I like you – Prologue.

HI…friends ,this is sri .This is a ss, it write it on base of short film (telugu) that film had three stories i took one story and written with some of my ideas. this story is narrated by a coffee ,its a conversation between a coffee cup and a teapot about our yuvani. this prologue is on cup ,the story of yuvani will be on nxt epi.guys plz don’t think i ‘m mad and i hope u people will like this as my other ff. Thanks for ur love and support and share ur views…

Prologue :

Screen opens… A coffee shop is shown…

A grey colour coffee cup is seen on a table. The mug stated introducing himself..

Cup POV:
my name is… uhun!.Before saying my name ,let me introduce my world to you.

Our coffee shop… Al pacino ,Jackson ,Depp, Monroe and our Savitri (great south indian film actress). These photos are on the corner wall . you might get doubt that why savitri photo between international celebrities and on top ?

In world , none can think of beer or a champagne when in thrist ,they wishes only for water. Its moral to remember what is near to us. We love to know about foreign actors ,whose names we can’t even spell properly. But not ones who serve us. A Raj kapoor, Madhubla ,savitri etc… so many great actors. We knew nothing but their names. Such a famous personalities should be always on top. Fanaticism a part , about my personal life.

After you drink and leave, they will bathe us in hot water ,wipe us clean and place us in order. Then we exchange all stories happened on each of our tables. Just like you,we too have the short , the long ,the thin, the stout, the dark and fair among us, but we don’t kill each other on name of religion and race. We bond like a family.

I love three things the most. First soft red lips , second being filled with fuming hot coffee and third standing exactly in the middle of the table. we don’t have insurance policies so plz don’t put our lifes at stake by placing us in the corners. Like wise I hate three things first hitting me with your nails, being touched with smoking lips and last playing basketball with me. Why to throw that wiped off tissue in me? I’m not a dust bin ,I’m a coffee cup!!

I have a image , everytime you do that, you don’t have no idea how my friends ridicule me. Customers in coffee shops speak varied stuff .. business,crime,finance ,sports,friendship and love…
End of pov.

Coffee cup words are interrupts by a teapot and it says..
Teapot: I have been watching you since so long ,you continues talking …
Cup: hey …who are you ?
Tp: I’m new teapot here , from now I will be coming with you to evry table and my name is “vikranth”
Cup: hoo…ok.. My name is “rajinikanth” from now we both are bothers…
(rajinikanth- Rk and vikranth- Vk)
Vk: brother I think you know so much about everything so..
Rk: I know every thing and I have seen so many love stories on these tables.
Vk: bro.. can tell one story for me..
Rk: sure… I have one . I don’t know if it’s a story or a screenplay or a conversation or a play , but the most interesting conversation in my service ,I enjoy saying it but I don’t know how will u take it.
Vk: hmm… then mix your experience with that conversation.
Rk: fine.

Precap: ….yuvani meeting….

plz forgive for mistakes and keep smiling.

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode…waiting for yuVnai episode

  2. A.Tejaswi

    Nice intro..Very different..Can u name the short film..I don’t think I’ve watched it..It seems interesting..

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thank you …. name of short film is madhuram.

  3. Avanikamdar

    I liked it alot plz do continue

  4. Yuvani

    Wow such a lovely concept……..Very very cute….Cup’s pov is super cute……Thnk you for being back with another ff…….

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thanks you so much for ur love and support.

  5. wow so cute story..

  6. very very interesting awesome dear pl continue

  7. Soooooo cuteeeeeee and different story intrsting one plz continue it

  8. Hi sri sis this is sooooo new and fresh concept.i like it very much.by d way i am also from andhra pradesh.may i know the name of that telugu short film.bcz its quite interesting.all d very best .

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      hi radha sis… thank you so much .name of the short film is madhuram.

  9. b*t*h get out of the way


    1. Hey sont be rude. This story is amazing.

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