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Pragya stood at the door still not believeing what she had just seen. “What should I do now? ” Pragya thought.


Purab saw a confused Pragya standing at the door and immediately guessed that she was the mother of the twins, he began tapping Abhi on his back but Abhi was not ready to listen to Purab.


“Abhi, Abhi, Abhi. ” Purab called him as he tapped his back.


“What is your problem Purab can’t you see I am very busy right now, why are you so annoying? ” Abhi snapped at Purab. When Sid and Sam heard Abhi shouting they begum to cry causing both Abhi and Bulbul to gang up against Purab.


“Shhh, please don’t cry. ” Abhi pleaded with the little Bambini. (babies)


“This is all your fault Purab. ” Bulbul said smacking Purab in his head.


“But what did I do? ” Purab asked touching the part where Bulbul had hit him.


“If you were not bothering me I wouldn’t have yelled at you now see they are scared and it is all your fault they are crying. ” Abhi said as he carries Sam while Bulbul carried Sid.


“Me? ” Purab asked in disbelief while pointing at himself.


“Don’t behave so innocent, you are the only one to blame for this. ” Bulbul scolded Purab. “Shh sweethearts please don’t cry. ” She said patting Sid’s back and giving Sam a kiss.


“Maybe they are hungry? ” Abhi asked no one in particular.


“Are you their babysitter? ” Purab asked a little annoyed. “You never even behave like this with Karan, besides I thought the first baby you will ever carry will be your baby what is all this? ” This is a new side of Abhi he has never seen, it clearly shocked him to see his best friend care so much for babies – especially a stranger’s baby.


“Shut up Purab, I need to feed them. ” Abhi said as he got Sid from Bulbul’s hands, the twins seemed to cool down.


“Well that won’t be necessary if their mother is standing by the door. ” Purab said with so much attitude.


Abhi was shocked to see Pragya standing at the door smiling at them, after all, it’s not every day you get to see a famous Rock star caring for your babies.


“I am really sorry if they bothered you in anyway. ” Pragya apologized.


“It okay in fact I enjoyed doing this. ” Abhi said. “Why didn’t you tell me she was at the door all this time. ” He whispered to Purab.


“I tried to but both you and your sister never wanted to listen to me. ” He replied sarcastically.


Pragya stood shocked and kept on looking at Abhi without blinking because he held on to both Sid and Sam in a very possessive manner like he was their father or something.


When Abhi saw that Pragya won’t stop looking him. “What can I do for you? ” He asked Pragya.


“My babies. ”


“Oh sorry, I forgot, for a moment I felt like they were my kids here you go. I think they are hungry you should probably feed them. ” Abhi said, why was he so nervous all of the sudden?


“Thank you watching them when I was not around. ”


“Please don’t embarrass me by saying thank you and I am Abhi by the way. ” He introduced himself.


“I am Pragya. And these are my Kids, this is Sam, his older by three minuets older than his brother Sid. ”


“Nice meeting you and your have beautiful children. ”


Purab rolled his eyes, ‘This is not some old black and white cheesy romantic movie. ’ he thought. “Okay mummy is here now we can leave. ”


“Both of you can leave I will stay here. ” Bulbul said.


“Pragya if you need any help don’t hesitate to call me. ” Abhi told Pragya who agreed by giving a simple nod. “Bye sweethearts don’t bother your mother to much. ” Both Purab and Abhi left, leaving Pragya and Bulbul alone.


Purab kept explaining to Abhi about his next concerts and business deals but Abhi’s thoughts were somewhere else. “This fool is not even listening to what I am saying. ” Purab said feeling irritated. “Abhi!!!!! ” He should startling his friend.


“Do you have to shout? It’s not like I am far from you. ”


“Are you even listening to what I am telling you? ”


“Yes…um…no. ” He stammered. “Okay I am not sure. ” he said scratching the back of his head.


“Stop thinking about her she is married. ” Purab told his friend, he knew him very well to know what he was thinking.


“And who told you I was thinking about her? ”


“It is written on your face, you idiot. ”


“I am not thinking about her, I am thinking about something else. ” Abhi denied even though it was a lie.


“Really, I don’t believe you. ”


“What is your problem Purab, please stop behaving like some detective, and what problem do you have if I am thinking about her? ”


“Abhi she is married, you can’t have such thoughts, you were openly flirting with her. ”


“And who told you I was flirting with her? For your kind information that is called lending a helping hand not flirting, stupid. ”


“If we hadn’t left earlier you would have obviously flirted. ”


“Please Purab I am not in the mood, so just stop. ”


As they were both arguing Aliyah and Grandmother entered the room “Why are you both arguing? ” Aliyah asked.


“Your brother was openly shamelessly flirting with a married woman. ” Purab replied without even bothering to look at Aliyah.


“Abhi is this true? ” This shocked Aliyah, she knew her brother, he wouldn’t be so shameless to openly flirt with a married woman.


“That’s what this idiot thinks. ” Abhi replied.


“Abhi how can you do such a thing and who is this woman you were flirting with? ” Aliyah asked in disbelief.


“Pragya, a mother of not just one but two. ”

When grandmother heard Pragya’s name she was supper excited. “Oh my, without doing anything Abhi is impressed with Pragya, I really don’t care if she has children but the girl has been through a lot and I am sure Abhi will make her happy, the only problem is that excuse of a woman who is always hovering around him, I will have to do something about her. ” Deljeet said to herself.


