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Abhi and the whole Mehra family, except Aliyah developed a strong bond with the twins, all the members of the Merha household treated Sam and Sid like they were a part of the family, Abhi even started treating them like they were his own children for the past 5 months that Pragya was working there he treated them like his own sons, he would help Pragya feed them, he will take them for a walk in the park later every evening, he would sing them lullabies, read them stories even though they didn’t understand anything he read, he still did it and whenever they suffered from a slight fever or a cold he would freak and scold all the house helps, Pragya thought that he was doing too much, but he would always cover up by saying that if it is okay for her to take good care of his grandmother, then she should have no problem in him helping her to take care of the twins.

Abhi was currently sitting in his room with his favorite nephew, okay his only nephew Karan, they were both busy coloring in Karan’s coloring book, no one in the house knew that Abhi enjoyed coloring, they all thought he did it for Karan, but he knew better.

“Uncle, is it true that Sam and Sid don’t have a father? ” Karan suddenly asked looking at his uncle.

“Why are you asking me that? ”Abhi replied to his question with a question, why would a three years old boy, suddenly ask that.

“Because aunt Aliyah and Tanu told me not to play with children without a father, they told me that they are bad. ” he answered with a sad pout.

“Is that what you think of Sam and Sid? ” Abhi asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, I think they are very nice, besides mother told me that I should treat them like my younget brothers. ”

“Your mother is right. ” Abhi said as he concentrated on coloring again.

“But were is their father? ”

Abhi heaved a sigh and said. “In heaven with God. ” that’s the best answer he could give, well that was what he was told when he lost his parents.

“So that means they do not have a father here, but they have a father in heaven? ”

“Correct. ”

“That is not fair. Their father shouldn’t have left them. ” the little boy said sounding angry.

Abhi was a little stunned by his behavior, he never expected him to sound this angry. “They are some things that we can never change. ”Abhi told him, giving him an amused look.

“Wrong. ”

“Mmmh? ”

“Uncle you are wrong. ”

“Karan you are too young to understand this, but once someone goes to heaven they can never come back. ”

“I know mother told me, they can’t come back, like grandpa ” he gave a casual shrug, “but we can give them a new father. ”

“Meaning? ” he asked his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Oh my uncle, use your head. ” Karan said poking Abhi’s head, “look my mom is married to my dad and that is why I call her mother, so if you marry aunt Pragya then you will become their father. ”

Oh my, he is just becoming like bulbul, what do I tell him? Abhi thought.

“So what will you do? ”

“Um… Karan I will need to think about that. ”

“Please do it fast, I don’t like when aunt Tanu and Aliyah call them bastards and illoge….um illigete… What word is that? ” the little boy asked unable to pronounce the word correctly.

“Illegitimate? ” Abhi corrected him, more like asked him.

“Yes, ” he said with a sad pout. “So please become their daddy fast. ” he literally pleaded with his eyes. “Bye I am going to play with my brothers now. ” he said cheerfully leaving his crayons on his book.

Abhi’s POV..

What is happening to me, I can’t deny that I am emotionally attached to Sam and Sid, but now marriage that too to Pragya, this is too much, yes Pragya is a strong woman, any man would be lucky to have her as his wife, wait a minute, why not you?

Maybe Karan is right if I marry her not only will I be the father of her children but her husband as well, that won’t be so bad, to hell with Purab, Aliyah, Tanu and society, I am only worried about grandma, how will I convince her, yes Bulbul and Rachna can help, besides grandmother her self loves Pragya, this won’t be so hard, thanks a lot Karan, and Sam and Sid you have just got yourself a dad.

End of POV.

Aliyah and Tanu hated the fact that everyone in the house loved Pragya, including the house help, who treated her like the madam of the house when she was just a mere employee, she was treated like some queen, she had access to everything and Abhi let her have the freedom to do whatever it is she wanted, I mean he would even ask her to keep his money for him saying he trusted her more, this was just too much and Aliyah had enough of it all, so both she and Tanu were currently sitting in her room thinking of a way to get rid of Pragya for good.

“We need to throw Pragya out of this house. ” Aliyah told Tanu.

“That is what I had told you before, but you never wanted to listen to me. ”

“How was I supposed to know that she will stay here forever I thought that once Granny fully recovers she will leave. ”

Tanu rolled her eyes at her best friend and asked. “Has she left now? ”

“No, little did I know that they will treat her like royalty even Abhi treats her like she is some Queen or someone important and those twins he acts like their father I don’t understand him. ”

“Do you think that he is in love with Pragya? ” Tanu questioned.

