I like you – Part 1

Thanks a lots friends for ur love and support .share ur views. This shot is continuation of prologue.

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Rk starts telling story to vikranth as follows…

2014 , June 9 ,Monday .cool air is blowing around..
At 12:30 pm , a girl came having big eyes, soft lips with a beautiful smile on them , her ear ring is delightfully dancing , wore a yellow dress with dark blue and silver borders, with yellow dupatta which is moving slowly to the wind.
Girl(none other than suhani) looks simple, bubbly without make up and beautiful.
I expected to be on her table if she order a coffee, but she ordered.
End of POV

Suhani: one moon pie with white chocolate gravy !!
Rk: exactly eight and half minutes later.. A boy( none other than yuvraj) came ,sky blue colour shirt,neatly ironed collar ,polished shoe with black jeans ,two – fold cuffed sleeves , light beard with scattered hair revealing his etiquette status ,gentleman smilingly talking on phone revealing his state of mind. Happiness.. may be a marriage proposal is settled or win a lottery.
He faces northeast to counter and east towards the girl table, he sitted in right position. He ordered.

Yuvi: one black coffee with espresso triple shot.
Rk : thus I’ve landed into his hands.
Yuvraj is walking while seeing in his phone, he notice a earring on floor ,so bend down take it on his hand and sees earring then suhani. She is writing something.
By seeing earing in his hands she checks her ear for earring ,its is not there. Suhani forwards her hands for earring bending her head.

Yuvi mesmerized by seeing her. He went to his table ,while drinking coffee he is seeing suhani.
Rk: things are running for the past 30 minutes , like video is at pause and repeating . She is writing something ,he is watching her. Our chef is watching them both and I’m watching all this standing on the table.

Vk: rajini bro..plz..proceed further , story is interesting.
Rk: fine.
Rk to vk:
As expected, cupid striked him hard. As you asked me to mix my experience to this conversation. I’ll say all I know about love ,in seven different stages.

…Seven stages of love…

The first stage – Attraction.

Scientists have found a way to the moon, but are failing to explain why attraction happens? Fine as they said hormones are reason people like each other, then there must also be a hormone to dislike each other.

Fight sight plays a key role in attraction, this isn’t something new but since time immemorial. During churning of the ocean of milk, Lakshmi devi liked Vishnu the very moment she come out of it. Rukmini never saw Krishna till her wedding day ,but loved him just by hearing about him. Neither sense organs nor logic can explains attraction , that is why science is a mystery.
You people think I knew about attraction coz of all the couples I’ve seen ,then you stepped into a coffee cup. Because I too have a small love story.

…flash black….

On 31 december 2013 night …our coffee shop owner bought some new coffee cups. In those one cup which is white in colour I just loved her. For the first time I feel I’m very lucky I came to know on that day, when my chef kept her with me.
But after a while a cute lovers came our coffee shop and we both went to that table. She was seeing other while I was watching her. But my happiness is not stayed for more time. suddenly a sound came…

Precap: yuvani coversation …

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      thanks you so much sis. i hope u’ll like this story which i sightly changed.

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