“And who told you she is married? ” Deljeet asked Purab


“Grandmother. ” both Purab and Abhi said.


‘Oh my what have I done now grandma will surely scold Abhi. ’ Purab thought, he was scared not only for himself but for his friend as well.


“Answer me Purab who told you she is married? ” Deljeet asked him yet again.


“Well grandma she already has two children. ” Was all Purab could say.


“And that is enough proof to you that she is married, you shouldn’t just assume things. ” Deljeet scolded him.


“But grandma we can’t ignore the fact that she has children, or does it mean that, oh lord her children are illegitimate. ” Aliyah said with an unreadable expression.


“Enough Aliyah you don’t just come into conclusions without knowing the real story. ” Abhi scoled his sister, she has always had a bad habit of judging people before knowing who they really are. “She doesn’t look like that type of woman to me I mean I would even say that you might be capable of that but not her. ” Abhi said, even though he didn’t say it loud enough, Aliyah was still able to hear him.


“You just insulted me Abhi that to for a shameless woman. ”


“Enough Aliyah not another word. ” Clearly Deljeet was angry.


“But grandma – ”


“I said shut up. ” Now that made Aliyah quiet. “That girl has been through so much pain, the least thing she deserves is to be insulted. ”


“Grandma what do you mean by pain? ” Abhi asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.


Grandma told everything about Pragya to all three, starting from when she was married, how she was never accepted by her husband’s family to her husband’s death, being accused of killing her husband, being thrown out of her home, to the way she tried to commit suicide, the way Akash and Rachna help her and finally how she started to work in the Merha Mansion. Abhi and Purab were hurt, they felt sympathy for her when they heard this while Aliyah was furious because she believed Pragya was the reason for her insult.


“So please try to make her happy, she is all alone and only has a her children for support, don’t make her feel unworthy of happiness please. ” Deljeet pleaded.


“Don’t worry grandma we surely will make her happy. ” Abhi assurer her.


Once both grandma and Aliyah left the room Abhi begun thinking of something. “Now what are you thinking of? ” Purab asked, he was so tired of his friend, being mentally absent while he was physically present.


“Pragya and her children, I never thought that someone would pass through so much pain. ”


“Stop thinking about it too much, let us get back to work. ”


“No Purab you can continue, I am going. ” Abhi said as he grabbed hia car keys.


“But where are you going to? And what are you going to do? ”


“I am going shopping. ”


“Shopping, but why all of the sudden? ”


“Purab we now have three babies in this house, they will need food, toys and whatever babies need. ” Abhi explained.


“Abhi let their parents handle that. ” Purab said rolling his eyes.


“Purab you are forgetting that Sid and Sam don’t have a father, they need stuff to play with as well, and Karan cannot share his toys with them because they are too small to play with Karan’s toys so in short I am going to the toy store. ” He said as he began to walk out of his room.


Purab tried to stop Abhi but Abhi was too stubborn. To listen. “What do I do with him? Maybe Bulbul can help. ”


Purab walked to Pragya’s room where he found, Pragya, Bulbul and the twins, Pragya was folding some clothes, while the twins were laughing at whatever Bulbul was doing. Purab knocked on the door, stopping everyone in the room from doing whatever it was they were doing.


“Sorry to disturb you, but Bulbul I need to talk to you it’s kind of urgent. ”


“Sorry Pragya I have to leave, but don’t worry I will be back soon. ” Bulbul told Pragya and followed Purab. “What is your problem Purab? You just spoiled the moment as usual. ” She snapped at Purab.


“Are you done? Now please listen to me. ”


“And why should I listen to you? ” She asked looking at him from head to toe.


“Your brother has gone bananas. ”


“What? Don’t you dare insult my brother. ”


“Just listen. ”


“you only have five minutes starting now. ”


“Abhi… How do I tell you this? Abhi has gone shopping. ”


“Now you are insane, what problem do you have if Abhi has gone shopping? ”


“That he has gone to the toy store. ”


“I still don’t get it. ”


“Abhi has gone to purchase toys for Pragya’s children. ”


Id Purab thought he could get some help from Bulbul, then he was highly mistaken. “Really? ” She asked him jumping in excitement. “That’s so sweet of him. ”


“What are you saying? I don’t see anything sweet about that. ”


“You are so bad Purab, what’s the harm in him buying some gifts for two lovely babies? ”


“Um…you won’t understand. ”


“You are so serious, they are only babies and do you have a problem with them, I don’t understand you. ”


“I don’t have any problem with the babies. ”


“If so, wouldn’t it be cool if Abhi and Pragya were to get married, that means that Sid and Sam will automatically become my nephews, oh my God, I can’t believe that I will become an aunt that to of twins I am so excited Purab. ” Bulbul said shaking Purab while, Purab looking at her in disbelief.


“I think you are thinking way too much, Pragya, Abhi married, stop being ridiculous. ”


“What is the harm in that? ” She asked shrugging her shoulder.


“Talking to you was a waste, I am leaving, I should have thought better you are even worser than your brother, unbelievable. ” he said going back to Abhi’s room.


“That wouldn’t be bad anyway I am going to check on my nephews. ” Bulbul left to Pragya’s room while Purab stopped in his tracks and looked at her in disbelief, Abhi on the other hand was busy purchasing baby staff.


The end.






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