Now that could not happen, not on Aliyah’s watch, she has lost so much because of Pragya and her brother won’t be added on the list. “No, they are so different I only think that he sympathies with her nothing more. ”

“I hope you are right, I just hope that Abhi isn’t in love with that cheap woman and doesn’t get emotionally attached to those bastard, fatherless, illegitimate children. ” Tanu said, but the timing was wrong because at the door stood a Abhi who unfortunately for them they did not see.

“It is good that I found you two together. I really need to speak to you. ” Abhi said, startling both of them.

“Abhi, you are here, is there any problem? ” Aliyah asked trying to sound innocent.

“Yes there is, and it is a very big one. ” Abhi said with his arms folded across his chest.

“And what is the problem? ” Tanu asked with a nervous smile.

“How may we help you? ” Aliyah asked, still calm.

“Firstly the both of you are my very big problem. And you will really help me if you just stayed away from Pragya and her kids. ”

“But what have we done? ” Aliyah asked surprisingly still calm.

“Do not pretend to be innocent Aliyah, you known very well what I am talking about. And you Tanu, you are not member of this family so you have no right whatsoever to say anything that concerns my family. ”

“I still don’t get it. ”

Abhi sighed and looked his sister in the eye, “Okay, let me break it down. If I ever hear you calling Pragya cheap and her children as illegitimate or bastards you will see the worst of me, and I am sure you don’t want that because even I myself I am not sure of how I will react when I am angry. ” it was true, no one had really seen Abhi angry, he rarely got angry.

“Abhi we are not wrong Pragya cheap and her children are nothing but basta- ”

“ENOUGH!!!!! ” Abhi cut Aliyah off before she could finish. “I will not repeat myself. ” he was slowly losing his temper.

“But Abhi why are you behaving like this, its not like they are your children. ” that’s something Tanu failed to understand, why was he so attached to them?

“They might not be my biological children, but I do consider them as my own, so don’t you dare try to insult them. ” a fuming Abhi left the room leaving a very shocked Aliyah and Tanu.

“Abhi? ” Akash called him when he left Aliyah’s room, Akash heard everything he said to his sister.

“Akash, come I can explain.”

“Do you really mean what you just said? Do you consider Sam and Sid as your own? ” Akash asked getting straight to them point.

“Yes I can’t deny that I am emotionally attached to them. ”

“I am happy for you and Pragya, thank you for accepting her. ” Akash said as he held his shoulder.

“What? ” okay now this was taking a different turn, where did Pragya come from.

“If you accept her children you must be ready to accept her as well. ” Akash explained.

“You have no problem with that? ” Abhi asked.

“Why would I have a problem Pragya would never find anyone better. ”

“Thanks, but do you think that Pragya will accept me. ”

“To be honest, it won’t be so easy the day I found Pragya after she was thrown out of her house she was broken completely, she lost the will to live, I don’t think she will easily accept. ” Abhi’s face dropped when he heard that. “Hey don’t look so sad, I will definitely help you. ”

“Thanks. ” Abhi told his cousin when they heard a loud cry. “Looks like Sid is throwing a tantrum again. ”

“How do you know it’s Sid? ” Akash asked confused, they were two babies how will he know which one is crying if he wasn’t in the room? Hell he wouldn’t even know which one was crying if they were in the same room as the twins were identical in every possible way.

“Usually Sid is always first to start crying, then Sam later becomes annoyed and also starts crying. ” Abhi explained with a casual shrug.

“Wow. Okay let’s see if you are right. ” Akash said with an amused expression.

They walked into the lounge, where they found everyone, both Bulbul and Pragya and indeed Sid was the one throwing a tantrum

“Sid, why can’t you by more like your big brother. Oh no not you now. ” Bulbul slightly scolded him, which only earned her a whimper.

“Sorry Bulbul, bring them. ” Pragya took them from Bulbul and tried to calm them.“shh enough now. ”

Pragya and Bulbul tried all they could to stop Sam and Sid from crying but nothing seemed to work. “Give them to me. ” Abhi said to a tired looking Pragya.

Immediately they gave them to Abhi they both stopped crying and looked at Abhi they both laughed for a while and said something that everyone in the house least expected. “papa.” they both said happily smiling at Abhi.

The end…

Good morning.

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