is seriously melting for him… On his words everyday…but see my poor fate…I can’t even express my love…

“What is this???” I questioned my completely blogged becoz he was holding a pack of dissolved soap n a bubble making straw…its true I m not lying…
“Baby Doll…u know today I read a proverb” he says with a cheezy smile n blowing a bubble in front of my face…ufff he is so childish..
He continued full on dramatically “ Destiny is simply the strength of ur desire… If u cry at a trouble, it grows double!!… If u laugh at the trouble… It disappears like a bubble!!” he says again blowing it near my face
I gave him a confusing look…becoz at that moment I really was…
He raised his right eye brow…Ohh God that look is just breathtaking… I know that it sounds weird but honestly it does
“Now please don’t tell me that u didn’t get my point…Ohh God twinkle…u r just impossible.. But anyways I meant to say that u r the only aim of my life…n so I m convincing u happily becoz I want all my troubles to wash off as soon as possible” he says…earlier he was sounding a bit dramatic but later I sensed a seriousness in his tone…he will surely drive me crazy some day…day by day its becoming difficult to avoid him…

“ So u mean to say that I m ur desire” I said sarcastically… I was eagerly waiting for his words
Earlier I thought that he will be really miffed on listening these sentences…but not…he is surprising me everyday…
“ Baby Doll I think u didn’t heard my words…I told that u r my only aim….but not my desire” he says in a calm tone
I suddenly rolled my eyes on his words…to which he gave his cute smile…the same smile which made me fall for him…not really becoz I love his everything…
“ Now will u leave” I say in an irritating voice
“ As u say…ur highness” he says leaning as.if he was greeting me…he is really a child..but a cute one…
He left the room…but after sometime I again heard a knock on my door
This kunj na…he will never grow up
“ NOW WHAT??” I yelled so that he can hear my harsh words properly
“Twinkle is everything alright” says Ankur entering my room…
Ohh so he was the one…
“ Yeah…everything is just alright” I said letting a fake smile…I have to do so…to show kunj…but its really difficult for me…I know I m playing with someone’s feelings….but never mind…as everything I fair in love n war…twinkle u r literally behaving like kunj
Suddenly Ankur said something which made me shocked…hell shocked
I was just glued on my place…expressionless…
( Guys it will be revealed soon)
° ° ° °



The party was at its peak….
The entire lawn was decorated with white n lavender curtains…orchards were enhancing the beauty of the entire set up…
Its basically seemed to be a couples party as they were on majority…
Twinkle arrived at the spot along with Ankur…they both were looking cute together… But twinkle is meant for Kunj slit wasn’t looking perfect…
Twinkles eyes were searching someone…someone special…someone close to her heart …it was kunj
There were several people around her…even Ankur was with her…but no she only wanted to look Kunj..only once…time was passing n now her eagerness was turning into restlessness

• • •
Kunj…where r u…its really scaring me..
I know I m behaving weird but literally I can’t stay without looking kunj for once…
Now this is really too much…I can’t bear his absence anymore…
I motioned towards the exit heading near his room…

There was complete dark throughout the room…literally it was damn scary..
“Kunj” I left a soft whisper
But no response
This Kunj is just too much…last time when he disappeared… I lost my only best friend… Our friendship
I can’t prefer to loose u this time….
All of a sudden I found a masculine strength lifting me up…I was shouting like an insane… But it was of no use as the entire ppl in the hotel were busy with the party…including the staffs
N the worst part was that he masked his face…I made many unsuccessful attempts to grab his mask off..but…urgh!!…I hate this situation where in I was feeling so helpless
He brought to a cliff near to our hotel…I was not in the position to react any damn thing…
I kept on biting him…giving several hard shots on his face..chest but…that man didn’t reacted to it…
He left me down…
“What do u want??” was my first question to Mr Kidnapper…yeah I can ask so
Suddenly he removed the mask…
“KUNJ” I yelled in surprise
What the hell he is trying to do…
But he was busy in smiling…he is really turning mad these days..
I hugged him tightly…it feels great…the warmth of his body…the fragrance…is making me melt for him every single second…
He responded my hug…n was rubbing my back symbolizing the concern he hold for me…
I broke the hug n cupped his face
Neither of us were uttering a word. (A thousand years from twilight plays in BG)
His eyes is so intense….I can feel his love for me…
We went in flow…n the song…urgh!!…is making difficult for me to control…
He leaned towards my face n I parted my lips…in moved a bit forward n within no time our lips met…
I really don’t know for how long it went….but it was the best feeling ever
I can feel the pain in the kiss…n most importantly the love we share for each other…
(I have died everyday
Waiting for u
Darling don’t be afraid
I have loved u
For a thousand years
I love u for a thousand more… Plays)
The song playing in the party is very relatable from my situation…
I didn’t wanted to break the kiss n nor he…it was so passionate…so pure..seems like this moment should never end…

• ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° •


• ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
N u might be wondering why kunj will show tashan after everything is sorted out….but u have to wait for few hours…
Thanks a lot for ur cute n inspiring comments…
Really misses all the ffs yesterday…but no worries now they r back…
N do share ur most loved part in today’s episode… So that I can create something look like that in future too…
Love u all??

• ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° • ° •

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      1. Anushka

        Hey Supriya,
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    I guess Ankur asked Twinkle for help. As I think Ankur loves Emma so he wanted Twinkle’s help to make Emma jealous. But along with it I guess Kunj also becomes jealous, so he shows his Tashan. Don’t take me seriously guys, it’s just my guess. And satakshi I just love ur FF a lot. Sry for not commenting on ur prvious episodes, but I promise from now on I will comment on ur every episode

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      Just go to d menu bar on tu screen u ll find an option to register there

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